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  1. Actually string are also object, you can call method like local str = "lorem ipsum" if (str:match "lorem") then print ("The string contain 'lorem'") end And there are more method you can call on, from the string library
  2. This is not a issue, each ROM, CHIPSET might have is specific way managing data in the RAM
  3. userdata is just data type like table, string, number, boolean like i said this data type is return when you open a file using io.open
  4. You can not call seek on a string, this method is only for data type of userdata obtained by opening a file, for example -- assuming that you have a file called data.txt in the same level local datas = io.open "data.txt" print (type(data)) --> userdata
  5. 1. lua support text manipulation only with Unicode characters, so using emojis and special characters won't work. 2. you can loop through a string like this local str = "Hello World !" for char in str:gmatch "." do print (char) end
  6. None of all the virtual actually work on my Evolution X android 12 Custom ROM, i am rooted but for testing purposes i tried all of them none actually work, this issue started on Android 10 became worst on Android 11 and on Android 12 even more
  7. MAARS

    Problems starting up

    If you are still facing this problem try to set gg to English and repost the screenshot again, maybe someone will find out what going on
  8. MAARS

    Starts as rooted?

    This is the normal behavior of game guardian, you can not use gg outside of a virtual space if you are not rooted
  9. If you're rooted with magisk, check in the super user menu in case magisk revoked root access to gg
  10. You have access to the / directory but there's are some folders and files that requires root
  11. Cool it work, is it open source ?
  12. You should stop replying to people with this childish attitude, everyone are not born with a bag of knowledge like you. If you don't want to reply just don't mocks people
  13. can you link me to the remote repo, so i can do a manual Install
  14. I mean termux repo not your GitHub repo
  15. Still not found, are you sure it exists on the repo ?
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