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    Overview: Play games your way! “GameGuardian” is a game hack/alteration tool. With it, you can modify money, HP, SP, and much more. You can enjoy the fun part of a game without suffering from its unseasonable design.
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    • Thanks u for help me 😄 @XxhentaixX .


      And @Revoxtical @CmP @bukandewa for reply this thread. thank you all

    • 4 hours ago, Helskrim said:

      That's what I've been afraid of, by the time I figured out how to hack level xp I already had 2 creatures maxed and I was in the process of levelling up Fairy. 
      For now, all you can do is wait and hope JC releases more creatures and hopefully one of them will have level 2 requirement, I'm so sorry I didn't think it would be this way.


      It’s not your fault, it’s mine for rushing and not thinking ahead to be honest lol, as you said, hopefully they’ll release another pet that requires rank 1 or 2.


      thanks for the guides though :)

    • 3 hours ago, bukandewa said:

      I think it is because of scripts detect older version of GG. Contact the author to update. Upload the scripts here, maybe I can help.

      I don't really think so, everytime I start GG, it just show that it failed to fine the application package name, so I can't select the process to use the script, also Free Fire detected GG, is it because of the Google version? I have rooted my Bluestack and try in VituralXposed but not working 😕 These are scripts that I have downloaded




      Menuhack-PUBG MOBILE V9.MenuHack.lua


    • 3 hours ago, Krojzanovic said:

      Whats wrong ? :3 


      gg.toast('☆Call Of Heroes Hacks v.1☆ By Krojzanovic')
      print(' ☆Call Of Heroes Hacks v.1 Made By Krojzanovic☆') 
      gg.alert('New Hacks')
      gg.alert('Call Of Heroes Hacks v.1 ')
      if gg.isVisible(true) then
      goto START
      menu = gg.choice({'No Recoil [ New ] ALLEN ONLY','Jump Hack [ New ] FOR ALL','Ammo++ Up [ NEW ] ALLEN ONLY ( Activate on europe map, 50% Work)','EXIT'},nil,'☆CALL OF HEROES HACKS☆                        ☆Credit By Krojzanovic☆ ')
      if menu == 1 then norecoil() end
      if menu == 2 then jumphack() end
      if menu == 3 then ammo() end
      if menu == 4 then os.exit() end
      if menu == nil then os.exit() end
      function norecoil()
      gg.searchNumber('1.29999995232F;0.60000002384F;1.5F;1.29999995232F;1.0F;1.29999995232F;1.0F:53', gg.TYPE_FLOAT, false, gg.SIGN_EQUAL, 0, -1)
      gg.editAll('0', gg.TYPE_FLOAT, false, gg.SIGN_EQUAL, 0, -1)
      gg.alert('No Recoil Active')
      gg.toast('Credit By Krojzanovic☆')
      function jumphack()
      gg.searchNumber('10.0F;0.03999999911F:21', gg.TYPE_FLOAT)
      gg.editAll(25, gg.TYPE_FLOAT)
      gg.alert('Jump Hack Active')
      gg.toast('Credit By Krojzanovic☆')
      function ammo()
      gg.searchNumber('107.374.182.425Q;25Q;-3.589.115.740.461.989.888Q:9', gg.TYPE_QWORD)
      gg.editAll('2000', gg.TYPE_QWORD)
      gg.alert('look at the ammunition below')
      gg.alert('if it works then this will work for all maps')
      gg.alert('Ammo++ Active')
      gg.toast('Credit By Krojzanovic☆')
      print('>Subscribe and share for more')
      print('>When you broke my heart')
      print('>We will broke ur security ')
      gg.toast('Credit By Krojzanovic')
      print('Follow me on instagram @krojzanovic')
      gg.toast('U not Sellect')

      Look this , whats wrong bro :3 


      Dont copy paste text from forum. It will copy 'invisible char' in your text editor.

      About way to 'hide' value, you can try a simple trick in your code use gg.getResultCount API. Below is just for example

      function A()
      gg.searchNumber('1;2;3', gg.TYPE_FLOAT)
      local count = gg.getResultCount()
      if count == 0 then
        gg.toast(count..' Result found')
        gg.toast(count..' Result found')
        gg.searchNumber('2', gg.TYPE_FLOAT)
        gg.editAll('0', gg.TYPE_FLOAT)

      If you try to call the function not in game, the process will discontinue, because searchNumber is 0 result, so you only can see half of code in the call log. 

      But, it is just a simple trick, if you wont let your code copy by others, the best way is use by yourself and dont share.

    • Wrote these down while I was maxing books, food, and Magizoology up:

       porluck level II ~ bond time 12hrs ~feed time 4hrs

      fairy level I ~ bond time 12hrs ~ feed time 5hrs

      bowtruckle level I ~ bond time 12hrs ~ feed time 6hrs 

      4hrs ~ 14400 seconds

      5hrs ~ 1800 seconds

      6hrs ~ 21600 seconds

      12hrs ~ 43200 seconds