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  1. LifeInAdventure_1_2_9.lua This is for arm7 (32bit) version for version 1.2.9 of the game. I think that's what you said you used. If you enable the Adventurers Guild option and save your game. Then move forward in the game and then load your data you should see its enabled.
  2. For Adventurers Pass search get_isGuild in the dump and make it true. If you want to keep the amount of times you've loaded the game below their 3 limit then you want get_loadNum in the dump and just make that 1.
  3. There's lots that can be done in this game. Gems can be found searching Dword X4. Skill points are Dword. Gold can be edited when you trade by editing the price of an item to a minus figure.
  4. Get the dump for 32bit version and just search get_Diamonds
  5. This will give unlimited Gems. Its made for 64bit Android devices. CrushCrush_0_405.lua
  6. You can change the rewards from the quests Skill costs can be made free
  7. For version 2.7.7 LoveWater_2_7_7.lua
  8. If you look at the pic his result is in Xa range
  9. If you follow the video shown by MAARS in the thread you linked that still works. Memory Range : Java Heap Value Type : Dword Quicker way to search that worked for me was to search -1;currency value::5 I had 526 money so I searched -1;526::5 which returned two values. I edited the -1 to -999999999 and the 526 to 999999999. Purchase something to make it stick.
  10. Not what you was asking for but I can make the sun cost 0 so you can play any card. This doesn't work in Battle Mode. I think I can do it so you can view the gravestones. Is it these that appear on the game board? Is there an attribute in the game that allows you to view your opponents hand?
  11. @Mrfreshman Give this script a try. Its made for 64bit Android devices. Countryballs_0_7.lua
  12. sammax71

    tile game

    Seems to be an encrypted value but I can't work out how to edit it. I searched Auto encrypted.
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