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  1. Try read help in the GG.
  2. Enyby

    [Leatest encryption]PUBG Mobile Chinese Hack

    GG can be killed on first attempt. Or on second. Or not killed at all. All depends from system and firmware. But it is rash decision.
  3. Enyby

    [Leatest encryption]PUBG Mobile Chinese Hack

    I log with usual gg. No any custom.
  4. Enyby

    [Leatest encryption]PUBG Mobile Chinese Hack

    It does not help if gg killed before it. You try make huge string with string.rep. and gg will be killed during this call. _______________________________________________ added 3 minutes later Also garbage collection (gc) in java will be called automatically. So it can be called before it. In any time and any part of your script. It pause your script and increase time in any part. So check failed. And gc will be called too often because in memory huge game and for gg not free memory. So this check never be passed on real case for most devices.
  5. Enyby

    [Leatest encryption]PUBG Mobile Chinese Hack

    Calculate time for things it is not good solution. Because it is depends on CPU load. In real case in memory present huge game. And eat many resources. So this protection not work at all. And you use huge memory. It is simply end with kill GG by system by high memory usage. So this solution is worth usual time measure. It is not only not work, it is produce kill GG by system.
  6. Enyby

    [Leatest encryption]PUBG Mobile Chinese Hack

    Most time not load at all. With log or without log does not matter. Nice choose for production script. Nobody can use it. In any case, log can be produced, so this protection is weak. Part of log:
  7. @ddbb07 Swedish added to translation center. You can translate it. Read first post here.
  8. Find in previous attempt.
  9. It is not connected with root or no root. use external keyboard.
  10. xor_key = 444442 xor 200 For gg search you can enter '=444442~200~val' where val is your value. For example for find value 5 you can enter '=444442~200~5'
  11. From some video on Youtube. I think it can be found via usual search for xor key. As explained in one video here. Yes it is XOR key. This video just fast example how formula calculator can be used on real game. It is more powerful and allow any formula, not only XOR.
  12. Watch on YouTube: 73.0: Formula calculator - GameGuardian
  13. Enyby

    [GG]Standoff 2 Hacks

    @YeetMeister For edit description of the file you not need upload new version of the file. And mention must be in file description, not in release description.