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Found 50 results

  1. Hello, how can I unlock all season/special buildings (f.e. Red Day, Lunar etc.) in SimCity BuildIt using Game Guardian or other cheating tools? Please, help.
  2. GameGuardian

    View File GameGuardian Overview: Play games your way! “GameGuardian” is a game hack/alteration tool. With it, you can modify money, HP, SP, and much more. You can enjoy the fun part of a game without suffering from its unseasonable design. Requires Android: 2.3.3+ GameGuardian Features Summary Runs on ARM, x64 and x86 devices, including x86 emulators (BlueStacks, Droid4X, Koplayer, Andy, Nox, Memu, Leapdroid, AMIDuOS, Windroye, RemixOS, PhoenixOS, AVD, Genymotion etc.) Supports Android 2.3.3+ (Gingerbread) through Lollipop (5+), Marshmallow (6+), Nougat (7+) and Oreo (8+). Support different emulators like PPSSPP, ePSXe, GameBoy etc. Game deceleration and acceleration (speedhack) for ARM and x86 devices, including x86 emulators. Also supports both 32-bit and 64-bit applications on 64-bit devices using speedhack. Search feature: encrypted values. Search of unknown values when specifying the difference between values. Search addresses by mask. Explicit and "fuzzy" numeric searches. Text (String, Hex, AoB) search. Supports: Double, Float, Qword, Dword, XOR, Word, Byte, or Auto data-type searches. Lua scripting support. Modify all search results at once. Filtering of search results (address greater than and less than, value greater than and less than). Search in the background feature. 'The fill' feature. Time jump feature. Dump memory. Copy memory. Customizable UI. App locale for over 50 languages. And, much, much more. Notes: ** ROOT or VIRTUAL ENVIRONMENT ONLY ** This tool only works on rooted devices or in virtual environment (without root in limited mode)! GG can work in limited mode without root, through a virtual environment. For example, through VirtualXposed, Parallel Space, GO multiple, Parallel Space Lite, 2Face and many others. Read the help for more details. You can find more information about rooting your device at XDA Developers. Want to help us improve, or add a translation? Then please visit thread "If you want to add a new translation or improve an existing". If you are having issues with the app, please visit thread "Gathering information about GG errors". Want to donate and help keep the project going? That's awesome! You can donate any amount (anything helps) here: Donate Need help with how to use this application? Please visit "Video tutorials" and forum "Guides". If you are experiencing issues while trying to download this file, use this link: https://gameguardian.net/apk Credit: @d2dyno - Owner, lead designer, project management. @Enyby - Lead coder, project management. @Trasd - Technical consultant, project management. @Aqua - Creator (retired). Submitter d2dyno Submitted 05/19/12 Category Official Downloads  
  3. Gameloft forums: there's an even bigger CANCER in this game that's called GG (game guardian) I think the reality is that 75% of the top 100 players are using GG. Game is completely ruined and has been for a long time. I quit because of GG and need to compete with other players in GW and tourney who use GG. If you want tourney gems you have to join a top guild and compete against the ten guys in that guild who are using GG to shoot up 250 trophies in the last 15 minutes. Its impossible otherwise. I agree the gem bug is small compared to GG. FIX THE "PLAGUE" WHICH IS GAME GUARDIAN I decided to test the game Guardian, famous mod already used by many players. A group of people which uses increases greatly. After checking my analysis are shocking, You acknowledge that 10% of bonuses in guilds to them compared to this. To begin with, that the mod modifies the speed of the game gives you infinite energy turns to statistical billion. In other words, we have EVERYTHING. With infinite energy we wanted to kill us points as time allows. Thanks to the billions raised statistics can include waypoint 60 easily and with greater speed we can do it in a few hours. With over statistics, we can destroy every castle. Legendary punching a matter of time. Not is only in WC, with this hack (game guardian) you can win any stronghold. game guardian and lots of free morale from level up does miracles .. UNIONFORCE WITH 12 VETERANS active is at 151000 points in Guild Wars. They still doing 10000+ points each war. Maybe is the non stop usage of GameGuardian that makes them so unstoppable plus the unlimited GEM bug. There are no cheaters in game. Your eyes just play games with you. GameGuardian 8.1 update with upgraded slowmotion doesn't exist. neither the Macedonian flag cheater horde on iOS. Trung's iOS R&D hack video is just after effects, and Windows leaderboards are not how you see it. Asphalt8-ModdedByS2Cancer doesn't exist. And the number of cheaters did not increase minute by minute. Before you even think of releasing a new update fix the d*** gameguardian hackers first and than you can come up with something new in game even if every update comes with new bugs ...i guess we are used to this been already 1 year . This hacking program ruined your game since few updates now and you fools arent doing nothing .the way i see it either you guys are truly incompetent or this denial of fixing gameguardian is being done on purpose . wake the hell up and give us a fair game ....not a BROKEN product . I would remove the word "apparently" Game Guardian sadly works too well... Scopely forums: Game guardian users sucks balls!! Ok, we know you cannot ban players for using "ghosting", but what about the players that use Game Guardian? You are very fast to delete the posts about Game Guardian, but are you very fast to ban this cheaters too? Game Guardian works still do not have it locked scopely! People use Game guardian to know in advance the events that you will do! it's too obvious the top factions are all gameguardian users... Hello staff scopely, I know that you have reset the people to hack the time, but you must know that this Hack GameGuardian still works you have not blocked completely! In fact people are now exploiting to know in advance what the competition will be next, going from a war to a single assaults! But you can not put the notifications with the date and time of these competitions and lock definitely GameGuardian? I do not think it is so hard to deliver a message to all players who let us know when a tournament begins, so ospostare inactive members and play at 100% without it being used Hack GG! GG does an awful lot more than just speed up your game. By speeding up the game, your SD resets faster, your building upgrades complete faster, your training is done in a blink and your farms are filled in an instant. > Those have been patched I Googled gg and every forum says the same thing. All hacks have been patched when the game reboots into normal time everything resets back. This is false, Game Guardian "Updates" every night at midnight, where the developers look at and holes that need reprogrammed. I know Game Guardian comes out with an update roughly twice a week to stay ahead of the curve. My only concern...that nothing can really be done. Cheaters and exploits will always be one step ahead, or will do just enough to not have their head above water. and yet the man who can get in and out of two raids in 16 seconds is refusing to show anyone how? wanna know why? because its impossible without GG! People in our region in a certain faction are using Game Guardian in our region to take the towers before the timer even runs out to start war, how? The get all 3 towers every war at the start of a certain player is in and their timers on the tower are offset with the actually way the timers should be set with the towers. Maybe Scopley is unaware of the fact GG keeps releasing new updates when Scopley figures out how to stop one of the previous ones.
  4. Game guardian in no root isn't working properly , it only detect my game sometimes while using parallel.Most of the time it failed to detect my game plz help or fix this issue
  5. PickCrafter Runic help!

    Name of Game:Pickcrafter Play Store Link (If it's a paid app, the apk):https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.fiveamp.pickcrafterapp&hl=en Version:latest What cheat? Health, xp, gold...:Runic Have you tried cheating this game? What happened?:Blocks and chests work fine, but when try changing runic goes to 0 Comments: Well basically every time I try to change the runic it's reset to 0, I tried only twice since its not worth keep losing Runic. anyone has any luck with it? Any help will be greatly appreciated and if you're looking for infinite Chests/Boss. this guy shows how using GG:
  6. Asphalt 8 speedhack

    How to use speedhack hack in Asphalt 8 Android? . Or event position hack ?
  7. Hello world, I'll leave you the latest updated hacks with game guardian. of the game the last day on earth to get more information visit my channel. Channel youtube anonymous 1000 hacker. https://m.youtube.com/c/ANONYMOUS1000HACKER Channel youtube game guardian. https://m.youtube.com/channel/UC6AGYmGsRgmpXgz4mxAkRoQ _______________________________________________ added 3 minutes later Hack level last day on earth: survival 2018 by anonymous 1000 hacker and GG application. https://m.youtube.com/c/ANONYMOUS1000HACKER
  8. BarbarQ

    Name of Game: BarbarQ Play Store Link (If it's a paid app, the apk): https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bbqstudio.bbqqoversea Version: 1.0.30 What cheat? Health, xp, gold...: Gold, gems Have you tried cheating this game? What happened?: Yes, Results go back to normal. Comments: Its a nice game, it would be awesome if someone could hack, make a script, or anything. Thx =D
  9. 😃Hello My Friends Are A New Member Of The Society I Will Share For Everyone A New Hack Scenario Finds On Youtube , It is Vietnamese😞 😅Channel Youtube:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVzXERV_-bqz26EZ7yu6HVA 😊1 Like And 1 Subscribers Thank You !😆 Link DownLoad:😄 Kịch Bản Vip Free Fire.txt
  10. Basically there's this game called Avatar Musik and I've been searching for a good 3 months for an APK with modded gems and coins but i cant seem to find one they're all just false generators, Can anyone mod Avatar Musik for lots of gems and coins? I know it's impossible to get unlimited amounts of currency on online games but it's possible to mod it with at least 500,000 gems and coins, Also i'll add that the Avatar Musik auto-ban system is quite vicious but not impossible to get around, I'd be happy if anyone could mod a character like that for me, pm for more information. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.TeaM.AvatarMusik&hl=en_GB < link for the game Thanks for your time, Chezzcake.
  11. SUP Multiplayer Racing Hacking

    That is the only way of hacking coins and diamonds in this game. You can hack also the tokens and boxes too.
  12. I made a playlist of my recent video tutorials. Here you go :
  13. Ace fishing wild catch

    Good afternoon ADM. I wonder if you can get the GG to work on this Ace fishing game update. In the previous version of the game, it was working. But now with this update, we can not do it anymore. Can you help us?
  14. Simple newbie-friendly Gem/Pearls hack for Angry Birds 2. Subscribe to my channel: Follow me on Twitter @Reversflux
  15. They Detected GG :)

    Dear GameGuardian, in the recent of Toram Online update they blocked GameGuardian, it cannot be played if GG was installed, can you fix this in future update? thanks
  16. Remove ads

    Can gameguardian remove ads from apps ?
  17. The Sims mobile hack

    Please help if anyone know how to hack the Sims mobile...
  18. I am having two icons of GG.. if somebody know please help....
  19. DURQNGO WILD LAND Hi guys ...Please help me, there is a very popular game that has not been released yet, we these fans want to know how to make a change like demage and unlimited Xp... Please help me, if you can create script or how to hack with game guardian app. Many players of this game are requesting to hack this game durango wild land Thanks.... Vidio It's for an example , No change in power and damage
  20. DH5 New Update

    after the last update game guardian does not work and we are in trouble and we will help you in this matter please do not worry about attack defender and items
  21. Ben up to speed

    How can I hacker Ben 10 up to speed Any one responsive to me please
  22. Hi everyone, I hope I chose the right topic for my question. What my problem is, that whenever I try to open the gg interface in hill climb racing 2, the phone freezes, doesn't respond at all and I have to hard reset it. I don't know if it happens to anyone else, if so, please let me know it, and the soultion for it. Thanks in advance.
  23. What techniques that I can implement in my game to make it immune to memory editing by Game Guardian or other editing softwares?
  24. Nothing

    Hi I am New How to Root the GAMEGUARDIAN BUT I LOVE HACKING THANKS -GameUser431
  25. HAWK: Freedom Squadron

    Name of Game:HAWK: Freedom Squadron Play Store Link (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.my.hawk.air.shooter): Version:1.6.2463 What cheat? Health, xp, gold...: Have you tried cheating this game? What happened?: Comments: