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  1. Better have most of them if you can. sometime you run in the issue that a game/app refuse to run on a specific or multiple emulators, so you better have one or mores fallback. In my case i have Nox, Bluestacks, LDPlayer, MenuPlay. So in case you dont have a lot of memory to have all those, for me the better choice will be LDPlayer out of the box, or MenuPlay if you manage to debloat it
  2. You can make that script work on v7 by tweaking the offsets, the method remain the same
  3. And for the rest just pick up any programming language that run on a server + support database connection (not mandatory cause you can use a file as a db). Since php is the best candidate just spend spend some time learning basic
  4. There is no purpose of doing that if people can just share there credentials between each others, you better get a reliable method to get user android id before doing so
  5. C Module like luasocket are not available on game guardian see the API for available method
  6. MAARS

    Arm Patching

    Use the first site to get arm/8 opcode then the second to convert it into bytes code https://gcc.godbolt.org/ https://armconverter.com/ Make sure to configure gcc correctly by setting the language to c++ and the compiler to armv8-a or armv7-a
  7. MAARS

    Arm Patching

    Nice, but your request still lack context, what are you trying to do ?
  8. MAARS

    Arm Patching

    I guess he want it like this, dom might help xD
  9. The simple solution is just using Lucky Patcher. Run the script and play one game 64 bit only local gg = gg local function getModuleByExportName(libName) for k, v in ipairs(gg.getRangesList(libName)) do if v.state == "Xa" then return v end end end local libMyGame = getModuleByExportName("libMyGame.so").start gg.loadResults({ { address = libMyGame + 0x2FF9B0, flags = gg.TYPE_QWORD } }) gg.searchPointer(0) gg.searchPointer(0) local results = gg.getResults(1) local value = { address = results[1].address + 0x130, flags = gg.TYPE_DWORD, value = 0x3B9AC9FF, freeze = true } gg.clearResults() gg.addListItems({ value }) gg.alert("Done") And by the way the reason you cant even find visual value in memory is cause the game use encryption and i think it also unload value from memory, you can see some in Java Heap for a short period of time Just load the lib into IDA Pro and analyze it
  10. There are tutorials in platinmods you can learn there
  11. That code find field offset in less than 5 second on my emulator (Nox) and my physical device, that bizarre if it take too much time on yours
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