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Found 6 results

  1. Hello coaches, I'm using GG and GK and GC for about 5 years and more When I joined the GG forum there was a topic about drop rate tut but now is lost. Can anyone know how to change a drop rate in games like RPG games (Inotia 3-4 | Exitium | Zenonia | ...) Specially those who have skill and experience in mod making mega mod making cracking and scripting with some algorithm knowledge ? I have experience in algo and math and scripting like lua and shell but i dont understant how to find a rate like drop rate of games in GG and other tools ? specially GG for Android Games because for PC CE has some Tuts but for GG I don't find anything useful ? Can anyone help, after success I can help other and Q,A topics and make a topic for this a clean tutorial .. Thanks in advance
  2. And that's me contact me in tg or or contact me here Tg username :- https://t.me/DRAGON_SCRIPTER We will be covering three tutorials today Those tutorials are very important for speeding up ur search speed and script speed ️️️TUTORIAL 1️️️ How to speed up ur search speed and group search values Step 1 :- open gg and set the cheat value range Step 2 :- search the value in the correct type Step 3 :- during search turn off ur gg visible by this method search speed increases little bit For finding group values By using group search 50;100;500::50 Takes some time also results may not be accurate in this case use offset For eg The offset between 50 and 100 in decimal is 24 And between 100 to 500 is 12 Search 500 and use offset -12 (decimal) Load it to search results and refine 100 And use offset - 24 (decimal) Load it to search result and refine 50 In scripting add this function on beginning of the script function Offset(offst,type) local offst = offst local type = type local list = {} local res = gg.getResults(gg.getResultsCount()) for i in ipairs(res) do list[i] = {address = res[i].address + offst,flags = type} end gg.loadResults(list) end And we search 500 in script Uses the function offset Offset(-12,gg.TYPE_DWORD) It does offset works and loads the results to search list and there u can do refine ️️️TUTORIAL 2️️️ editing values with address U have to edit 4 values and u know there offsets from the current result So here we go function setValues(addr,type,val) gg.setValues({{address = addr,flags = type,value = val}}) end Same copy and paste this function at beginning of the script I need to edit them to 999999 So there offset is local ofst = {4,8,12,16} local res = gg.getResults(1)[1].address -- getting the address of the 1st result for i in ipairs(ofst) do setValues(res + ofst[i],gg.TYPE_DWORD,999999) end done the values are edited to 999999 without loading to search list ️️️TUTORIAL 3️️️ speeding up script working time Use local variables in script to speed up your functions it has been proved by gg lead coder enyby Proof :- https://gameguardian.net/forum/topic/20568-examples-of-lua-scripts/?do=findComment&comment=93245 Credits :- https://t.me/DRAGON_SCRIPTER JOIN :- https://t.me/DRAGON_HACKZ_OFFICIALIF YOU WANT TO SUPPORT ME Also follow me for more updates
  3. Cervalces:689.362.882 Temnodo:931.389.832 Struthiomimus:178.485.341 Mylodon:-1.398.033.892 Opthalmosaurus:389.296.485 Tsintaosaurus:2.055.740.954 Thalassodromeusaurus:-515.569 Bagehepeton: Diploceraspis: -1.166.911.140 Toro:-1.053.503.173 Blue:-1640810987 Ghost:752040276 Cryolophosaurus:-900.772.437
  4. EDIT: Fix lollipop, by installing latest version of GameGuardian (6.1.0): https://gameguardian.net/forum/files/file/2-gameguardian/
  5. Last Day on Earth: Survival v1.7.2 Crate Hack. Really detailed video & I took it relatively slow to make it easier for beginners! Upvote if it helps & Subscribe if it helps, If it dont.... Then don't! My YouTube Channel! Subscribe! My Twitter - Follow Me "Tutorials - PC & Android" Last Day on Earth: Survival - Level 99 & Gold Hack Tutorial Crate / Inbox Hack: Reply to this Topic if you have a request on a Tutorial you want/Need for this game or an other game, & i'll make a tutorial ASAP. (If the game is hackable, & if, with my knowledge, I know how) ----------------------------------------- Credits for Crate / Pack List: ANONYMOUS 1000 ( @Anonymous1000) ANONYMOUS1000 HACKER Youtube Channel Link
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