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  2. This is so helpful and I just understood that the value that I thought was changing is not actually changing I just assumed it was changing haha I am so sorry. However, when I just search for the hack value I got a lot of results more than 7k but yes I took your advice and kept the hack value instead of 0~~0 and then I got 8 results and when I updated the script it's working now. I really can't thank you enough. Thanks for taking so much time out of your day to help me I really appreciate it:))
  3. 0~~0 means whatever number.Its in Xa. You can directly approach to what you want. As example if you want search 456(double type) Then search it. Single search is more more faster then group search. gg.searchNumber('456', 64) 64 is double .4 is dword etc.Then you might find 123 results.you can choose now what the number of results is what you want. Codes in Xa are never changed themself normally. But you can. And you can check its offset. They are in lib. So its addresses whenever restart will be like below -BC24DF04(first restart) -D769BF04(second restart) -9ADC7F04(third restart) Every restart you can see its last 3 (may be 4 for some) is always the same. Thats why i told you can approach directly by lib + offset. Here is full example for you according to my case. Try use this code. (Replace your codes) gg.searchNumber('456', 64) lol = gg.getResults(gg.getResultCount()) lol = gg.getValues(lol) -- if the twelfth is what you want! check1 = lol[12].value -- Lets edit now lol[12].flags = 64 lol[12].value = 789 gg.setValues(lol) --now we edited check2 = lol[12].value print('This is before edit: '..check1..'\nThis is after edit: '..check2)
  4. at luaj.a.h.a(src:295) at luaj.a.h.c(src:299) at luaj.a.h.a(src:1012) at luaj.a.h.x(src:2179) at luaj.a.h.z(src:2273) at luaj.a.h.A(src:2290) at luaj.a.h.a(src:2306) at luaj.a.u.a(src:121) at luaj.a.t.a(src:99) at luaj.Globals.a(src:364) at luaj.Globals.a(src:352) at luaj.Globals.a(src:267) at luaj.Globals.c_(src:249) ... 2 more
  5. When I first made a group search using 36;0~~0::377 I got 380 results so then I thought I would use another refine search with another static value and different offset 1;0~~0::265 Then I got 67 results, was this wrong? I mean when I checked the results I got the hack address like I wanted it was at 14th and hence I used r[14] . You think this is where I went wrong? Pls can you help me understand what I did wrong.
  6. You searched 36 and 0~~0. But refine 1 and 0~~0.its nonsense. Refining is taking from search. Not new search itself! If in Xa, its better to use type dword than type double. More simple! Edit--> And yes i was wrong too. you edited double. But i did you use printing dword. Instead of lol.flags = 4 lol=gg.getValues(lol) print(lol.value) Use below lol.flags = 64 -- you changed double. Not dword lol=gg.getValues(lol) print(lol.value)
  7. You set 't'. But why print 'r'?
  8. I see this is an interesting approach towards changing addresses and I will use it. But you see I'm afraid that that's not the problem I can specify the address using any method. But at the end when I ultimately have to edit and change the value, it doesn't appear to change and I have no clue as to why this is happening. I changed the code as to your suggestion and I run the script but the problem is still there. The value isn't changing. When I edit the value manually it does change and it remains that way so I know it's not necessary to freeze it. And just to be sure that I was specifying the right value in the script, I just for the sake of doubt did this local r = gg.getResults(67) r = gg.getValues(t) print( r[14].value) So when I execute this script I get the same value as the hacking value and this proves that I am targeting the right value. But again when I try to change the value by using r[14].value = 9 gg.setValues(r) It doesn't work and I have no clue why.
  9. RST

    Antibanne hack.lua

    New ERA 2.0 .Bydz.v4.lua
  10. If want change,you used wrong. It should be like this t[14].value = 9 gg.setValues(t) print('Done') As i say you can check saved file. Not to save only address! Check below photo. Address are always changed ever restart game. But Arrangement in lib are same whenever. Starter address may be started from address 0 or adress blah blah. But same arrangement. So you can use lib + offset. Idk your lib and offset. For my case,lib is libunity.so and offset 6ae934. Always check before code. print(gg.getRangesList(your lib)) I will code like this for printing the value. start = gg.getRangesList(blah blah) lol = start[depend info of lib] + 0x6ae934 lol.flags = 4 lol=gg.getValues(lol) print(lol.value) Do as you wish!
  11. So you mean I can just add the offset to the address of that one static value to get the address of the hack value? But I have no idea how that will be implemented in a script. Will it be like this? r=gg.getResults(4) Local t = r[1].address + 377 t.value= '9' -- hack value Is this possible? If r[1] is the static value and 377 is the offset ? This might look dumb I'm sorry but I'm just learning lua Also Why can't I edit the value tho? In my first post the script that I published. I still couldn't understand why the won't value change. Thanks for your help:)
  12. Hello dear !!! You need to hack the latest version of the game HAWK: Freedom Squadron 29.1 !!! Using the NoFear methods laid out earlier, it turns out to find some values in the game ... for example, the address of the shield button in patrol (instead of Overdrive in previous versions - now there is only a shield), you can edit the inscription on the button, but nothing changes in the game - I don't know what to do next There is also a sequence when hacking the stabilizer, but nothing else happens And coins at the patrol level can't be hacked - I find the address, but I can't figure out what to change for what I really ask knowledgeable people to help in this difficult, but very interesting task - I don't want to use the MOD, but find the necessary addresses myself, change the values and get the result That's the whole point !!!
  13. Yesterday
  14. If its in Xa region(code app), you can use easily lib + offset! No need to search value. When you get the address of that value,save it. And check lib and offset in saved file(.txt).
  15. Hello guys! Can someone make a hack script for this game? FUN RUN 3
  16. Hi! Can someone make a script for thid game?????
  17. Hello everyone, please I can't seem to be able to play PUBG MOBILE on parallel space cause it keeps crashing before I'm able to log in... Please help ...
  18. I've been working on this script where I do a group search with static values and a specific offset to get the address of that one hack value whose address changes after restart . Something like this: gg.setRanges(gg.REGION_CODE_APP) function Zoom() gg.searchNumber('36;0~~0::377', gg.TYPE_DOUBLE) gg.refineNumber('1;0~~0::265', gg.TYPE_DOUBLE) local t = gg.getResults(67) t[14].value = '9' print('done',gg.setValues(t)) end local a = gg.choice({'Zoom','exit'}) if a == 1 then Zoom() end if a == 2 then os.exit() end So basically I want the 14th value of the table to be 9 (value type double) but unfortunately it's not changing when I launch the script. When I manually edit the value (without script) it works like a charm. Can anyone please tell me where I went wrong:(
  19. Hi, Mario: Yes, mi intention is removing some cars from my garage. After two years of playing, i've collected 47 cars. I enjoy a lot of them: Koenigsegg Agera RS, McLaren P1 GTR, Porsche 911 RSR, F1 cars... But i would like to remove F1 Academy Car, BMW M3 Coupe, Ford Shelby, Nissan Skyline... The idea is that, finding the key value with GameGuardian, the user could remove a non desired car from the Garage. I suppose the technic would be similar to make a car VIP. Best regards.
  20. drago47

    C.A.T.S hack

    Please somebody find the cheat to this (C.A.T.S) game
  21. Hello guys. Is there any codes to protect decryption of my script?
    No cd will get you banned in a day or 2 now , 1st account got banned as i was playing , 2nd account got banned after while i wasn't even playing so be careful
  22. how to search a same value/address after i use gg.clearResults() ? Maybe it help:
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