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  1. WhoKnowsWho

    utf-8 search

    I have no idea about it being possible through scripting. Perhaps. But in the search bar you can't have both. UTF-8 is only UTF-8. That's why i suggest you to search in byte instead of string. Because then you can do a group search mixing byte, word, dword, float, double and qword...but with string search you can only search for strings. So what you can try to do is search the string. Then gameguardian will show you the results. if you see the string twice copy the first 11 results and then you have your bytes. And then search for nearby values that do not change and copy them as a group search. But i believe your main question answered. You can't do group search in UTF-8 or any other kind of string encoding using the gameguardian search bar.
  2. WhoKnowsWho

    utf-8 search

    But my comment is only towards your first question, further then that i dunno what you want to do. You mentioned that the offset does not always work. Why?
  3. WhoKnowsWho

    utf-8 search

    Yeah but string is correct term. Even spaces are characters.
  4. WhoKnowsWho

    utf-8 search

    Save the results of the string search in to the save list. go to the address of that string and look for static values. save one or two static values to the save list. then select all the values in the save list and copy them as ordered. Best is to select a static value above and below the desired string.
  5. WhoKnowsWho

    utf-8 search

    I meant for do the ordered group search. If i have to much results searching by string i do convert the string to byte and then copy a nearby dword or qword so that i have a cleaner order group. But its not clear what your trying to do. is this for a pointer search?
  6. WhoKnowsWho

    utf-8 search

    Have you tried using bytes?
  7. Thanks for the link. I'm think i understand. Ok 3 stage pipeline. (fetch, decode, execute) So for each clock the PC gets incremented by 4. Two clocks(fetch, decode) already happened before the execution. So it should look like this? : 0x00000032 LDR R0, [PC,#68] -- execute +0 ; PC current instruction 0x00000036 LDR R0, [PC,R0] --decode +4 0x0000003A LDR R0, [R0] -- fetch +8 ; The fetch instruction which the PC is on So PC is two instructions a head of its original value.
  8. Hello, Why is the Program counter 8 bytes ahead of its current instruction? Is this ARM in particular ? Isn't it supposed to be current instruction + 4 ? Would like to understand why it is current instruction + 8 Would be really appreciated!
  9. He is basically saying: Copy the xyz coordinates of each candle, and set the player coordinates to each of those candle coordinates. There are 300+ candles...all on different coordinates...That's a lot of work to retrieve each coordinate. The process is easy...but a lot of copy pasting.
  10. I think this will be more then just a fuzzy search. Can you describe me how your using fuzzy search here. And which game is this?
  11. I will pray for you. Curious to see.
  12. It you use the GG speed to high it will usually result to a connection issue with the servers. If i take a guess it may be because of the packages send to the server, some server timing issues on how much it can receive or send at a specifc time. However, you could find your own speed value (usually) by pausing the game at start up and search float or double 1, in the green region. Usually A or CA and then refine from there on out.
  13. Try to find your own speed value. Or put speed lower.
  14. Perhaps it would be more efficient to reply to my private message as having a conversation in dutch on a forum won't benefit anyone here.
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