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Found 73 results

  1. Name of Game: Toon Blast Play Store Link (If it's a paid app, the apk): https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.peakgames.toonblast Version: 2854. What cheat? Health, xp, gold...: Money, Chest. Have you tried cheating this game? What happened?: I tried hack money in Dword value type (exact value) and with fuzzy mode (unkonown value) with changed and no-changed value and i failed. I tried hack the numbers of stars of the stars chest and i failed. (in word type and byte type value). Comments: I succeeded hack the lifes with speedhack (with jump in the time of 7200 seg.)
  2. Hi! I'm having trouble with rooting my Kindel Fire, I need to root my device in order to Hack gems, gold, and food. I was watching a video on youtube about a guy using GameGuardian and KingRoot, he gave a link to both the apps, Game Guardian downloaded normally but just needs the root. So this is the link to KingRoot he gave in the description https://kingroot.net. I went to it and downloaded it, it downloaded just fine too (I downloaded purify as well.) then I started the root process, it got to 15% and said I needed to restart my Kindel Fire. I did as it asked and restarted it, then it was said something about being boosted and ready to start again or something like that. Can't really remember. So I started the rooting again and it got to 21% before the whole screen changed. Now it has a rotating circle with a sun and crescent moon, in the middle of the circle it sys Completing Requests, below this is a number 1 in the middle of the circle. Below the circle it says in small letters, please wait patiently for the update. I waited a while and nothing happened, the screen stayed the same for more than 30 minutes. I don't know if this is a good thing or a bad thing. SOMEONE, PLEASE HELP ME! I DON'T KNOW OF ANY OTHER SITE THAT COULD HELP!
  3. So... I'm running GG and NFS: No Limits both on Parallel Space and I can't find game on list... Any help? What should I do? Can't root my phone now Running on Note 5, Android Nougat, last patch.
  4. Can work this

    Can someone please say howto work this thing I have no clue how to work game guardian!
  5. How do I use GG?

    Like i have scripts but cant find them when i open GG in Pubg.
  6. How to hack CSR 2 Gold coins?

    I know how to mod cash and stuff but when i change the gold it goes up but i can't buy anything with it Help me please
  7. Title. I got so many questions that need to be answered. What is the difference between a green and red timer? What is the difference between system,app,java, and other timers? What's the difference of selecting 1 green timer and all of them? Does each green timer affect something else in the game? (Pack pulls, critical hits, etc) Please be as simple as possible cause I don't understand the coding language lol. Thanks!

    I tried this to raider legend online but doest work can anyone help me?
  9. Lua script save the search results?

    Just want to ask,is it possible to save the search results on lua script? Not save the saved list to file, but add the result to saved list. Eg; i got some results, but i want to add it to saved list because i want to use it later, so i can run another lua command without lose the previous data. Is it possible? Using gg.what?? Or i have to add it to save list Manualy? Thank you.
  10. Pixel gun 3D HELP!

    So I've been trying to hack Pixel Gun for a while now but I can't seem to get it. I (think) found the values for the gold but when after I edit them and I change the gold value, all the values change back. I've tried searching for the values without encryption but there are no values that match. The values I get are the number of gold I have in 4 different data types, with 2 of each.
  11. Hello, I tried to increse the value of my Diamonds in Love Nikki and it was easy to find the value (I'm a noob), but after changing it it changes back to what I had (246). It says to choose a value between -1,8e+308 and 1,8e+308 if thats helpful.
  12. how to select multiple address?

    for example I want to replace the address from xxxxxx00 to xxxxxxFC all with the value 2. is there some way quickly?
  13. I can't find my dog sim file help me please F

    Hellow, i realy need help. Im working for a whyle now to make a script for RoS..it has alot of new stuff that i found my self. But since i have no mutch experiece with scripting i'm kind of stucked with somthing. In my script there is a error like this Script ended: Rules Of Survival Script error: org.luaj.vm2.LuaError: @/storage/emulated/0/Download/script noob test.lua:33 `underground = gg.choise({'under normal','undermapjumphack2','flyfloating','flyteleportjump','EXIT'},nil,'Select Cheat')` attempt to call nil stack traceback: /storage/emulated/0/Download/script noob test.lua:33: in main chunk [Java]: in ? at org.luaj.vm2.LuaValue.checkmetatag(LuaValue.java:2882) at org.luaj.vm2.LuaValue.callmt(LuaValue.java:2039) at org.luaj.vm2.LuaValue.call(LuaValue.java:1554) at org.luaj.vm2.LuaClosure.execute(LuaClosure.java:401) at org.luaj.vm2.LuaClosure.call(LuaClosure.java:133) at android.ext.Script.runScript(Script.java:3119) at android.ext.Script.access$18(Script.java:3109) at android.ext.Script$ScriptThread.run(Script.java:3056) I don't understand what i did wrong...i tryed to fix it but its not working..plead can i get help because i realy don't want to get my 1 week learning and trying to be for nothing...this is a good script with alot of hacks that i found...i realy hope someone can help me with thi lil problem. My YT name is Dragon Star I hope you can respond as fast as possible because i want to upload it today
  15. Name of Game:Airlines Manager-Tycoon 2018 Play Store Link (If it's a paid app, the apk):https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.Playrion.AirlinesManager2 Version:2.6.02 What cheat? Health, xp, gold...: AM Coins, TC, Research Points, Money, Any would do Have you tried cheating this game? Yes What happened?:Nothing Comments:I don't think it's possible.. But then again Game Guardian has a great community.. And also I'm playing in professional mode instead of tycoon.. Any help would be great
  16. How to Search in Other Apps

    I don't know how I can search in Game Guardian in other apps, without closing the app and going to Game Guardian just for it. (If I do that, I will get a message saying the app is dead) Anyone know how to fix this?
  17. Hello guys! Please help me! How use GameGuardian in game with level points and xp points was hidden. I mean if we get items in game, we gain xp level points. E.g; My level; 15, Exp 100/4000 to next lvl If we get items, xp gain +10points, +20 or +30 points. But now, that's all was hidden, no more xp level, no more points lvl, and the Adress was change too! So how I use Game Guardian with level in game xp points was hidden? Reply please, please please reply!
  18. Realm Grinder - is it possible?

    Name of Game: Realm Grinder Play Store Link (If it's a paid app, the apk):https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.kongregate.mobile.realmgrinder.google Version: 2.6.2 What cheat? Health, xp, gold...: Rubies Have you tried cheating this game? What happened?: I tried following a couple of tutorials but I can't seem to get this to work. I am very impressed at the knowledge and skill the developer has, I've learned quite a bit and am really thankful. Comments: Any help on this game would be awesome, even linking me to more advanced tutorials that would teach me is good enough for me. I have used game guardian on many games before, this one is just harder for me. Edit: Also how would I search for really large numbers i.e. 23.3e123?
  19. Online game ?

    I do have a problem every time I try to hack legacyofdiscord with gameguardian, every time I put in the number that needs to be hacked The game gets shut down or logged out let me know if you can help me with that thanks
  20. Name of Game: Dream Girlfriend Play Store Link (If it's a paid app, the apk): https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=jp.ne.ambition.googleplay_nizikano2d_glb&hl=de Version: What cheat? Health, xp, gold...: NP and Shells Have you tried cheating this game? What happened?: I'm new to this and tried searching the Shell value but I find waaaaay too much results to sort it out, and I cant search like this for NP, because you dont get it without spending money. Comments: I guess its online? You can visit other girls and chat with other players.
  21. shadow fight 2 damage hack

    Name of Game: shadow fight 2 Play Store Link (If it's a paid app, the apk):https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nekki.shadowfight&hl=en&referrer=utm_source%3Dgoogle%26utm_medium%3Dorganic%26utm_term%3Dshadow+fight+2&pcampaignid=APPU_1_obnVWfrPFsOu0gL20JLgCg Version: Latest What cheat? Health, xp, gold...: damage Have you tried cheating this game? What happened?: not for the dmg Comments:

    Hello, I learned by my self how to use speed hack in the game: ORDER AND CHAOS II: REDEMPTION HD (can be downloaded in playstore) The problem was i was reported by many players and now i'm banned. I have root on my phone moto z play (XT....) I tryed many ways to remove without loose my progress but it was hard for me and im askink help if somebody can save me! hehe I have try: Hard reset phone, delete data from google/gameloft, install LP with the antiban pack, and many others... I dont have the account linked with my facebook, so i ask if somebody can help me =( Thanks, Chong
  23. How to upload Lua Script in LUA Script download section ? 🤔
  24. Pleasw giveme Tutorial create script lua