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  2. Hello @Enyby There is a bug whith speedhack... try download latest angry birds (the original version, i mean the classic one). I checked all green boxes in timer. but the game starts to running slow and not good. S6 Sm-920i android 6.0.1 + Xposed + Root. with latest build of GG 8.26.1 and 8.26.2
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  4. Game Guardian group search BY GAMECHEETAH.ORG · MAY 29, 2017 In previous article from this series, we learned basics on how to use Game Guardian to change known values [LINK]. This method is useful when we are dealing with values that can be changed, so we can refine our search multiple times, until we find the right address. In many cases, you will need to find values that can’t be changed from the game (ex. prices from the in-game shop), or to find two or more similar values faster (health and mana). In this tutorial you will find out how to use Game Guardian group search. But first, let us explain what exactly is group search. All data from some game are stored in memory when game is started, and every in-game value is stored in different address. If you used Game Guardian, Cheat Engine, or any similar program, you maybe noticed that there is usually hundreds millions unique addresses occupied by the same game. All addresses are marked with unique code (ex. 9D786251 or 895D2314). When we scan for only one value, Game Guardian will search through all addresses and save the ones that stores wanted value. On repeated search with different value, it will search through saved list, and make smaller list that contain only changed values that stores new wanted value. Game Guardian group search When we do Game Guardian group search, we are searching for two or more values that are close to each other. All addresses are marked with unique hexadecimal number. The reason behind this is that hexadecimal system is more suitable for computer systems, because each digit (from 0 to F) represent 4 bits. So one byte (8bits), let’s say 00000000 in binary, can be written as 00 in hexadecimal. Biggest value that can be stored in one byte is 11111111 binary, or FF in hexadecimal. If you want to know more about this, please read this article [LINK] on Wikipedia, as you will need to understand this if you want do use Game Guardian for something more advanced. Basic syntax for group search is “VALUE1;VALUE2;VALUE2:RANGE“, without quotes. You need 2 values minimum, and you don’t need to define RANGE explicitly. If you don’t define range, Game Guardian will define it as 512. This can be difficult to understand, but let us see the example. Game Guardian group search examples Here we will imagine that this values are stored in some addresses. 8D7C6B00 12 8D7C6B01 13 8D7C6B02 14 8D7C6B03 15 8D7C6B04 16 8D7C6B05 17 8D7C6B06 18 So we want to find the addresses that contains values 13, 15 and 16, we can use this line. 13;15;16:500 Game Guardian will search all addresses that contain values 13, 15 and 16, and there are up to 500 addresses between them. There is probably a lot of addresses that contains 13,15 and 16, and which are close to each other. In most cases, you will search similar values (gold and silver, or price and product) , so they will be close to each other. We could do the same search again, with smaller range. If we run this query, 13;15;16:5, we will find our values too, but with less false positives. It will search all values 13,15 and 16 that are up to 5 addresses from each other. It will drastically narrow our search. Game Guardian ordered group search There is one similar search, ordered group search. Syntax is almost the same, except the range is defined with mark “::“ , without quotes. We could use this search if we are sure that numbers are in exact order as we typed in. In the upper example, 15;13;16:5, 16;13;15:5, 16;15;13:5, 13;16;15:5 will find the same addresses (8D7C6B01, 8D7C6B3, 8D7C6B4). But if we search for 15;13;16::5, it wont find anything, because the values are not in the right order. But if we search for 13;15;16::5, it will show us right addresses. Let’s see how this looks like in practice. This is screenshot from the game SimCity BuildIt. Note how some values occupies more space. Remember what we learned about value types in last tutorial [LINK]!! Now, we will see how to use this knowledge in practice. Using group search for cheating SimCity BuildIt As we already show in this article [LINK], cheating SimCity BuildIt is really easy with group search. Now we will only show how to cheat on the achievements screen, as we do not need to use incremental change (we will cover this latter). In SimCitz, go to the achievement screen. Choose one of the achievements – in video there is one where you need to have 1500000 Sims living in your city to get 32 Simoleans. Make DWORD union search – 1500000;32. You will find only two addresses. Edit the 1500000 to 1 and 32 to, let’s say, 10000. Now claim your hard earned 10000 Simoleans. And this is all for now. In next tutorial, we will expand this knowledge with incremental editing the value – this will allow us to refine results, even if we can’t change values directly from the game.
  5. Name of Game:Dream City Idol Play Store Link (If it's a paid app, the apk): Version:Latest What cheat? Health, xp, gold...: Everything Have you tried cheating this game? What happened?:yes, failed miserably Comments: please help!
  6. Try searching how many stars are missing from being full? Such as if you had 3/10 scan for 7. Will reinstall the game later
  7. Trial and error Lol
  8. Whenever I search for gold and diamonds values only come up as byte instead of dword. Any fix for this please?
  9. Edit : Can search inapp price For me 34.99 (float) Then below (I can get the offset) You'll find the xor key.
  10. Name of Game: Magikarp Jump Play Store Link: Version: 1.0.2 (As of 29-May-2017) I tried use Game Guardian to modify the XOR key but failed. I wish to get more Diamonds and Golds. Appreciate any experts to advise.
  11. Yeah. I had tried many many time because im not a dev. I dont know anything about code. :). By the way, tks u for reading, my bro.
  12. Awesome. I literally JUST installed the game today to help out. /uninstall saves me time.
  13. hat is the code to be a giant and to be invisable and is there any code so i can hack my coins using game gaurdian and what is the code for a 1 hit kill
  14. What's New in Version 8.26.2 Improved UI. Fixed bugs. Fixed crashes. Updated translations.
  15. Never mind. I made it mysefl.
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  17. Game keeps crashing with cheats. Any fixes?
  18. What is the code to be a giant and to be invisable and is there any code so i can hack my coins using game gaurdian and what is the code for a 1 hit kill
  19. Name of Game: Operate Now: Hospital Play Store Link (If it's a paid app, the apk): Version: 1.3.42 What cheat? Health, xp, gold...: golden hearts (real cash payed currency) Have you tried cheating this game? What happened?: did not the find the values of the golden hearts. After two/three searches there are no results anymore. Comments: The problem is i cant find the values of golden hearts. And I can only cheat the value of ingame cash right after starting a new game. After a few missions the value of cash is not detectable for me. Maybe a hint.
  20. por que sempre ta dando este erro?
  21. Mod

    Downloaded - installed but the game cannot download/load its data. Is there any suggestion?
  22. Hey, i use game guardian to speedhack nba live mobile via an android emulator(leapdroid). However, game guardian doesn't effect the game;s clock due to ptrace protection. How can I disable it? the command deny-ptrace doesnt work in terminal emulator(i use it as command prompt). Thanks
  23. You can download the GG's .apk from the forum.
  24. Hey guys so I know that it is possible with game guardian to alter the values of certain players on fifa mobile which allows them to be recognised and placed in positions they normally wouldn't be. My main question is whether this could be done with other items such as tokens, so altering the value of a token/item to be recognised by thr game as another. Is there anyway to go about this and find out what variables or values to search for?
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