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  2. MAARS

    GameGuardian lua

    Lua is sigle threaded, there is no way you can run multiple thread at once, for that you will need to modify the implementation of Lua in C, and good luck for that.
  3. i think i have ban impossible to load id sorry bro may be i put too much
  4. You mean attach the APK file? It's too big Link to one of the downloads -> https://dragons-rise-of-berk.en.uptodown.com/android ApkPure Link -> https://apkpure.com/dragons-rise-of-berk/com.ludia.dragons/download Version Number -> 1.68.7
  5. Platonic


    Well, teleport is for each game different. You can't really ask for someone to write script for it for if they don't know the game. Also, it will just end up someone else writhing teleport script for you.
  6. Yesterday
  7. Thank you very much for the info, I was able to solve it. I have another problem, I'm trying to change the number of races in the season, it's a different value from the total number of races, I can't find and change that value, any advice?
  8. under_score

    Golf rival

    try vmos and vphonegaga
  9. or.. in Special Shop..Ruby value can be edited to negative and Gold can be increase too. though..only Ruby will show visual change. in the picture : 100000 Gold for 10 Ruby search = 10;1;100000::9 type = Dword memory ranges = Anonymous
  10. Hi! It looks like the game has kind of protection? Did this happen instantly or when you're changing some values? I assume it's somehow detect some hooker apps, here's what you can do: 1) If you're on an Emulator, why not using Cheat Engine? This will avoid app/hook detection of the game. (Recommended) 2) If the game uses some package blacklisting; you might try SudoHide but make sure to have LSPosed / XPosed framework to be installed. In summary, this could happen because of several things: 1) The game has Emulator Detection and it forbids you to play the game in Emulation 2) The game detects Game Guardian Installation 3) The game has hooker detection; meaning it will trigger that screen when you attaching GG into the game 4) The game has memory detection; it will shows the screen when you're changing some values. You can add more description to your post; if it's related to any one of these.
  11. its float value search number race youve played when u have it ( dword ) it 15 adress up than value of race played
  12. Why does GameGuardian's lua prohibit execution in a multi-threaded environment. Having multithreading allows lua to do more things
  13. sammax71

    Epic Conquest

    These are just Dword values. You can hack the SP value and also the levels of STR, AGI, INT & VIT. Quicker to just hack the level of each rather than upgrading them manually. You'll find those values all stored closely together so find one and do go to address and you should see the others.
  14. sammax71

    Epic Conquest

    Memory Range: Anonymous Value Type: Encrypted Qword To hack currencies (Rubies & Coins) if you search your Ruby amount and keep refining you should end up with a few results. Two of them are the same. You can edit them both although it's only one of them that seems to change both currencies. If you use Lucky Patcher then that works for free IAP's.
  15. Benwei


    Yes, but I changed the coordinates in this game, and there is no rubber banding mechanism
  16. JebaczKoz


    More and more games are closing as soon as try to start looking for something using GameGuardian. Is the author (gg dev) going to do something about it? Will it be fixed in some way?
  17. Cornel19782531

    Golf rival

    .hello. Since the last update of gr I can no longer use x8 sandbox. please help me. Thank you in advance.
  18. Platonic


    Did you check first if your game doesn't has any rubber banding mechanism? You can not just think you will be able to teleport because you found xyz values. Lots of games have protection against that, you get teleported back to previous location because server does not allow jumps of specific times, frames. But in lots of cases the flags are set on vertical and horizontal. Not for example diagonal. But then time/frames play role. Only when you understand how the values works and how to counter all the mechanism the game has in place you should start writhing teleport script. Like does the xyz values sometimes change address while being in match? This happens as well. How will you counter that? The GoB script will know that. Its a requirement otherwise you get crashes and non working teleports.
  19. MainC

    Blackbox support

    Hi! Blackbox is abandoned due to copyright #121. Atleast we should waiting for @Enybyfor blackbox gg optimized. In the meantime, you can use Android Virtual Machine to replace blackbox: VMos Pro or VPhoneGaGa
  20. Is it possible for the project to evolve as easily as Frida's JS script. like this js script: function intercept() { // var inter = il2cpp.add("0x661F24"); var inter = il2cpp.add("0x2535C50"); Interceptor.attach(inter, { onEnter: function(args) { console.log('onEnter'); // console.log("args 1 ", args[0]) // console.log("args 2 ", args[1]) // console.log("args 3 ", args[2].readCString()) // console.log("args 4 ", args[3].readCString()) }, onLeave: function(retval) { // console.log('onLeave'); console.log("retval 1 is ", retval) // return 0x1 retval.replace(0x1); console.log("retval 2 is ", retval) } }); };
  21. Anyone trying to hack last version? I'm trying to hack special item qty to 599 after use more than 100+ and got banned. BTW my second account hack only gold and secret book not got ban
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