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  1. I think this will be more then just a fuzzy search. Can you describe me how your using fuzzy search here. And which game is this?
  2. It you use the GG speed to high it will usually result to a connection issue with the servers. If i take a guess it may be because of the packages send to the server, some server timing issues on how much it can receive or send at a specifc time. However, you could find your own speed value (usually) by pausing the game at start up and search float or double 1, in the green region. Usually A or CA and then refine from there on out.
  3. Try to find your own speed value. Or put speed lower.
  4. Perhaps it would be more efficient to reply to my private message as having a conversation in dutch on a forum won't benefit anyone here.
  5. gg.searchNumber('500', gg.TYPE_DWORD) t = gg.getResults(100) gg.addListItems(t) gg.clearResults() --[rest of the code] gg.loadResults(t) --[loads the results from the table] Reference: https://gameguardian.net/help/classgg.html#ade5f40667e80938ba1678d0623fe7b82
  6. WhoKnowsWho


    Is it possible to get a pointer to the JIT'd method? So that i can return a function pointer to the method i want? Altough i do not see how this can be donne in Lua and GG. It works in a similair way as this, this is not mine but from a friend.
  7. i dont understand how all the noobs including me got the idea to either start with either function START() Or worse ::START:: We must have gotten it from one guy xd
  8. is there a way to fix this? or is this the way it is? you cant ceep count with every cpu.
  9. Region O dramasticly effects the search speed since it has so much stored. Cb/Cd could be in region O or Xa or the other way around. Ca could be in A or the other way around. But im not sure if thats a GG thing and perhaps its the way your game is stored on your device.
  10. Not working. execute script restart file not found Is this script online perhaps and coudnt connect to a server?
  11. Perhaps there is a way to increase the range of the light, so that it fills your candle faster?
  12. Hey man, which game? Yes indeed there are severall type of fly values and they are in different regions. The one your talking about is in region Ca or A but the fly value that "you" want to find is probapply the one that gives the coordinates of the plate your on. Its the better fly value because its not changing the XYZ coordinates of the character on the map. Its morelike lifting the plate that your on without moving the colliders of the surroundings. Should be in region Xa or Cb. /? Its hard to explain everything in detail. Its different for each game and doesnt always work in the same way...which game are you trying to cheat
  13. Hi, Is there a existing hack to get infinity candles or hearts? "IF" Not since you made this script do you think that it would be possible in theory? Regards
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