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  2. Do anyone of y'all know how tk make this (i shared image) I know it can be done with gg.getTargetPackage() and gg.getTargetInfo() But... I can't do this. I want to use gg.alert. i can do this using print command but can't do with alert. Anyone help!!!
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  4. This isn't where you post requests.
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  6. Further testing revealed that editing the float slider value to something higher than what is intended is possible. However, setting it to negative values is not making this transaction really not favorable. I had also attempted to manipulate the slider values for item selling however, the slider also checks the item count to set it's own limit so it won't sell 1000 HP Potions if you only have 70 and all attempts to change how much of X item I own have failed. [The maximum limit in this photo here is 10 not the edited 1000.]
  7. Storing password(s) as plain text at pastebin is generally bad idea. Such protection is nearly useless. Slightly better approach may be storing hashes of the correct passwords there, computing hash of the input string and comparing it with correct ones. One way to fix your current code is to interpret "content" field of the table returned by "makeRequest" function as string with code that returns a table containing correct passwords. This correction may be applied to your code in 2 steps. First step is to change the contents of your paste. For example, if you have such string: key = {'123', '456'} transform it to: return {'123', '456'} Second step is to fix the code to treat web-page contents accordingly. For example, this code where second line has no meaning: local passwords = gg.makeRequest(pastebin).content) pcall(pw) can be transformed to: local contents = gg.makeRequest(pastebin).content local passwords = load(contents)() If there are no errors, variable "passwords" will contain the table with the correct passwords and the remaining code will work as intended.
  8. NoFear

    search by difference

    I think this is a lengthy process though... Realized xor might not work great... Follow pointers and find some constants to use and find values from instead.
  9. Can someone please tell me how i can get more bea? I would be ever so gratefull
  10. View File CSR 2 Script by hit p Features: Rare imports cars cost 1 gold/1cash. Free rare imports crates Make all cars purple starred Script will be updated if i figure out new stuff. Submitter hit_p Submitted 03/22/2019 Category LUA scripts  
  11. View File Mobile Legends Map Hack KoF No Crash, No error 100% working Ok my own version of map hack with drone view in mobile legends latest patch king of fighter, no errors or game crash whatsoever as long as you follow my video. I am using dual space by the way And GG 73.11 Link of my video please like and subscribe: https://youtu.be/3-0L419i-bw Submitter GirlGamerActivated Submitted 03/22/2019 Category LUA scripts  
  12. View File HACK MOBILE LEGEND 22/03/2019 https://youtu.be/YhZoe-xeh8s Hack mobile legend Radar map Skin hero Dll Submitter UMAMhack Submitted 03/22/2019 Category LUA scripts  
  13. View File HACK PUBG VNG 0.11.5 V1 Submitter BUIGAHACK Submitted 03/22/2019 Category PUBG  
  14. View File Scrpit PUBG HACK Submitter UMAMhack Submitted 03/22/2019 Category PUBG  
  15. and what is the link to download the game? 'life after' killed all the survival games. It is one of the best games that the Chinese have created and it is already in English. https://m.apkpure.com/cn/lifeafter/com.netease.mrzhna but if you want to have more chances of someone giving you help for your game you must publish the link.
  16. Free account suspended plz help me to unblock my device
  17. My account got banned for using esp, light aimbot, fov in ver.1.4.1
  18. Download link https://apkpure.com/another-eden/games.wfs.anothereden https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=games.wfs.anothereden&hl=en Can someone help me change the value of these items Or make a cheat script? Especially guilding light
  19. where can i find such scripts
  20. Help me when i try to open it in parallel space it doest even work it always crash no matter what i do clear data or cache ive done those many times but it dont work
  21. Enyby

    Help please

    Record video with issue.
  22. Hi Newbi.. can you screenshot your value, for your stella code and grand arena point?
  23. Also depends which byte you edit.... Dword is 4 bytes. Edit first byte vs last, very different result. And as Enyby said, seems like a waste....
  24. NoFear

    How to hack pes

    Something like this would be good....
  25. Hi, I'm New here, 22yrs old, PH. I want to learn on making script in mobile legends, Hope we can all work together :))
  26. You should do the same to me Record your logcat and send to Enyby
  27. please make me a cheat game of sultan, so that the success rate of using a badge can be 100% successful
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