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  1. The address points to the bytes in the memory. They can be understood in different ways. GG shows you different interpretations for the same address. Yes, there are different ways to detect unauthorized changes. Differently. If protection is based on XOR with an address, then this can be useful.
  2. Game Guardian Plus

    Main difference: free - exists, paid - not exists.
  3. Funny quotes about GameGuardian

    Antivirus scan for GG 8.41.0: It find AdLibrary in GG.
  4. Game Guardian Plus

    Nowhere. This is the old version of GG 6.0.5.

  6. No. When registering, you agreed to the rules. Therefore, the account can not be deleted.
  7. https://gameguardian.net/forum/topic/17431-how-to-determine-why-speedhack-does-not-work/
  8. Scan AoB from IDA

  9. Scan AoB from IDA

    Watch videos.
  10. Hello!

    In short - GG scan process memory again and again for find places responsible for desired values in game. After that user can change it by edit process memory.
  11. Asphalt 8: Airborne Database

    I do not know. Try search yourself by time and use fill for find the right one.
  12. GameGuardian

    What's New in Version 8.41.0 Added LUA function getRangesList. Added option to set a black backgrounds on tabs. Improved UI. Improved installer. Updated translations. Updated API docs. Fixed bugs. Built with support for ARMv5.