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  1. Logcat must be collected during issue. I do not see anything connected with GG in this logcat.
  2. It is empty. Nothing check. You collect it in wrong way. Follow instructions by my link above. Try different tools for collect logcat if some of them not work or produce empty or small log.
  3. Posts must be written in English.
  4. Wrong log. Need logcat. https://gameguardian.net/forum/topic/7419-how-to-collect-logcat/
  5. Yes. .xml in shared_prefs. But we change it in future. And add some magic for bypass ASLR in some cases. May be in next release.
  6. https://gameguardian.net/forum/topic/7222-gameguardian/?do=findComment&comment=56082
  7. Transfer data in /data/data/gg-package-name/ folder. But it is useless. Addresses usually changed even between runs.
  8. I only show way. Reason can by any and depends from user. Knife can be used for make food or stabbed people. Knife is only tool. GG is same.
  9. How to copy memory
  10. How to copy memory - GameGuardian

    I want copy 4 dword in memory started from 00009000h to 00009100h. It is mean offset +100. I add my 4 dword to saved list, frezze them and move with offset +100. It is copy memory because values freezed. You can subscribe to our new videos. Watch on YouTube: How to copy memory - GameGuardian
  11. You can subscribe to our new videos.
  12. You can subscribe to our new videos.