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  1. Dont try to hack game now accounts hot banned now by the devs If you still looking for video then here the video https://drive.google.com/file/d/1DCYKoGy42PMvcyYmlRegKuWrJ1tsGRd6/view
  2. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.overseas.Idlemon this game under 10 mb can it be hacked? Like resources , gold or shards or shop price to be 0?? Can anyone help?
  3. Can u suggest some virtual space i try parallel space, xposed ,x8 Sandbox, virtual android, octopus i want to a game named ARK Survival Evolved with root but not working parallel space doesnt support android 10 and 11? Earlier Ark survival evolves run in parallel space with game guardian but now did start game gaurdian its daemon failed root didnt install something like that can u help me solve this problem please
  4. Can you give 1 try to this if items can hack without having them I dont know how to use http canary can u show me how to use if possible
  5. Do you item id of material like enchant crystal l,ll, lll, lV, V , angel teardrops, hope of stone or other materials mean direct hack without piece or dismantle Here 1 video but doesn't what he want to explain https://www.bilibili.tv/en/video/2003180753 can u explain pls
  6. Does anyone knows about ark survival evolved hack with game gaurdian and best virtual for it
  7. Actually i m using VphoneGaGa and i didnt find there root manager where i untick evil hunter do u any solution what to do next
  8. I had game experience u can discord me i will give u guide Gexp several side it's only virtual
  9. Still master and gladiator tokens hack working? After update many won't for me now I m afraid of logging my main account and hacking stuffs in it cuz I don't want to lose it
  10. Now hacking of gems also banned I mean save data cleared when I relog shows no data found even hack 1500 gems also
  11. After uninstall game for 30 days but in the case of backup all you need is user code, town chief name, current guild
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