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  2. working perfectly, thanks, and the gold hack will be updated, endurace hack I'm using version
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  4. blocx

    virtua tennis

    hi all im making a script for virtua tennis (free entry /big reward ) i would know if someone know how to remove ads ? i have no idea how to thanks a lot
  5. blocx

    virtua tennis

    i want make all tornament free ( its ok now i find )ty
  6. sammax71

    virtua tennis

    What are you trying to achieve by doing a group search? If you want to enter the tournament that costs 840,000 then search that value and then increment edit to find the correct one. Then edit to 1. Making it a minus doesn't work but then you can enter that tournament for 1 instead of 840,000. Hope that helps.
  7. how u use gg virtual space or rooted device ? [added 0 minutes later] im in android 11 work well on f1 vm player
  8. I not sure why it works for you but not for me, if I do want to use it, do I have downgrade to the previous rr3 version (9.4.x) because it was working there. Just not working for 9.5.0.
  9. blocx

    virtua tennis

    hi i need help someone know when i search 150 000 i find value idem for 840 00 etc etc but if i make group search no redult ? thanks
  10. Funny, but script for 9.4 still works after updating rr3 to 9.5. No need for an update
  11. Again a lesson on writing a script from a no-name, which has only cheats in its head. Today I will teach you how to record a package check of a selected process. It can be written as follows: if gg.getTargetPackage() == "publichaxloh.io" then gg.toast("Loading script, await") else print("what are you looking at") os.exit() end P.S My primary language is Russian. I used a translator, I hope everything is fine with the translation
  12. Diifdova

    How does it work

    In real racing for examle you type 1500355804 and change cash value in that adress but why do you need to type that instead of te cash value that shows and how do I know when and what the secret cash value is?
  13. Processing results of such group search doesn't require checking result's values at all. Since there is exactly one dword result and one float result in each group, it is enough to check type of the result to distinguish between them: for i = 1, #table do if past_addresses[table[i]['address']] ~= nil then goto continue end v = table[i] if v.flags == gg.TYPE_DWORD then -- Process dword result elseif v.flags == gg.TYPE_FLOAT then -- Process float result end past_addresses[v.address] = 1 ::continue:: end
  14. Ananga


    Please supprt oh the game gardian
  15. Oh, wao, this version works! thanks again!
  16. funcion file_exists(name) local f = io.open(name,"r") if f~=nil then io.close(f) return true else return false end end local gg = gg gg.clearResults() past_addresses_filename = "/storage/emulated/0/Notes/past-data.txt" local past_addresses = {} if file_exists(past_addresses_filename) then for line in io.lines(past_addresses_filename) do s = line:gsub('%\n','') past_addresses[s] = 1 end end gg.searchNumber('1,000,000,000D;4106~4108::8', gg.TYPE_FLOAT) local final_table = {} local table = gg.getResults(500) for i = 1, #table do if past_addresses[table[i]['address']] ~= nil then goto continue end v = table[i] if (v.value > 999999999 and v.value < 1000000001) then final_table[n] = table[i] final_table[n]['value'] = 16 final_table[n]['freeze'] = true past_addresses[v.address] = 1 end if (v.value > 3016 and v.value < 3018) then final_table[n] = table[i] final_table[n]['value'] = 1000000 final_table[n]['freeze'] = true past_addresses[v.address] = 1 end ::continue:: end gg.setValues(final_table) gg.addListItems(final_table) f = io.open(past_addresses_filename,"w") for key,value in final_table do f:write(tostring(key) .. '\n') end io.close(f) So basically, I have to search for this group: '1,000,000,000D;4106~4108::8' with using the float type in gg.searchNumber(). It's easy to see that: when i%2==1, v.value in range (10^9 -1 ~ 10^9 + 1); when i%2==0, v.value in range(3016, 3018). However, since the 1st value is a dword, it might get become a completely different number when parsed as a float. For example, number 0x000002A7 = 679 (dword) = 9.51481657276550791157212387054E-43 (float). So in the above code, how do I ensure that if (v.value > 999999999 and v.value < 1000000001) if (v.value > 3016 and v.value < 3018) are parsing v.value as dword in the 1st one, then as float in the second one? In another language, I can do something like, what's the equivalent for Lua? if (dword.fromBytes(v.value.toByteArray()) > ...) Thank you
  17. Last week
  18. Is there any way to cheat on fifa mobile because I tried with multiple parallel space's and game guardian won't find the game in the process list or the game won't install on some of them.
  19. Make video of you activating the script (the one that i uploaded). You could also follow the video and find the value your self (is the purpose of the video) The script was made to kind of make it simple in case you can't find the speed value your self. How to find your own speedhack value for almost any game (#1i73r7ka)
  20. Greetings, I wanted to ask if there is a way how to instantly unlock magic studies that require starts to unlock?
  21. Lenn1

    Game Guardian and Roblox

    The game is server side, even freezing, changing values in the apk installed on your mobile or emulator (client side) you will not change things that depend on server responses. I suggest you research ways to fly, go through walls, do teleport, increase running speed and movement etc... this should work
  22. All time crash the game with root\non root with virtual without virtual . Tried many scripts for this game. Unfortunately, nothing works anymore. Maybe someone knows a working script and can share it?
  23. Little bump for this issue that I share, virtualization is enabled, I tried with and without the Data in Ram setting, tried the extended access to memory, only scanning D1 as this is what I need, but still, a scan takes about 10 minutes, would be great to have a fix
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