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  1. Arm hex dont work like that ARM HEX is ARM OPCODE translated to hex notation
  2. Interested, but one question: are you talking about ARM HEX or this hex 0xA80
  3. MAARS


    There is two function Return the current speed gg.getSpeed() Set speed gg.setSpeed() Check the documentation for more information how to use Ok bad me, i read the 2nd message to late, bad me. Anyway it will help someone else
  4. MAARS

    Unique id

    Hi i need some help, can someone give me a method for identifying an unique device trough shell. Before i used android unique id or imei but we are now restricted on android 10+ we can no longer access these data, i am using the device serial number, but require root on some firmware so, it is not reliable. Note: everything are done through shell Eg: getprop ro.serialno
  5. I think this is totally normal, there is a max size for the window, so the widow will not stretch to much
  6. Memory usage management depends on the chip, if you see someone hacking a game in this region, this doesn't mean yours will also work in this region. Video region are used by snapdragon chip. If you're trying some visual hack and your not on snapdragon, try ca_alloc
  7. Seem to be a good coding challenge for me, but i don't really understand, i need more explanation, draw it if possible
  8. MAARS


    Bro this code is understandable, and the value returned by the prompt need to be saved in a variable local value = gg.prompt Advice: when you share a long piece of code, juste upload it trough a file cause in this code block is unreadable on mobile
  9. os.rename only take file name,he will search in the full disk
  10. I had this issue before, and i made this solution: - rename the current file by something else - write in it - then rename to the original name local file_name = gg.getFile():match('[^/]+$') local new_name = "banana.lua" os.rename(file_name, new_name) local script = io.open(new_name, "w+") script:write("gg.alert('Hello i am the new auto updated script')") script:close() os.rename(new_name, file_name) Explanation: local file_name = gg.getFile():match('[^/]+$') This statement return the current script name, (Credit to the regex maker) local new_name = "banana.lua" This statement we just save the name that will be used to rename temporally the script local script = io.open(new_name, "w+") This statement open the the current running file in write mode, erase all previous data (blank file), (for more info check lua documentation) script:write("gg.alert('Hello i am the new auto updated script") This statement write to the file, here you write the new script content script:close() Close the early opened file os.rename(new_name, file_name) Rename the file back to is original name
  11. Game Guardian official documentation api
  12. Try this and tell me script.lua
  13. if you have 10 results and the value you want to edit is the 6th value then you can remove 5 values like this local r = gg.getResults(5) gg.removeResults(r) now you have 5 value left and your wanted value is on top the list Another method is looping trough local values = gg.getResults(10) for k, v in pairs (values) do if k == 6 then v.value = 7383737 gg.setValues(values) break end end This will edit only the 6th value on the list, I hope it will help
  14. MAARS

    Require module

    Working, thanks
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