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  1. Enyby's post in Explain the pointer was marked as the answer   
  2. Enyby's post in "catch_.me_.if_.you_.can" and "wbdzirypxtlz" root permissions name was marked as the answer   
    It is normal. I do not know why avast detect, but it is false positive.
  3. Enyby's post in Unable to Install... stuck at 80% was marked as the answer   
    You must wait more time. Each attempt maked with timeout of 45 seconds. It is mean you must wait 1-2 minutes before leave install screen.
    And you get root access to GG? Must appear prompt about access root.
    1. Write logcat with longer wait time.
    2. If it is not help - do not give rights to installer. This caused manual install. Must appear default screen with install app. Install it and after that give root right to new installation.
    Run these and tell results + send logs.
  4. Enyby's post in Crash Speed Hack was marked as the answer   
    Change speed.
    But if you can change speed to lower values like x1.1 and all worked but speed x100 cause problems then problem not in speedhack.
    Game have defend prevented you to set high speed.
  5. Enyby's post in GG cant use on Iruna Online game was marked as the answer   
    And try this mod:
    On it Xigncode removed.
    If it work - write about that.
  6. Enyby's post in Game Guardian is not active in different sections of game was marked as the answer   
    If you mean speedhack - try use more green timers in settings gg.
  7. Enyby's post in Game Guardian is not searching any apps was marked as the answer   
    Check work on this test version.
  8. Enyby's post in Catch.Me.If.You.Can and Security Concerns was marked as the answer   
    For prevent detection GG reinstall self with random package name. Some technically limits need restart app - this can be cause of "blinking" app on start.
    You download GG, start it, It start install self and run, You go to in panic and remove new package - installer stay on device.
    Summary - it is not normal.
    But if you can not trust us - do not install GG and do not use it.
  9. Enyby's post in Nvidia shield android tv was marked as the answer   
    May be gamekiller target to old sdk and work with compability mode. But we can not use this because some firmwares need this permissions even for old sdk targeted apk.
    Try test version and tell result.
  10. Enyby's post in problem in GG new update 8.4.3 was marked as the answer   
    Problem in droid4x not in app. Droid4x install arm libraries not x86. I try find solution.
    Currently you can open apk with archiver and remove in lib all folders with "arm" in name. After that - install tmodified apk. It must work.
  11. Enyby's post in SpeedHack not working. was marked as the answer   
    In mod cutted x86 binaries. Then game work through binary arm translation. Speedhack can not support binary arm translation.
  12. Enyby's post in No English translation available was marked as the answer   
    Thanks. I found mistake. In next release it will be fixed.
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