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  1. Enyby


    Yes. there is. Instead of asking and waiting for an answer, it would be faster to try it yourself. There even in the help text for this is. With a direct link to the video. And you waste both your and my time.
  2. You can load values to table and store to any file with any format. After that you can write on lua load from this files and restore data via setValues. Also you can use gg.saveVariable for fast save variable to text (lua) file. Read API help for each functions. it is not many as can be.
  3. Enyby


    Yes. You can set some offset while search for pointers. Pointer search has such field. I do not remember, but I think I use this in some videos in gallery about pointers. Try search by keyword 'pointer' in its.
  4. Enyby


    You can try.
  5. Enyby


    In GG options. Set to external.
  6. Enyby


    You enabled internal keyboard or not? Show full screen with text field. Try disable internal keyboard in GG.
  7. Then you can load values before, remove its from results, load need amount and use editAll. Or load all values at once, remove not needed, change desired and use setValues. Read API help for details about each calls.
  8. If this always first two values you can try gg.getResults(2) gg.editAll(2.0, gg.TYPE_FLOAT)
  9. Enyby


    Look like Nox issue. I think you need write to Nox support. Show video with issue and explanations,
  10. Enyby


    Why you not read API help? Why you waste others time for explain what already described in API help? Why you disrespect others time?
  11. Enyby


    At a minimum, read the API and description of makeRequest. Get data to variable. The contents of the variable to write to the file. If you do not know how to do this, you should definitely read books or articles, because you will stumble at every step if you do not know such basic concepts. I will not sit with you and write line by line.
  12. Enyby


    Read about io.open.
  13. Enyby


    Io.open. Io.write io.close and so on. Read lua reference or lua-users wiki or lua book for know how to write byte data to file.
  14. Enyby


    Yep. Load data via gg.makeRequest and store it via io.* functions.
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