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  1. No worries. I was just giving your script a test anyway
  2. Screen_Recording_20221006-085706_Gem Block Puzzle.mp4 Just so you can see. Same if I run on the puzzle screen too.
  3. No, rooted S10+ (Android 11)
  4. I downloaded the game from Apkcombo so it's not split apk just to try your script and all I get is "value not found"
  5. I jumped to level 35 but needing a big minus to continue levelling up. Does that work for you?
  6. When you say you know diamonds can be hacked is that because you've seen someone else do it or you've watched a YT video of it being done? Also the game can be played on rooted devices. Just hide it in Magisk and it runs fine. Anything I've changed so far has just been met with a warning message.
  7. You can download it here: https://apkcombo.com/lonely-survivor/com.cobby.lonelysurvivor/download/apk
  8. Of course they can. That's why you see YT videos of hacks and then in an update of the game they will be patched.
  9. @Royalgoddess Don't know if this will help but I've managed to get it all to work albeit in different regions and slightly different way. Don't know if it makes a difference but I have been using the Arm7 version of the game. For the season awards I found that in memory range "Other". Firstly I searched 50000 Dword which was one of the reward amounts. Increment edit to to find the correct value and then I saved that. I then searched 20 Dword which was the first Gem reward. I then used the Address mask and used the first 4 digits of the saved address (50000 Dword). This reduced the amount of search results and then I did the increment edit to find the value.
  10. Right here: BadCase Toolbox Demo (#j5px2jf)
  11. TrafficRider_1_81e.lua Give this script a try. Hopefully it works for you.
  12. @DroidMods I'm able to remove the other cars if that's any good to you.
  13. I'm not very good with scripting but I'll try to help. So are you looking to be able to just input 454 or 220 as a prompt and it does your search? If so then this might work for you: one = gg.prompt({'Enter value:'}, nil, {'number'}) if not one then return gg.toast('Cancel') end s = ""..one[1].. ';' .."0;65536;-1".. '::' .."21".. "" Then you just search "s". There's probably a much better way to do it but it might do the job for you whilst you wait for a better solution.
  14. @Sarah0702 Did you try Vmos or Vphone Gaga? They seem to be the popular suggestions with Android 12.
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