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  1. anyone have an idea how to hack these tried hacking but unsuccessful
  2. I just used the offsets XDD and instantly hack both of them no pvp needed cuz they will beat my normal hunters XDDD hmmmmm idk but my offsets that I got, work for me every time, try using the offsets that I got. If it's fail wither we have different device or your device is rooted. mine is not ;-; no one post a latest rom for my phone And all my results are found in the anonymous region.
  3. can't post for one day I met limit last time no discovery about gexp so far but I have some theory about hacking gems directly or other currencies without finding it but with offsets can't do it with items golds, elementals, master's seal, gladiators seal etc. addresses are kinda like the similar? idk what to say it's easier to find them with just offset if any of you got banned recently just use this list of currencies offset so far more to discover I created just find the address of gold and you'll good to go List of offsets: gold to elementals: F8 elementals to master's seal: F14 Master's seal to gladiator seal: 14 and if you guys have an idea how to hack the levels of exp buff in library of wisdom please give me a heads up
  4. I haven't reached that point yet XD but I'll get into it after I unlock the guild contents
  5. idk cuz every time you restart the game ur hacked victory medals are revert to normal another thing!!! I made it a whole lot easier for you guys to find the master's seal and gladiator's seal find the address of elementals the offset between elementals and master's seal is "F14" and the offset between master's seal and gladiator's seal is "14" that's it Idk how to make script it would be easier if this feature is added to the script that is currently available
  6. as I said before the medal is server sided maybe it's just visual I don't know
  7. opening one of these you will be stuck at the inviting hero thingy
  8. once I got the address of the elementals, I use the address and search nearby the address, I think the distance between it is 1k but the thing is there's a chance you'll break the game, I infinitely spawn arcane hero invitation by switching between tabs and broke the game
  9. another huge discovery it seems that you can easily find victory medals and etc. by searching nearby the address of elementals hate to break it but victory medals are server sided ;-; tried your method got around 3k results try changing 200 of it and broke the game didn't revert it in time and progress gone I was even in top 3 in portal thingy ;-;
  10. guys found something unusual apparently even u hack the gems to -100 still doesn't give gems and you can hack difficulty and it's X4 i don't know what's the value of normal since I just trying to find the value of special tabs item and I did a nearby search and just randomly changed the values that I found
  11. wdym you're ****ed? I did fine putting negative value maybe you freezes it? cuz freezing that said address would make the value reached like a billion or negative billion
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