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  2. while true do local sel = gg.prompt({"Select file:"}, {gg.getFile()}, {"file"}) if not sel then break else local file = loadfile(sel[1]) if file ~= nil then local out = sel[1] .. ".bin" local test = io.open(out, "w") test:write(string.dump(file, true)) test:close() gg.alert("Success!\nFile saved: "..out) break else gg.alert("Cannot load file!") end end end This is so basic, you can improve it by yourself
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  4. Easy Block Compiler.
    Easy block This Compiler.
  5. @S24 bro which hack you use in your main ? can you share with me ? plz bro
  6. Hey guys i need make myself compiler/encryptor can you help me makr this or you have a file? Can you send me?
  7. https://youtu.be/MZxPOhZoUxw New Update 2.1.0 Hacked
  8. -_- [added 1 minute later] Help pls why no one reply?
  9. View File GuckTube Topia 7.0 For Growtopia Submitter GuckTubeYT Submitted 04/23/2019 Category Tools  
  10. Hello, please decrypt revo 5.2 elgg.lua
  11. Give me a encryptor
  12. i done hack it...hp&speed it faster than diamond boots
  13. I am using virtual exposed. Parallel wont work to me
  14. It's code written in assembly language if you want to hack games you should start learning those and you will get this. The wrong value is moved to the other address so he changed it to compare it with the wrong value instead making any number you put in it be accepted
  15. Hi i have problem with parallel space. I can't open it. I hed install new version and all the time say some mistake and just close down. Please if you can help me. Im also play farmwille tropic escape but now i can't. Thank you for your time
  16. Permanent,but if you can share how it is done to equip it is already interesting
  17. Yesterday
  18. So, iam trying to get the player view angle andress on Garena Free Fire, Iam using bluestacks and Cheat Engine, but after a lot of painful scans, i cant seem to find it... Do anyone have any hint on how to easely scan for those values? I decided to download some .lua scripts from free fire but all the values i see are like '0.1', '0,05', '1.5' i cant use those values out site, i want memory andress that i can use outside of the emulator, is there any way of doing it?
    Joined the lobby and got banned with 4 different accounts I m Using Parallel Space (Virtual Room)
  19. Permanently unlock? Or just equip? Never had luck unlocking them. Only equip them.
  20. Cece16

    FarmVille CE Help

    That’s simple
  21. it’s not working having more than 5000 gems.. i have 999999 gems. If you want i will clone your land
  22. You can do it only in gg
  23. I am wondering if anyone has a list of the SimCity buildit item codes for all items? If not, any tips on how to get the item codes for the raw materials from factories, war items, and regional items? I can figure out the ones available in the neomall over time, but these are harder. Any help is appreciated.
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