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  1. MAARS

    GameGuardian lua

    Lua is sigle threaded, there is no way you can run multiple thread at once, for that you will need to modify the implementation of Lua in C, and good luck for that.
  2. Maybe it is not that server sided, server value are backup value? There are many explanation to this. Maybe luck? The server validated your change accidently?
  3. Good question I never tried editing them also, maybe we should wait for @CmP @Platonic @[email protected] sorry for ping
  4. I think it is totally possible, you are editing memory, const value change are checked only on compilation time when the code has been written is c by the dev
  5. MAARS

    Android version

    If you really like the project and want to support the developers then yes invest money in their app, but if you want just to remove ads you shall not pay, there are several ads exterminators, you can even use a simple DNS server, (take one minute to setup, no installation)
  6. MAARS

    LUAs doesnt display

    Check that your GG have the correct permission
  7. MAARS

    Please someone help

    Do the game crashed even if you are not using game guardian?
  8. Hi If i am understanding well your demand, you are trying to make a on/off capable script ? For that there is already some template here on the forum made by awesome coder that should match some regular use case https://gameguardian.net/forum/topic/26565-on-off-multi-toggle-menu-base-template/ https://gameguardian.net/forum/files/file/1676-on-off-multi-toggle-menu-base-template/ https://gameguardian.net/forum/topic/20546-onoff-button-in-one-hack/ https://gameguardian.net/forum/topic/20939-prefix-buttons-on-and-off/ I found a lot of topic about this on Google can not list all of them here so I suggest you to take a look here
  9. My general idea was this local debug local hasRedeem = false local function main() debug= false if not hasRedeem then local prompt = gg.prompt({"Enter amount to redeem:"}, nil, {'number'}) if not prompt or not tonumber(prompt[1]) then gg.alert("Can not redeem") os.exit(1) end gg.alert(("The amount of : $%s has been redeem !"):format(prompt[1])) hasRedeem = true else gg.alert("You have already received a credit") end end while true do if gg.isVisible() then debug= true gg.setVisible(false) end if (debug) then main() end end
  10. I am a little bit lost here can you explain a little please. For me the simple way to solve this is using state, for example on top of your script you put local isUsed = false And after the first use of your function you just set it to true
  11. gg.prompt return nil when the user dismiss the dialog. So a simple condition check on the variable will do it local prompt = gg.prompt({"Enter number"}) if not prompt then gg.alert("You dismissed the dialog") else gg.alert(("The number is: %s"):format(prompt[1])) end
  12. If you have two device try installing the game on the other device if the ban persist that will confirm they are using ip ban In some games like PUBG the game save some info in your device in a configs file deleting this file reset the ban (on guest account) You can try this one enable show hidden file on your file explorer and browse to check for configs file on /sdcard and /sdcard/Android/data
  13. First you need to identify what method they are using to identify you, IMEI ? IP ADDRESS ? ... then you can just spoof those data to be incognito did you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game ? do after that the game still recognize you ?
  14. Check this : https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=what+is+root+android+%3F
  15. MAARS

    Help global and local

    You can declare the variable outside local menu function hack() menu = gg.choice({'fly','car'}) if menu == nil then os.exit() end if menu == 1 then gg.alert("fly") end if menu == 2 then gg.alert("car") end end hack() gg.alert(menu) And remember gg.choice return a number or nil You can not use index on it like you did if you really wanna do that the solution will be to declare your item separately local menu local item = {"fly", "car"} function hack() menu = gg.choice(item) if menu == nil then os.exit() end if menu == 1 then gg.alert("fly") end if menu == 2 then gg.alert("car") end end hack() gg.alert(menu and item[menu])
  16. Just like when using gg.searchNumber the refine function also accept semicolon separated values to refine. gg.refineNumber("14;15;18", gg.TYPE_DWORD) See the Class reference
  17. Not really coding, just trial and error with manual search, using script for search is really for some special case
  18. If still not working, you should search your value again and make a fresh new group search.
  19. Try different region, ch, jh
  20. In your video you have the CA region selected, try to switch it to Anonymous region
  21. So I suggest you at first to try different region
  22. Can you tell me those two device name please, different android version and device chips can influence how data are managed in the ram For example when I was using my Samsung device with exynos chips I have been hacking most of the game on the C++ alloc region but since I got my Xiaomi device with snapdragon things have changed for almost all game I am working with the anonymous region
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