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  3. If these files are flushed to disk after decryption (which is required for running .dex and .so), they can be copied while they are on the disk. The trick is very simple - you need to know the name of the file and copy it from under the root. For copying, an infinite loop is started in the console. while true; do cp /data/data/pkg/some.file /sdcard/some.file; done Where /data/data/pkg/some.file is the file we need to copy, and /sdcard/some.file is where we will copy. Run this script in the console, run the desired apk and see the desired file copied. Let's move on to an example. I trained on SBGameHacker 3.1 (further GH). There is some sbhack.jar in assets. It's encrypted. Run GH in the Droid4X. We pass to the console. There we find the pid of the process in the output of the ps command: u0_a57 15615 165 925264 45788 ffffffff b7508a27 S org.sbtools.gamehack This is 15615. We look at the memory regions map cat /proc/15615/maps Among other things there will be this: 14800000-14805000 r-xp 00000000 08:13 147416 /data/data/org.sbtools.gamehack/app_load2/ (deleted) 14805000-14806000 r - p 00004000 08:13 147416 /data/data/org.sbtools.gamehack/app_load2/ (deleted) 14806000-14807000 rw-p 00005000 08:13 147416 /data/data/org.sbtools.gamehack/app_load2/ (deleted) 98742000-987ef000 r - p 00000000 08:13 147428 /data/data/org.sbtools.gamehack/app_load1/sbhack.dex (deleted) 987ef000-987f0000 r - s 0003e000 08:13 147429 /data/data/org.sbtools.gamehack/app_load1/sbhack.jar (deleted) Actually, we see the paths we need. In this case, it is /data/data/org.sbtools.gamehack/app_load1/sbhack.jar Now start the script in the console: while true; do cp /data/data/org.sbtools.gamehack/app_load1/sbhack.jar /sdcard/sbhack.jar; done Restart the GH. Done, in the root of the memory card appeared the necessary file - /sdcard/sbhack.jar. Similarly, you could copy all the other files: /data/data/org.sbtools.gamehack/app_load2/ or /data/data/org.sbtools.gamehack/app_load1/sbhack.dex The method of encryption of files does not matter. It matters only whether they are on disk or not. And if .dex, in theory, can be loaded without creating a file, then with .so such a focus will not work, which means that you can always get the decrypted file. If this is not possible at first time - restart the application until the desired file appears.
  4. You don't need to be in battle to collect them. Max is 3000 and 6 of each currency. Collecting any more, the game stuck on loading screen at end of level. Basically can give yourself the rewards every level automatically.
  5. Nice ! 1 hit kill is indeed useful, but unlimited hp allows you to stay in a battle longer and gather more coins or soul stones if there are some on your board. Looking forward to hearing more on what you can achieve on this game.
  6. help

    Name of Requested File: Desert Island Fishing Link To Download: Is the game server-sided: no Comments: i can't hack this game. I tried change the money value but it revert to original value. I tried fuzzy search, but the result is the same.
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  9. Me quebo esta pafara ge menotara que?
  10. REQ

    Name of Requested File: Baseball star by playus soft Link To Download: Is the game server-sided: Don't know. Comments: Tried GG on BP, CP, exp with different methods, but failed every time. Encrypted and fuzzy search shows results but after 4th or 5th search, it shows 0 results.
  11. Hi, Looking for auto farm APK or something similar to it. If I can be pointed to the right direction so I can learn how to create it, would be awesome. Thanks.
  12. Hola yo e usa gamerguardian en monsters legends pero cuando logro tener mucha comida, oro o diamantes me dice que hubo un problema se recarga y ya no tengo la comida,oro y diamantes que pedí
  13. What's New in Version 8.24.1 Huge improvement for the speed of the ordered group search. Improved speed of the group search. Improved float icon. Improved UI. Improved speedhack injection. Fixed crashes. Fixed bugs. Updated translations.
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  16. It's working now
  17. Did u use fuzzy search to find random results?
  18. @Hackburgular In case this could help you or others... Game uses hex pointers for almost everything. Ex: the editing id the 4.99 price to 3.99, is just a hex pointer. Players stats are hex pointers, but it seems to be a pointer to another pointer to something I can't quite figure out. Really hope this helps other with cracking more.
  19. If it is anything I posted, last I knew they patched everything... Could be wrong.
  20. dang, this even woks while only having a total of five boosts. i only did the double tank, since you can pay for tuning kit and full tank with regular credits... and at this point I have a bunch of credits... not tokens (the blue ones)...I'm talking about credits (the yellow ones, as in credits). Hopefully that helps everyone with the glitch that gives you like 5 years worth of a boost. Any other questions???
  21. Idk then, works everytime for me
  22. Can confirm you can edit the 500 coins that are "random" drops... But it is EXTREMELY limited. Tried 5000,didn't work . 1000 did. I can also find and edit premium currency too. I haven't confirmed if collecting it when edited won't sync yet.
  23. Hey thank you for the response. I did what you said but it's not working for me. I'm able to change it with game guardian but it doesint show anything changing in the game. Am I missing something? Do I need any special settings turned on or anything? It's a lot to ask and if you could make a little screen video showing what you do it would be super helpful to me if not I understand and no worries. Thanks again! Edit: I got it to work thanks! For anyone else, after you click on GOTO Address click on edit and then choose DWORD, double does not work for me. I also did a search with encryption if that makes a difference I don't know. Thanks again m8
  24. can you post the link of the video you've watched? I need to hack this game too but i don't know how to do it with GG 😕
  25. How to remove # in select process game crisis action??
  26. How to remove # in select process game crisis action??
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