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  1. you forget this print('dont dec my script or i will kill you')
  2. MAARS

    For the staff

    Hey hi everyone, i hope everything running well for u, so my question to the staff today is about lua in game guardian. my first question is why until now we still not get the missing lua library in game guardian, such as couroutine etc ... i know gg can be used without, but it can be useful to in some case. and also lua is in version 5.4 now will you update lua version ? thanks in advance, also thinks for keeping some old library that have been removed in lua 5.2 such as bit32 i appreciate, they are useful in some cases
  3. You search 2 and refine 3 ?
  4. MAARS

    2k+ items

    No i think he bought more than 2000 items in game but the game cant handle all of it now is game is lagging, he want a fast method to remove some items, mean like reduce the 2000 items to 500
  5. Send the script file in this case, it is better
  6. MAARS

    A little help!

    internal bool IsRoot { [Token(Token = "0x60002E4")] [Address(RVA = "0x728EC8", Offset = "0x728EC8", VA = "0x728EC8")] get { return default(bool); } } Here maybe a root detection against rooted phone, dont use the offset i dumped a old version (v1.8.1)
  7. MAARS

    A little help!

    All game have anti cheat, it can be potato useless, but it is alwaly there [added 4 minutes later] And what version are arch are you on ? i want to make you a lib based hack, and i dont have time for both arch
  8. You should not pass this function a string as a parameter, if you want to remove an amount of results then use like this gg.removeResults(10) if you want to clear all results items gg.clearResults() if you want to remove items from the saved list use this gg.removeListItems(table [table name]) to remove all items gg.clearList()
  9. MAARS


    Ok i will try to take a look
  10. MAARS


    We are supposed to guess your game name? No link = no help
  11. MAARS

    Random Dice Hack

    No link = no help
  12. All you need is to use offset to get all those values
  13. View File Sniper 3D Cheat Script SCRIPT FOR : sniper 3d GAME VERSION : 3.32.0 ARCH : armeabi-v7a TYPE : lib base script RELEASE : beta AUTHOR : MAARS Submitter MAARS Submitted 05/08/2021 Category LUA scripts  
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