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  2. BloodMoonScript

    I need help

    Try find thought fuzzy search and using A potion with an increase in speed
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  4. I have been working on a function that makes it search for values and edit them to zero, the problem is that I cannot reload those values after a while since I cannot save them in a list due to the function I am using since the values They don't appear in the current search only in the previous search, and there is no function to load the previous search, so my only chance is to make the function I am using if it saves me to a list, help me please The code used function OffsetEdit(offset,hex) r=gg.getRangesList("libil2cpp.so")[1].start local h={} h[1]={} h[1].address=r+offset h[1].flags=0x20 h[1].value=hex gg.setValues(h) end function savelist() OffsetEdit(0x100,'h') OffsetEdit(0x200,'h') OffsetEdit(0x300,'h') end function loadlist() gg.loadList("/storage/emulated/0/.hack", 0) revert = gg.getListItems() local t = gg.getListItems() for i, v in ipairs(t) do if v.flags == gg.TYPE_QWORD then v.value = "1" v.freeze = true v.freezeType = gg.FREEZE_NORMAL end end gg.addListItems(t) t = nil end then the objective is to save in a list the offset sought in the function savelist()
  5. However, I'm trying to hack a game but the values seem to be encrypted and I can't find anything or modify it... Could someone with more experience try and provide some information?
  6. View File Zombie Frontier4 SAMBER23 Hack 10M Damage + AMMO Submitter SAMBER23 Submitted 05/25/2024 Category LUA scripts  
  7. I have identified an easy way to get any dinos, including not-yet-published creatures (don't do it though), and you can get them at lv40 immediately to save you the trouble of hatching 16 of them just to get 2 max level speciments. I've tried a similar method here, but it doesn't work. Anw, here's a tutorial, although a crude one, but since it's easy I hope this ís enough: Step 1: Find a dino that you still have more room for, a.k.a u have less than 12. Click the plus -> find more, and in most cases there should be a deal where you can by a lv10 dino with Bucks. This is only available with species that are not exclusive, so pick some cheap species. Personally, I find Irritator to be the best, but it depends on your situations, find what works for u. Step 2: Open GameGuardian and search "[Dino ID];[dino level]". For example, if the deal is a lv10 Irritator then I'll search "274868500;10". Then, type 274868500 (the dino ID) and refine. Step 3: if you're lucky, there will only be 10-15 lines left. Click on each of them and click Go to. Test them one by one until you find the line that is the dino ID, and the line below is the dino level (which is "10"). Step 4: Change the level to 40 or something. Go back to the game, refresh that deal to see if the deal has changed. If it hasn't changed, that' not the right line, try again until you find the right line of code. Step 5: once you found the right line, replace the dino ID with the ID of the animal you want. Then go to that dino's cage, or the profile in the Innovation Center (brownish building), click on Find, and there you will fine the dino that you wanted being sold . Note: Once the species ID is changed, the deal will be moved to the new dino's interface, you will not find it in the original cheap dino's interface
  8. clack4

    Top Troops

    The hack above for squad coins and gold work, but I can't find the value for energy, arena ticket or arena shop price, could you please make a video about each? or maybe a step by step?
  9. swap items searching for 0.06 and 0.08 is not working anymore? is there a new way to swap items? and if there is can you guys tell me how please? >.<
  10. it says script expired although i am downloading the latest version
  11. I saw on YouTube that someone did it, does anyone have any solution?
  12. ArthurJJK

    I need help

    i wanto to find speed value minecraft (Character) Value
  13. Yesterday
  14. Hello, i am reversing a game with IDA and I need to but it seems we can’t start the game but only attach to it and the code part I want to reverse is at the very start of the game so the breakpoint is not reached. I was wondering if it’s possible to automatically attach then freeze the game with gameguardian so I could have the time to attach debugger to the game or maybe finding a workaround for what I want to do. Thanks !
  15. BloodMoonScript

    I need help

    "Speed value" It can have many meanings, so be more specific Character speed Engine speed If engine speed, so u can easy it find by basic speed value or use method for find
  16. To achieve this, you need to understand how the button works in the game. Understand Button Events. When you click a button in a game, it triggers an event. This event is linked to a specific action or function in the game's code. Find the Function: Each button in the game is programmed to run a specific function when clicked. For example, a "shoot" button in a shooting game runs a function that handles shooting. Locate the Memory Address, Games store information and functions in memory. To trigger a button's action without clicking it, you need to find the memory address where the button's function is stored. Better do the call or hooking trough modding, you will have a hard time trying this with game guardian cause the only way is to write raw assembly code. Using Auto Clickers (Alternative): If finding and changing memory addresses sounds too complex, you can use an auto-clicker app. Auto-clickers simulate clicks at specified intervals, so you can automate the button clicking without dealing with the game's code. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.truedevelopersstudio.automatictap.autoclicker&pcampaignid=web_share
  17. ArthurJJK

    I need help

    I think speed hack is not working in my android latest version is there anyway to edit speed value ? And how?
  18. View File Talking Tom Hero Dash --- 2 Billion cash/token Play till shop opens Load script & go to chest Submitter Jamieq Submitted 05/24/2024 Category LUA scripts  
  19. Version


    Play till shop opens Load script & go to chest
  20. I delete that sadly i clear folder but i remove that So clue search on dump Maybe class score
  21. Last week
  22. Pro you can start from the zero my account has banned and thanks for god is not very high level and haven't any rare dino right now l will star agian
  23. They will banned your account when you use hack in this game.
  24. Hi, I want to know how to make an action like click in a specific button in the game but without clicking on it but instead by changing a value? So my question is, How to find the value that when I changed will run the function of a specific button?
  25. Max damage and healing don't work for me. It only works for me Shots of 9
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