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  2. zetagrim

    Aspahlt 9

    @NoFear since I have no updates and no script, can you refund me? Kinda feel cheated. PayPal email is genpcw@hotmail.com
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  4. Rastakiwi

    Hill Climb Racing 2

    There is an exploit in event races. You can change some values during the race without being detected by the anticheat. Look at this: Only event tickets and rewards hack worked for me.
  5. Chikrii

    Help with the script is very important!


    Simple hack PUBG MOBILE

    you can create a hack for pubg mobile lite
  7. Mouseo

    Simple hack PUBG MOBILE

    have script for emulator gaming? help !
  8. lunaticia6

    How to Learn Lua Scripting for GameGuardian from Zero to Hero

    Hello Guys, i see so much .lua script for cheating any games. Can you teach me, where i do start learning .lua script for GameGuardian ? i confuse, bcause when i learn .lua scripting for the first time and check few .lua script in this forums has different. thanks, regards

    Guns Of Boom Hack

    you can create a hack for pubg mobile lite
  10. LuciferHawk

    Hacking Asphalt 9

    Okay so I tried this and it works a bit funny. The car codes are all off so I can't find the Porsche 911 with car code 50. When I tried to upgrade the Sport XL concept using car code 39 (as per your video), it actually upgraded my E Tense. This is strange. Is there a way to find car codes without upgrading? I've basically upgraded all my cars to 8 so I can't push them any further to find their codes (not without starring them up at least!)
  11. hey guys, i can login in the game but in the screen loading, the game close automatically. can someone tell me how to fix it?
  12. andegutes

    Day R Survival

    Is there currently any working hacks
  13. PepticULCER

    DTamvan v1.6 unlocked

    clear data by going to app setting
  14. Schramx4

    Pokemon Quest

    No problem... Glad we worked that out.
  15. toxic94400

    Pokemon Quest

    My bad then , thougt you where been rude with me for no reason , sorry man. Sorry again !
  16. Schramx4

    Pokemon Quest

    Woah! Why the hostility? I was laughing because so many people don't read all the posts first before posting a question. I was about to post to tell the guy to look at your tutorial for help... I was trying to give you credit. As for the down votes, I worked everything out with NoFear. It was all a misunderstanding. I've also posted a video tutorial on how to change Pokemon stats here and have contributed to other posts as well. I think you misunderstood what I was trying to say before. I was on your side.
  17. dvrjds

    DroidTamvan 1.8 Auto Update Cracked By Skid

    But DroidTamvan did not release any 1.8 version. The latest one is v1.7
  18. toxic94400

    Pokemon Quest

    Oh yeah , you're the guy that downvote everything in this forum , and you bring nothing in it , so yeah english is not my native language so yeah i used the word tutorial to tell the guy i already did an explanation about what he asked so yeaj keep lolin.
  19. Alex214

    HAMBA ALLAH v1.9.0 | Decrypted by xNiteZ

    You are a legend Bro ...Thank You ... Great appreciation toward Your works Can you please decrypt 2.0 of Hamballhah Btw Thank you so much
  20. View File [SnBt]Internals Tutorial script THIS IS JUST A TUTORIAL SCRIPT Hack Script Mod Apk Useless Channels Link discord(coming soon) Submitter YeetMeister Submitted 08/14/18 Category LUA scripts  
  21. Version V.1.0


    THIS IS JUST A TUTORIAL SCRIPT Hack Script Mod Apk Useless Channels Link discord(coming soon)
  22. Try searching the forum before creating a new topic. Your question has been already answered. See: Game Guardian on Tencent Gaming Buddy (#bjy13l6o)
  23. Egor4ik1337

    Onyx Framework (Guns of Boom) Script

    cp hack U are really idiot
  24. game gaurdian is installed on tencent gaming buddy but its searching endlessly ....and game cant run good in other emulators plz help
  25. mrhussain

    Bypass Install Tencent Emu

    wtf u wanna say
  26. Rollers0101

    Guns Of Boom Hack

    The only normal hack esp does not work, what happened to script?!
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