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  2. use this script made from APEX[GG] [Xa]-EDIT-v09-APEX[GG]v2.lua
  3. well..i dont know what went wrong. i tested countless time by now and its still working fine. i guess you just may had to do it manually. goto to link thread above by @nok1a and follow the steps.
  4. Can you dm that youtube video please
  5. When i am try your Script i am Select word city 64bit
  6. Careful 1 mil crystals will auto zap your profile
  7. Hey, can we talk in person. I'm new to GG and could really use a bit of help. I am finding my way around learning to collect tickets and do PVP in moments. But have questions changing the values of items
  8. Post the youtube link when it's done
  9. I can't upgrade. I'm playing the game on OnePlus 7 Pro running Android 14.
  10. Yesterday
  11. MC874


    Hi @Dezo If the Virtual Machine freezes, it means that you don't have enough memory or the app itself is bugged out. You might want to try another VM, I suggest to use VPhoneGaGa: - VPhoneGaGa - VMOS Pro
  12. kiynox

    Cannot search the vaule

    [ @Setz ] --- Please mention the games name or a link to it ---
  13. Yes, I think I can make a video. Maybe it will be on YouTube.
  14. Is there any cheat for this game that anyone knows of? https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.lionstudios.puzzlewars&hl=en_US&gl=US&pli=1
  15. LifeInAdventure_1_2_9.lua This is for arm7 (32bit) version for version 1.2.9 of the game. I think that's what you said you used. If you enable the Adventurers Guild option and save your game. Then move forward in the game and then load your data you should see its enabled.
  16. how do you know your game is 64bit ?
  17. my game also run in 64bit & i am check your script its not working
  18. Thanks for sharing this video, it really helped me out
  19. I'm sure he can add more functions, but that might take a long time.
  20. there is lua lib in the game. so i guess functions related to dance are located in lualib. how do i get offsets?
  21. Do you have a video on how to do it exactly? I wouldn't be understanding what I should do for the pass
  22. For Adventurers Pass search get_isGuild in the dump and make it true. If you want to keep the amount of times you've loaded the game below their 3 limit then you want get_loadNum in the dump and just make that 1.
  23. Id appreciate some help as I am a total noob Some Context: I would like some to change some Values in this Unity Game that could be of use. Changing Speed: e.g works with a generic Speed Lua Script, however the whole game starts to speed up (The Enemy Ghost too) which is unpleasant. Changing the Money Reward Money = XP) does not work, seems to be Server sided. Changing the price of items (perks) or increasing the level of those results only in a visual change. Changing the Reward for watching an Ad was also only Visual Changing Torch Brightness: seemed to work, but I already forgot how I did it. NoClip/Fly: couldn't find a way for this, although i NoClipped trough the floor by using a random Value Finder/Changer Script GodMode: This was a feature that was added to a Chinese Mod Menu of this Game for a older Version, included with speed hack). 2 of 3 Ghosts could not kill me when this was on Increasing the Radius of being able to find Items: (CircleHintAnimator), could only change aspects of the Animation, was not able increase the "HintRange" when an Item was nearby I know its possible since the Chinese already did it a year ago. I would appreciate your help. I will provide a Screenshot of me searching for stuff
  24. @NoFear so with the new airplane mode strategy with the pre determined rolls (remembering the rolls) , apparently there is a certain algorithm and set of numbers that it uses and I read a comment on a YouTube video that someone has figured out how to find “all the rolls”. I haven’t been able to figure that out or get more information so I was wondering if you had any. I would also still love to have that discord link. Thank you.
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