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  2. Helo guys, how to found the PUBG antiban value.
  3. Maybe ask the original author for a decrypted version?
  4. how about garena version ? i used script on yt but force close after few second .. maybe someone here have solution ?
  5. You can also try fuzzy increasing values. Searching different memory ranges. Or in different units (like seconds minutes or milliseconds in some cases)
  6. Have you tried fuzzy searching for the value that allows you to draw the card I think they're called main abilities in DBL but maybe you can find that avlue and freeze it so you can continually activate it and draw the card
  7. There might be a corresponding encrypted value that needs to be changed with it, but if this fails then there's a chance it's server sided and can't be changed
  8. This seems like an offline game so the values should be found and edited easily with game guardian. When you learn your way around value searching then you should group searches as they will help single out results. For offline games you won't see as many values and refining your searches shouldnt take as much time so that isn't really a problem here
  9. Using the playstore version will make game guardian return a Failed to Load daemon error in some cases and gg not working in general as well. Short answer yes you could but game guardian most likely will not work with the playstore version
  10. Im not too experienced with providing help with gg but I see the failed to load daemon error and I'm wondering if you're using parallel from the app store or from the GG site?
  11. It could also be stored in minutes, but with all the exact searches failing you might want to try your luck on fuzzy searching increasing or decreasing values to find it. There's no way of telling if it'll count up or count down from the value (usually stored in seconds) so maybe initialize and exact search for the number ranges (say for 30 minutes you have 1800 seconds do a search for 1~1800 then do fuzzy increase or decrease{may need to try both incase the first one doesn't bring up a value consistently decreasing by 1}) At the very least if this method fails then either the information is stored server side or just isn't in your selected memory ranges. You should also try this method in the Ca Cd and Anonymous memory ranges first as these are usually where I find time values. Most likely DWord but again this can vary and if nothing turns up then maybe try some other value types like word or float values. In the end if all else fails you can always try to achieve the results of this timer through other means although for timers that allow sending gifts or other results that can't be obtained any other way than you might be S.O.L
  12. hello and welcome. There are lots of resources here.... read lots, ask questions and try lots of hacks yourself.
  13. ya....sadly no english version...but this game is famous in Japan and Asia. its has been in ps, ps2, 3, 4, even 5 hahaa [added 0 minutes later] thanks dude...i just hope see anything can mod so that can fasten the game progress haha
  14. sammax71

    Egg inc golden eggs

    I was playing about with LP on a rooted device and I found after a while of buying Golden Eggs it would come up with a transaction error and I couldn't buy any more. Most I got to was about 5 million Golden Eggs before it stopped. Then I found if you go on the screen where you buy the eggs and dword group search the amount of Golden Eggs you receive per purchase (2000;4400;10000) it bought up just three results. Change one to whatever amount (I did 1,999,999,999) and purchase. I then had 2 billion Golden Eggs. I've played for a while and no ban has come up so far.
  15. Yesterday
  16. Hello Mario. Do you have an update for AutoVip 9.1.1?
  17. I followed the video in everything, had the energy and the coins, but the gems gave me negative... I can assure you that I followed everything well and I also tried to change the gems but again she turned them negative Why does he do that?
  18. Try LD Player and turn on root on setting on LD Player.
  19. It doesn't work at all. I've de-compiled the apk and searched all const-string. No "Please close any app that might negatively affect the game". Summoners might use different way to detect the GG.
  20. save the value in "saved" tab... and do stuff u will see value in #SAVED tab, also moving real time... but u cant have it like CE
  21. So, the only thing i know about android:sharedUserId is we can use it to exchange data between apps, but can it share the same process and possibly read the shared app's memory?
  22. I just got s9 plus and still the same problem in three different phones that I've tried. Android 9 and 10. The same problem, 'Google play services wont run unless you update Google play services'. This needs a fix ASAP! Edit: Game guardian ALSO still not working, failed to load daemon.
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