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  1. Nice try, developer. Nice try.
  2. Script: Get results to table, iterate over table, do what ever you want: edit, lad as results and so on. UI: Add to saved list, rebase, do what ever you want.
  3. Enyby


    Values always signed. So 4294967295 is same as -1 for Dword.
  4. Copying a file is not magic. The cp utility opens two files, one for reading, one for writing, and then copying the contents. All this can be done on Lua.
  5. Use io lib functions for open, read, write. Exec not supported.
  6. It seems that the script uses those characters that are not in the font of its firmware (or its theme). Do not use special characters to convey something important. For example, plain text. They may not exist in the client font and it will be impossible to use the script.
  7. Data backup is possible only in virtual space. It is relatively simple. However, this does not guarantee the preservation or transfer of progress. As for embedding backup in apk, it is very difficult using Lua. You better look for other tools for this.
  8. Enyby


    Gathering information about GG errors (#5ojwyhci)
  9. This is currently garbage. It looks like you opened the binary ELF executable with a text editor, and then saved the result.
  10. Watch on YouTube: 94.0: Coprocessor support in the ARM (x32) assembler - GameGuardian
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