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  1. Then no luck for you. I use some public version with disabled protection. Of course it not shipped with assist or x64. So I hope assist not contains protection. But look like it is not true.
  2. No. In each case opcodes different and can be any.
  3. Watch on YouTube: 100.0: Search and edit ARM (x64) opcodes - GameGuardian
  4. Enyby


    Nobody have problem with camera on other firmware. I gave you the information. You can take it or not. Only on your firmware the camera works uncorrectly.
  5. Enyby


    App nothing do with camera or system. So it is your firmware issue.
  6. Enyby

    GG cant save files

    Problem firmware or firmware settings. Look like SELinux deny access to any file. Not a GG issue.
  7. Cause: seccomp prevented call to disallowed arm64 system call 33 Something wrong with your firmware/kernel.
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