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Found 8 results

  1. Hello everyone, So I've come across a strange issue when trying to use Speedhack in a game, I find this very infuriating because I've tried everything. I've tried a range of different ROM's everything from LinageOS 14.1 to CyanogenMod 14.1, trying different root methods, and even different GG versions to no avail. Here's the strange part, you may be thinking for yourself that the game is using Java timers, but let me explain why I don't think so: It was my friend who showed how you could win games by using GameGuardian and speedhack in particular, and for him it worked just fine. Then we tried it on my device (Samsung Galaxy S5) but it didn't work properly. I did try it in other games and it worked, but it didn't work as it should, it was slow and buggy. Henceforth I tried this again today with different versions of the app but it didn't work. So I visited this forum for advice and tried to troubleshoot on my own without further luck. So that's why I'm asking you for help, and I would be very grateful if you could help me out. I've recorded two different "logcats" for you to review. The first one is recorded with the app "Logcat Extreme", and the second one is recorded a more in depth logcat with the Android terminal. I've also recorded a video for the procedure which I've uploaded to Youtube. Logcat #1: Log_2018-03-17_13-17-03.txt, Logcat #2: logcat.txt Android version 7.1.1 Nougat Youtube video:
  2. Speedhack makes phone unresponsive to dragging touch when activated, tap touch still somewhat responds and verifies that speedchange is in effect and working. I included the logcat and a photo of the timer used and phone info speedhack error
  3. View File Melobeat Speedhack an example video of how this script works: SCR_20190806_131208.mp4 Submitter D1M4 Submitted 08/06/2019 Category LUA scripts  
  4. Guys could you help me out with respawnables speed hack . I tried using gg but it just shows ptrace attach error. Using op2 lollipop 5.1.1
  5. Version 1.1.0


    JailBreak Mod Menu Includes 。Speed Hacks 。Jump Hack 。No-Clip By: Zero Two army / imwood04 / junkhead 10
  6. Version 1.0


    an example video of how this script works: SCR_20190806_131208.mp4
  7. View File Jailbreak Mod Menu (Roblox) JailBreak Mod Menu Includes 。Speed Hacks 。Jump Hack 。No-Clip By: Zero Two army / imwood04 / junkhead 10 Submitter Zero_two_Army Submitted 02/19/2019 Category LUA scripts  
  8. Hey guys, The speedhack used to NOT work at all maybe 3-4 GG updates ago. But since then GG has done an amazing job at updating the speedhack problems and it has since then worked on Star Wars: Uprising. However, SWU recently released a new patch and the speedhack STILL WORKS, BUT the in between "loading screens" is when it usually crashes. I found that even if I don't change the speed at all. Simply triggering the speedhack by Long-Pressing the GG logo and going through a mission, one of the loading screens after the mission is done ends up freezing the game until it crashes (not responding) So I'm thinking it has something to do with the code that's executed once you long press the logo. What does it do to the application that it's "injected" into? I am of course not going to ask you to expose the details of coding of your program however I want to know if there's a workaround. Anyone know if this could be investigated and fixed in a future release? I'll help in any way I can too I'm pretty tech-oriented let me know what I can do if you need it. Device: OnePlus One Cyanogen Mod Rooted Latest GG
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