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  2. BeerCT

    Can it be changed?

    มันสามารถเปลี่ยนแปลงได้หรือไม่ -Words entered from1.8e+
  3. Today
  4. So I have seen few people that rollbacks or restarts a server based game with game guardian. Is there anyone who knows how to do it on gg. Sometimes few server based games which devs gave up on them crashes and I would like to learn how its possible to do.
  5. Enyby

    How to calculate offset

    Done. Offset from address 0000000: For 32 bit game - A3DEC444 For 64 bit game - 78D1FF851C
  6. My question is how to calculate or find offset of a desire address for 32 bit game and 64 bit game Address of 32 bit game- A3DEC444 Address of 64 bit game- 78D1FF851C
  7. I use gg for macro. Potions not work. Still I have same problem.
  8. Do you know any type of application to deal with this type of applications other than lucky phatcher? Metod injector sqli? @Gretis
  9. Hi i am new to game guardian and i am very intrested in it. I always wanted to learn how to code/hack and with this i finally can. So thank you Enyby for creating this app.
  10. I posted mod on this website https://an1.com/ru/file_6286-dw.html
  11. game is server-based, it's impossible to hack it with GG
  12. ok. Try making a video?
  13. Maybe try changing the values indirectly. Try changing the pop up coin rewards Try clicking on a ad to get coin reward and change that lower value. If the game has diamonds, try changing that also. You can play a stage, and try searching for the rewards for that stage and change that value.
  14. Boss45


    Try finding xor key
  15. Emarkx


    Try an encrypted search
  16. Guys I forgot to give password here: MooMoo
  17. https://gameguardian.net/help/
  18. View File Creative Destruction Script The YouTube video: https://youtu.be/LZRJmuMJGpM [+] Aimbot or Aimlock [+]One second heal [+]Hide Script [+]Wall Hack More Coming Soon Submitter MooMooScripterBoi2 Submitted 06/01/2020 Category LUA scripts  
  19. My friend wants to learn gg but its too much to explain, I wanted to see if there was a script that explains gg coding in lua
  20. My battle cats worker cat wallet is on 0/0c ingame because i did a gacha hack pls help thx
  21. Aaawww.. That's unfair boss.. Just don't let anyone stop you from doing good owkay.. Do what makes you happy, they're people who appreciate good things too. I believe am one of those people. Be good pls
  22. Hey guys there is Offline game am trying to hack but i can't Find values by encrypt or any type. So in tried fuzzy search by change and unchange so i Find a value which exactly change when coin value change but it's like encrypted and whenever i edit the game crashes Link of Game - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.refuelgames.rally
  23. Wisteria


    Okay sir.. I will try it again now
  24. Here Creative Destruction Script (#758rwktc)
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