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  1. In second search. Look like mistake.
  2. You must allow float window for GG in firmware settings.
  3. So let the user hold a transparent icon. The script will not help here. And taking a full screenshot is a rather slow operation, especially at high screen resolution. Usually it is not done often and usually it is noticeable.
  4. I do not understand what you are writing. What is a normal apk? What do scripts have to do with what apk does GG have?
  5. For do something inside /data/app you need root right. Script never get root right. I explain why. So write text instructions, and show message to user. No other way.
  6. os.rename exists and works. Root right there will never be. Otherwise, they will do such renaming there that you will reflash the device. [added 1 minute later] Write text instructions: go there, rename it, you need root rights, and so on.
  7. Also in GG present screenshot feature. Just tell user about that. Do not try move this functionality to script. 75.0: Take a screenshot - GameGuardian (#2p4xqqav)
  8. And bad script can hide icon for prevent stop it. Allow steal your data in very easy way - send all files from here to author. [added 0 minutes later] Maybe. Maybe.
  9. Because I find it in previous attempts and this speed up search and remove not desired results.
  10. Give all permissions, not only for storage. Press "feedback now" on crash dialog. In bottom you can see link or button for review tech info about crash. Screenshot it all (usually this few screens) and post here.
  11. Enyby


    In that case he must got 104/105 error, not 9. IO error is firmware issue.
  12. Odd question. Why you not try yourself? Why you ask? It is faster make few test with lua code. 1. So on first question I not answer. Do it yourself. 2. Yep. Use getValues. Read API help. There present such examples.
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