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The clue that i have is, the exploit involve Nopaew Emporium shop


but it is hard to find static and encrypted value like item price, and left item. I already tried group search, but failed. tries text search too (use script in internet) and still fail.
did you guys want to share knowledge how it works? or at least give the clue? Thanks.

(Sorry for my bad english)

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On 6/22/2022 at 5:39 AM, pretzel123 said:

do you have any trick/method to find static, and maybe crypted value (except group search)? Thanks a lot @sammax71

Did you try valueX4 & valueX8?

Maybe search the value and edit in small groups if the game crashes when searching a lot of results.

Search the value x10 or x100 or x1000 and so on

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Thank you, hope it work.

BTW i try to mod the game too. but i can't find any usefull information in .so file, and there are so many .enc file.

But there are mod of this game in another forum. Is it possible to modify another mod? can i just compare the mod version with original one, and then find the difference? because i read in another forum that it is impossible because mod code is cryptic.

hey if you want try GG in another eden, you can use my id @sammax71, i already add friend your discord.

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