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  1. Koplayer - 259,902 - 7,899 - 32,905 The difference in size is due to the allocation of memory for Java heap. For example, in Nox one huge piece, about 500 mb, stands out at once. In this case, the application uses only its beginning, everything else is filled with zeros. The same story with koplayer, only here the size is less - 250 mb. If the emulator does not allocate such huge memory sizes, then the search will be faster. If the game does not store data in the Java heap, then you can not use this region - this will significantly speed up the search.
  2. @noworkhttps://gameguardian.net/forum/topic/7222-gameguardian/?do=findComment&comment=59292
  3. Testing the speed of search on various emulators All emulators are based on VirtualBox. VirtualBox for all one. In each emulator GG Tester, GG 8.29.0 was installed, then the GG Tester dword = 1 was searched. All regions were by default. The application was paused before the search. Before each test, the previous emulator turned off. That is, at one point in time only one emulator worked on the PC. The memory settings and the number of cores there may be different, but this should not affect, because GG searches for one thread. The results are presented in the form: Emulator - the amount of scanned memory in MB - the time in seconds - the speed in MB / sec Droid4X - 76,094 - 1,157 - 65,761 Nox - 580.543 - 3.682 - 157.678 Genymotion API 19 - 259,938 - 8,232 - 31,575 Leapdroid - 260,250 - 7,969 - 32,657 Memu Lollipop - 31,445 - 0,162 - 193,963 Memu Kitkat - 5,121 - 0,115 - 44,340 About the results: It may seem that Nox is looking very quickly, but in reality you will not be interested in the absolute speed of searching. You do not care how much memory there was allocated to the application - you are looking in the application, and not in the amount of memory. And so the Nox parameter looks very bad, because it allocates huge amounts of memory where they are unnecessary, which leads to unnecessary search slowdowns.
  4. -- first search gg.clearResults() gg.searchNumber ('10', gg.TYPE_DWORD) -- refine search for existsing results gg.searchNumber ('10', gg.TYPE_DWORD)
  5. Any search function make refine if you not cleared previous result.
  6. No. It is different things. Starting from this version always be two icons.
  7. GG not work with any server-side data.
  8. print(gg.choice({'1', 'cat', 'dog', 'racoon', 'bear'})) print(gg.choice({'2', 'cat', 'dog', 'racoon', 'bear'}, 3)) print(gg.choice({'3', 'cat', 'dog', 'racoon', 'bear'}, 30)) print(gg.multiChoice({'4', 'cat', 'dog', 'racoon', 'bear'}, {true, false, true})) print(gg.multiChoice({'5', 'cat', 'dog', 'racoon', 'bear'}))
  9. If worked both - does not matter. Use any.
  10. What? I do not understand. Most of all version GG worked in Nox. For example latest 8.29.0:
  11. 1. Use "code" tag. 2. Currently we have updated texts. If you want fix it - now it: <string name="search_helper">Search helper:</string> <string name="off">Off</string> <string name="go_to_game">Go back to the game, if a lot of values are found</string> <string name="go_to_game_and_restore">Go back to the game, if a lot of values are found and restore the search mode on next open</string> <string name="nothing">Nothing</string> <string name="sort">Sort</string> <string name="sort_and_remove_duplicates">Sort and remove duplicates</string> <string name="help_basics_title">Basic information</string> <string name="help_basics">"After you start the application, by clicking the \"__start__\" button, a floating icon will appear on the screen. It can be dragged to any location. Short tapping on the icon will open the main application interface, long tap - show a panel for changing the speed of the game. In the main screen you can see: * In the upper left corner - the icon of the game. Tapping on it allows you to select another game. * Located in the center are bookmarks to navigate through the tabs. Tapping on the desired bookmark displays the appropriate tab. In total there are 4 tabs: settings, search, saved list and the memory editor. * In the upper right corner of the interface is the closing button. Press it and the interface will be hidden, and a floating icon will appear on the screen. * At the bottom of the screen there is a status bar and the eye icon. If you press and hold on the eye icon, the interface becomes transparent, as long as you do not release your finger. * The rest of the contents on the screen depends on which tab you\'re on. On each tab, except for the settings tab, there is a menu button, which contains a variety of possible actions. In it you will find the main actions for this tab. Settings tab contains a variety of settings, help, and information about the application, and the exit button. Search tab contains: * Pause button, the name of the selected game, the number of results found, and the refresh button. * Below is a panel with quick access icons and a menu button. All icons are duplicated on the menu, so if you do not know the meaning of the icon, it can always be viewed by clicking on the menu button (the rightmost). * Below those icons will be the list of search results. Saved list tab contains: * Pause button, the name of the selected application, the menu button and the refresh button. * Below those icons will be the list of saved values. Memory editor tab is similar to the previous, only here instead of a list of saved values it displays memory contents. In all three lists (the search results, saved values and memory editor), you can perform a long tap on the items to show the context menu."</string> <string name="daemon_killed">"Daemon was killed by something. Usually it can be: 1. Any memory killers or optimizers. You must disable any killers or add __app_name__ the white list in its settings. 2. System killer turns on due to low memory. Set \"__data_in_ram__\" to \"__no__\", do not use large apps, disable all other unused apps, try to use __app_name__ after rebooting your device."</string>
  12. No, with GG you can not do this. I think - yes.
  13. You can not change server-sided data. And never can be.
  14. Two activities to run. One with hardware acceleration (hardware), the second with software (software). Now it will always be like this. On some firmware only one of the options works, and on normal - both. You can use any of them. If for you worked both - use any. Or use one worked for you.