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Scripting Documentation


Welcome to the GameGuardian Scripting Documentation.

You can use scripts to program various hacks in the GameGuardian.

This reference documentation describes the classes and functions that can occur and be used in GameGuardian scripts.

You can discuss about this on our forums:

How do I get started?

For getting started with scripting, the "learning-by-doing" approach often works very well, because it's fast and fun.

Start by studying and modifing the scripts that can be download from our site: or take them as starting points for your own work.

Experimenting with working scripts will make it easy for you to understand the underlying key ideas and concepts. Then come back here and read the documentation as required.

You may also want to have a look at the Lua documentation and/or start asking questions at the GameGuardian forums.

How to make the simplest script, you can read on a special page: How to write a simple script

List all API methods

You can list all methods of a gg table using this code:


They are all described on the corresponding page: gg

Additional Resources of Information