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  1. sammax71

    Memory regoin

    They are just different places that games store data. I find most games I look at use either Anonymous or Other regions but I think it either depends on your device and/or what version of Android you have. I see others finding things in Ca region but I never have anything there. Very occasionally I've found values in jh (java heap) too.
  2. I've only had a quick look at the game but what exactly would you want in a script? Items in your inventory can be hacked easily I wouldn't think you'd need a script for that.
  3. 1) OK. Whenever I turned off 4 to use speed hack I got that message. Maybe it was just the speed hack doing it and not the turning off of option 4. 2) No idea. I never got as far as seeing a Master Sigil 3) No idea. I never backed up the game
  4. Not sure if this is any help but this YT video supposedly shows how to add Magisk to VphoneGaGa
  5. That's the message I get if I don't hide the game in Magisk or if I don't select option 4 in the "hide GameGuardian from the game" settings.
  6. It's 6 values you need to ✔ and edit. The 257 and 3 above and 1 below = 5 and then the one a few below = 6. Just edit all those to 1000000 and then you should be able to collect all the rewards.
  7. Works exactly the same on Halloween event Lol, we posted the same time
  8. Find your event points value in GG and do Goto address. Top value checked is my event points (you can uncheck that one before you edit). Look under that for a 257 dword value and check those boxes. Doesn't matter what address they are or what values they are just check them. That's the 257 value and the three above and one below. Then scroll down and look for another 0 value or maybe a 1 value a few lines down. Mine you can see is five lines down. Yours could be fewer or more. Just check that one too. Then edit the 6 values dword and make them 1000000 and then hopefully your battle pass should be unlocked and you can collect all the rewards. That's what I did and it worked for me.
  9. I thought you just wanted the battle pass? Is the boss raid & drone tickets part of that? I'm sure it was the Columbus Day event on my game and the hack definitely works for the battle pass.
  10. Maybe we watched different videos. This is the one I watched:
  11. Don't worry about the address. They will be different. Just change the values. Incidentally the values that were 1's in the YT video were 0's in my game.
  12. Donuts seem to be how I always remember it to be for this game. Simple dword search, refine & edit. Once you restart the game you will be back to your true amount but anything you bought with the hacked donuts you'll still have. So, hack and spend before you close your game.
  13. Yes, I just kept playing the missions. I think the event showed before I reached mission 20. Event showed on the main screen and the Battle pass is in there.
  14. There is a YT video showing how to do it that still works
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