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  1. That unnecessary, you can delete it right away on the execution, cause when you execution a script, it will be loaded in the memory, and the file source code is no longer needed until next execution Not everyone has root privilege, and just like the /root, game data folder is no longer accessible without root on recent android version 10+
  2. no way, this is easy to bypass, someone can just use a file manager that that list recently created file, or just list everything by date, and got it
  3. local configFile = gg.getFile()..'.cfg' local data = loadfile(configFile) if data ~= nil then data = data() end local input = gg.prompt({'Please input something'}, data) if input == nil then os.exit() end gg.saveVariable(input, configFile) Examples of Lua scripts (#5no51qfc)
  4. i dont think actually fully support armv9
  5. pastebin expose the dev api, the documentation is written in php but you can rewrite it in lua
  6. Just dump the game then patch the address using a hex editor
  7. Have you checked @MarioRossi93i wall ? have been publishing a lot of script on RR3 https://gameguardian.net/forum/profile/1123343-mariorossi93i/content/?type=downloads_file&change_section=1
  8. How can you access this forum is it is banned i your country ? and also even it is banned you can still install gg cause it is not a play store app
  9. Usually we use range search, like for 30k: gg.searchNumber("30000~30001", gg.TYPE_DWORD) I will not go beyond that cause there is already a lot of topics talking about this, even someone have posted something on tutorial section, I let you check
  10. xD this is beautiful, MonkeySAN and his Padawan
  11. Version 0.0.1


    Zombeast: Zombie Shooter Cheats Usage Instructions Download the the script Download the dependencies script (links below) Place all the files in the same folder Run this script with game guardian Game Name: Zombeast: Zombie Shooter Package: com.akpublish.zombie Version: 0.31.1 Url: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.akpublish.zombie Script Version: 0.0.1 Abis: arm64-v8a, armeabi-v7a Emulators: supported Dependencies: Patcher Features Immortality Unlock all weapons Unlock all skins Changelog 0.0.1 Initial release
  12. MAARS

    hack speed

    think about switching your system language to English when asking for help
  13. MAARS

    Offset w/ Read Value

    Hope this help gg.clearResults() gg.searchNumber("123456.0", gg.TYPE_FLOAT) local gravity for k, v in ipairs(gg.getResults(6)) do v.flags = gg.TYPE_WORD; if gg.getValues({ v })[1].value == 100 then v.flags = gg.TYPE_FLOAT; gravity = gg.getValues({ v })[1]; break; end end -- can edit gravity.value here gravity.freeze = true; gravity.value = "can edit here or remove this line"; local teleport = { address = gravity.address + 0x4, -- replace offset flags = gg.TYPE_FLOAT, freeze = true, value = "can edit here or remove this line", } local jump = { address = gravity.address + 0x8, flags = gg.TYPE_FLOAT, freeze = true, value = "can edit here or remove this line", } -- must call setValues if you want to edit value -- gg.setValues({ teleport, jump }) gg.addListItems({ gravity, teleport, jump }) another question, how can teleport be in a single value ? teleport normally require 3 coordinate, xyz
  14. MAARS

    Offset w/ Read Value

    I may provide a template for that but i am actually outside so no computer xD. You could already provide all the offset with associated name like 0x108, Speed Hack 0x309, Damage Hack This way i will write a ready to use script
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