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  1. Run the script using Game Guardian just as I did in the video.
  2. I still have RuPauls scripts but haven't posted them anywhere. If you want them I can send them to you. I still update them. If you use Discord or Telegram I could send them there. Telegram I'm @sammax71 and Discord is sammax71#1058
  3. Not sure I'll make it to level 20 but if you want to hack money & diamonds I found them as encrypted Dword values in "Other" memory range.
  4. View File Soccer Royale (1) Unlimited Gems (x30000) (2) Zero Energy Cost (3) Easy Win vs Bots Submitter sammax71 Submitted 03/20/2023 Category LUA scripts  
  5. Version 2.3.5


    (1) Unlimited Gems (x30000) (2) Zero Energy Cost (3) Easy Win vs Bots
  6. Are you playing on a 64bit device? Are you using a mod version of the game? Are you using a pc emulator to play? I'm still struggling to see these "charges". I don't see a quest box to buy. Maybe I'm not far enough into the game. Think I'm only level 5.
  7. If anybody plays on a 64bit Android device then maybe you could try this script: DisneyEmojie.lua I'm not sure if the high player level has any affect. It doesn't change on the main screen but if you click on the star you'll see its at a high level. If you play the game then you'll be able to tell if it actually has any affect better than I can. The max emoji level does work. I tested that and could see I was getting the max points when I matched that emoji. If it does seem useful I'll keep looking to see what else I can find (especially re the charges).
  8. Is that the emoji level you are trying to change? Sorry I'm being a bit thick but I've not looked at the game before.
  9. @kosg is this what you mean by the emoji charges?
  10. I think sbupload is down at the moment. Try later.
  11. sammax71


    Can you post a Play Store link. Lots of games with that name.
  12. https://sbupload.com/ea247239cf61d449
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