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  1. MilkyGT

    Unknown value

    yeah its online game
  2. MilkyGT

    Unknown value

    Anyone can help me what should i edit to change 5 minute become (whatever i want), the time is countdown and when i found the value its keep changing and even i edit em and freeze em the time keep countdown and didnt change, i tried to goto Address but idk what should i edit,. might someone know wht to do.. ty
  3. i sell 1 week for 1pl and 2 week 190wl
  4. MilkyGT


    https://gameguardian.net/forum/topic/19935-how-to-decrypt-a-lua-script/?do=findComment&comment=101754 idk how to report user but this user didnt use english for content
  5. if ch==nil then ch=-1 end function gh() if gg.isVisible(true) then gg.setVisible(false) end if ch==-1 then g = gg.choice({'Auto On/Off','Exit'}) if g == 1 then gg.alert('Press Square Box To Exit the script') h()ch=1;ra=-1;end if g == 2 then os.exit()end else h() ra = -1;end;end function h() y = "main" if y == "main" then y ="hh" end gg.toast('On') while(true) do if gg.isVisible(false) then break else gg.sleep(100) end end gg.toast('Off') if gg.isVisible(true) then gg.setVisible(false) end end while(true) do if gg.isVisible() then ra = 1 end if ra == 1 then gh() end end Your'welcome
  6. MilkyGT


    gg.searchNumber(82, gg.TYPE_DWORD, false, gg.SIGN_EQUAL, 0, -1) revert = gg.getListItems local t = gg.getResults(1) gg.addListItems(t) gg.clearResults() for i, v in ipairs(t) do v.flags = gg.TYPE_DWORD v.value = "1" end gg.setValues(t) gg.sleep('2000') gg.setValues(revert) Anyone know how to revert this? (revert on save list) after i edit the value and i want to revert but there have problem, any solution for this?
  7. How to select the values on it and edit.. i tried with gg.getAddressItems() or gg.getResults() doesnt works
  8. MilkyGT


    ::ag:: local d = gg.alert('(1/2)️','>>','<<','OK') if d == 1 then goto pj end if d == 2 then goto pj end if d == 3 then end ::pj:: local w = gg.alert('(2/2)️','>>','<<','OK') if w == 1 then goto ag end if w == 2 then goto ag end if w == 3 then end Hmm anyone can help me solve this problem? i have question How can if i click OK at (1/2) its going to (2/2), but when i click OK at (2/2) its done and script ended, its should be same if i click OK at (1/2) its should be done and ended but why (idk why too) its going to (2/2) i click ok again then script ended ,..
  9. MilkyGT

    Best encryption?

    Anyone know wht the best and HARD Encryption, ik no system is safe but wht the HARDEST encryption bcus i wanna used it for my script thanks, happy new year :}
  10. MilkyGT


    No system is safe :}
  11. can gimme example like wht, online script is new world for me, i need the example script to learn for my self
  12. gg.sleep('1600') API = gg.makeRequest('Link').content if not API then gg.alert('️WHY YOU CANCEL ️\n\nThis is online script you need a internet to access') noselect() else pcall(load(API)) end if status == "Off" then gg.alert(' SCRIPT MAINTENANCE \n\nScript is under maintenance please comeback later\n\n') os.exit() end i got that example from ZtzTopia can anyone explain why this script crash when exit, and How to make this script Maintenance(closed)
  13. MilkyGT

    Save list problem

    ohh okok, i still try to find *why*, and i think the value is the problem but on the other side its like system problem(game guardian),ahhh my head explode mhahaha , my bad i didnt say the value is keep changing everytime i walk(move in game) *its normal i think bcus* yaa is it BUT in my head still have this question ##Why when i try to revert WITH script its delay and when i try revert MANUALLY,Its work and no problem(delay)?## yaa i try with VALUE Didnt changing everytime, its work with script, but idk why hahaha with value changing its delay when with script and wasnt with manual, ahhhh its make me stressful hahahah
  14. MilkyGT

    Save list problem

    ohh wait i think im wrong*maybe* save list is fine and normal, i just relize when i using script save list revert is delay (with script) right,but while delay hppn i try to exit from script and then item just took ** can you explain this? @Enyby ** and help me solve this problem whts wrong and wht should i do? yaa when i try with script revert is delay and when i am exit from script its just took from me here the video↓↓↓ Untitled 9 640x360 0.94Mbps 2019-12-27 19-31-41.mp4
  15. MilkyGT

    Save list problem

    ok, but wait i just got some news, is it normal when search value and saved value have different number on same value? this is also wht i mean the save list value chnge into random number, idk wht happn and it shouldn't be like this, or is it normal? **i dont think so** (can you explain this?) @Enyby
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