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  2. There is no way to hack the value for renpy and rpg makers games that ported to android.
  3. How to do it My real account it is also unavailable Help me plzz
  4. I still cant find the correct Damage number to edit. Like there is many results.. which one to edit. And adresss in Heroes section and fight changes. Were gonna need a Pro hacker for this TwT
  5. Thanks a lot for sharing this, im amazed at how you figure these things out.
  6. Can u post a short video on clonning a city. Greatly appreciate ur efforts. Thanks
  7. For my device it's Anon.
  8. Yeah bro,0.pb is an encrypted data file and salt key is required to decrypt... there is no limit to what can be done with the decrypted file.. Forza georgia
  9. can you send me the script u did? ill try to edit and put my idea, then ill send it to you back again
  10. Yeah ... You did a great job! Praise you, prosperity and honor! Genius!
  11. @NoFear what is the memory ranges?
  12. NKOD


    fix for mi9
  13. No.. it will connect after fight is done And rewards are server sided. But the fight itself is calculated client side
  14. Picture with details is way more understandable than plain text. Finally can understand.
  15. Enyby

    plz HELP ! ! ! !

    Use root from virtual space and hide from game 2-4.
  16. Hello, I know I'm a noob, and i understand if no one wants to help me, but i just can't figure this out for the life of me. I have watched this video and tried this method multiple times but it just doesnt work. Sometimes nothing happens and then sometimes the app crashes. I tried to read the other method and the video from NoFear but i can honestly say i didn't understand anything. If anyone could find the time to help me figure this out i would appreciate it! I have been able to max friendships and max the fairy friendship from another video from Kaizen on youtube. Notebooks, xp and currencies are lost on me. Thank you for your time!
  17. shengg

    plz HELP ! ! ! !

    i did all what you said i cant run any script evry time i try Emulator : LD PLAYER Game : Pubg Mobile
  18. How to hack exp? I try but can't found @NoFear
  19. Oh, i change wrong value haha, i did it
  20. I went from other49, which is 7 characters. To other2, which is 6 characters. I don't think I had to edit the last value to 0. But you HAVE to change the value to match how many characters in the id. So it will be dword 7 and the other54 Edit: yes, the 0 to word 52.
  21. @NoFear I don't understand something The list of value like this 7 or 6 (i watch video and i don't know why you change to 6) o.t h.e r.5 (word 53 = 5) 0 (i need swap to word 52 = 4) If i want to swap item to other54 Artifact Appearance Ticket, i need to edit value 0 to word 52 right? I did it but it just change to other5 Standard Weapon Box Contains Maybe i do something mistake?
  22. Phax

    Fury Survivor: Pixel Z

    This is insane. Way beyond my level of comprehension. You are a very skilled hacker
  23. When 4 freezes to 50000, continue to click on unlimited trials? Or start the game directly?
  24. Oh. Forgot to mention... Focus on EXP earned if you want to reach max level. Don't edit XP over 900,000,000 or so. You'll instant level up each kill until you hit level 200.
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