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  1. This It's very difficult to just randomly offer help. If it's possible to take a look at the game sometimes you can learn and understand how the values are stored within that game. Obviously a shooting game with I'm guessing some kind of online element to it. So really not my favourite type of game so I'll probably be of little help anyway
  2. Are there any other values to do with the gun that you can search? If there are and you find something then you might be able to find the value you're looking for. Can you say the name of the game or is it top secret?
  3. sammax71


    It would help if you said what the name of the game was and if you provided a link to the Play Store would be even better. For percentages maybe try Float values. For money I'd try range searches and I'd probably start looking at E:Double values.
  4. Not much help to you but anything I tried was met with a message saying there's a problem with the server and it had to reconnect. So I'm guessing the values are all server sided. Maybe someone else will find something. Sorry
  5. If you can't find it let me know what level you are and I'll try to find what the Float value is you need to be searching for.
  6. I'm not really sure how to explain it. Each level seems to increase the float value by about 0.2 If you can find either your Views value or Subs value then you can use offsets from those to locate it. From the Views value you can use offset 374 and from the Subs it will be 324. Either of those take you to the address of the level value.
  7. Level is definitely a Float value. If you make it 20 then that looks like it takes it to the max level.
  8. I don't know for certain because I haven't had time to double check but try searching your level on Auto. After you change a few times look for some Float values. I think it's one of those. Here's what happened to me. I changed my level a few times and was at level 7. I had two Float values both starting 6. but different decimal places. I changed the first and nothing happened. I changed the second to 999 and I know the level changed and he came up and said something like "congrats you've already reached level 75" and then my game crashed. Maybe there is a max level of 75 and that's why mine crashed. If you try it then just edit to 75 and see what happens.
  9. I started from the beginning so I only had a few so I guess that made it easier. In your case I would try a range search. So for views I would try searching 11720000~11739999. Then increase them and try refining using either the has increased option or if you can get it to show 11.74m then you could refine using 11730000~11749999. The problem you have is you don't know your exact value you're searching for that's why if you do a range search you should be able to find it.
  10. Views & Subs are stored as E:Double values. When you search and refine if the figure you refine is let's say 153 the results you're looking for will not be whole numbers. As an example it might say 153.05674123. Just change to however many you want. Bux is encrypted dword. My value was a big minus (like -1,874,546,345) if I changed it to a positive number then my bux became a minus figure so I made it -874,546,345 and then I got that amount you see. Hope that helps.
  11. You need more than 974? That's what you can upgrade to using gems.
  12. What do you mean by inventory slot number?
  13. Did you try that? I saw you posted in that thread at the time so I'm guessing you did. That was the only thing I got to work at the time although I'm guessing they've probably patched it by now.
  14. Ones that seem to work these days are x8sandbox and f1vm. Quick YouTube search will show how they should be set up.
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