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  1. The sun is red, calculate the age of Simon
  2. MAARS


    In case: Swamp attack is not unity based game, you will not be able to dump it using il2cppDumper
  3. Try this method, not the best one but ... script.lua
  4. local r = gg.getListItems() gg.loadResults(r)
  5. MAARS

    error in script

    Bro my alarm clock don't work anymore could you tell me why please ?
  6. lua is a scripting language that mean the next statement will be executed only if the statement above this one has been executed. if gg is searching for value he wont execute nothing else until the search end, has @HEROGAMEOfficial said if you want to protect your script dont share it
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  8. This is called reverse engineering, i tried to learn that a couple of time, but i give up, I Know this is not motivating but if you really want to do that then go for it. Search: Android Apps reverse engineering. On YouTube even on Google
  9. Yes but i think he is not making cheat for offline games ? so if the game is online, the is no problem to have online script also For that we use MySQL database, all of this is quite easy for me, but the only problem is to get the device id on the client side, if you get a method to get that i can write the whole app for you for free
  10. Android id on Android 10+ can not be accessed by 3rd party apps, if you really need that you will need some java/smali knowledge to add that function in **. you know what i mean
  11. That a really bad idea, never trust the client side, you cant save sensitive data in the client machine, get yourself a ftp server
  12. I dont know anything about encryption, but i know lua. so yes i think you can automatically encrypt a file all you need is the path to this file.
  13. unless the value the value are located in statics address memory like Xa you can use this option, but if the value is in region like C_ALLOC forget about that cause this memory is dynamic, next time you login to the game the address will not be the same and your address range for the search will become false
  14. To pause a function there is library in lua called coroutine that permit you to suspend your code and resume at anytime. but the actual version of gg do not include this library, you will need to find a moded gg that include it
  15. using the constant provided by @CmP use this to identify each android version Android version
  16. Most of the time you will edit the second address just to end the method and avoid that the method return a value that can trigger the anti cheat. most of the time you will see this or the equivalent hex. ARM => "BX LR" HEX => "1E FF 2F E1" So to recap, the first address is the value you are editing can be health, damage or anything else... then end the method in the second address using BX LR
  17. Did you change a device ? if yes note that memory management depends on your chipset
  18. I think in this case it is better to use boolean then evaluate it. it will be easier to make a setter function script.lua
  19. MAARS

    Script cheat

    @CmP answered well but notice that searching simply 17 can lead you to thousands of results and editing all those can make the crash, learn about group search to make your search more accurate
  20. xD i just fall in the same way
  21. Blocking access using ip address is not a good idea, cause it block every address of that network, and some people got dynamique address everytime they login they got a different address depending on the network mask, You can read this to get more information: ip based rule
  22. This is Android 11 problem, i also got 24Gb in this region, it is wrongly calculated
  23. Now mange to backup your file to your Google drive account or something similar, that what i do now, cause i also lost all of mine
  24. Do you have lucky patchers installed ?
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