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  1. Yesterday
  2. My friend was able to get il2cpp inspector working a few months ago on a game, making it output deobfuscated class names by comparing with an unobfuscated version (but it worked poorly and was mostly inaccurate). Keep me updated!
  3. This means your device is incompatible with the playstore version, and gameguardian cannot work in it. Try this (it worked for me): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pYEt94Wti24
  4. It's server sided - the value of gems is stored and processed on the server. It is impossible to hack clash of clans. Sorry!
  5. It's not menu[val]. If your multichoice gets val, and val is a table, then gg will return the index checkbox you selected. Fixed: local menu = gg.multiChoice(val,nil,"") if menu == nil then os.exit() -- user clicked 'cancel' end local index = 0 while menu[index] ~= true do if index > #menu then os.exit() - no checkboxes selected end end gg.refineNumber(val[index],4) end Another way to do this is with gg.choice. gg.choice has different ui (only lets you select one, rather than checkboxes) and returns the index of the one you clicked. local menu = gg.choice(val,nil,"") if menu == nil then os.exit() -- user clicked 'cancel' end gg.refineNumber(val[menu],4) end
  6. I'm not an expert on this, but I believe there are two ways this could be caused: 1 - Another debugger is attached How to fix: Close all programs except gameguardian and retry 2 - The game has protection How to fix: Enable "hide gameguardian from the game", "bypass mode for ptrace protection", etc. Try editing random values (ex: 0.3 in float) and seeing if anything works, or if this error occurs all the time.
  7. Yuukis


    Since it's deprecated, i can only suggest you to try popular alternative such as F1 VM, VMos Pro, V8 Box, etc. Using DualSpace can be more lightweight but the choice is still yours. Waiting Master to return from vacation, probably.
  8. Not working anymore it has been patched
  9. it's not working anymore
  10. *There's no specific way to answer this, but what you can do here is - - Begin a Fuzzy search A:Auto (Anonymous). You can try (Xa: Code app) too. - Assuming it's time so it will always increase. (ex. 1:00 it will become 1:05) - Open Game Guardian again and select "increase". (You can always experiment with it, don't just choose "increase") - Repeat the process until you get Few values. Now save it to the list. - You can freeze the value one by one in the save list or freeze all the value in the save list. (Note: If you freeze all the value, your game might crash) - Do this until you find your "in game clock value". Ps. I found my "in game clock value" (Last Day on Earth: Survival) in FLOAT (Xa: Code app). *Another thing you can do is - by "Offset". Use dump.cs offset to find and edit your "in game clock value". How can I do this? Look up on YouTube for tutorials, @BadCase is one of the best I've seen when it comes to this. - Happy Modding
  11. reputation no longer works
  12. Obviously most game prevent the modification of coins, though there's many workaround to this: 1) What've you change is visual only, means it's not a real value of your coins and just a visual. Find the real one and change it. 2) If you can't find the real one, most game do flush memory so you need to find: "when the real value loaded into the memory" and freeze your emulator; then changed it with cheat engine. 3) For heavy server-sided games, there's a flaw if it's using JsonWebToken, but first; is it a json based game? I mean the game data stored in an json config or etc. After making sure, you can use something like Postman in Windows and do swap transaction. 4) The last option would be decrypting Paid Assets and use it locally.
  13. Last week
  14. Thank you! Now that the problem is back to normal, I would also like to thank you for quickly fixing the problem.
  15. hello sir, can you help me to hack this game? https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gamepub.hab.g
  16. It's a online game and speed hack cannot work because it has servers proximity and 3rd party. Only offline games can work with speed hack
  17. hello, Archero player, can you have any code for game?
  18. This is great! Is there a chance this will also available on Android?
  19. Make your own script. Don't steal people's work!
  20. View File Pixel Gun 3D Xray Hack Youtube Demo: Made with my pixel gun 3d zoom hack (read that post before downloading this script): Pixel Gun 3D Zoom Hack - LUA scripts - GameGuardian Make sure to run this script when the game is around 5-60% loaded. If it doesn't work, try restarting the game and retrying. This script was made on a 64bit device for version 22.5.0. I don't know if this will work on version 22.5.1 or on armv7 devices. Please tell me if it does or not! Submitter HorridModz Submitted 07/01/2022 Category LUA scripts  
  21. NOTE: You should enable string representation (in the memory editor). You should also have atleast some basic knowledge of GG, otherwise you might not understand somethings that are discussed below. Ever wondered how you could get any pack that you wanted? Well now you can and for that follow the method given below. For this you must go to the VIP LOYALTY PACKS tab (as shown in the picture below) and search for the pack's loyalty points. I used Oviraptor's pack as an example so I searched for 50000 as DWORD. (For good reasons I chose this pack as to not complicate things). You will end up with 130 or more results. Then use increment by 1 and close and re-open the loyalty packs screen. See what your new value of your pack is and save it, then revert other values and delete them. Change your saved value to either 0 or 1, then, go to it's memory address and scroll 30 to 31 addresses above your value to find your pack id (as can be seen in the picture below). There will be six addresses that look something like the picture below, you can also see that we have the string .Ovirapt present here. You need to change these 6 addresses to the pack that you want, let's find out how we can do that. Now you will have to look for the pack that you want, I am going to go for Indominus Rex Gen 2 pack (for some strong reasons). So now you will need to search using the UTF-8 search. You need to search the string HIndom2 and you will end up with a lot of results. Check in these results if you find the string .HIndom2 and some values that look similar to the values as shown in the picture below in TYPE 1. If you find these values, then, select these 6 values and copy them, then, paste these values on your Oviraptor pack id that you found before (as shown in the picture above). Remember that pack id's should look exactly like how they are shown in the picture below in TYPE 1 and TYPE 2 (values could be different but the presentation should look exactly the same). TYPE 1 is Indominus Rex Gen 2 pack (with string .HIndom2) and TYPE 2 is a different pack. Once successfully done, then, close and re-open your VIP LOYALTY PACKS tab and you will see the change for yourself (as shown in the picture below), buy it and enjoy! IMPORTANT INFORMATION: There is no specific way to find all pack id's (since some pack id's do not have strings but have numbers instead of strings as can be seen in the first two addresses of TYPE 2 of the 3rd photo). The one easy way to find them is to first find the Indominus Rex Gen 2 id from string HIndom2 and then look above and below this id to find other pack id's. Hope this helps. Enjoy!
  22. I get app alert when starting eht. How do i Bypass this? Using memu emulator.
  23. Does anyone know how to hack the number of boss missions in rodeo stampede?
  24. Hi bro your way is working thank you very much I have wound up a lot of clans of guns for myself
  25. >No, Minecraft didn't have local Anti-Cheat; instead it's on server side that doing it. As long you're not so obvious in using Speed Hack (by lowering Speed values) you're gonna be safe from peoples reporting you or kick-bot. Currently the AC system would look like this: 1) Player Reports --> Manual Examine --> Ban 2) Auto Kick Bot --> Kicked from the game --> Ban >Refering to the second question; they're dependent. Most Minecraft single-player cheat codes would work on Multiplayer Server and also there is Server Sided values. For example: 1) Local values such as speed hack will still works on server without the need to find the values by joining server session. 2) Server dependent values such as Inventory Transaction will still requires player to login into the server and find the dynamic values of particular Inventory Item. >Yes, there are hacks that able to make player fly, in-fact many variant of them: 1) Glide: It will suspend y values of player coordinate and make it able to fly in one y position. 2) High Jump: it's not actually fly but by modifying jump values to more higher, it will launch you faster and higher into the sky. Bannable. 3) Ghost: Only moving camera perspective, player will still intact in the same coordinate. It's work by only moving the camera values and not player, helpfull if you're using Hide and Seek 4) Fly: Regular fly will change player gamemode into gamemode 5 wich is spectator mode. This able player to fly in Survival Mode >Also Yes, many tutorial have been made publicly on Youtube. I suggest to first find it in Minecraft Windows 10 with Cheat Engine and then port the values into Game Guardian Script. As simple as that.
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