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  1. saiaapiz

    Guns Of Booms (Code App Framework)

    Ofc, just sent code to my inbox.. thanks
  2. saiaapiz

    Guns Of Booms (Code App Framework)

    Nope, Use at your own risk. Don't spam too rapidly.. I will fix it later.
  3. saiaapiz

    Guns Of Booms (Code App Framework)

    Just like chams, try it. then you know what it is ..
  4. saiaapiz

    Guns Of Booms (Code App Framework)

    Its hard to teach someone new to IDA, Learn from youtube first make sure you ready for exploding your brain.. xD
  5. saiaapiz

    Guns Of Booms (Code App Framework)

    Hello bro, I find it using IDA
  6. saiaapiz

    Freeze Value (in a Script) with Freeze Type May Increase

    Try to search manually the value, and freeze 20 listed item then. If it does not freeze.. increase listed items that you want to freeze.. if it work, then you know what the problem.
  7. saiaapiz

    Shadowgun deadzone Hack

    Not yet, but i check that later. You should check what function that use 'Team Check Func', then patch it.
  8. saiaapiz

    Shadowgun deadzone Hack

    You're very talented bro.
  9. saiaapiz

    Guns Of Boom Hack

    I check it later, idk there an update.. as i update script at the same time .. xD
  10. saiaapiz

    Onyx Framework (Guns of Boom) Script

    Nice, i know you using my shi*yy script as framework .. xD When i decompiled your script, i see variable, function copied from other script. Btw, please put proper credit next time..
  11. Since lua scripting features getting powerfull, I have thought someday, someone will make dangerous script .. like uploading our private file, executing malware .. there many possiblity .. I hope admin verify script first, before user uploading into server.
  12. saiaapiz


    btw, based on the picture .. there no use encrypting lua script... since it the lua itself open source .. there tons of ways to extract information from encrypted script..
  13. Checkout setValue() Example: t[1].address = 0xBEBCB204 t[1].value = "Your Value Here" gg.setValues(t)
  14. saiaapiz

    HAWK: Freedom Squadron

    Running this script on emulator will not work, i made this only for armv7 lib this game. FAQ: What is armv7 Ans: Ask google.
  15. Maybe HP stored on server sided, even if you patch health opcode.. The Damage handler still receiving real hp value from server. means you get killed even if you patched it.