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  2. This version is no longer working, please update thank you
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  4. if I don't share my script, my audience won't grow.
  5. Does anybody know how to recover your account in Mad Zombies 5.27 ?
  6. Hi! Unfortunately that the detailed tutorial about esp is kinda limited. Usually people put paid tutoring for this but i think its not worth it. But yeah, what you can do probably is just messing around with the template. I mean, changing the base address and add the offset (May also changing the driver / target app) and see if its working. Sadly that UDP Stream tutorial is also limited or almost hard to find. I can only tell you the main idea and a little bit of implementation behind the UDP Stream trick. In the end, you need to do it yourself as self learning. Yeah, its sucks when nobody teaches you directly. Happen to me all the time xD Anyway Goodluck!
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  8. emcollect2 = {bp = {status = "[On]"}} function emcollect(path) return emcollect2[path].status end function EM2() local a2 = gg.choice({emcollect("bp") .. " Big Pan"}) end EM2() Is this what you need?
  9. I want to get status value return to function or How to get status value emcollect2 = {bp = {status = on}} function emcollect(path) return emcollect2[path].status.value end function EM2() a2 = gg.choice({ emcollect("bp").."Big Pan"}) end
  10. emcollect2 = {bp = {status = on}} function emcollect(path) return emcollect2[path].status.value end function EM2() a2 = gg.choice({ emcollect("bp").."Big Pan"}) end
  11. Hi! Well I found the value myself, but I don't know what to change it to, or how to make the ESP, and is there any tutorial on the UDP stream?
  12. Just succed with the hack and im happy about it i didn't get any ban cause im not being so abuse with the game i hack diffrent type of things too and just what i need
  13. the script is out of date due to random sorting in memory, I'm working to fix it ...
  14. Good Script but its kinda mess up for now example i want to modify vp of season 4 but it modifies other seasons instead of the season 4
  15. proc / pid? you can throw off an example i hear it for the first time
  16. Dont use gg.getTargetInfo() then. its only for selected process. Do a function that check every process. by yourself. proc/pid etc
  17. find gg in the list of processes is easy, the main thing for me is to get gg.getTargetInfo for each process
  18. You cant. because you editting values in memory. after you edit, it will change. Either using second gg or using other memory viewer can see it. Ahh i see why you ask to check running processes. You are going to detect second gg and if it is running, you will stop your values to edit. like that? wont be easy to detect gg.
  19. it doesn't matter about gg.getargerinfo, forget it, I need a way that will block the use of the second gg so that my functions from the Code App cannot steal.
  20. You mean gg.getTargetInfo()? can get process name etc from it. yeah. i think it cant be stopped. depend on how you edit values. if you edit hex in Xa, its so easy to find with second gg. What relates between checking running process and protecting against from second gg? i cant imagine what you want.
  21. The user selects the game process, launches the script and the script should receive gg.getTabInfo for each running process on the phone. I need to make protection against theft of my functions through the second Game Guardian. If what I wrote above is not possible to do, then please suggest another way.
  22. LLoTE

    Dragon City 2

    This whole thing is useless,you can unlock everything with just editing the modelb.json file in app data.
  23. Hi! You can try to capture In-Game Data trough UDP Stream that based on Game Packets (Send-Receive). From there you can try to visualize the location. However, there's cons and pros from this. You can visualize it everywhere, even on different device, as long you have tunelling between each device. The cons, it may hard to visual, since the packets updated if there's any changes to the target (Lets say enemy) From my understanding, you only have the old value from Youtube and need to find the updated one right? Well, the easiest option is to always reverse engineering the game. You can always compare the value from the old library and try to find it in the newer version because its hard to find it manually using GG. Once you found it, its up to you to make it as ESP or WallHack. You can always find the ESP template and adjust it to your need such as the target game, offset and etc. Wich will help you alot rather than make it from scratch.
  24. Does anybody know how to hack MAD ZOMBIES 5.27 for money,gold, and medals, without getting your account suspended?
  25. Last week
  26. Hello, I've been playing dragon city 2 lately and I've hacked quite literally everything, except for two things, the knight dragon that comes up as a special offer at the start of the game and the devine island that's also purchasable with real money. Since all the game data and IDs are written in the game files and can be read by anyone it's quite easy to bypass some of the encryptions they've made, but it's also really hard to search for values that are not extremely specific and grouped. And I can't find and group where the knight dragon and the island are hackable. So I'm asking if somebody has done it and if so how? Thanks. Bellow there's the files where that dragon and island come up and some things that might help. DragonPool.json DragonDefinitionsConfig.json GoalsConfig.json RewardsViewerConfig.json ShopConfig.json TileMapConfig.json
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