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  1. Fatal

    DBZ dokkan battle plz

    Havnt tried editing the values myself. But the modded apk posted in the downloads section works really well. Infinite health and super strong atk. Just go to Hercule challange and set to zhard and farm it. Like 50k zeni by the time you finish.
  2. Fatal

    [Poll] VIP payment methods

    I personally feel Paypal is the best option for any online payments, So I would feel more comfortable with it as an option for sure!
  3. Fatal

    App: freedom-0.6.1.apk

    Cannot be installed on my device (lg Optimus g) how to make work?
  4. Fatal


    Download this theme, Change Background.JPG (.PNG or whatever format its in) Re-upload. Enjoy.
  5. Cool logo but purple doesnt quite fit with blue and yellow...

    1. Enrique7


      all is awesome but the black backgroung is not good

  6. Fatal

    Bugfixes, new theme, etc...

    \ yeah I know, thats what I meant, if you had made it im sure it wouldnt still say "Genesis" in the header
  7. Fatal

    Rankbar Contest! $10 Prize

    Those are some pretty **** sexxy rankbars energizer, gratz!
  8. Fatal

    Bugfixes, new theme, etc...

    new theme looks pretty dope dyno, not much need to ask if you made it or not but still cool none the less.
  9. Fatal

    Dead Trigger

    i made a request for this on CIH too, if i get any hits over there i will post. although i wish i had looked for a cracked apk... lawls oh well, so far its worth the .99 cents.
  10. customized profiles FTW!

  11. Fatal

    Need an easy to read/use GG tutorial

    Alright, I'm fine with that.
  12. Make sure you didnt hide it, its at the very bottom of the page. should be at the top imo. nvm i lied, i cant see it either..
  13. Fatal

    New Member

    Welcome Mike! Hope you enjoy your stay!
  14. I think we (Mod's-Admins) should be able to have the option to infractions to a users account for off topic /thread jacking/ because I believe these are serious problems for some forums *cough* GCIH *cough* and they should not be taken lightly, it puts more work on the mod's/admin's and can be a serious problem if not addressed promptly