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  2. Yito

    Help me please

    What's happen? How to fix it i can not use game guardian please help me
  3. Sinjay

    Hack, Mod, Scripts Request

    Dragon Ball Legends Always have Rush actived, 1 hit kill Free character upgrade free summons or at least cheap summons. Unlimited zeni. Toram online Unlimited Spina,Orbs, $ character tickets. Creative Destruction NEW GAME This is a version of Fortnite, but it's not fortnite. GAME GUARDIAN SPEED HACK DOES WORK. JUST DON'T GO OVER SPEED OF 1.3 OR YOU WILL BE KICKED FROM THE ROUND. Speed hack, Free items Party in my dorm. Free or unlimited Health Extra credits Doctors notes Spinner tokens Free shop. free upgrade. Free name change Free club name change Max stats. Duplicate show case Speed hack for faster recovery
  4. wiliansssss

    PUBG Free Script

    work only esp and antena
  5. Sinjay


    Sup, call me sinjay and i support hacks, mods, and cheat because IT'S MUUUUAH FUGGIN FUN!!!! I don't know how to hit these online games like y'all do so don't expect any uploads on my end unless somebody here is willing to teach me.
  6. Today
  7. wwwtanmayt

    PUBG Free Script

    Directly banned
  8. No way. You cannot make three like as before - the seed.
  9. SisTenSSybeR

    How to solve it?

    My friend Fassa root and try again that will solve _______________________________________________ added 0 minutes later My friend Fassa root and try again that will solve
  10. How can I turn this to an command in an lua script ? So I want to make a button which makes everything how it was before. Example : I have a hack script which can let me do megajumps and with another button Megaspeed... and I want to add an button where I can reset these settings to how (the jump&speed) settings were before!
  11. Please create lua script creative destruction ,gamr guardian
  12. Good and looked for a hack u scripts for the game my cafe recipes and stories but I did not find any would be so kind to create one for this game I need a hack to level up fast and unlimited items are already gems and infinite gold but there are things we do not want enough with a hack to be able to have everything unlimited
  13. fabieuflazio

    What Tutorials Would You Like To See On GG?

    Graal online classic
  14. SisTenSSybeR


    Someone help me I'm not finding the inclement volor and the movement flow fly to write script in the
  15. Yesterday

    Rules Of Survival NEW hacks

    No work
  17. RiZe13X

    Script Critical ops V1.0

    EXTREMELY GOOD! I just wish there was some sort of anti cheat love the work!!!!!
  18. Hello, I've tried to hack this game " hawk : freedom squadron " but nithing seems to be working, so I decided to see if there someine here can help with it, specially after seeing a topic similare Here and someone calls NOFEAR have made it, but he didnt say how, so now I m asking u to halp here, Name of Game: HAWK: Freedom SquadronPlay Store Link (If it's a paid app, the apk): https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.my.hawk.air.shooter&hl=enVersion: 1.14.8426What cheat? Health, xp, gold...: Coins, Crystal editHave you tried cheating this game? What happened?: Yes, I tried changing some values such as coins but it will restart
  19. Vinod1989

    POcket troops

    No one playing Pocket Troops ? sad life
  20. NoFear

    Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes

    I don't know, I don't play the game. Just was making sure wasn't same script
  21. Scrayil

    Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes

    You did a great job, i like your script and it is really useful. Does it work everywhere in the game?
  22. Scrayil

    Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes

    Unfortunately gems, credits energy and shards can't be modified, because the game is server sided. The only thing i could do is to simplify the whole operation. You can launch the script and it does the job for you. Every time you start a battle, the address changes so you have to run the script again and again. But it is a lot easier, you can relax yourself instead of getting frustrated
  23. Slugterra

    Marvel Future Fight

    Just tell me how you bypass the security
  24. ksaor88

    Marvel Future Fight

    Hi everybody don't use gg un the mff because detect and banned the account. I Lost 4 account. I try only in history mode and same result banned account...
  25. Slugterra

    Marvel Future Fight

    Tell me bro help for MFF
  26. Zig

    Script Critical ops V1.0

    View File Script Critical ops V1.0 Ver 1.0 Script Menu 1.Fly [Dead] 2.Fire Rate 3.Wall shot THANK YOU Submitter Zig Submitted 06/24/18 Category LUA scripts  
  27. Version 1.0


    Ver 1.0 Script Menu 1.Fly [Dead] 2.Fire Rate 3.Wall shot THANK YOU
  28. Coolstar

    HAWK: Freedom Squadron hack request

    @NoFear no problem bro . Don’t forget me when you find the crystals method
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