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  1. Avoid brands with customized firmware like Samsung. Prefer clear Android with well known ways for get root. Avoid Huawei and Honor devices at all - broken kernels. I prefer ZTE, because they use clear Android and usually easy rooted. Sometime noname china better rather well-known brands in terms of root and game hacking. Before buy, search info how to root this device. After buy do not update firmware if not sure, because new update can make impossible get root again.
  2. Enyby


    Help other people on this forum.
  3. https://gameguardian.net/help/ Look at getValues API call.
  4. Better use Cheat Engine forums for questions connected with it.
  5. IDK what you mean by "Gameguardian Lag". In any case GG designed for run in Android. Not for "phoenix os" or anything else.
  6. Enyby


    If you want to add a new translation or improve an existing one (#bp2vdv5m)
  7. Enyby

    GG Cashed Log

    Install latest version. No support for old versions.
  8. Somehow ptrace produce bad results for process in log. So IDK what happen here. If tester work it is odd. Maybe firmware protection for some processes.
  9. Something wrong with ptrace on your firmware. GG can not work on this conditions.
  10. Detection based not on service name. The fact that you have imagined something does not mean that it is so in reality.
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