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  1. You can edit them. Just buy something with say you don't have enough
  2. I'm connected. In trying currency. Edit currency directly doesn't work, so I'll attempt prices. Editing ammo works perfectly. Values are;"Encrypted". Looks like a form of xor, but different.
  3. Can't quite figure the "pattern"... But edit everything directly is possible. Just trying to see how value to value is
  4. Might be connected to certain theme aspects of phone. Edit: I think especially if you are running a themable rom.
  5. Don't hijack thread. Create your own thread with question. It's not easy. It is possible.
  6. NoFear

    Age of magic.

    Could see if @BadCase would want to do a script or something...
  7. Guide on sbenny. And possibly public guides based on it too.
  8. Posting link to game would help us help you. Can't guess the game.
  9. NoFear

    Mini DayZ

    Message sent. ?
  10. NoFear

    Mini DayZ

    It's 3 values total that need to be modified/frozen. When ready, I can pm you need l method.
  11. NoFear

    Mini DayZ

    I don't. Wish I did. Curious what you'll find in mc5. It's not easy for sure.
  12. NoFear

    Mini DayZ

    How well protected is your scripts? Do you know xscript by any chance? Since you seem to have great knowledge in lua and gg, be happy to work with you on anything. If you want, could script unlimited ammo for modern combat 5. Unlimited grenades - only in career) and modify firerate...
  13. NoFear

    Mini DayZ

    I think so... Been a while, so not 100% sure.
  14. NoFear

    Blade Crafter

    I think the 1280;720, replace with your screens resolution instead.
  15. When you edit a value, beside it, puts the previous value inside ( ). Xor is an Encryption method. It's a very basic Encryption. When you search #x# It's value#offset to key So if you are searching dword, the xor key has to be increment of 4, x4, x8, x12..... If qword, increment of 8. If word, increment of 2 and if byte increment of 1. So some developers are using 2 values to protect a value. 1 is the xor key and the other is the result of the encryption. Using this #x# method, you don't need to know the xor key and the xor key can change every value change. Essentially this method used by developers is now pointless, for gg can find them without a problem. Games by Nintendo posed a huge problem, the xor key changes every value change. Meaning unknown increased, decrease or encryption search would NEVER work. You only could find values with unknown changed and unchanged then manually scrolled through hundreds of values until you found it.
  16. Xor key then is the xor'd value. If editing the first value to 0 doesn't result in error or crash, this means the game isn't forcing xor key. Which now at this point, you can ignore xor. Goto the xor'd value and type in the value you want. Xor with key of 0, isn't encrypted. Address 1, xor 53 = address 2. If address 1 = 0 address 2 = 53.
  17. Text search Residential_L1 Replace with Residential_L6 This will have the same effect as you see in video. (I forget if utf16 or not) Merry Christmas. Enjoy.
  18. Yes. Harry Potter is a good example of that. But you need to edit the plain qword above too.
  19. You can actually choose word or byte and do I think x1 or x2 for values using xor but not dword. Blade crafter is an exact example of this. Using word value and xor Encryption x2.
  20. How many of these people think the Earth is flat?
  21. Sometimes game is set to where it won't allow negative value. You can try looking at the value either above or below, if it's a 0 or 1, make it Negative 1 and have negative price.
  22. Damn...... How good are you at deciphering "encryption"? Or you just really familiar with this title?
  23. NoFear


    @Enyby Gg can detect if game uses randomizer.... Is it possible for gg to detect a game that relocates values on every value change? Not sure if something gg can detect and notify user data is likely relocating. Can dword xor be able to be used in group search? Maybe not multiple dword xor in single group, but like 500;200;123x4::49. Even if restricted to maximum of 5 values or maximum of 512 range. Could be helpful. I have 4 values 1;10;100;1000. And I can paste these to edit 4 values, can this be expanded, so if i edit 8 values and paste the 1;10;100;1000, it will just loop and edit next 4 with same edit. But if you tried 7 values with those 4, would give error not divisible by 4. Games detecting gg is installed. I understand xprivacy is an option, but to maintain safetynet, have to avoid xposed framework. For root users only, could gg by installed in a virtual environment and then access game on device? Or is something in the plans to help protect gg from being detected? Ptrace bypass has been a near perfect function of gg, thank you. Magisk updating basically put an end to most root detections. So if gg can somehow "hide" better, would be endless possibilities ? And as always, hands down the most powerful app available. I hope you realize your work is much appreciated by so many. Thank you ?
  24. Even worse what a developer can do. Every value change just in game results in All xor key changes. Let's say you are trying to find gold. Gain 1 unknown changed. Gain 0 unknown unchanged. Gain 1 GEM unknown unchanged. You've now lost your gold value. For the value is still 1 but xor key changed due to another value changing.... When you get 50 results, that's good.... Go through, freeze a couple at a time. Until you get it. THEN study EVERYTHING nearby. Other values, pointers, pointer searches. Create a map of this entire area. Because once you've learned everything in that area. You don't need to find your value. You find this area, and then navigate to your value. The best gg hack method, doesn't rely on data changing. If you can achieve a search and edit of and encrypted changing value without needing it to change, that's perfect. I try to avoid guides with finding a value that's changing. It's much more time consuming initially... But will be worth it later.
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