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  1. Because Gameloft not released car with id 141. It has redirect to id 29.
  2. All server items can not be hacked in this way. Boxes, mastery points and so on. Only items stored locally.
  3. Of course if you use time jump then game go ahead in future. And place timer to future. And after you restart game, magic is disappear. Game now in present but your timer in future. All as must be. Nothing odd.
  4. Tut

    For what? GG good work on Lollipop without any fix. Use latest version.
  5. Read about ASLR. It present on every android device. Because of that simple save/load of saved list can not work.
  6. ASLR on kernel level.
  7. Maybe you do not need be lazy and use web search. For example on youtube:
  8. Stop post huge log as text. They wrong. Iruna used Java timers. Java timers can not be speedhacked on ART (Lollipop and above). _______________________________________________ added 1 minute later Before post anything - try search: https://gameguardian.net/forum/search/?type=all&q=Iruna
  9. Click of count founded values and input new count. Or press menu - filter.
  10. @Asphalt2017 We can post your video if it suited for us. Read this: https://gameguardian.net/forum/topic/15274-we-need-people-who-are-doing-video-how-to-hack-games/
  11. Read about ASLR. If game do not save some data then nothing can be done with it. You need every time search values as in first time.