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  2. Yes. I do not know. Ask they.
  3. Well, you can't know that.
  4. No problem man, let me know if you would like more hack requests!
  5. Quiero hakear el dream league soccer 16
  6. Yesterday
  7. Well, you can't know that. Still, I think you need to add that option in GG for users that need it. It's better to have that option than solution in this video. Or it is a problem to you to make that option?
  8. Thank you for the release, I'll download the game and try these out tonight (:
  9. So that mean i can not use GG for crisis action game?? But why other people can use it?? _______________________________________________ added 4 minutes later Do u have idea for that problem?? Its work b4 new update, but now ptrace_attach allways comeout when click on searching..
  10. 1. This is not crash. 2. Game have defend.
  11. How this connected with this video?
  12. Battle Alert: War of Tanks Game How to change some variables for this game by using GG. If I found the variable (which i'm searching for it), then i changed it, and it was changed in the game, but when i make restart for the game it came again to the previous value. please help me.....
  13. have you considered looking near memory of the address you found for the value of the reward and changing that?
  14. Couldn't tell you which you would want to change, but I know a lot of apps that change the device id including titanium backup. Make sure to backup your original one just incase lol
  15. Well, care to explain the pc method? I'm sure with the proper techniques it can be duplicated via game guardian
  16. Please i need help to find out the problem.. my android version is lollypop 5.1 I send the logcat and screenshot the problem. I hope it can help.. Log_2017-01-21_01-36-06.txt
  17. damn it's too obvious I cheat this game bro. maybe i won't be able to open this game again EDIT: No, I'm not banned bro, and I get all the prizes
  18. How to search for millions in dawn of titans?
  20. @willies578 i have never heard of the game, but I will definitely give it a go! Follow me and I will message u my results!
  21. Everything seems to be server sided. The only things I've found that can be changed are the challenge values. Challenges from the ambulance, you can change the patients cured. There's no point though, because it then finished the challenge and kills the patients you haven't actually cured yet. The helicopter challenges can be changed too. You can change the number of patients cured to end the challenge and get the rewards. That seems to be the only useful one so far.
  22. My favorite part in this screen shot... LVL1 1st place. Lol
  23. after update in dh5 game guardian not work to hack ingredient and gold and quartz please if anyone can help
  24. oh well, removed already. LOL damn, this virus makes me be the first in grand chase M!!!
  25. Can anyone help me with some hacks for Tap sports baseball please? I know the fan rewards hack already
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