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  1. thank you for your reply. The code you said is useful. But doing so faces another problem. My Script is can't run after Luac(5.3) compilation. The error message is: Invalid binary script header. Unknown version. Expected '52' butfound '54'. Unknown endianness. Expected '0'or'1' but found '25'. Unknown size of int. Expected '4' butfound '147'. Unknown size of size t. Expected '4'but found '13'. Unknown size of instruction. Expected '4' but found '10'. Unknown size of Lua number.Expected '4' or '8' but found '26'. Now I use the code of bitwise operators solved the problems mentioned in the topic. My code can only run as source code now. This makes people feel helpless. Anyway, thank you.
  2. How do I implement this function in a script? I know where the string address is, but it's not in ANSI. It's garbled.
  3. My script has a functional requirement: I search all actor(hero) names in the game, then I want to show the user a list of names,the user selects one of them.The script performs subsequent operations based on this selection. My question is : How to convert byte arrays to text(string)? In Java, His effect is similar to : String content = new String(bytes, "UTF-16LE"); How to do this in Lua Script? I know "string.char" can decode UTF-8, but when the code is UTF-16LE, the text is garbled.(My game language is Chinese).I see some code that can be implemented, but that requires bit operation on Lua53. Who can give me some suggest,or some tools and methods that can run on Lua52 Thanks.
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