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  1. Its possible. BTW zoom hack for .io games is region Xa, have a look at the agar.io and slither.io scripts. Agar.io hack (#51uyd5d5) Slither.io Hack (#42cd7hnh) I dont really understand everything whats happening in the game but GG should normally have it also but you will need to search it differently. I dont see the guy doing majure changes, its not like he is adding some script or code to the game. So aslong that is not done it should be possible to do what he is doing.
  2. is it this game you want to cheat? [added 1 minute later] @Shruti82
  3. was planning to make a script for it but can see you did a great job, congrats
  4. i really like this encryption but people on emulators can not use it. atleast not on VLPlayer, nothing gets executed. can this be solved. for now one of the best encryption i found.
  5. Yes, problem is very clear. Thank you all!
  6. In the mean time a lot of answers here. Project_03-14_4K.mp4 [added 3 minutes later] Yes, it saves a lot of time. Very handfull!
  7. Ok, no problem i will provide you with clear information so that we can work towards a solution.
  8. No, the values can be changed. In the video you can see me searching the value manually. They can be edited. But in the script you can see when it search for 0.3 no results appeared...so i was only thinking 2 things. 1. Maby it is not a bug because perhaps when you add a value to the search it may never be 100% the same as manually searching a value. GG may show that it is searching for 0.3 but perhaps it is looking for 0.30000000001. But ofc that is just my speculation. 2. Its a bug. I missed a lot of values that were supposed to be edited. But for now the issue is only in Double, in Float the issue does not appear.
  9. When you run it and search the value 0.3 manully do you get results ? Because if so they were never edited either. I really think that it is a bug because the script does search the value but it does not edit each search and its because the results somehow do not appear. I do not know why.
  10. loop = 0.1 for i = 0, 98 do gg.searchNumber(loop, gg.TYPE_DOUBLE) gg.getResults(80000) gg.editAll(500, gg.TYPE_DOUBLE) gg.clearResults() loop = loop + 0.1 end This is the one I'm using*
  11. Seems that I forgot. loop = 0.1 for i = 1, 5 do gg.searchNumber(loop, gg.TYPE_DOUBLE) gg.getResults(80000) gg.editAll(500, gg.TYPE_DOUBLE) gg.clearResults() search = loop + 0.1 end
  12. WhoKnowsWho

    Looping issue

    I'm not sure but is this a bug?? I made the loop so that it search some values but I get 0 as a result, however when I search manually I do receive the results. mobizen_20210313_121010.mp4
  13. Just some advice, Maby you need to look different, dont go looking for the money, its to obvious and may not work. Withh GG or modded apk. Perhaps try to do something about the rewards. For example the rewards you get daily make it happen that the time does not run 20h but instead every min or sec you can redeem, or through dracar races you make can try dracar races unlimited times. I mean for me when i play dracar races i just stop the enemy car and win the race in 1 sec to make it my self more easy to get the gems...tried to set the amount of times you can do the races to like 50 but sadly you get a error. perhaps there is a work around for that. By passing the purchase button doesnt work that well either, gets error. [added 1 minute later] But looking to edit the gems is kind of wasting your time as far as im aware of. But again i dont do on modded apks, only use GG. so im not sure. always nice to try.
  14. What is it that you want? [added 1 minute later] I just checked the game on the YT, i dont really get the goal. Need to install it, will see what GG can do with it and what could be modified. Need some money, in case i do some stuff please transfer it later on.
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