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  1. MilkyGT

    Minimum version

    ohh get it, my question might make you think im stoopid but, if i change the number version as i have now, it should be work or no, cus in my mind was like " if i change the number as what i use now & it didnt work it might be the code is wrong"
  2. MilkyGT

    Minimum version

    https://gameguardian.net/help/classgg.html#a4b6b2a5e23317b9fc194cdf21e3331ba i have but my mind still blank with it
  3. MilkyGT

    Minimum version

    if gg.BUILD < 5511 then gg.alert('You need more new version of GG for run this script. At least build 5511.') os.exit() end i got the example of it i guees, but i have no idea how is it works plsssss help me, i've searching in Lua Help but it didnt help at all
  4. MilkyGT

    Minimum version

    help me..., gimme example of code to add minimum version gg to run script, i need it to secure my own script, thanks.
  5. thanksss again, im gonna learn it by myself
  6. i know you are being kind rn, i have no idea what you have done with this, i just wanna know the example of it, im not gonna trying to steal your code without any permission from you, bcus the code also was encrypted,its gonna took so long without any example, its all about my project on build script. it just blow my mind when the address automaticly copied with the fresh (address)code every single time. so please...
  7. anyway can i know what you've done with this? cus im gonna learn by my self with what you have done or bcus its rlly usefull for me, can ya? or you gonna teach me? im a script builder tho.
  8. actualy the yt link title say "zoom hack" and that is what i want and you've try you best its kinda helping tho,
  9. sure the game called growtopia and i gave you a youtube link what i wanted to do and put in into script
  10. i mean like how? any example of it?
  11. so any other way to get 0 value got select in script? bcus i cant exactly find the value what i want if i search only 0 number, the value around cannot helping much bcus the code keep changing when im about to hack the game, "the value always at same position" but at the sametime the value code 0, i just wanna know how selecting value in address while the code is zero"0" with script (and the address also changing, not always same). i just wonder to get fastest way to direct (value) code what i want with the script without anytrouble and i just hate do it manually. REGARDS
  12. thnkss... ths is will be usefull.. ill learn how is it works ^.^
  13. just be specific, i just wonder how scriot work to direct that value especially with script.. if i tried find with filter (with) this value code i could find it easly but how about with script... 4.37121426e24
  14. I want this value automaticly saved and edit with (script), but idk how to get that value in address with the script... i have tried using "filter" to get the value *manually* its work but help me with script...
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