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Found 40 results

  1. Disconnecting

    Hello admins, can you help me? Im using GG on Mobile Legends, but im disconnecting in the game after i changed the value of damage? what can i do to not disconnect ingame? Thank you.
  2. Name of Game: Battlestation HarbingerCheat Type: Resources Battlestation Classic uses the same encyrption algorithm and can by hacked by following the same method listed below. I've been lurking the request thread for someone to come up with a way to hack Battlestation Harbinger for a while. Took me quite a while to figure this one out. Reverse engineering the Java component from this games PC-Release, the game stores most integer vaues as 2x encrypted values. Hacking it on android makes it very uncomfortable but not impossible. A small tutorial on how to: Step 1: Navigate to https://jsfiddle.net/sfan85/4b6p77xw/36/ it's a small webbased tool i wrote to decrypt the values. (content from jsfiddle.net is "opensource" and you can see the encryption algorithm if you want to write something yourself.) Step 2: Write down the following values somewhere: 87312 and 2863308842 it's the encrypted values of 90000 (more than you will ever have to spend) we will need those values for later use. Do not tab out on your Phone, it will reset the addresses when you re-tab in. Step 3: Get the current encrypted value from the tool. Step 4: Search for the 2nd Encrypted value (usually only yields one result) Step 5: Tap and hold your found value and select "Go to the address XXXXXXXX" Step 6: Scroll up slightly (-4 Bytes) and confirm the values (Remember not to tab out) Step 7: Replace the values with the values from Step 2, this will give you 90000. Step 8: Perform some ingame-action (repair, sell, buy) to update the display value and you're all set! Enjoy. P.s. this works for most other values too (even stuff like shields, though i never found it necessary to do it for shields) Edit1: In order to gain XP and unlock all Ships you have to start a new game, pick a crappy ship. Alter your Scrap value to 90k and don't add any additional weapons on your ship. Find enemies so they can kill you. When the game ends, you will gain a massive amount of xp because of your current scrap value. Edit2: Cosmetics. Attachment: Imgur Album
  3. Introduction Starting as a legit player, I have been playing Brave Frontier for around 2 months. After that I got bored of the game and decided what exploits could be done to this game to get more fun out of it. Initially, I leeched off damage hacks and stats of my units. This made the game fun but there was never a mod that gave me exactly what I wanted, thus, I started to learn how to mod the game myself through tutorials. Learning ARM from scratch has been quite a challenge for me even with some programming knowledge. As I have seen motivated people wanting to learn how to mod as well as the lack of tutorials of how to get started, I decided to write this guide to help people out as well as get help from people that will eventually surpass me. While I started from scratch, I have been trying to tinker around with IDA Pro and might use some rather advanced terms, please notify me if you do not understand anything so I can make the tutorial easier to understand. Update: I can be found at trybeat.us, come join the community! More guides will be written there too! TL;DR Started Legit Got bored Leeched hacks Hacks not what I want Learnt to make own mod Now want to teach others how to mod Required Tools · IDA Pro 6.1 · HxD · WinRaR for extracting the apk file · ARM to ASM Converter Optional Tools Here are some extra files that are good for your reading reference/ modding reference · Original 1.1.6 Brave Frontier Global libgame.so · Book on ARM · Android Multi-tool (For non-rooted devices) Steps Now, let us get started to finally make your own mod for brave frontier with all the hacks that you yourself can customize! Step 1 (Preparation) 1. Install IDA Pro as well as HxD, how this works is you will look for the parts to edit in IDA Pro and edit the file using HxD. This will be explained later on 2. Download the latest Brave Frontier apk file 3. Open the apk with WinRar and go to lib>armeabi>libgame.so 4. This is the file which we will be going to mod, so extract it somewhere where you will be able to access it later on. We will need 2 copies, 1 file for viewing with IDA Pro and another for the main modding with HxD. Try to take note which one is which to prevent confusion. Step 2 (Opening the file to mod) 1. Right-click your libgame.so and open with “The Interactive Disassembler” A.K.A IDA Pro. 2. You will come across a “Load a new file” window, this is for IDA Pro to set up the program for you to do your viewing and editing. 3. Ensure “ELF for ARM (Shared object) [elf.Idw]” option is highlighted as well as the “Load resources” checkbox at the Options pane. 4. Click OK and wait for IDA Pro to load! This will take quite some time as the file is generally quite big 5. If you see this “ARM AND THUMB MODE SWITCH INSTRUCTIONS” window pop up, click okay and let IDA Pro continue its loading. 6. You can track the progress at the top where there is a coloured bar and arrows pointing to where in the file is being accessed, it is quite obvious when it is done, here is a screenshot of when the loading is completed. Step 3 (Getting Information for modding) 1. Finally! You have managed to load everything! Now is the time to start getting information to do the modding! But how to start? Everything looks so… alien D: 2. Don’t worry, let me start you off with some simple mods such as stats which can be found using simple keywords and experimenting: · Monster Stats -> MonsterUnit::getMaxHP() (set R0 <- you will know what this is for later) 3. You can search by clicking on the “Search” Tab up at the toolbar of IDA Pro or use ALT+T to search for the terms. To go to the next searched term, use CTR+T to go to the next term 4. Let’s set the monster’s HP to 1 in this tutorial as an example of how to mod. Search for the keyword “getMaxHp”, keep going through the search until you find “MonsterUnit::getMaxHP(void)”. This will be the method you will want to modify to edit the HP of the monsters (Look at the highlighted part). 5. Well, if you can “kind of” read the English, you can see there is some blue text that says “blabla…getBaseMaxHp…blabla”. Logically thinking and with some common sense, this should be some “magic” (Let’s call this a function) done to get the HP of the monster… right? 6. To put away some technicalities, this function stores the retrieved HP of the monster in this storage “R0. These registers stores a number up to 255 in value. This is known through reading further into the function and reading the codes. You can view these stuff by clicking on the function and scrolling down to see the whole thing although not really advisable due to its complexity. 7. Now, we know that this function gets the monster HP and stores it into the register R0, what if we forced R0 to always be 1…? That would be awesome right? 1HP Monsters all the way! But what do we need to know in order to edit? The codes look too hard to edit right? Here are some commonly used codes for ARM that is used for modding: · MOV <Target>, #<Value up to 255> (Setting the register R0 to 0 would be MOV R0, #0) · ADD/SUB/MUL/DIV <Target>, <First>, <Second> (For bigger numbers, e.g. MUL R0, #30, #30 makes R0 store the value of 900) · ADD/SUB/MUL/DIV <Target as First>, Second (Similar MUL R0, #30 will multiply the value in R0 by 30 and store it back into R0) 8. Now we want to set R0 to 1 in order to make the monsters HP 1, there are 3 things you need to know and confirm: · The address of where you are editing, which is on the left (In this case its: 00348A22) · What is your intended modifications (we want to set R0 to 1, so the instruction will be “MOV R0, #1”) and its direct translation modify the program (I will explain this later) · Is the modification the same length as the original? (Not in this case, I will show you some stupid remedies that can be done, Step 10. If it is the same length, you can directly replace. If it is shorter than the original, it is best to place it at the bottom of the whole function so that other codes will not affect your modded codes) 9. For step number 3 in part 9, you can check if the length is same in the Hex View-A tab just below the blue-ish bar at the top. This is what you see when you click on the function. To compare the length, usually the mod codes used is 4 alphanumberic characters, in this case it is twice the length of what we need, what I usually do is just repeat the command twice. This can be done as we are setting the R0 to 1. You can also use codes which does nothing, these can be done through NOP(No Operation), or you can put 00 00 to make it not do anything. Examples of alternatives that can be done: [ 01 20 ] MOVS R0, #1 [ C0 46 ] NOP or [ 01 20 ] MOVS R0, #1 [ 00 00 ] 10. Now we have 2 need-to-knows done, the last part is the translation which can be easily done using the program I have provided above. Use the ARM to ASM Converter program to convert the code to the 4 alphanumeric characters which can be used to replace the code later on. Here is the screenshot, hopefully it is self-explanatory: 11. We will use the 2-Byte translation. If you want to have a preview, you can edit the code in the Hex View-A by right clicking and pressing “Edit…” or F2, then typing in “0120” twice. This is what you should see after doing that In Hex View In IDA View 12. Note that if you want to set R0 to above 255, you will have to multiply them. Here is an example: MOV R0, #30 <- Making R0 set to 30 MUL R0, R0 <- Multiplying R0 by itself to total up to 900 and storing it into R0 (From command above) 13. Now we have confirmed that everything looks okay, we will finally do the real modding. A few more steps before our mod is done! Step 4 (Modding the real deal) 1. Now we have the 3 need-to-knows, you want to open the other libgame.so (Yes, the one you did not touch at all) with HxD. Here is what you should see 2. Yes, it looks confusing, you don’t need to know what is all these. It is actually the 4 character equivalent to what we saw in IDA PRO, however, we are able to edit the values directly in this program. So we need our address, the first need-to-know! Aha, 00348A22! 3. You can go to the address by pressing CTR+G or through the Search tab, search the address and it should bring you right onto it! 4. Now you are at that area, try not to use your arrow keys to navigate around as you don’t want to accidentally touch other parts of the code! The 2nd need-to-know, which is the length and intended modification will be needed to replace the original code (01 20 01 20). So go ahead and type it in. 5. Save and you have successfully modded your libgame.so, all that’s left is to copy in and ensure your brave frontier works with your mod! Congratulations for making it this far! Step 5 (Loading the Mod) 1. Hurrah! We have finally modded the libgame.so file! Now how do we loading it in? 5a (Rooted devices) 1. For rooted devices its easy, copy the libgame.so into your phone and move it to /data/data/sg.gumi.bravefrontier/lib/ directory 2. You might want to rename the original libgame.so in case there you screwed up the mod or want to revert back to the original. I have provided the original libgame.so for the version 1.1.6 in case you deleted the file. 5b (Non-Rooted Devices) 1. You are going to need to sign the apk before installing it back. 1. Once you are done with the libgame.so, move it back to the same place in the apk using WinRAR. 2. Extract the AndroidMulitiool folder into your C:Disk 3. Copy the .apk with the modified libgame.so into the files section of the AndroidMultitool (not needed but recommended) 4. Make sure the .apk doesn't have any spaces in the name of it. (Eg: BraveFrontierMod.apk) 5. Go back to the AndroidMultitool folder and run the AndroidMultitool.exe. 6. Go to Signing and click on the ellipses [...] and go to the location of your .apk with the modified libgame.so (C:\AndroidMultitool\Files ; if you moved it to the files section as recommended.) 7. Click sign. 8. Go to your C:\AndroidMultitools\Signed_apk and you should see name_signed.apk (Eg: BraveFrontierMod_signed.apk) 9. Rename it to whatever you like. 10. Move it to your device, install, and play. Conclusion While the guide is lengthy with lots of words, I have tried putting pictures to make it easier to understand for beginners. After all, I was once a beginner and learnt modding through tutorials and videos. I hope experienced modders can help make my guide easier to understand as well as help me out with more advanced stuff. (PM me!) For those that has managed to complete their very own first mod, here is a challenge for you. Can you find the function that will modify your stats (most of you guys like 2katk/4kdef mods)? J *Hint* You will need to use multipliers stated above to make your stats more than 255, thus needing at least 2 lines of instructions. This is my first contribution, I hope it isn’t as bad as I think it currently is :x I hope some of you learnt something from this guide! Thanks and Happy Modding! Credits I would like to thank Optimum for the steps to load the mod into your non-rooted devices and AnonThanatos for alternatives of filling up spaces with nothing instead of repeated codes to make it less confusing.
  4. ~¡¡¡,Attention Members!!!,~ THE Ultimate Hack Approaching to ¤YOU¤ : FarmVille 2: Country Escape https://lh4.ggpht.com/oysDVKI9R60n1w1RsqeDtjBZyEHspC42zutZZqybFpKF1-43lQGP8XOzzZGP4iJIDQ=w300-rw Game : FarmVille 2: Country Escape Version : Current Root Needed : YES Credits : BIGboyTOY786 and shanami Hack : ★999,999,999 Coins 999,999,999 Keys 99 Water 99 Bags 999 Crops/Food Items 999 Shovels★ Ok to Share: ▶Yes◀ Memory Editors Tested On ➡ Daxattack and Game Guardian and GameKiller and GameCIH and GameKiller and SbGameHacker Special Thanks to shanami for helping me to find and hack the keys and the coins This is her hack method below And here is mine ➡Crops/Food Items Hack ▶ (999) 1=> Open Game Guardian and Clear you addresses then Click the Search button again. 2=> Search Your Crops/Food Items that You Now Have. 3) Sell your any food items you made (Make sure you have more than enough to sell, About 12 wheat and etc: for example) 4=> Search Your New Crops/Food Items Value. 5=> Repeat it 3 times Until You only Have 1 Strings left. Repeat it once more until you see one string change on its own. Click and hold the address until you see a pop up. Change the value to 999 and the press Yes to save. And Finally watched your Crops/Food Items increase. ➡Shovel Hack ▶ (999) 1=> Open Game Guardian and Clear you addresses then Click the Search button again. 2=> Search Your Shovel that You Now Have. 3) Buy some Shovels from upgrade your Barn and use your shovel to destroy some logs 4=> Search Your New Shovels Value. 5=> Repeat it 3 times Until You only Have 1 to 3 Strings left. Repeat it once more until you see one string change on its own. Click and hold the address until you see a pop up. Change the value to 999 and the press Yes to save. And Finally watched your Shovels increase. ➡Water Hack ▶ (99) 1* Open Game Guardian and Clear you addresses then Click the Search button again. 2* Search Your Water that You Now Have(Click the well to get more water if you need to). 3* Watered your wheat and Click the well again to see how much you took. 4* Search Your New Water Value. 5* Repeat it 3 times Until You only Have 1 Strings left. Repeat it once more until you see one string change on its own. Click and hold the address until you see a pop up. Change the value to 99 and the press Yes to save. And Finally watched your Water increase. ➡Bags Hack ▶ (99) #1 Open Game Guardian and Clear you addresses then Click the Search button again. #2 Search Your Bags that You Now Have. #3 When you unlock Cows, feed them wheat and Click the "Bag" to speed up the process. #4 Search Your New Bag Value. #5 Repeat it 3 times Until You only Have 1 Strings left. Repeat it once more until you see one string change on its own. Click and hold the address until you see a pop up. Change the value to 99 and the press Yes to save. And Finally watched your Bags increase. Note: When you hack the Food Items, your Barn Storage will be over the max storage by the thousands and you can't store anymore Food but you can level up very fast cause you have a lot of crops :thumbsup: Dont forget to leave a rep to Me!!! ♥♦♣♠•◘○Enjoy the Ultimate Root Hack | GG Members☻♥♦♣♠•◘○.
  5. EDIT: Fix lollipop, by installing latest version of GameGuardian (6.1.0): https://gameguardian.net/forum/files/file/2-gameguardian/
  6. Cheat Engine

    Hi I have just come across this YouTube channel that has lot's of tutorials for Cheat Engine. By watching these I have learned more about how GG works and how to hack games. I highly recommend this to anyone. Playlist
  7. CSR 2

    This might be ligitness
  8. Hello....i'm going to show you how to FREE shop on Respawnables games in this tutorial....what you need to do is.... 1. Root your phone (already rooted phone skip this)... 2. Make Nandroid backup (just incase you got it wrong)... 3. Download and install respawnables games https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.zynga.digitallegends.respawnables (already download it then skip this) 4. Download and install Xposed Installer http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1574401 (read carefully on how to install it) 5. Download and install Xprivacy http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2320783 6. Download and install Freedom after you have download and install all the files need then do this step.... 1. Open Xposed Installer and goes to framework and install the framework (install and reboot after) 2. After reboot, open Xposed Installer again and goes to modules and tick Xprivacy Module (again reboot after tick it) 3. After reboot, open Xprivacy and find Respawnables games on the list....after you have found it the click on the Respawnables icon...there will be a few option but you MUST tick only SYSTEM/INSTALLED APPS (just tick that no need to tick other) 4. after that exit Xprivacy and open Freedom (make sure you have tick Freecode in Freedom setting)....start Freedom (waits for a few second) then launch Respawnables games from Freedom....you may get a few popup regarding Freedom doesn't work in your country but don't bother with it.... 5. Once Respawnables open (either you have to download the game data first or straight to the games) then you can start FREE shopping.... i have tested this method on JB v4.3...work flawless without any problem.... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This Method also works on Games Blitz Brigade https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gameloft.android.ANMP.GloftINHM
  9. Hello everyone , I want to learn you how to Backup and restore your Android app with TB ! REQUIRED : - A rooted phone - Titanium Backup ( pro or not ) - SD card - BusyBox Backup : 1) Verify that Titanium Backup has started without warning and that your busybox is OK 2)Click the Backup/Restore tab 3)Click Menu (the button), Batch 4) Click “Backup all user apps” 5) Let it run, then go back 6) Individually backup the system data you want. That is most green-colored items will be bookmarks, call log, calendar, launcher, WiFi, etc. 7) You can put your Backup to your computer ( optional ) Now your backups are in the “TitaniumBackup” directory on your SD card. Restore : 1) Click the Backup/Restore tab 2) Click Menu (the button), Batch 3) Click “Restore all missing apps + system data” 4) Reboot your phone It’s done ! The only thing you may have to adjust is usually your wallpaper/widgets.
  10. How to use XPrivacy

    Hi guys , This is a tutorial for who don't know to use XPrivacy : TUTORIAL : With Xposed and Xprivacy installed, lets start to configure xprivacy in order to block any game or app you want: 1) Open Xprivacy and search in the list the game you want to block. 2) Click on the picture of the game and you will see a list of a lot of options that can be blocked. 3) Search in the list for System (Installed apps) and click on the triangle on the left, a menu will appear under it with more options inside. 4) Check every option, even the red ones, until a check signal appears in System (not a white square). 5) Go back and launch your game with Freedom ! LINKS : XPrivacy : Freedom :
  11. This is the Official GameGuardian.net guide to Downloading, Setting Up, and Using GameGuardian. Pre-Requisites: Root is required. It doesn't matter if you use SuperSu or Superuser. You must enable installation of 3rd party apps. Part 1: Downloading & Installing Go to gameguardian.net/forum. If you are on mobile, it will come up as this: ​​Click the 4-dots button, in the upper right hand corner. This will present you with a menu like so: Click the downloads icon from within that menu, which will then bring you to this page: Click the "Official Downloads" section text, which will bring you to this page: Click the logo icon (GameGuardian), which will bring you to this page: Now, Click the download button. That will bring you to this page: If you agree, press "Agree & Download" At the time of this writing, the latest version is 6.0.5, so click the download button next to that: You may receive a warning, click yes or ok to begin the download: That will begin the download. Now, check your notification bar to see the progress of the download. Once it is complete, click the notification to begin the installation. This will now bring you the next screen. If you agree with the permissions used, press "Install": Once the app is installed, you will see the next screen. Press open: Now, your root app (either Superuser or SuperSu) Will prompt you for access, unless you have auto-allow on: You are done with this part! Part 2: Configuring In this part, I opened Temple Run 2, but you can just open GG on any app you want to configure. It really doesn't matter. Click the GG icon that is floating in the middle of your screen: You will now see this: Now, to configure GG, press the menu button on the top, all the way to the left. This will bring up the settings menu: Here is a rundown of the settings: "Reset GameGuardian": This setting restarts the GameGuardian app. If you have issues such as searches taking along time, use this. "Set Guardian Location": This will allow you to move the hovering app icon, by first pressing somewhere on the screen you would like to place it, then confirming that action with another tap: "Opacity": This allows you to set how 'see-through' you want the icon to be. To be fully present, set to 100%, to be barely present, set to 10%: "Vanishing Time": This setting allows you to change how long you want the icon to disappear from view for. You are still able to tap the icon though. "Set Search Range": This is probably the most important setting. It allows you to either search through barely any values, to ever value in the game. To find values most of the time, we recommend setting this to "All Regions": "Stop GameGuardian": This setting is pretty self explanatory. Pressing it, and then yes, will close the GameGuardian app:
  12. Been up all night working on this one. All download links are in video's about section on youtube :-) This was done using genymotion using Castle Clash, see bottom link for how to setup genymotion. Android Bot Maker will work in all Games and Apps! AUTO BOTS UNITE! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D-ChJ5BqmMo&feature=youtu.be AUTO BOT HAPPY DAY ;D GENYMOTION TUTORIAL :
  13. For the people having a difficult time figuring it out, here is how to get off that banned account no factory reset or log out required... Happy Day! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2i38hx_Bee0 TESTED ON 4.2.2 FIRMWARE STEP ONE: FORCE CLOSE CC AND CLEAR DATA STEP TWO: LOG INTO ANY NON BANNED ACCOUNT STEP THREE: RUN FOREIGN VERSSION OF CC STEP FOUR: SWITCH TO NON BANNED ACCOUNT IN FOREIGN VERSION, THEN EXIT STEP FIVE: GO INTO JRUMMY DATA>DATA>(FOREIGN CC) COPY FILE FOLDER AND PRESS UP STEP SIX: GO INTO COM.IGG.CASTLECLASH AND PASTE FOLDER (IF THERE ARE ANY OTHER FOLDERS IN HERE THAN LIB YOU DID NOT DO IT RIGHT, MAKE SURE YOU CLEAR DATA FIRST) STEP SEVEN: IF CASTLE CLASH CRASHES AFTER THIS, UNINSTALL AND REINSTALL AND YOU ARE SET, NO NEED TO FACTORY RESET OR LOG OUT OF ANY ACCOUNTS Note - Don't do the uninstall at the end unless CC crashes on you. None of my phones crashed after applying root fix, only genymotion did. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=maRfLXmId5U&feature=youtu.be ALTERNATIVE METHOD, TESTED ON 4.1.1-4.1.2 Firmware STEP ONE: OPEN JRUMMY, GO TO DATA>USERS>0>com.igg.castleclash and delete the folder STEP TWO: Force close CC and uninstall STEP THREE: Reinstall STEP FOUR: Enjoy! IF this does not work for you please tell me which firmware you are using on your phone and I will attempt to investigate further!
  14. This guide is a guide on how to do the following: Download a modded APK from GameGuardian.net Install a modded APK to a device. Troubleshoot possible problems you may encounter. Images coming soon. Let's start. Downloading a Mod: Find the mod you would like to download from the Modded APKs section (I will use this file as an example throughout the guide ) Read the description of the file, to find out any additional instructions/steps that may be required for that particular file. Find the "Download" button (above the screenshot), and click it. Read the the disclaimer. Once you have read the disclaimer, and if you agree to it, press "Agree & Download". Find the version of mod you want (ie The Simpsons Tapped Out v4.2.4 Mod.apk)*. Click the "Download" Button to the left of the file**. The file will begin downloading. If the mod you want requires additonal data files, such as OBB/SD files, move onto the Red guide. If not, skip it, and move onto the Green guide. *: If available, you may also download the file from any mirrors you please. **: If you would like, after you have downloaded and used the mod, feel free to leave a rating, from 1 star-5 stars. OBB/SD Files: Method 1: Look for any additional instructions in the file description, for OBB/SD files. If there are none, then just follow this guide's steps. Download the OBB file/SD file. They should be .zip or .rar files. Extract the file to your sdcard. Move the extracted folder to the location: /sdcard/Android/obb Method 2: Install the game from the Play Store. Once it has finished downloading, find the obb folder that it uses in: /sdcard/Android/obb Rename the obb folder (such as adding 1 at the end of the name). Uninstall the game. Install the modded APK. Rename the folder back to the original name. Installing a Mod: Go to your device's system settings. Find: Settings>Security>Unknown Sources and make sure the box is checked. Find the modded APK you downloaded. If you downloaded it from your computer, copy it to your device. If you downloaded it from your device, move on. Open a file explorer app (ie Solid Explorer, Astro, or ES). Navigate to where you put the APK. Click/touch/press the file. You will be shown the permissions the app uses, and what the app is named. Press install. Once it has finished installing, press "Open" to open the app, or press "Done" to not open the app. Troubleshooting: "Application not installed" error: ​First, make sure any previous versions of the app (whether it's a mod, or an official version), have been un-installed. If you still receive this message, reboot your device after you have un-installed any previous versions. (Rooted users) If you continue to receive this message, clear your dalvik cache. If you made any changes through Lucky Patcher, be sure to open the Lucky Patcher app, and let it remove those changes (once the app had been un-installed). If after all of this, feel free to let us know, on the proper support topic for the mod, that you have tried the above steps and still are having issues. It's possible it is an issue with the mod, or a compatibility issue.
  15. Quick modding guide for Brave Frontier. Author: Anon-Thanatos Required tools: IDA Pro Android Tool HxD Ok lets start! First decompile/unpack the Brave Frontier APK by using Android Tool. Once it is done launch up IDA Pro, Then select new and close down the popup window that comes next "if it comes up a window". Drag and drop libgame.so into the IDA window the libgame.so are located in lib\armeabi folder. Make sure filetype is set to ELF for ARM and then press OK. IDA will now disassemble the .so file and depending on your computers speed it will take quite some time for it to complete. Once done you should have 2 forms open Functions and the ASM code window. Lets start with Karma Hack. In function windows search for function GetKarma and click it to make it show in the ASM window. Now you should see this, BL _ZN16BattleRewardList14getRewardPointEv ; BattleRewardList::getRewardPoint(void) This is the part we want to change. select that part with the mouse and then go to hex view there you should see following hex values selected FF F7 9F FF Those 4 bytes are the ones we are going to edit. Now open HxD and open libgame.so into it and then search hex value FF F7 9F FF 00 F0 E9 FB 08 BD 00 00 70 B5 17 4C You should come to Offset 0x311A38 and see the FF F7 9F FF there. Now we want to make the original instruction into a MOVS R0, 0xFF00. To do that we add in the following values FF 20 00 02 "the FF is a value you can change to anything you like. FF is max and will make you always get 65k+ Karma" I dont recomend that high since the karma will pile up really fast and if you have alot of karma on your account it will most likely get banned so go for a fairly low number instead, you will have to test around with it. Next function you need to edit is the getSendKarma (it is located a couple of functions above the getKarma function) you will see the instruction BL _ZN16BattleRewardList14getRewardPointEv There aswell. Just edit it the same way you edited the getKarma function. Ok now the Karma hack is completed, next will be Zel hack. Go to function getZel you see same instruction there as in the karma one. Do same thing as you did in karma hack. Next go to getSendZel and edit that instruction aswell. Remember dont do to high values because it will be obvious that you are hacking and you will get banned. This method of editing will work on alot other functions and its just to test around and explore the files functions. (Sometimes you will have to use different instructions like MUL to mutiply or ADD to add a value.) Here is a good page with Hex code for different ARM opcodes LINK If you got any questions then you can contact me on skype. skypename: gm-enigma I will answer when i got time and try help you with your questions as good as i can.
  16. Hacking Social Point Games

    Hello Dudes I Know many of you already know this $0.00 dollars hack but anyways i will still teach it hope you like it Just Go To- http://new-skys.net/ Follow Step By Step Or Just Follow The Video Tutorial Over There... Step-1= Load The Game You Want In This Tutorial We Will Use "Social Wars" Step-2= Wait For Your Game To Load... Step-3= After That Click Over The Upper Left Corner (Right Click) Step-4= Then Click "View Page Source" Step-5= Type CTRL+F Then Search The Following Information There Step-6= Type The Given In The Right Blank No Password Needed! No E-Mail Needed! (Refresh Your Game After The Hack Wait 10 Mins)
  17. Game Guardian 6.0.5

    Hi I am Injectdroid I am dedicated to reverse ingeneria in android I want to join with you to make mod fo lHi I am Injectdroid I want to join with you to make mod for games apk . The tutorial that I will be putting the game guardian . As you see instalais game guardian And two files are created and then the application is closed and no longer works. Do not deseperes I bring a solution One being root 2 own game guardian installed 3 have root explorer pro 4 going data / data /pl.aqua.gameguardian May you seek the open lib folder 5 when in that folder with root explorer get a guy cuadrito pinchaia alos two files you give 7777 permissions you give these pins accept And run game renicias guardian if you close the phone for the changes to be saved If no guardian furula step game with changed files I await your response
  18. How to fix Google Play Store Connection Error. Requirements Rooted phone Root Browser (You can find enough on the Internet) Moving on the the fix. 1. Open Root Browser 2. Go to the map "Etc". 3. Go down to until you see "Hosts". 4. Hold your finger on "Hosts" for a second, then release something will pop up. 5. Press "Open With..." 6. Press Open As (Incase you get the same as me) 7. Choose "Text File". 8. Scroll down to "RB Text Editor" (Or any other text editor you have) 9. Remove all lines except the first line " localhost" 10. Save and your Google Play Store has been fixed.
  19. I added all GAPPS zips to GENYMOTION TOOLS zip link and included new video showing developer options to set to ensure optimal gameplay. Worth noting that cheat engine can be used on Genymotion https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8h29LkPDd0g ************************************************************** https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5_8iW5w_I5w PRECONFIGURED JENNEH MOTION TABLET DOWNLOAD + VIDEO: HIRO MACRO PRO... PRO BOTTER XD What Genymotion is good for ;]
  20. Hi , it's a little tutorial about the problem who is always encounter in the modded games : loggin to Facebook doesn't work You have just to unistall Facebook , sign in Facebook in the game and you can install Facebook !
  21. Titanium Backup, is really an excellent app. What this guide will focus on, is how we here at GameGuardian, use TiBkp as gamesaves. To start, TiBkp are what Titanium Backup calls "Easy Backup" files. In this tutorial, we will be using the game, "Temple Run: Brave", as an example. Below is how to use them: Backing Up and sharing a TiBkp file. To do anything, you need to have Titanium Backup Installed. Go to the "Backup and Restore" Tab, as pictured: Tap the entry that you would want to backup/share. In this example, I will press "Temple Run 2", and get the following pop-up: Press "Backup!", and you're all set Now, to share the TiBkp file you just backed up, either long press (Tap and hold) the entry, or swipe to the right. You will receive this prompt/window: Press "Send latest backup ...". Which will then give you the following pop-up: Press "Data only (easy import)". Share using whatever cloud service you would like Restoring a Gamesave (TiBkp file) Download the Game, which you have downloaded/ will download a gamesave for. Open Titanium Backup (duh). Press the 'menu' button on your phone, and you will get this pop-up: Press "Import backup (.TiBkp) ...". Choose what service you would like to use, to retrieve your TiBkp file from your storage, such as below: Find where you put your TiBkp file, and 'open' it. You will then receive the following prompt: Press "Data only". Note: You may have a prompt, only with the option "Data only".
  22. This is a guide How to bypass Root Check from Glu games Example Eternity Warriors! I hope Glue will not fix it. What do we need !? 1. Xprivacy use the Xprivacy Installer and follow the steps [ROOT] XPrivacy Installer Important Do not use it if you dont know what is a bootloop and how you can fix it !!! i dont having problems with a bootloop but i dont want that anyone cant use his phone anymore.. Now if the install is done we open Xprivacy We open Xprivacy and scroll to the wantet game/app in this Example Eternity Warriors 3 We click on the picture. Now we scroll down To System Installed Apps We activate Applications Provider We scroll down to getInstalledPackages and Check that too Now we open our game this screen will pop up important do Block only getinstalledpackeges it can be you will be asked more than once read all and block only getinstalledpackgeges Now we have The get free Gems in Glu Games becoz root check was blocked If you have questions feel free to ask Like and subscribe thanks
  23. This will not be a full on tutorial on how to modify Knights And Dragons. Although I will give hints on how to do so, because telling you the exact way will get this method patched in a matter of days. (This isn't about gems) Let's look at the app is it impossible to cheat the game? No, its actually simple. First off we want to get a program on our PC called "Bluestacks" this will allow us to do a lot of things we couldn't do normally on mobile. Find a way to root your Bluestacks program and get a apk called "Game killer" installed (Yes this works.) Now here's a thing, they allow this to work because they want to bait you into finding values to change your money then ban you. Here's the secret... Say you go into a battle and at the end it drops exp and a item. Say you open the shop and want gems and keys, Energy, etc You can change all those values. For money you build things and keep selling. If you want keys well you can but there's a risk of getting banned. (From firsthand experience) Max stats like 9999 Attack 9999 Defence (Make it realistic) There's only a huge problem when you do this, the values unlock after you beat all places on the map. That's when for some reason those values can be used. And after you're all done you can swap the K&D account you made over to mobile. Now all you have to do is figure out those values and get it done. Only 2 people know about this and it is still working as of today. -Security is but a illusion-
  24. Freedom + Gamevil

    I was a long time away from the android scene, I came back and saw freedom. I was thinking cool, lets hack iap. Then i saw: **** it doesnt work with gamevil! ***** you gamevil! How to use it with gamevil/bypass protection: First of all you need 3 apps. 1) the game you want to hack 2) freedom 3) SRT Appmanager: appguard-mobile.apk Now install the game + SRT + Freedom. Then open SRT click manage apps and choose the game. Follow all steps written there. You will reach a point where you can manage app permissions. Remove the "see active apps" permission. Click ok and start freedom. Now open the game WITHOUT freedom. Start it normally. Now open the game. (NOTICE: DO NOT GIVE ROOT PERMISSIONS TO GAMEVIL GAMES. ONCE GIVEN IT WILL ALWAYS DETECT HACKS) Now be fast and do your in app purchase - VOILA ***** gamevil.