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  2. Hi @h1neky, you can try to Parse the Password. Judging from the pattern of Spaces " " and Newlines "\n", you can split individual Password and stores them into a table for a later use. For this example, we want to compare the Table Keys with our Password Input. If the Key don't match with given Input or Empty, it will exit the Script instead. You can adjust this to your likings: --Parsing uri local passwords = {} response = gg.makeRequest('https://hinsite.ga/passwords.txt').content --Getting the Password from the URI for i in response:gmatch('[^\n% ]+') do --Split the Password based on Spaces (% ) and NewLines (\n) passwords[i] = true --Stores password into passwords table end --Password Input local askPassword = gg.prompt({"Input your Password: "}, nil, {"text"}) --Ask user for Password if not askPassword then --Check input is Empty then exit print("Password Empty") os.exit() end for key, value in pairs(passwords) do --Iterate passwords table if askPassword[1] == key then --If password exist in passwords, continue script print("Password Validated!") break else --Exit if don't exist print("Password Invalid") os.exit() end end --Do Stuff
  3. That unnecessary, you can delete it right away on the execution, cause when you execution a script, it will be loaded in the memory, and the file source code is no longer needed until next execution Not everyone has root privilege, and just like the /root, game data folder is no longer accessible without root on recent android version 10+
  4. مHello friends, I need your help in hacking the energy inside the game. Zero cost cards how do i do it
  5. View File Shadow Fight 2 Armv8 / 64 bit only Package : Playstore Script Menu; 1. No cheat detector 2. God Mode 3. Damage Multiplier 4. Long Attack 5. Speed Attack 6. Freeze Ai 7. Auto Ai Play 8. Enchantment Moves 9. Coins & Gems 2 billions 10. Max Energy 11. Max Level 52 my telegram: @kabuthitm grup telegram: t.me/kabuthitammm my facebook: Kabut Hitamm Submitter KabutHitam Submitted 03/26/2023 Category LUA scripts  
  6. Looking for any hack preference gold or blue cash
  7. _insidious

    Cant use :read

    hi im having troubles to use this: file = io.open('/sys/(path)','r') view = file:read('*a') then i print view, this code worked in my emulator (nox) but not in my phone (android 13), i dont know if is still possible but i need a fix.
  8. nok1a

    Dump and structure file

    I have a binary file that i would like to dump. However i don't want to dump it and have it as a raw .bin file. I want to dump the file to a file that automatically structure the data. Like structure, field sizes...etc. Is this possible with GG ? Can i write such script in GG Lua that takes the dumped data and structures it?
  9. Can you answer, how to save file to certain dir?
  10. Try x8sb or vmos Or try this X8sb/f1vm launcher download from chrome and open it and do the following steps that it says
  11. Try gg fixer GG Fixer 64-bit Virtual Space (#7rgj5jsx) Install it and add it virtual and open it and its done Use parallel space
  12. Its me again with this game request. I've been playing it again for a while and its fun being a overpowered character in a in a mid tier level server with lvl 50 equipment (50 is the max). There is this thing in the game where a level required or restriction when you're joining a server. Is there a way to change my level back to 10 or less? A help would be appreciated. Playstore Download Link:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.lb4business.swordsbowsmagic&hl=en&gl=US&pli=1 Similar request i made: Combat magic stats change? (#3xqzdyfg) (Thanks Platonic and The-Twins for helping solving my selfish request.)
  13. i dont think actually fully support armv9
  14. Unfortunately this approach would take a lot of time. Just to many results. I have around 500 chunks. I saw a chunk that's really huge. But i can use this approach if i know the value im looking for, which in this case i don't. All i have is that i know that the unknown value must be in one of those chunks. However if i know where the value is located i can look for use a static value in that chunk. Then i already filtered out the desired chunk. And with that i can do loop or use unknown search and reuse the table using the desired chunks address ranges. As it won't be more then a few 100k bytes at max. If lucky it's even smaller like 8k bytes. I would not mind trying this out. But without knowing the value im looking for it would be a waste of time i think. So basically for use the approaches you mentioned i need less results. I will see if i can find the desired chunks. Values like currencies are always in the same chunk. That chunk i already found a way to filter out from other chunks. So by that logic in the game car codes must have their own chunk as well. I will look for that chunk and take a static value and filter based on that. And load the address ranges of both chunks. It will take time for search but eventually will get there.
  15. Last week
  16. BadCase

    Compare numbers

    function compareOffsets (compareTo, checkedOffset) if checkedOffset > compareTo then return true else return false end end local shouldAdd = compareOffsets (0x4A7C24, 0x4A7C28) print (shouldAdd) local shouldAdd = compareOffsets (0x4A7C24, 0x4A7C20) print (shouldAdd)
  17. Ah yes I ran into the max paste error while I made the API last night, thought I broke something at first lol BTW I made this after I posted my reply last night BadCase's PasteBin API (#72l4i839) Also if the reply I sent with the code in it worked you can mark it as the accepted answer
  18. I know it is late but I use this on my rooted device not unrooted, it allows you to bypass detection for root and for GG in many games
  19. Ok stupid question here is another one how can I fix this?
  20. How do I find the number to get the reward I need?
  21. No chance bro You must be loaded wrong lib Coz i loaded wrong lib so no values found error will occur
  22. View File BadCase's PasteBin API Set these values at top of pasteBin table api_dev_key = "YOUR_API_DEV_KEY", api_user_name = "YOUR_USERNAME", api_user_password = "YOUR_PASSWORD", Usage: -- Upload with username -- print(pasteBin.publishPaste(api_paste_code, api_paste_name, true)) -- Upload without username --print(pasteBin.publishPaste(api_paste_code, api_paste_name, false)) -- List users pastes --print(pasteBin.listPastes()) -- Delete a paste -- print(pasteBin.deletePaste("Jef8vQcX")) -- replace "Jef8vQcX" with valid paste key from users paste -- Get users info -- print(pasteBin.getUser()) -- Get users private or public paste -- print(pasteBin.getUserPasteRaw("zbEbNh2n")) -- replace "zbEbNh2n" with valid paste key from users paste -- Get public or unlisted paste -- print(pasteBin.getPasteRaw("zbEbNh2n")) -- replace "zbEbNh2n" with valid paste key Submitter BadCase Submitted 03/24/2023 Category Tools  
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