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  1. Enyby

    Funny quotes about GameGuardian

    https://intl.mtp.tencent.com/cheat.html GG now something similar with such general process as memory modification or speed modification. Wow. They cover more version than exists. Around 200 version of GG exists at all. Or they mean different possible package names? Then they cover too less, because different packages names can be more then 19928148895209409152340197376.
  2. Enyby

    ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException problem

    Mistake in pattern. Not closed a frontier pattern. Something like that: ids = '01234567890' v = '01234567%f[%' check = string.find(ids, v) print(check, ids, v)
  3. Enyby

    ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException problem

    Full text of error too private?
  4. No. Root is not permission for work in that way.
  5. Enyby

    Gathering information about GG errors

    Disable usage external sdcard as internal memory.
  6. Enyby


    Also, for most virtual spaces this need install app in the system for able install it inside vspace, so game scan installed apps and find it in the system.
  7. Enyby


    No. No. We have plans about that. Maybe. I think about that. Yes. No. It is unsafe. You need allow root for entire virtual space, so any app inside it can do anything with root and can damage your device. Few ideas exists. Some implemented in 8.69.1.
  8. Enyby

    ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException problem

    Need full text of error and full text of script for reproduce it.
  9. Enyby

    Gathering information about GG errors

    All written in message. Also I not understand your attempts in the video end. Ignore top dialog and try deal with dialog below it.
  10. Enyby

    How to searchString in script

    Examples of Lua scripts (#9v7rwwt2)
  11. Enyby


    You can record script with GG and see generated code for this.
  12. Enyby

    Accessing files in /data and its sub-folders

    Because security. Or any script can erase your firmware and broke device.
  13. Enyby

    Accessing files in /data and its sub-folders

    No. This require root access. Script do not have root access. Only in virtual space you can read from script data located in location similar for /data/data for apps installed in this virtual space. This location will be different and depends from used virtual space.
  14. Enyby

    Please help me

    Wrong nil check order - this check should be first. Incorrect access to indices is either strings or numbers. There are no cleaning results for each option, which causes searches to become dependent. Instead of looking for something, try to make prints in each block, see which blocks are executed and where.
  15. Enyby


    Record logcat with any tool inside virtual space, during startup GG: How to collect logcat (#c1aa00vp)