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  2. gg.searchNumber(v['i'], gg.TYPE_DWORD, false, gg.SIGN_EQUAL, 0, -1) z = gg.getResultCount() if gg.getResultCount() <=5 then gg.editAll('1381034705', gg.TYPE_DWORD) gg.alert('Hacking Done!, Enjoy') goto endall else You must call gg.getResults before calling gg.editAll. In next release this will be throw error. And script stop work.
  3. Usually in KitKat. ART will be in test stage.
  4. View File Zombie Catchers Hack Script by ankit007 Zombie Catchers Hack Script by @ankit007 It a Simple Script to Hack and Increase Coins & Ploutinum int he games Zombie Catchers:- Hope So you like it Submitter ankit007 Submitted 07/26/17 Category LUA scripts  
  5. Version 1.0.0

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    Zombie Catchers Hack Script by @ankit007 It a Simple Script to Hack and Increase Coins & Ploutinum int he games Zombie Catchers:- Hope So you like it
  6. Some custom roms at higher Android version than 4 also use dalvik. Like mine, it's 6.0.1 (MM) and I'm able to use speedhack. I also remembered one of my tablets had an option in "developer options" to select wich runtime it wanted! Will post Screenshot of it, that was acme now that I'm thinking.
  7. Thank you @NoFear very helpful thread good job! Credits goes to developers too!
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  9. Always getting better and better! Thank you GG team!
  10. Note: once you clear data (App Info>Clear data), it will reset most of the shops but you will notice that besides the coins and verdium items, the planes and brobots are the same every time you do it.
  11. Look like Android 4 differently manage memory. Maybe it group new allocated memory into already exists bss region. And always in same order. Android 6 works more truly and allocate memory in random location. Because of that it can not be relocated. Maybe it is one from security features/patches from Google. In any case nothing can be fixed.
  12. SW & HW work on my device, so which is the best?
  14. thanks for the input krakken i'll do some trial and error on my part and get the coins to stay after changing the values. ill change it check it then relog.
  15. Hi Enyby. Here's the saved list file with the same variables as the one I sent before and the region log. This time from a phone running Kitkat. GG_4.4.4_API_19.log
  16. String_search_replace (2).lua
  17. Forgot to say, if you still find nothing, they might pad the text. C.r.y.s.t.a.l C.R.Y.S.T.A.L Instead of looking for the "padding" just double your hex byte search range.
  18. Thanks alot for this information I'll see what I can find
  19. yea its what i did lol, never seen jailed that fast hehe
  20. Hi guys, I've just joined this community. I am looking for someone who have the same hobby with me - game. Does anyone have some games to recommend? I specially like sport games.
  21. Don't know if you guys are still there, but this game has come with a function "Rebirth" and it uses Conquer Points I have tried my best to hack, but the only thing I can do is changing the Evolution requirement to free (I have tried to change it to minus numbers but got no Conquer Points) and changing one class's lvl.
  22. Is a pointer nearby? You didn't edit price did you? I would avoid price editing.
  23. Honestly haven't had time. My thoughts with crystals/exp that you buy/get in packs... They aren't a "value" is my guess. They are one an "id". Hypothetical example.. You have chance to earn 1 3 20 or 50 crystals. They are crystal pack 1, 2,3,4. Since this game uses pointers I would look into finding the "end" of the pointer and work backwards. So, one method I like to use is find a word related to what you are doing. So "crystal". Convert that to hex. I would do RYSTAL and rystal saves you a 3rd search if they do a C with the lowercase. So for the lowercase Byte search this 72h;79h;73h;74h;61h;6ch::6 Then search only one of those like the 72h. Now these results are all plain text. Goto location, and see if it spells out like "crystal_reward_40" or something. Then scroll nearby and look for similar strings. You'll find patterns and most likely a value that is always above these. Copy the address, search hex dword of that address. If you get 1 result, that's the pointer. Then you find nearby something like crystal_reward_200. Copy address location of pointer, and the hex dword search value, edit the value dword and paste location as hex dword. Now what should be 40 reward points to a 200 reward.
  24. ok so i did change value with demo acc and game asked to restart when i tried buying the boost and when i got back in the store was unavailable so i am guessing that got that account jailed.
  25. I get around 15000 gold a hack _______________________________________________ added 1 minute later I don't really want to put the info out there. People rat and spoil the hacks
  26. Any news about the crystals/overdrive/exp? @NoFear
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