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  1. I don’t think it’s the ip because I was banned too then used a different phone and it was ok. I assume my ip would stay the same no matter what device I was using.
  2. If you don't want to use a virtual space app then I think your only other option is to root your phone.
  3. If you look in the Skills of the ships there's one that is Damage. I know if it's fully upgraded its 33.2%. Search 33.2 (or whatever value you have) Float and change to whatever you like. You can change all the Skills that way. They are all Float values.
  4. Beautiful. Thank you so much ☺
  5. I removed that but it still doesn't work. As I said I really am clueless and just trying to learn. This is the error message I received if its of any use. Script ended: Script error: luaj.o: load /storage/emulated/0/sammax71/test.lua: luaj.o: /storage/emulated/0/sammax71/test.lua:3 `gg.searchNumber('300;500;50;30;250;300', gg.TYPE_FLOAT)` unexpected symbol near  at luaj.LuaValue.a(src:997) at luaj.Globals.c_(src:255) at android.ext.Script.d(src:5992) at android.ext.Script$ScriptThread.run(src:5785) Caused by: luaj.o: /storage/emulated/0/sammax71/test.lua:3 `gg.searchNumber('300;500;50;30;250;300', gg.TYPE_FLOAT)` unexpected symbol near  at luaj.a.h.a(src:295) at luaj.a.h.c(src:299) at luaj.a.h.h(src:1537) at luaj.a.h.i(src:1548) at luaj.a.h.j(src:1628) at luaj.a.h.b(src:1741) at luaj.a.h.k(src:1759) at luaj.a.h.g(src:1462) at luaj.a.h.a(src:1479) at luaj.a.h.i(src:1574) at luaj.a.h.x(src:2173) at luaj.a.h.z(src:2273) at luaj.a.h.A(src:2290) at luaj.a.h.a(src:2306) at luaj.a.u.a(src:121) at luaj.a.t.a(src:99) at luaj.Globals.a(src:364) at luaj.Globals.a(src:352) at luaj.Globals.a(src:267) at luaj.Globals.c_(src:249) ... 2 more
  6. Let me start by saying I have absolutely no idea on how to write a script. I'm trying to learn how to do a basic group search and then change a value within this group. I've been trying to follow some posts within this forum and adapt to what I want to do but I'm still getting errors. This is what I've put in the script. Could somebody just tell me what is wrong. Thank you. function start() gg.setVisible(false) gg.searchNumber('300;500;50;30;250;300', gg.TYPE_FLOAT) gg.searchNumber('500', gg.TYPE_FLOAT) gg.getResults(100) gg.editAll('2500', gg.TYPE_FLOAT) gg.clearResults() gg.toast('Script made by sammax71') gg.setVisible(true) end
  7. I can help you with damage but I have no idea how to write a script.
  8. Sent you a pm with lots more info
  9. Try 100;100;100;750;20 I don't think the 750 changed. I've had no luck changing xp.
  10. I'm not sure why but each day it seems like the amounts increase. You need to search the original values. If you look at the top row the amounts are 110,110,110,520 & 10 but you need to search 100;100;100;500;10 dword Anonymous. Those are the original values before I collected day 1. It doesn't give many results and if you play about editing some you'll soon find the correct values. You can edit the rewards given for completing the quests. I haven't played much to see if any give gems as rewards. You may be able to get them that way. I haven't looked at XP yet.
  11. I found a way to give yourself gems but my account got banned. It still maybe possible to do it without getting banned but I won't know immediately. Let me explain what I did. If you look on the daily reward page you can change the amount of the items you get each day. The first day are green leaves and I edited that to 999,999,999 and collected them. Now I found that speedhack worked so I jumped ahead a day at a time editing the amount each time. Day 5 is when you get gems. When I exited the game and tried to re-enter I was banned. Now it could've been the speed hack that got me banned and not the gem edit amount but I won't know until I reach day 5 again and can try again. If you are closer to getting gems yourself you can try but beware you could get banned.
  12. You probably know this already but items in your inventory can be changed in the same way too.
  13. sammax71


    Have you tried x8sandbox? https://x8sb.com
  14. If there were a way to directly increase the laying rate wouldn't that also lead to an issue with the shipping rate? If you're using GG on this game then I'm not sure why the shipping rate would be of concern. I imagine you would have given yourself plenty of cash and upgraded everything fully. I had no luck changing anything to do with the rocket launches so just kept sending them on the shortest timed mission until I had all the artifacts.
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