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  2. iBaysicRS

    Westland Survival

    I need help modding the Money to make it less than what it is is there any way to do that ?
  3. thank you But what is earch group in game guardian for 3 card value example 100;75;300 <--- mean *****,*****,***** PT ?
  4. Legit I have tried every method on here to edit stats and friendship levels AND every time it fails. Q__Q Why
  5. Today
  6. Can anyone please make a script for inf. Skill point in battle or always block? Cuz i see someone doing it in youtube.. please
  7. The error is that there are some functions in your script that are getting stuck, if possible, please send me that script to fix this. '"cload(string.dump
  8. Got medea and magaleta , while switching ids for chest pulls. I guess that's your method as well. While trying for the pets , guess it messed up my bag..see 999 ..when I click it shows aphinor. And freezes the game. The id replaced in the chest pull was aphinors.
  9. Yesterday
  10. hello my pubg mobile script does not work properly what would be the problem in other cell phones work well and mine does not work properly could help me Enviar comentarios Historial Guardadas Comunidad
  11. If i encrypted the script, will the expiration work? Sent from my POCOPHONE F1 using Tapatalk
  12. But it's not hack other coins can I get help .??
  13. Thanks man. Where can we get more tutos from you? You think you can have a look at eterna heroes ?
  14. i read before, I am download GG for nox, and try to install it and failed. disappeared. I think here is a other solution.
  15. I have tried to cheat on modern game warplanes with lots of missiles, but missiles always reload, how do I make ammunition not reload but reduce? sorry i use google translation
  16. Because the copyright left behind by encryption is too obvious, we did not adopt it.
  17. Why Bad ? If it is for your game , it doesnot mean that it is for all . Example in Gang War Mafia 90 float is wall hack value and region is Anonymous . All game need his own values and values regions .
  18. hello guys i wish everyone is okey as all know in season7 the hack with gg and scripts and hosts not work like before and user get banned after 3 or 4 matches with this hosts and scripts why is that ? is there is a new way or we should wait?
  19. I can't hack dragon mania legends. Can someone help me??
  20. Please free fire diamond script upload hear thanks..
  21. I think i found the exact address what i want but after i use the increased amount of gems - Game is crashing every time. I think when the application calls to the server - it matches my data with the stored data in the server and when it encountered wrong values, it will generate an error... that's the reason. Client side data and server data must match then it is possible to use it, right? Now thinking how to hack servers lol...
  22. I Want To Know How To Decrypt Revo 5.6 I Had Watched Many Video To Use Complier But It's Not Working Please Help ...............
  23. TopGEOYT

    Write in file

    ----------------------------------------------------- info = gg.prompt({"type text for write file"},nil, {"text"}) if info == nil then return end file = io.open(gg.getFile()..'.File', 'w') file:write(info[1]) file:close() os.exit() -----------------------------------------------------
  24. I'll try switching from magisk to supersu, hopefully that'll fix any issues. Thank you very much for taking the time, GG rocks
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