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Found 26 results

  1. Version 7


    SCL Version 7 Changelog v7 - Fix Camera Shake for Ultimate S12K (Move to Landing Tab) - Add Normal Magic Bullet - Reorganised Menu - Remove Sanhok Landscape (Replace With Jeep Menu) - Red Dot Scope Menu - Add Visual Lift (Landing Menu) - Kill Box Smoke (In Test Mode)(Landing Menu) - Undermap Boat (Testing Feature Tab) - Add 2 HDR Color ----------------- Stay Connected via Telegram Channel: https://t.me/sclpubg --------------- PUBG Mobile + All maps 1. Check file main.9345.com.tencent.ig.obb in /Android/obb/ Note: if you file main.9325.com.tencent.ig.obb in /Android/obb/ please update 16mb 2.Dowload Extact file and Copy folder com.tencent.ig to /Android/data/ Link: https://t.me/sclpubg/95 ------------------- Leave a message to me in telegram if you have some error. Ty~ More new function coming soon~
  2. Hello I have a simple question with a App Called Server Maker For mcpe Google Play https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bawztech.mcpeservermaker Ok now my question is This App un-cheatble because Game Killer can Cheat it but my phone is unrootet means i can only use Game Guardian thx For all replys
  3. Hi. GameGuardian brokes my Esc-key functionality after last update (8.5.2). I used it for speedhack HeroesCharge on my Android emulator BlueStacks. It was ok before, but now... I can't use Esc-key as "Back" after i opened SpeedHack menu (with <- and ->). It is stopping working after long pushing on button GG and chosing any speed. It's working before it. And it will not work after closing GG, if it stops, only program restart can help. What can i do now? P.S. Version 8.4.8 is working good. I have to use 8.4.8 with an annoying message about update every time it starts.
  4. I mostly use script for Ldoe and it always working flowlessly for me. But every single of my free fire script showing this message. Any help guys.. ️
  5. Hello, how can I unlock all season/special buildings (f.e. Red Day, Lunar etc.) in SimCity BuildIt using Game Guardian or other cheating tools? Please, help.
  6. Hi all. This ain't a proper question, but it is a feedback + ask and I cannot find a better place to give this feedback and, if it is the case, to ASK to deploy this on updates: 1) Select application - I'd like to hear another forum's people, but I'm used to start a GameGuardian and start the game. When i touch GameGuardian, Select application pops up. Well, on 6 version we were able to work without this. Sure, this is good to fix user mistakes, but I can't see a reason to hack another apk while you're using under a game. E.g. Metal Slug Attack and GameGuardian opened. Why I want to hack Nova Launcher while I'm gaming? 2) Know values: Into type, I'd love to see a fixed type, or the most used from users: we all use Dword and barely another ones. To get me what I'm asking here, just loook to value: equal is fixed and if I want to change, just touch it and make the changes. 3) Memory Ranges: most of it selectabe by default, but keep the other (slow) unckeck. 4) edit selected: if we select more than one to change, might be useful to expaned "more" by default, because I belive users do use if often when search a game with a lot of hits. 5) Updates: let us change how often GameGuardian might search for updates. Let's how this thread works out. By the way, I'd like to say hello to Enyby. Can't sure if you remember, but I was a member from Alpha. I'm still a member, but I figured it's time to "hang out" here. Thanks for making this happen.
  7. So Ill say this first... I'm a noob okay ??. But basically Ive been looking all over for a way to easily find an address, that's drastically changing from mission to mission (HP). I've read about people finding the damage to hp code and changing them (but I don't that's an option here?? Plus I can't code..). Now offset could work but it could change from BFD1D1E8 to CAA3F4J1.. (the health value can be changed with Dword and 2 scans. However in multiplayer lobbies and such, it's too much of a pain to change it without taking damage (all enemies move independently for everyone)) Any advice would be helpful (The game is Bleach Brave Souls, a server sided RPG)
  8. lanzhein


    Name of Game: BarbarQ Play Store Link (If it's a paid app, the apk): https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bbqstudio.bbqqoversea Version: 1.0.30 What cheat? Health, xp, gold...: Gold, gems Have you tried cheating this game? What happened?: Yes, Results go back to normal. Comments: Its a nice game, it would be awesome if someone could hack, make a script, or anything. Thx =D
  9. View File SCL PUBG Script [0.8.5 PUBG] [No Root] [Dual Menu] SCL Version 7 Changelog v7 - Fix Camera Shake for Ultimate S12K (Move to Landing Tab) - Add Normal Magic Bullet - Reorganised Menu - Remove Sanhok Landscape (Replace With Jeep Menu) - Red Dot Scope Menu - Add Visual Lift (Landing Menu) - Kill Box Smoke (In Test Mode)(Landing Menu) - Undermap Boat (Testing Feature Tab) - Add 2 HDR Color ----------------- Stay Connected via Telegram Channel: https://t.me/sclpubg --------------- PUBG Mobile + All maps 1. Check file main.9345.com.tencent.ig.obb in /Android/obb/ Note: if you file main.9325.com.tencent.ig.obb in /Android/obb/ please update 16mb 2.Dowload Extact file and Copy folder com.tencent.ig to /Android/data/ Link: https://t.me/sclpubg/95 ------------------- Leave a message to me in telegram if you have some error. Ty~ More new function coming soon~ Submitter Lenzrix Submitted 10/05/18 Category LUA scripts
  10. When I try to start, I receive the following message (see the attached file)
  11. EDIT: Fix lollipop, by installing latest version of GameGuardian (6.1.0): https://gameguardian.net/forum/files/file/2-gameguardian/
  12. Hey there, I tried to decrypt/decompile this gameguardian file brom BadCase. I tried this with a lot of files on YouTube, but it didn’t work for me. I don’t know if I used this wrong or if it is just not working. I just don’t know how to decompile/decrypt, is someone able to do this for me? It goes about the following file: BadCase's Script Launcher (#5vkp70uo) Thanks in advanced!
  13. Gameloft forums: there's an even bigger CANCER in this game that's called GG (game guardian) I think the reality is that 75% of the top 100 players are using GG. Game is completely ruined and has been for a long time. I quit because of GG and need to compete with other players in GW and tourney who use GG. If you want tourney gems you have to join a top guild and compete against the ten guys in that guild who are using GG to shoot up 250 trophies in the last 15 minutes. Its impossible otherwise. I agree the gem bug is small compared to GG. FIX THE "PLAGUE" WHICH IS GAME GUARDIAN I decided to test the game Guardian, famous mod already used by many players. A group of people which uses increases greatly. After checking my analysis are shocking, You acknowledge that 10% of bonuses in guilds to them compared to this. To begin with, that the mod modifies the speed of the game gives you infinite energy turns to statistical billion. In other words, we have EVERYTHING. With infinite energy we wanted to kill us points as time allows. Thanks to the billions raised statistics can include waypoint 60 easily and with greater speed we can do it in a few hours. With over statistics, we can destroy every castle. Legendary punching a matter of time. Not is only in WC, with this hack (game guardian) you can win any stronghold. game guardian and lots of free morale from level up does miracles .. UNIONFORCE WITH 12 VETERANS active is at 151000 points in Guild Wars. They still doing 10000+ points each war. Maybe is the non stop usage of GameGuardian that makes them so unstoppable plus the unlimited GEM bug. There are no cheaters in game. Your eyes just play games with you. GameGuardian 8.1 update with upgraded slowmotion doesn't exist. neither the Macedonian flag cheater horde on iOS. Trung's iOS R&D hack video is just after effects, and Windows leaderboards are not how you see it. Asphalt8-ModdedByS2Cancer doesn't exist. And the number of cheaters did not increase minute by minute. Before you even think of releasing a new update fix the d*** gameguardian hackers first and than you can come up with something new in game even if every update comes with new bugs ...i guess we are used to this been already 1 year . This hacking program ruined your game since few updates now and you fools arent doing nothing .the way i see it either you guys are truly incompetent or this denial of fixing gameguardian is being done on purpose . wake the hell up and give us a fair game ....not a BROKEN product . I would remove the word "apparently" Game Guardian sadly works too well... Scopely forums: Game guardian users sucks balls!! Ok, we know you cannot ban players for using "ghosting", but what about the players that use Game Guardian? You are very fast to delete the posts about Game Guardian, but are you very fast to ban this cheaters too? Game Guardian works still do not have it locked scopely! People use Game guardian to know in advance the events that you will do! it's too obvious the top factions are all gameguardian users... Hello staff scopely, I know that you have reset the people to hack the time, but you must know that this Hack GameGuardian still works you have not blocked completely! In fact people are now exploiting to know in advance what the competition will be next, going from a war to a single assaults! But you can not put the notifications with the date and time of these competitions and lock definitely GameGuardian? I do not think it is so hard to deliver a message to all players who let us know when a tournament begins, so ospostare inactive members and play at 100% without it being used Hack GG! GG does an awful lot more than just speed up your game. By speeding up the game, your SD resets faster, your building upgrades complete faster, your training is done in a blink and your farms are filled in an instant. > Those have been patched I Googled gg and every forum says the same thing. All hacks have been patched when the game reboots into normal time everything resets back. This is false, Game Guardian "Updates" every night at midnight, where the developers look at and holes that need reprogrammed. I know Game Guardian comes out with an update roughly twice a week to stay ahead of the curve. My only concern...that nothing can really be done. Cheaters and exploits will always be one step ahead, or will do just enough to not have their head above water. and yet the man who can get in and out of two raids in 16 seconds is refusing to show anyone how? wanna know why? because its impossible without GG! People in our region in a certain faction are using Game Guardian in our region to take the towers before the timer even runs out to start war, how? The get all 3 towers every war at the start of a certain player is in and their timers on the tower are offset with the actually way the timers should be set with the towers. Maybe Scopley is unaware of the fact GG keeps releasing new updates when Scopley figures out how to stop one of the previous ones.
  14. So I figured out how to edit my coin value for Aucurus Online MMORPG at first everything worked here's what I did:::::: Scan the amount of Coin 800,500 coin for example Use some coin buying potion in the General store:100 coin cost Then After Scan Edit Value of 800500 To 800400 Refine search Use some coin buying potion again 800400 . Edit Adress to 800300 Find all Values Matching Coin Remove all the rest of the non matched Edit addresses of to Max Number. save it Buy Something with Coin..and it sets to whatever number between 1-2billion Now ever since I did it the first time here's the problem everything works except it says insufficient funds when I try to do buy anything but I have 2billion coin...did I do something wrong..? Also can anyone write up how to change levels like EXP XP ect. I tried this Start Game Open Game Guardian Select Memory Ranges Uncheck JH JAVA HEAP Uncheck Chi C++HEAP Uncheck Ca C++ alloc Uncheck Cd C++data Uncheck Cb ++bss Uncheck PS:PPSSPP keep A: Anonymous Checked Fuzzy Search /Select Data Type:Double GET XP EXP Open Game Guardian How has the Value changed More button Difference= EXP earned from monster Example 80.0 Select N=O+D Collect more EXP XP Earned from a monster Check Value Changes Edit address as Double =Value Change Goto the box = = I wrote this all down on my dictionary so bare with me lol Select the 2 values the value above and below the yellow highlighted value Edit 2 addresses as D-word The Value Replace a Number Higher Example :1,098,988 change to 1,198,988 Collect more EXP..EXP Changes to Max I tried everything to get it to work on different games I'm finding more and more games and I'm getting more and more tech savy wizard I just wanna know if there's anything I'm doing wrong I tested this process on games like Aucurus Online MMORPG Sword Fantasy Works and others like it probably if yah can help find a level changer plz Thanks pleaseput our brains together not mine but 0.o someone -,0 Enby lol Enby is like pewdiepie Pewdiepie =the face of YouTube Enby =the face of Game Guardian lol
  15. Hi. Normally I do not ask for help for this kind of thing but good. I have problems with the installation and configuration of gameguardian in bluestacks 4. The steps that I follow are: 1) Root Bluestacks 4 2) Install games 3) Install game guard 4) Open game guardian 5) Accept the root permissions 6) Install the Parallel app 7) Clone the game and game guardian apk. Once I clone the applications I open the game guardian and the game in Parallel. And here the problem is that when opening the game guardian says an error "Failed to find package name of the application" How can i fix this? I have tried to search videos on YouTube and I have not found anything. Sorry for me bad english
  16. So i am making a "Private" script menu for a friend so he gets into hacking too. But i dont know how to solve this problem I hope you get my Idea xD UI = 1 if gg.isVisible(true) then gg.setVisible(false) end CustomFoV = result[4] -- function main() gg.alert("{Press 'OK' to activate Hacks}\nthis hack Contains:\n~NoRecoil\n~Bigger Hitbox\n~FoV") Result = gg.prompt({"No Recoil","Bigger Hitbox", "FoV","Custom FoV(Needed if checked)\nSelect a number between 150 and 360"},nil,{"checkbox", "checkbox","checkbox","number"}) if result[1] then NoRecoil() end if result[2] then BigHitbox() end if result[3] then FoV() end if result[4] == FoV() then CustomFoV end UI =-1 end -- function NoRecoil() end function BigHitbox() end function FoV() end -- function exit() gg.toast("This script is made by \nஜ۩۩ஜ[K/D Destroyer]ஜ۩۩ஜ \nPrivate script made for wifi-iwnl") print("This script is made by \nஜ۩۩ஜ[K/D Destroyer]ஜ۩۩ஜ \nPrivate script made for wifi-iwnl") os.exit() end -- main() while true do if gg.isVisible(true) then gg.setVisible(false) UI = 1 end gg.sleep(100) if UI == 1 then main() end end

    Time Script

    Version 1


    Time Script you can use for your own script, put in gg.toast, gg.alert, print and more.
  18. Dear GameGuardian, in the recent of Toram Online update they blocked GameGuardian, it cannot be played if GG was installed, can you fix this in future update? thanks
  19. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Rus Ребята, Gameguardian очень долго ищет значение после чего высвечивается кнопка Abort, я нажимаю и нечего не происходит, отпишитесь пожалуйста в этой теме кому не трудно( Заранее спасибо) Телефон ZTE Grand X Quad v987 Root cheker показывает что все установлено. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Eng Guys, Gameguardian very long time to find the value and then displayed button Abort, I click and nothing happens, please unsubscribe in the subject who is not difficult (Thanks in advance) Phone ZTE Grand X Quad v987 Root cheker shows that everything is set up.
  20. Hello Fellow Members of GameGuardian, Its D4rkShifter here. i have joined this forum a few days ago and i have been meaning to introduce myself, I have been so busy downloading Bluestacks and modded apps from this site since they seem to work I hope to get more involved in the site, like posting more, following/thanking posts etc, etc, etc. So i hope to see lots of people around the forum and to have lots of fun
  21. Would this work? An version checker that check the version of the script(uploaded on gameguardian) If the code for it is in the description of the cheat? If yes, this would be so great d***
  22. Hello I made this topic because I need help with my gameguardian. When I enter gameguardian it says that I need to enable a permission for the floating window and when I press ok it brings me to the settings but I don't know what to do. If anyone knows what I'm supposed to do please write down.
  23. View File Time Script Time Script you can use for your own script, put in gg.toast, gg.alert, print and more. Submitter MORTY_TOP Submitted 10/06/18 Category LUA scripts
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