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  1. sammax71

    Lua script

    Quick Edit https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.rhmsoft.edit
  2. The blue line is a Double value. The red one seems to be a Double too but it doesn't change.
  3. For me memory range Other (maybe Ca for other people). Dword search, refine & edit All items in these (upgrades, shop & den of magic) can be purchased for free. Again for me memory range Other. They are Dword values. Increment edits weren't showing for me but a bit of playing around (searching the cost and editing to 0) worked for me. If you find one then you can go to the address and other ones can be found nearby.
  4. That's a whole load of down voting by @CYBORG-WARRI0R That's why I'm done helping on this site.
  5. I think maybe when someone asks for help with a paid game you've either got to be lucky that somebody else has paid for the game that can help or maybe if possible provide a copy of the apk for anybody that wants to take a look to help you out. I love to help people with their requests but I certainly wouldn't pay for a game just to do so but then again I am tight (ps I'll up vote your post to level it out. I don't think you deserved to be down voted but I also didn't expect anyone to help you)
  6. @UsuallyGoodWhat version of Android do you have?
  7. Good luck with that
  8. Get your house to level one then search 15000;400000:: (Anonymous, Double). Edit the 400000 to 9.99E68. Exit screen and re-enter and sell your house. Then edit the same value to 0. Exit and re-enter and buy house to max level for 0 cost.
  9. Thanks for the reply. You make it sound so easy My next question then would be can I achieve this using GG or is it something I need to do with DNSpy or IDA Pro?
  10. My offsets are the same. Not sure why I saw or said 28 before . Must've been seeing things.
  11. When editing you can change the name there.
  12. Maybe try a different virtual space app. Perhaps f1vm or x8 sandbox might work for you.
  13. I just downloaded it from apkcombo and it still wouldn't work. Then I tried in X8 Sandbox and it works. Must be my phone I guess Think that's the first game I've come across like this.
  14. Possibly. I downloaded from Play Store v1.6.4 Not really bothered but just curious why it works on your device but not mine
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