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Found 12 results

  1. I want to hack PVZ 2 plants, but can't find their values. Can anyone help? an address would be all i need
  2. Someone plzz tell me how to hack Pubg and all the process done for it as I am noob in the field of hacking and want to make my own scripts and want to know about what are values and how to get it what to do with them to hack Pubg mobile
  3. Hello everyone I would like to know how to detect a real value in memory in a game, for example on bullet force 444444 = 0 and 444445 = 1 year in a row I would like to know how we do to know that please because each time it's different for each game thank you in advance to those who will help me
  4. So I searching values for a game and I already found some but if I restart the game the address from the value is not the same (the value is every time the same). So now I want to know how to search for the value without looking for it in 90000 values. Thanks for answering me.
  5. erentodie


    How can we edit more than 999.999.999 / When I try to enter for example 99999999999 it says ''value is not in the possible gap'' So I want to do my value more than 999999999.
  6. I have found a value in Xa (CODE_APP) range, and I want to use this value in C++ code with the help of Memorytools.h (a Chinese Memory editing tool for mobile) Now My question is... How can I do this ?..because the option(Xa) is not available in memorytools.h There are list of available items :: ALL, A_ANONYMOUS, ALLOC, C_DATA, B_BAD, C_BSS, C_HEAP, JAVA_HEAP , CODE_SYSTEM(Xs), STACK, ASHMEM ...I have used many methods in this case and I have tried all the ranges but none of them are working,,,also I have tried DWORD and FLOAT both data Type.. So,, please help Me.. Thanks in advanced Note : I am tried to edit memory with c++ in mobile (Not PC) ,,also I have attach the MemoryTool.h in this post MemoryTools.h
  7. part of code: local act = gg.prompt({'Jump boost'}, nil,{'number'}) if act == nil then mainmenu() end gg.setRanges(gg.REGION_CODE_APP) gg.searchNumber(jump_save, gg.TYPE_FLOAT) gg.getResults(1) gg.editAll(act, gg.TYPE_FLOAT) For some reason gg acts like im trying to use broken value or smth. Wanna know why it says that var "act" is unexpected. Tried to enter "12" or "12.5" and got same error, so idk what to do next.
  8. After creating the script, I ran into a problem that occurs when I run the script function. The fact is that when you activate the game guardian function, while searching for values, you can go into the game guardian and see what values he searching. The question is, can this be fixed through a script? (Google Translator, sry)
  9. I have a value of 3000 (health value in XYZ game) if I am use - gg.searchNumber('3000',gg.TYPE_FLOAT) -In that case more than 100 results are available. Is there a way to get the exact value I expect(in lua script) ?? Or, if i am use - gg.searchNumber('3000F;6.9553545F;12.9546F::,gg.TYPE_FLOAT) In this order group search, the hack works on a specific, game level (game level means :level1, level2, level3 etc..) of the game. but, it does not work on other game levels. because the value (6.9553545F;12.9546F) is not available at other game levels. >>Now my question is, is there any way by which I can find any exact value in lua script??,,, that i am find manually!!?? hope so you understand my rip English! Thanks in advance
  10. I wonder is it possible to freeze the tyre wear and fuel values in this game, and if yes how exactly?
  11. MilkyGT

    Unknown value

    Anyone can help me what should i edit to change 5 minute become (whatever i want), the time is countdown and when i found the value its keep changing and even i edit em and freeze em the time keep countdown and didnt change, i tried to goto Address but idk what should i edit,. might someone know wht to do.. ty
  12. so any other way to get 0 value got select in script? bcus i cant exactly find the value what i want if i search only 0 number, the value around cannot helping much bcus the code keep changing when im about to hack the game, "the value always at same position" but at the sametime the value code 0, i just wanna know how selecting value in address while the code is zero"0" with script (and the address also changing, not always same). i just wonder to get fastest way to direct (value) code what i want with the script without anytrouble and i just hate do it manually. REGARDS
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