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  1. AdamWibu

    Offset Radius

    Hello again. So i have learn how to use offset and manage to make a instant search value (XA Code App). So i wanna do on C++ but since the memory isn't static. Instead of group searching, i was hoping if is possible to Offset Radius. Example: i find the infinite jump value, and search. it show 30+ results, when i freeze, a few second it crashed. Below the infinite jump on memory browser, i find the player size. when i search, the results is 3. so i wanna offset radius the player size and infinite jump. But when i do offset. the offset keep changing every rejoining. is it possible to get the player size value, goto, and find infinite jump and freeze it. Sorry for my English.
  2. Does not work? i mean the /gun on Work but /gun off Not? I want like Multiple Console Command Like This. /gun on /gun off /speed on /speed off and more command?
  3. nvm i ask my friend they got it Thx for the help for bit.
  4. is like a command script, Like Text Propmt, Like Some Roblox Use This Code. ;help ;noclip like that
  5. Sorry about the post earlier Enyby. So i need help with the code, i saw someone made a script look like Console Script Example: /gun on or /gun off I want this code can someone show me the template of it?
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