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  1. Undocumented api can disappear in one good day. You lucky. Currently I decide keep it, but I do not have need on it anymore. If it interfere with smth it will be killed and all your scripts stop work.
  2. Enyby


    First attempt. Lua script on GG 82.0. 35 seconds for 595 searches. Not usable for production. It can be search too long time and too many times. Second attempt. Lua script with backing new features for not released GG. 0.5 seconds for build chains of pointers with depth 3. Good result. New GG version and awesome script will be released soon.
  3. This is a basic idea. It can be developed further. But the main point is this. And logging cannot help bypass such protection. It is fundamentally impossible. Even in the simplest version, such protection is enough to stop most fans to copy pieces of code from the logs.
  4. You can download a couple of pages of memory and find what you need on lua. There will be nothing in the logs. Approximately find what you need, and then filter the rest on lua.
  5. Search in a complicated way, not a simple one. Since the code can be hidden and it is much more difficult to get to it - look for several things, read offsets from them, and then edit through setValues. Also use getValues. This will not allow tracking logic to repeat it. For example, I do three searches, then from one of the results I take an offset of 100, read the value from it, and so on. In the log it will be a jumble.
  6. I already write this before: Anti-peeping mechanism (#4mlryoah)
  7. You can say thank you to ssu (DoS site), TisNquyen (malicious scripts) and others, whose actions led to the addition of powerful logging. But, as I have written repeatedly, you can write scripts so that logging does not help steal the scripts. This is just a matter of desire and qualification.
  8. It is very easy. Go to app settings page for gg. Press button uninstall. Press ok. Wait until gg deinstalled. Done.
  9. Enyby

    Parallel Space issues

    [added 1 minute later] Parallel Space + 64-Bit Support (#cy2mamce)
  10. Yes, before separate, Video regions marked as Bad. Now its separated for exclude iterate over fonts if you search in Video memory.
  11. Enyby

    AFK Arena discussion

    Possible not necessary mean "valid". Usually app pointers not present in Other memory ranges.
  12. Enyby


    No Support Android Q currently. Maybe in future.
  13. Enyby

    Lua scripting

    It depends on what you are looking for and how. There are other search function. There are speedhack functions. Read the full list of API functions and see for yourself. https://gameguardian.net/help/
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