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  1. You can subscribe to our new videos.
  2. Asphalt 8

    Then you doing something wrong. Record video.
  3. Play

    Why you ask that?
  4. GameGuardian

    No. It is only previous value used for revert.
  5. GameGuardian

    What's New in Version 8.34.0 Showed the old values for the items. Added check for a wrong libs arch. Improved docs. Improved API. Improved UI. Improved help. Updated translations.
  6. Memory editor value edit in lua script

    Look at Values related methods mixed setValues (table values) Set the values for the list of items. More... mixed getValues (table values) Gets the values for the list of items. More... gg.setValues({{address = 0x12D3FBC8, value = 123456, flags = gg.TYPE_DWORD}})
  7. Watch on YouTube: Option "Add to value, do not replace" - GameGuardian You can subscribe to our new videos.
  8. You need search number of course.
  9. Text (string, HEX, AoB) search/replace

    Then copy hex bytes, not text, because for conversion from text to bytes used java. It can change something.
  10. Text (string, HEX, AoB) search/replace

    I think you input wrong bytes for search. You need input exact same as in dump. For exclude any text conversion you can use mixed type and input some bytes as hex, and some bytes as string in quotes. For example e2 80 a6 "あの" e2 80 a6
  11. Text (string, HEX, AoB) search/replace

    Text padded with dot? Or it is some unprintable symbol? You must input exact bytes for search.