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  2. Nope RVA is 0x2080 is the offset of the dumped .NET assembly that is displayed by DnSpy and not of the .so file itself. Here's the apk file itself (you can unzip .so file and metadata to get offsets). (Also this POC is an updated version, I've impoved the design so the offsets will be different from the ones from my post above. POC.apk
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  4. Hey, I have your answer to the so called "Max Charms" first off, i want to say this method got patched at the end of the christmas season of 2021 early 2022. the reason of people having max charms at a low level account is quite simple. It's all about manipulating your game into thinking your level is 10k+. so for that you would search your level, and change it. this ofcourse wouldn't stick so your level would go back down to the level you started at, but for some reason when the server "resets" (usually 00:00 midnight server time) the rewards of challenges, charms etc. would be thinking your account is level 10k+ so changing it's rewards. but leveling up is still easy at a low level, giving you loads of charms and alot of chips from the high level rewards. i found this hack by myself actually, without knowing off it, just experimenting with the most random stuff might work. and now i stumbled across this topic looking for new ways to be manipulating huuuge. I hope this answers your question! if i manage to find another way to "hack" the game, i will reply.
  5. my bad. i missed this part. again, thank you.
  6. Superb! But NASCAR 2020 & 2021 not available, Mario. Can you update this script and unlock it? Thanks.
  7. Hi @nok1a, as above presence, the JWT mentioned is not a valid one. JWT Header should be in JSon Format. In your string, the JWT Header is incorrect, which can be assumed it is a payload or the footer of JWT. Not to mention that: the mentioned JWT don't have the footer. Both Payload and Header usually use the same JSon object which formatted as: ( ey (.) ey (.) AvBnCD ). Let's talk about it more: [ Main Section ] 1) If you switched the header position into Payload section, you'll get a glimpse of escaped Unicode character (\u001a) that wrapped in double-quotes. This may indicate something: 2) The scrambled result maybe comes from Memory Artifact, which the Data are partially flushed from the memory but it remains there as a glimpse. Usually, Memory reserves this Data multiple times in many addresses, perhaps you need to find them that follow JWT format. 3) The game can also Encrypt the JWT Format, partially or entire token. Which usually involve XORing of your Game Account and Session. [ Notes ] Examples are taken from real schenario by comparing both situation with it's precendence case.
  8. View File Westland Survival RPG Westland Survival RPG [ Risk To Ban, Don't Too Much Use Script ] Package: Playstore 64 bit only / Armv8a Game Version: 4.6.0 Feature; 1. Take No Damage 2. High Damage 3. Magic Stacks 4. Max Durability 5. Free Instant Craft / Building 6. Free Upgrade 7. Finalize no parts 8. Free Energy Travel 9. Can Take Daily Rewards *be careful to use this script, you can got ban my telegram: @kabuthitm my facebook: Kabut Hitamm Submitter KabutHitam Submitted 02/06/2023 Category LUA scripts  
  9. Hi there, I'm trying to run game guardian on a non-rooted Samsung s10 running android 11. I have downloaded parallels space 64 bit and parallels space for android 9 and above. But every time i launch asphalt 8, i get this error screenshot. Any ideas please? I have been able to run game guardian beforehand. Also when I tried running asphalt 8, my previous progress had gone. I had been able to use game guardian on a rooted device beforehand a few years ago. but the next day, i got a banned message. So I can only assume that the ban wipes your progress. Even though I was logged in to play games and facebook. So my question is one how do i fix this download error and play asphalt 8 on non-rooted without getting banned or anything like so and thus losing progress?
  10. Version 4.6.0


    Westland Survival RPG [ Risk To Ban, Don't Too Much Use Script ] Package: Playstore 64 bit only / Armv8a Game Version: 4.6.0 Feature; 1. Take No Damage 2. High Damage 3. Magic Stacks 4. Max Durability 5. Free Instant Craft / Building 6. Free Upgrade 7. Finalize no parts 8. Free Energy Travel 9. Can Take Daily Rewards *be careful to use this script, you can got ban my telegram: @kabuthitm my facebook: Kabut Hitamm
  11. It's unclear where the dumper got 0x2FCD50 from, but in the comment on the screenshot values are different. There RVA is 0x2080 and this is much more likely (than 0x2FCD50) to be the offset to start of the method in process memory. If you can provide your "libil2cpp.so" file, it should become clear which offset is correct.
  12. Just presence of two base64url-encoded parts separated by dot is not enough to conclude that string is JSON Web Token. In fact, your string isn't valid JWT as per step 4 of "Validating a JWT" section of RFC 7519 (https://www.rfc-editor.org/rfc/rfc7519#section-7.2).
  13. I just tried it, I don't know if I'm doing it wrong or not but I've tried it several times in private matches even in group matches with two accounts, the freeze controls feature doesn't seem to work. Check this out I recorded the video to show https://youtu.be/tcBEq-2R2h0
  14. I install game guardian on my android 13 phone, but when I enter the game, game guardian does not see the game, which sandbox do you use for android 13 and how to do it please help
  15. pazival6

    Go Candy

    Is the another way to find the money value without using GG
  16. Go in a private match with two accounts and test it on your self. It should work. The freezing controls is a very short moment. 100ms.
  17. This was extremely helpful, cause now i can edit offsets ingame instead of having to mod with hex editor and sign etc every time on pc. But one question though, if the offset i'm searching is from a void method and i just want to enable it how would you do that? I followed this, got to where i wanted, but have no idea what datatype i should change to just "activate" the void method.
  18. I've created a POC (Proof of concept) project in unity to test out Il2cpp android patching using Game Guardian. When you click the button it gets the values returned from each method and formats them so we can see the results. I use IlDumper to get the offsets. And I made a script for il2cpp method patching in GG (it supports offset patching) demo.lua The script seems to work and the values do change in memory. But still the POC application login doesn't change (it still returns true and not false, for example) I need help figuring out what the problem is
  19. well try ask the excel owner, cuz only them has the access to edits it. tho alternatively. the game's file can be use as subsitute.
  20. Well maybe the problem in function START() Not in function hack2() If the code's that MonkeySAN didn't work then the problem in function START
  21. Correct you had to assign the string to a variable before inserting it into the table using table.insert, and you've already done that. Sample table.insert(isUserSetting, userSetting) gg.choice(isUserSetting) Or if i define a string then it should be like table.insert(isUserSetting, userSetting) testSetting[i] = {address = v.address, flags = gg.TYPE_DWORD, name = "Nickname: "..v.name.." | Controller: "..isBotValue.." | User ID: "..v.value} end gg.choice(isUserSetting)
  22. It's not working because it's not OTHER ranges lol
  23. sorry to bother you again this time, I have tried the freeze control and it doesn't seem that it works anymore, any players can still move and shoot at me and I didn't see any change in the game. I've tried it in old update (in 2022) that it worked Just now I tried it again and it didn't work this time maybe I was wrong can you please check that If it still works.
  24. So I am pretty sure I got the IDs with the ...D;0D;Q '...':20 (seems like it is also 20 for me) method but I never can find any pointers, even with items I already have (titan_pot for example). This is also the case when I search for 0,06 then 0,08 and try to get to the ID of the utem I used, I just get useless numbers like my whole game is build different. Frustrating to the core! Also when I use the lua Script for swapping the files I've chosen get deletet and the script is done like there have to be new items but the old ones are just gone, scripts asks me whether i want to dublicate or not, well - don't want to dublicate nothing, no. Hope it joins someone with the same state of the game and can explain it.
  25. Hi, i would like to decode base64 string but i am encountering problem with the decoding. It looks like a JWT token. The supposed to be header appears scrambled when decoding while the payload seems to be readable text. I'm using a Lua script from the web to decode the strings. I tried putting the JWT token through a auto JWT decoder but it shows no header. Only payload and signature. Makes me assume that it is not a header or had several xor's. String that needs to be fully decoded: VaLciho_OwEwXdjIHdDbsoR4KYTtYV06b9bwtdm9ceQ.eyJpZCI6OTEwNjA2MTksImN0aW1lIjoxNjc1NjE4NzE4fQ Payload decoded: eyJpZCI6OTEwNjA2MTksImN0aW1lIjoxNjc1NjE4NzE4fQ Header scrambled when decoded:VaLciho_OwEwXdjIHdDbsoR4KYTtYV06b9bwtdm9ceQ
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  27. The difference with split_apks is that every asset are splitted into each own APK which help in distributing content and development, Google Play always deliver this type of APK if available instead of normal unified apk. You can always look-up for APK file using APKCombo: Eggs, Inc. Virtual Space app is now deprecated for GG uses, it can works but the environment is very limited which can cause many errors (Daemon not running is one of them). I recommends to use Virtual Machine. Since you're still in Android 12, using x8Sandbox, VPhoneGaGa or VMos, shouldn't be a problem. I also recommend to use the Modded version of it for more unlocked features, it's available on Download Section: VPhone-VMos
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