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  1. any custom rom works, you just need to root it. it also depends on the hardware of course
  2. jhem logging ip's sure makes this not sketchy
  3. good job, had the same in forward assault
  4. what are the steps you do with your Android calculator? i can then make this into a script for you
  5. appreciate the good work, wil ltry to make something useful out of this
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  7. [VISUAL STUDIO CODE] GameGuardian Snippet [Update V.1.3] Added several additions to the Snippet code. Quote this text with suggestions i should add Next. im trying to Update as Frequently as i can! [How to install/use the Snippet] Have fun! GameGuardian.code-snippets
  8. at the beginning yyou saw me switching to the "work" mode, that is what island creates
  9. (A)rea (o)f (B)ytes / Patterns How to find them only using GG? How to use them? how to search Hex array please help im generally confused since there is no general tutorial for finding/using AoB for your advantage i'll include this Script from @saiaapiz please Help C-Ops.lua
  10. Hello fellow Enyby, there is this "Virtual Space" called 'island' by Oasis Feng, creator of Greenify. anyways, is it Possible that this VS can be optimized to work with Android 12? or more GameGuardian than A12. if so ima leave the apk link Here: Github
  11. not to be rude, why dont you combine all the scripts together so you wouldnt have to download them all. but i also kinda see where you going with this. would you give me an example how you did your loader? a PM would be appreciated if you willing to share. good to have you back
  12. YeetMeister

    Closed interval

    dont know what your up to bud, you trying to hide the values from Gameguardian shtuff?
  13. Hello there, i made a video where i showcased a GameGuardian Snippet for Visual Studio Code. i've decided to release it since i was done working on it. Anyways. im gonna show you on how to use this. Step 1; Download: Visual Studio Code and set it up. Step 2; grab the code snippet of my Video (Google Drive link in Description) Step 3; go to C:\Users\Name\AppData\Roaming\Code\User\snippets and Copy paste the snippet file in there Step 4; Create a new File in VSC and add the .lua extention at the end of the file name Step 5; Type "gg" and you'll see a Popup with code suggestions. use the arrow keys to select or use the mouse and Click on it. feel free to extend this snippet script. its the bare bones version because i lost the Complete one im arfraid. Please, if it helped you creating Scripts. Give this Guide a Like and please sub to my YouTube: 0x14C
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