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  1. Maybe he is need be more specific.
  2. You can use formula calculator. =12345 ~ 44444
  3. Sell iPhone, buy Android, install GG, run script.
  4. Learn Lua. https://gameguardian.net/help/
  5. Study io lib in Lua. Some game folder can be accessed only in virtual space from script.
  6. Before posting anything like this, simply compare the versions of virtual spaces that are published here with those available in the GP. All versions are current. If this is not so, write specifically: you have version, but in GP - please update.
  7. owovirtual_fix_gg_signed.apk owovirtual_gg_signed.apk
  8. Enyby


    Possible. You need move GG apk to USB flash drive. Come close to this guy. With fast move insert USB drive in guy ass. After that GG automatically installed in brain this guy and you can hack his account. GG ruled by touch interface on guy face.
  9. You are blind? Idea listed above your post.
  10. Buy a weapon, come home to the owner of the server, threatening to force the weapon to synchronize your progress to the server. In this case, you must have GG installed on your phone. What for? And what kind of cracker are you if GG is not installed?
  11. Enyby

    How to calculate offset

    Done. Offset from address 0000000: For 32 bit game - A3DEC444 For 64 bit game - 78D1FF851C
  12. https://gameguardian.net/help/
  13. You can not skip 128 bytes. Max is 30*4 = 120 bytes. But you can use two group searches: one with equals, second with not equals. For example search equal 1;2::133 refine not equal 1;2::132 In result only left 1 and 2 which have 128 bytes between them.
  14. Watch on YouTube: 97.0: Added group search by the condition "not equal" - GameGuardian
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