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Found 6 results

  1. Morse code — "Morse code", Morse code-a method of sign coding, the representation of letters of the alphabet, numbers, punctuation marks and other symbols by a sequence of signals: long (dashes) and short (dots). The duration of a single point is taken as a unit of time. The duration of the dash is equal to three dots. The pause between the elements of one character is one point, between the characters in the word-3 points, between the words-7 points. It is named after the American inventor and artist Samuel Morse. The letter codes (actually the "alphabet") were added by Morse's colleague, Alfred Weil — a fact that Morse later strongly denied (and at the same time attributed to himself the invention of the telegraph as such). Weyl may have also invented the digital part of the code. And in 1848 the Weyl code/Morse code was improved by the German Friedrich Goerke. The code, improved by Goerke, is still used today. The modern telegraph alphabet (a system of encoding characters in short and long parcels for transmitting them over communication lines, known as the "Morse code" or "Morse code") differs significantly from the one proposed in 1838 by S. Morse, although some researchers believe that its author was Alfred Weil-a business partner of Samuel Morse, known for introducing a "commercial code"of groups of 5 characters. The original table of the "Morse code" was strikingly different from those codes that sound on amateur bands today. First, it used parcels of three different durations ("dot", "dash" and "long dash" — 4 times longer than "dot"). Secondly, some characters had pauses inside their codes. The principle of Morse code encoding is based on the fact that the letters that are more commonly used in English are encoded by simpler combinations of dots and dashes. This makes learning Morse code easier, and the transmission is more compact. Morse code can be transmitted and received at different speeds-it depends on the capabilities and experience of radio operators. Usually, an average qualified radio operator works in the speed range of 60-100 characters per minute. Achievements in high-speed reception and transmission are in the speed range of 260-310 characters per minute. The transmission of Morse codes is carried out using a telegraph key of various designs: a classic Morse key, an electronic key[3], mechanical semi-automatic devices of the "vibroplex" type, as well as using keyboard sensors of the Morse code (for example, P-010, P-020) and electronic devices that automatically form a telegraph message. If the operator is sufficiently qualified, short messages can be received without recording, but usually the entire text received must be recorded either manually or on a typewriter. When receiving, experienced radio operators make a record with a lag of several characters, which makes the reception more calm and reliable and is an indicator of the operator's skill (at high speeds, above 150 characters per minute, the lag can be up to 100 characters in half a minute — the radio operator has to memorize them and add them after the end of the radiogram). When receiving at high speeds (more than 125 characters per minute), you have to write texts, abandoning the standard alphabetic characters and using special shortened icons (for example, the " dot "sign for the letter" e "or the" tick "sign for the letter "w"). In this case, after the end of the reception, the radio operator must translate the text into the characters of the usual alphabet. Telegraph and radiotelegraph initially used Morse code; later, Baudot code and ASCII were used, which are more convenient for automation. However, now there are also means of automatic generation and recognition for Morse code, for example, a freely distributed program for a personal computer, CwType[4]. In addition, radio amateurs have developed many hardware Morse code decoders based on microcontrollers. The Russian version of the alphabet was adopted in 1856. [5] [6] For the transfer of Russian letters, codes of similar Latin letters were used; this correspondence of the alphabets later passed to MTK-2, and then to KOI-7 and KOI-8 (however, in Morse code, the letter Q corresponds to Sh, and in MTK and KOI — Ya). In 2004, the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) introduced a new Morse code for the symbol @ (· — — · — ·), for the convenience of transmitting email addresses. [added 1 minute later] Guides does not work for me
  2. Version 2.0.0


    chicken everyday good luck
  3. View File Simple PUBGPH Script chicken everyday good luck Submitter pensiunanhacker Submitted 09/26/2019 Category PUBG  
  4. Hi all , Do you know what is AppNana ? AppNana allow you to win PayPal cash , BitCoin , Amazon Gift Card , Play Store gift card , Steam gift card and more by downloading apps ... I created this topic for sharing your Invite Code for helping all to get quickly a lot of nanas . Use my Invite Code and win 2500 Nanas for Free ! My invite code : m1513407 Reply your Invite Code iTunes Link : here Play Store Link : here
  5. View File HillClimbRacing[AniHack]1.1 HillClimbRacing How to hack? The answer is in this hack. The fact is that the cheat is new and this is my 1 cheat created on Lua, I hope you enjoy it, since there are many functions in the reader: ° Gold Hacking ° Breaking Gems ° Speed modification ° Modified texture boxes Submitter AniHack Submitted 04/04/2019 Category LUA scripts  
  6. Version 1.1


    HillClimbRacing How to hack? The answer is in this hack. The fact is that the cheat is new and this is my 1 cheat created on Lua, I hope you enjoy it, since there are many functions in the reader: ° Gold Hacking ° Breaking Gems ° Speed modification ° Modified texture boxes
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