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  1. Enyby

    Can’t find files

    Create folder in gg, find this folder in file manager, move script to it, select script in gg and run. Usually parallel space virtualize sdcard to folder /sdcard/parallel_intl/0/. So search your folder, created in gg, on this path.
  2. You can not do this from script. Only user able select process. You can only ask he select something, if you need.
  3. OutOfMemory is always RAM. You can think anything. Try tell this to your device.
  4. Out of memory. Temporary issue. You need reboot your device or free more memory if you see something about OutOfMemory error. It is not app failure. It is failure of your system.
  5. Enyby

    Range Type

    Constants Instead of trying to steal someone else’s code, write your own and you won’t have such questions.
  6. Enyby

    Mario Kart tour

    Can be easy bypassed if you able read text before download something.
  7. Spaces between bytes not necessary. Both is same as above. -- edit HEX gg.searchNumber('h 5CE30B') gg.getResults(30) gg.editAll('h 4B909B', gg.TYPE_BYTE) -- edit HEX gg.searchNumber('h5CE30B') gg.getResults(30) gg.editAll('h4B909B', gg.TYPE_BYTE)
  8. It is not a number. It is text in hex view. So you need search text, not a number. See examples for searchNumber in API help. [added 1 minute later] -- search for HEX '5C E3 0B 4B 90 9B 11 7B' gg.searchNumber('h 5C E3 0B 4B 90 9B 11 7B') For edit use editAll -- edit HEX gg.searchNumber('h 5C E3 0B') gg.getResults(30) gg.editAll('h 4B 90 9B', gg.TYPE_BYTE)
  9. Is is not a valid lua script file. [added 1 minute later] Huawei / Honor issue. Change device.
  10. Enyby

    Invalid APK

    Can't install GG 87.0 in Bluestacks (newest version) (#5c86o7n)
  11. Read first 3 line of script. If you understand nothing - learn lua and come back. https://gameguardian.net/help/
  12. Enyby

    Ecrypting Script

    This is absolutely impossible. The best minds of mankind have tried for many years, but they have failed.
  13. Of course. GG can read all memory of process.
  14. Enyby


    Firmware or root issue.
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