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  1. How do I search for a value such as 20F,3D:32 ? I saw it being used with another thing's search and was wondering what it meant and how to use it. Thanks if anyone can help!
  2. So I've been trying to hack this game after the script stopped working properly, but I've gotten suspended thrice. thanks god the suspension is light 2 hours then 12hours and now it became 2 days when I stopped any additional attempts. I wonder if anyone had any luck with this game? Playstore: Elroi: Defense War Youtube Script Video: Youtube Script. (Somewhat still works, only reason am posting it is due to the fact someone might be experienced in looking at the script code and figuring something out since it is not my script I posted the video and not the script directly)
  3. https://apkpure.com/mythic-heroes-idle-rpg/com.igg.android.mythicheroes Can someone help me dump this game?
  4. nofreeze


    please help me, how to write lua code Selected as search result to make a lua script?
  5. I've tried many virtual environments, but it always says I've not rooted. Any help please?
  6. Name of Game: Toon Blast Play Store Link (If it's a paid app, the apk): https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.peakgames.toonblast Version: 2854. What cheat? Health, xp, gold...: Money, Chest. Have you tried cheating this game? What happened?: I tried hack money in Dword value type (exact value) and with fuzzy mode (unkonown value) with changed and no-changed value and i failed. I tried hack the numbers of stars of the stars chest and i failed. (in word type and byte type value). Comments: I succeeded hack the lifes with speedhack (with jump in the time of 7200 seg.)
  7. Amongus0_0

    error in script

    how to fix this error error script: luaj.o: load /storage/emulated/0/DCIM/SharedFolder/[0.3] for Standoff 0.18.0.lua: luaj.o: unsupported int size: 32 at luaj.LuaValue.a(src:997) at luaj.Globals.c_(src:255) at android.ext.Script.d(src:5992) at android.ext.Script$ScriptThread.run(src:5785) Caused by: luaj.o: unsupported int size: 32 at luaj.f.a(src:518) at luaj.k.a(src:554) at luaj.Globals.a(src:301) at luaj.Globals.a(src:267) at luaj.Globals.c_(src:249) ... 2 more
  8. So I got IP banned from some game do anyone know how to change my IP completely with root because VPN doesn't work
  9. Sorry about the post earlier Enyby. So i need help with the code, i saw someone made a script look like Console Script Example: /gun on or /gun off I want this code can someone show me the template of it?
  10. I made a flight script for sky, plus the truth and that I wanted to learn more about commands in the GG or more about scripts, I find little content about it and the ones I find are at a level much higher than I know. I would really love to learn more about scripts and the GG itself, if you can help me I would be happy!☺☺ At the moment I'm learning Javascript.
  11. I've been trying the past few days to get Game guardian functioning on an emulated phone though genymotion, even tried jenneh motion file supplied here. Tried forcing su to grant access to any and all apps, tried root explore/search to grant permission manually (made it actually start, but would search addresses forever, temp directory set or not) all to no avail. I hate for my first post to be asking for help, but alas it is. I like to lurk, can't help it. I'd appreciate any and all help. I understand all of geny motion emulator phones are rooted, and just by being emulators could cause issues in general. I'm just hoping to find a work around. Main reason for this is a game I play called tales of illyria, Im currently on the second game, beyond the iron wall. Trying to fix a save, screwed up on one of my character builds dont feel like spending hundreds of gold to try and fix then reobtain skills (costing even more gold) when i could just edit them myself. I think the main problem is the rooting itself, in that the app granting the super user access is older version of supersu, havent been able to update it through the cmd console, and when i tried, it pushed the binary and whatnot but ended up breaking the emulation. Again thanks in advance, appreciate any and all help.
  12. hello can anyone help me please how i can calculate double number into float value using my android calculator without using gameguardian please help me if anyone know
  13. Basically I'm trying to edit bullet spread, this being rifle, but the value is 0, on anonymous range, I get 23 million results, I refined it, and selected unchanged on fuzzy search so I would get less chance of crashing, I also did a group search to get less results, like 0F;1000D, but I still crash, what could I do?
  14. The scope of this topic is not limited to just GG scripts but it's more of a topic to help me understand more about lua encryption and from that apply to my own GG scripts. So while browsing to discord servers, I encountered an source reconstruction contest. The contest ended fairly quickly but the encryption method and how to decrypt the scripts in the contest is not public. I tried reconstructing the source code but all of my methods failed. Does anyone know which type of encryption these scripts use and how can I decrypt it / reconstruct the source code from it? Also how can I apply the same method to my own GG scripts ? P/S : If anyone is good and kind enough to rebuild the source and put it up here for comparison to the encrypted scripts it would be amazing. 1.lua 2.lua 3.lua 4.lua 5.lua 6.lua 7.lua 8.lua
  15. Reman

    War of kings

    anyone can teach me. how to hack this game. I've done various ways. game always forclose. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=war.of.kings
  16. Few days ago, I updated my phone (Poco X3) to Android 11. My phone is not root, before the update, I run GG on Parallel Space with no problem including speedhack. Now, I can still open GG on parallel space modded apk which I downloaded on Google to prevent "Failed to load Daemon" error. Using scripts, search and modify value are working so far but, speedhack doesn't work at all. The moment I long press the GG to activate speedhack, the game crashed. I thought only 1 game would crash using speedhack but, all games crash if I try to use speedhack including apps like Facebook. idk anymore man, A11 is s**** if u ask me. Android 10 is faster, optimized, and simple. I want to downgrade my phone but - I don't have Laptop. Please someone help me regarding the issue. Appreciated it, Master.
  17. Hi I've scoured the Internet looking for a way to hack dragon city is it unhackable? If you have a script that can hack it please help! Thanks Ps:even if the hack alerts the admins if I can buy something with hacked gems before getting reloaded it's fine (=
  18. Hello, please teach me how to use gg to change the game library or drop the link to the documentation
  19. Hello I'm pretty here and my question it is if it's anyone that can help me with this game : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.addictive.strategy.army So for what do I need help ? Well for diamonds I don't know and understand how to change them the coins was pretty easy but the diamonds I really don't know. Hope someone will help me. Thanks alot.
  20. 2021-12-27-11-11-38.mp4 I installed game guardian on Android 11 (root). Device: Asus Rog 2. Managed to install gg on a rooted android 11 device but I'm unable to run scripts. Can someone please help me with this issue? Thanks
  21. I am using the F1 VM. Poco F3 phone. When I start a game 7DS, I get a Security Alert(code : 1). Please help me.
  22. Hello guys (◔‿◔) I am bit confused with something so look at this and if you can help me. 0x7585CF7008 -- its an address that contain value 507,196,847,712Q or (761749B660 in hex) i want to create a script that take the value 761749B660 (hex value) and use it in next step as address (goto adress function). thanks in advance (. ❛ ᴗ ❛.)
  23. Hello im wondering if is there a better way to coding this i just want to edit every 4th index of the table
  24. I followed step by step But same problem
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