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  1. Let me explain this real quick. How they load offset, and calculate address ? Explanation: * PC = (Current Instruction Address + 0x8) 00000000 LDR R0, [PC, 0x1C]; Its calculated like this, R0 = (PC:00000008 + 0x1C = 00000024). Read val at 00000024 which is 0x14, then put into R0. 00000004 ADD R0, PC, R0 ; Again, R0 = (PC:0000000C + 0x14 (Offset) = 00000020) 00000008 MOV R1, #0x1234; Move 0x1234 into R1 0000000C STR R1, [R0]; Store R1:0x1234 value into R0:00000020 address. 00000010 BX LR; Jump into LR (LR is register that store address of this function caller.) 00000014 ALIGN 0x10 00000020 MyValue DCD 0x0 00000024 Offset DCD 0x14 You can find lot of information here, The ARM instruction set
  2. Yep, Ida make we confuse by looking its value pointing directly to target address. Actually, true opcode look like this LDR R0, [PC, #0x4] Idk how to explain it, you can find arm opcode documentation on google. They describe how each instruction work. @Un_Known
  3. Yes, you're correct. This push offset into register, then add it with PC. So PC + Offset lead to dword_36BD38 which is targeted address. R3 is address of dword_36BD38
  4. 0000 LDR R3, =(dword_36BD38 - 0x19D86C) -- Load offset to R3 0004 ADD R3, PC, R3 ; dword_36BD38 -- R3 = PC + Offset (R3) 0008 CMP R0, #0 -- Check if R0 value equal to 0 000C STR R0, [R3] -- Store R0 value into R3 (R3 = dword_36BD38) 0010 MOVLT R2, #0x7FFFFFFF -- If R0 value less than 0, then put (0x7FFFFFFF) 2147483647 into R2. 0014 STRLT R2, [R3] -- If R0 value less than 0, then store R2 value which is 2147483647, into R3 (R3 = dword_36BD38) Conclusion is, if R0 value less than 0.. then put 2147483647 into bss:dword_36BD38. Anyway, if you not understand about the logic. F5 hotkey may come handy.
  5. saiaapiz

    G-presto hates me

    G-Presto can be bypass only on rooted device. I've bypass their detection within 5 click.
  6. View File Battleland Royal | ESP, Radar, ... Features: ○ ESP ○ Radar ○ Instant Pickup • If you like my script, Don't forget to ❤ it ! Submitter saiaapiz Submitted 06/25/2019 Category LUA scripts  
  7. Version 1.0.0


    Features: ○ ESP ○ Radar ○ Instant Pickup • If you like my script, Don't forget to ❤ it !
  8. ... -- main code gg.searchNumber("9904B8A0h", gg.TYPE_AUTO, false, gg.SIGN_EQUAL, 0, -1) -- Added Code ! _resultCount = gg.getResultCount() if _resultCount > 0 then -- Check for result, before using value. _result = gg.getResults(1) -- Get list no 1. _address = _result[1].address + 0xF0 -- Add 0xF0 at address list of no 1. gg.alert(string.format("Original Address: 0x%X\nAddress With Offset 0xF0: 0x%X", _result[1].address, _address)) -- Edit value on address that we added with offset before. gg.setValues({{address = _address, flags = gg.TYPE_DWORD, value = 0x1}}) end com.shinybox.smash.lua
  9. Its easy, copy all content on script you attached above. Then add a few line of code. 1. Get all listed items. 2. Get the address, and add offset. 3. gg.setValues
  10. So emulator just translate the binary just by reading it without setting executable bit ? Interesting. Thank you @Enyby for updating it.
  11. @VortexInfinity As i don't use emulator, i need you to provide this.
  12. I've confirmed there only armv7 lib in apk, So it is forced to load arm lib. Then, arm lib should be loaded into memory. Idk why gg failed searching for it. Maybe loaded lib not marked as code app region ?
  13. Maybe the way emulator handle memory is different from real device. @Enyby I'm sorry for tagging you, but please can you check it ? Idk why this happen, this script should work on emulator too since they load same shared library. But still same result, it failed.
  14. I assume you're using emulator, this script only work on real device.
  15. I've learn how game encrypt/decrypt the value. You can peek my script, and see how it works.
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