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  1. EnYi

    Monster legends

    Hello, is it possible to hack the game Monster Legends with game guardian? I am not asking to hack gems or gold, but other client sided values. For example, I managed to hack my monsters level by searching the total food fed to a monster (encrypted), and I can make my monsters level max (temporarily). I tried but I cannot find the value of health even with encrypted search, idk why. I also hacked so that I can place buildings wherever I want even in the air (I won't explain how because it is a little bit complicated) But I know we can hack the build time to 0s in Dragon city (the same developer of monster legends), however it doesn't work in monster legends. Can you guys share more hacks about monster legends? Which values are client sided?
  2. Wow thx so much that is so well explained! I understand everything now!!!! Btw where did you learn all that? I cannot find these information anywhere on the internet. LOL
  3. OK thank you very much but I still dont understand why I cannot find this value when I search this : -1,974,075,405;-290,152,879::2 the distance between them is 2 right? why I found 0 value when I search?
  4. sorry I still dont really understand. So does that mean that it will search the values if the distance between them is 5? TYVM!
  5. Hello, when I use group search, I always see people using this button, but what does it do?
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