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  1. Sorry for the delay on this y'all, I was away for a bit. The issue was affecting new uploads because of security changes we recently made. Should be resolved now.
  2. Sysadmin

    A question

    Grand master is rare, because it takes a significant amount of time and contribution. A lot of the ranks are time gated, as cisco mentioned. Because some people want the rank and just spam non-helpful content to try and get it. Same with the Contributor group - you can't just get it by posting a lot quickly.
  3. Hey everyone! We recently had a community member, @Ferib reach out to us about a Lua service they created. We're sharing it here for any of our serious power-users to take advantage of, or just try out if it sounds of interest! Let us know how it goes. On to Ferib's description:
  4. Please add more information to the description
  5. Sysadmin


    It generates a different package name to avoid detection of anti-cheat.
  6. Should be able to unhide it. Try it and see EDIT: Nvm, only staff can see and unhide it
  7. Yes I believe so. It helps anyone 'soft delete' something if they receive hate over it but don't want it removed completely.
  8. Bigger inbox, larger attachment size/limit, can post without needing mod approval in certain sections, use cover photo, gif as profile picture. Probably more I'm forgetting. The idea is greater level of trust has been earned, so less limitations. Both Ascended and Contributors also don't see any ads.
  9. Hello all, After seeing many of our regular and engaged members...ascend to the Ascended group, I figured it may be helpful to have a higher group who help above and beyond even that. This new group is Contributor! The main criteria for this elite group is post count, membership time, community and reputation rank, showing that the community here finds them helpful. I am pleased to welcome @cisco72563, @sammax71, @CmP, @HEROGAMEOfficial, @Collen, @MAARS and @MonkeySAN as our first Contributors You will continue to see people being promoted as they are more active and post more as well.
  10. Rebuilding achievements now since they were broken, should be the last broken thing
  11. I've made another change that will take a few minutes to propagate (if you notice broken images just wait a few minutes).
  12. As stated, there was an issue with attachments. Should be working as of now. This is a known bug in the software that is awaiting developer patch upstream.
  13. Hello all, Long time no talk, sorry about that. As part of our regular update and refactoring, the site's been updated again. I believe the cookie issue only exists when using `/download` page now. Regarding that, we're planning on moving the community to `/` instead of `/forum` which will fix that. This is a major change so It may or may not happen soon or in the future. Also working on sorting through attachment errors.
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