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  2. Update Database Code/ID for : • 1-knockdown without wreck • 2-barrel roll • 3-barrel roll one jump • 4-flat spin • 5-flat spin one jump • 6-drift distance • 7-perfect runs • 8-total air time • 9-beat a lap time • 10-beat a race time • 11-no wreck • 12-perfect nitro trigged • 13-first place finish with this car • 14-finish race • 15-finish position • 16-???? 😀😀😀
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  4. Any to do it.!! 😅
  5. • Trion nemesis '21474836611 Qword' • Goto • You see "131 code car" "5,5,5,5 code max upgrade" "0,0,0,0 code pro upgrade" "0,0,0,0 code elite tune" • Edit - Pro upgrade 5 - √ add to value,don't replace - NORMAL to MAY INCREASE - Yes *pro upgrade - depending on how many times u upgrade • Edit again - 5,5,5,5 to 50,50,65,65 *you can use other number • Edite elite tune - 0,0,0,0 to 4, -4, -4, 4 *remember to edit ELITE TUNE if u hack rank for working • DONE sorry for my bad english😂😂😂 _KEEP HACKING_
  6. • Trion nemesis '21474836611 Qword' • Goto • You see "131 code car" "5,5,5,5 code max upgrade" "0,0,0,0 code pro upgrade" "0,0,0,0 code elite tune" • Edit - Pro upgrade 5 - √ add to value,don't replace - NORMAL to MAY INCREASE - Yes • Edit again - 5,5,5,5 to 50,50,65,65 *you can use other number • Edite elite tune - 0,0,0,0 to 4, -4, -4, 4 *remember to edit ELITE TUNE if u hack rank for working • DONE 😂😂😂 _KEEP HACKING_
  7. Hello people, well I come here to ask for help from someone specializing in the use of gameguardian. Well it means that he used this application to know that he came later in the game walking dead: road to survival. The point in question is that when making a time jump since it is an online game of android (pay to win) the problem is that the last time I try a time to jump and I bugeo the account. In my opinion from the server since it restarts constantly, probe deleting cache, uninstall it and test on different devices, none of that served. Continues at the lead time and is restarted because the server detects the error. I contacted the scopely support and they do not know what to do - my question does anyone know any solutions to this problem? Or some method to reverse the time of jump ??? I would appreciate it. hola gente, bueno vengo por aca a pedir ayuda a alguien especializado en el uso de gameguardian. bueno vale decir que usaba esta aplicación para saber que venia mas adelante en el juego walking dead: road to survival. el punto en cuestión es que al hacer un salto de tiempo ya que es un juego online de android (pay to win) el problema es que la última vez intente un tiempo de salto y me bugeo la cuenta . a mi parecer desde el servidor ya que se reinicia constantemente, probe borrando cache, desinstalarlo y probar en diferentes dispositivos, nada de eso sirvió. sigue en el tiempo de adelanto y se reinicia porque el servidor detecta el error. me contacté con el soporte de scopely y no saben que hacer- mi pregunta alguien sabe alguna solucion para este problema? o algún método para revertir el tiempo de salto??? se les agradeceria.
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  9. nevermind. please delete.
  10. This works for cash ... if your quick. You must be on a "timed run" event. You must drift instantly upon resuming the game before the gfx glitches. If your lucky the gfx may go back to normal before the timer runs out and you can drift some more. You only get cash for successful drifting while GFX is not glitched and you'll only have 1 or 2 seconds to do it. I had to reinstall the game after successfully pulling this off because it would crash from then on so upload to cloud as soon as you make some cash. Still looking for a working gold hack myself. Changing the date back and forth gives me the notification but I never actually get the gold.
  11. @FADL198 Any to do it.!! 😅
  12. Until we can't see any tutorial for hack served side items, I am right. You are supposing there is a way but not any proof.
  13. I can say..u're wrong.. I know that server item can be hacked.. I'm 100% sure but still not success it yet😅 some Moroccan players Hacked TOKENS already (for example: Youssef aqua Elite_Force)...but they don't want to share how they do it with me coz they think I'll make a video tutorial for it 😆.. 😂😂😂 Anyway.. Let's hope someday..someone will show us how..!!
  14. I dont thibk it will work though Sent from my LG-K520 using Tapatalk
  15. Maybe is a good way if someone explain how to hack Rank + Hack Vip Level. But If you play Events with hacked rank you will finish in CB. So don't do that!
  16. For the moment there isn't any way to hack server side items. At least if you hack them (tokens car) you get banned
  17. Name of Game: Final Strike Play Store Link (If it's a paid app, the apk): Version: What cheat? : High focus , fast reload , etc Have you tried cheating this game? What happened?: yes . Work with Game Guardians Comments: new fps game released on this week. Hope it work.
  18. Okay so here is what I believe the best way to get (essentially) infinity gold and advance quickly. A warning beforehand: you need to prestige about every 200 levels past your current max or you may get teapot-ed. For example: if your highest prestige is at 650, prestige when you are at most at 850. Not sure why, but I'm assuming increasing your stage too fast flags your account and then leads to a ban. Search for your main hero level (under the first tab with a sword) as an Xor Encrypted. (takes a long time for the first few searches) Increase level and refine your search until you are left with 1 result. (may take 20+ searches) Once you have the address, select it. Then long press down on the address and select "go to the address." Select only the address it sent you to and click on it to bring up a new screen. Select Qword and change the value to -999999999 (that negative with 9 nines). Go back into the game and change the buy amount to "buy max" (should change the upgrade cost of your main hero to "***" Upgrade your main hero (the level will say its something like -98792387461238947097, and that is okay) You will now have 100.00dd gold. Go back into game guardian and make sure only the edited address is selected. On the top bar, there should be a symbol that looks like a back arrow or U-turn type symbol, press it. Again select Qword and then hit yes. This reverts the value back to its original and lets you keep the gold without changing any of the games information permanently Back in the game, change buy max to buy 100 and upgrade your main hero to 600. Use the rest of your gold to upgrade whatever you want. Caution: Giving your heroes high levels or upgrading high level heroes allows you to advance through stages very quickly. Like I said above, if you prestige at a stage more than 200 above your current max, you risk getting banned (you will most definitely get banned based on my experience), so make sure you pay attention to what stage you are on. Sorry for the long explanation, just wanted everything to be as clear as possible.
  19. 20001 is the start of basic items. 30001 is the start of weapons. 20001 - Holy Water 20002 - HP Pot 20003 - MP Pot 20125 - Old Chest 20126 - Wooden Chest 20127 - Iron Chest 20128 - Silver Chest 20129 - Gold Chest 30003 - Archangel's Mercy (Staff) 30004 - Wild Bearfoot (Staff) 30006 - Amethyst Staff (Staff) 30012 - Staff of Purification (Staff) 30019 - Essence of Fire (Staff) 30020 - Mithril Axe (Axe) 30037 - Head of Lilith (Staff) 30057 - K1A (Pistol) 30061 - Ballista of Imp (Crossbow) 30065 - Dragon Slayer (Sword) 30076 - Demon Slicer (Sword) 30091 - Plague Corrupter (Sword) 30122 - Rising Sun (Amulet) 30123 - Chain of Amon (Amulet) 30124 - Eye of Dragon (Amulet) 30125 - Essence of Death (Amulet) 30126 -Queen fo Glacier (Amulet) 30127 - Shard of Aegis (Amulet) 30128 - Burning Soul (Amulet) 30129 - Angel's Teardrop (Amulet) 30130 - Night Bringer (Amulet) 30162 - The Last Laugh (Ring) 30163 - Lion Heart (Ring) 30164 - Banned Seal (Ring) 30165 - Sacred Guardian (Ring) 30166 - Loyalty Oath (Ring) 30167 - Emblem of Honor (Ring) 30168 - Pupil of Dawn (Ring) 30169 - Elven Relic (Ring) 30170 - The Sacrilege (Ring) 30171 - Fatal Untruth (Ring) 30172 - Wings of Fallen Angel (Staff) 30173 - Crystal Abyss (Staff) 30174 - Dark Debris (Sword) 30175 - Condemned Sermon (Mace) 30176 - Ancient Insight (Staff) 30178 - Assassin's Stigma (Dagger) 30183 - Call of Blood (Axe) 30184 - Abbey Rod (Staff) 30185 - Skull of Lich King (Staff) 30186 - The Black Pearl (Staff) 30193 - Burning Snake (Polearm) 30194 - Icarus (Polearm) 30195 - Claw of Phoenix (Polearm)
  20. I wonder if it's possible to make a mission set as always first victory
  21. REQ

    Thanks for your link. There something i wonder, after i restored this version (1.1.29) and hacked gem, level (59). I finished Macus village and connect to the internet and then it require me to update and i did. When the game updated, I reopen it and saw three heroes inside, the male mage has very high damage, toughness...... and some levels are already played. I want to ask, What happened to the game ? Is it a glitch ?
  22. Hack Rank + Hack Vip Level 😉
  23. So would it also be possible to edit the star values of heroes on rank up? Pretty game breaking if you can.
  24. oh did you use mod apk? can you share those apk?
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