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  1. Enyby

    How to root Redmi 7A

    Use xda forums for this.
  2. I use 3.26 with android 5. No any problem. Downgrade or find someone else for your check.
  3. i think you use emulator without hardware assisted virtualization. Read GG help about how to speed up search.
  4. loadFile not same as loadfile. case matters.
  5. for 64bit emulator game must have x86 or x86_64 libs. Second option too rare for count. Most apps do not provide even x86 libs.
  6. Screenshots contradict each other. Screenshot 1 and 2. Element with 684 at the end of the address. Screenshot 3 and 4. Element with 5f8 at the end of the address. Screenshot 6. Saved list with an item with 680 at the end of the address. Accordingly, it is not clear what the author wants.
  7. There are simply no such commands. It’s like in a bank. There is no command that you can send to the bank to receive a salary. Therefore, you can’t get paid on your account twice.
  8. It seems you didn’t understand anything. I attached you two logs with crashes that occurred on different devices, in the same place in the script. I did not receive similar logs on other scripts. From which it follows that this is some rare case that occurs only on your script. Obviously, your script works almost always, except in this rare case. If you do not consider this a problem, you can do nothing. If you want to correct this behavior, then you need to look for the problem area and the conditions under which it occurs. Not the fact that you can reproduce the problem. Perhaps it does not play at all. In general, I told you that this is, then see for yourself.
  9. You are not the author of the topic. There is no need to make out instructions that are not for you. Moreover, you do not have the problem in question.
  10. Use only official apk. Icon on screen do not match with official apk icon. Then it is not official apk.
  11. Must be fixed in next release.
  12. No. User must have cancel option.
  13. Look like added some protection against speedhack. I do not see anything wrong about speedhack in the log.
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