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  1. I think in this case it is better to use boolean then evaluate it. it will be easier to make a setter function script.lua
  2. MAARS

    Script cheat

    @CmP answered well but notice that searching simply 17 can lead you to thousands of results and editing all those can make the crash, learn about group search to make your search more accurate
  3. xD i just fall in the same way
  4. Blocking access using ip address is not a good idea, cause it block every address of that network, and some people got dynamique address everytime they login they got a different address depending on the network mask, You can read this to get more information: ip based rule
  5. This is Android 11 problem, i also got 24Gb in this region, it is wrongly calculated
  6. Now mange to backup your file to your Google drive account or something similar, that what i do now, cause i also lost all of mine
  7. Do you have lucky patchers installed ?
  8. 1)- Well, gg.REGION_CODE_APP is just a table field, that store 16384, it is like a variable. you can try the code down here to see. print(gg.REGION_CODE_APP) 2)- This is reverse hex notation 0000B040rA the r specify that the value is a reverse hex, and the A is the value type AUTO
  9. Try this and tell me seekbar.lua
  10. This is just recursion for nothing important xD, why don't you just use table.remove() Directly ?
  11. I dont really understand what you mean, can you explain what you want in a different way please ! What do you mean by letting gg sleep ?
  12. MAARS

    XOR Search

    local xor = bit32.bxor local value = 10; local xorKey = -- Here the xor key local newValue = (value, xorKey) gg.searchNumber(newValue, gg.TYPE_DWORD) I just detailed it here for understanding, so when your comfortable you can go directly like this local xor = bit32.bxor local value = xor(67, 444444) gg.searchNumber(value, gg.TYPE_DWORD)
  13. MAARS

    XOR Search

    The value is dword and use XOR encryption or it is a XOR type ?
  14. It called swap items. Each item have it hown id, so just find two items you want to edit then swap there id, most of the time it is a dword value
  15. 2mb looks like you need to optimize your code
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