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    Well deserved rep, he's active on Discord helping everyone out getting started with GG, and he doesn't mind helping with scripting
  1. Jus store the value in a table you dont need to save em in a list
  2. Thank you so much, I think I got it now sorry I'm not clear minded at the moment xD
  3. Does it matter if the device is using x86 and you have a x32 game running? Like does it effect the value results?
  4. imagine ripping someones work off and then credit to someone that puts in his telegram group Pathetic
  5. lol, i dont care about the search stuff, the on off principal is straight ripped from him
  6. you dont see the similarities? dman you need glasses
  7. you sure about that Prefix buttons (ON and OFF) (#6pa40cnj) maybe compare yourself.
  8. well, if youre in the same mindset as me then money doesnt mean anything to you. i'm not chasing the big mone, i do this s*** to cope honestly
  9. why would i want to get paid from this anyways lol, i do this for fun/learning
  10. haha yeah [added 1 minute later] i dont even want to try to encrypt my Scripts, i will post them Open Source
  11. whodefog. i mean, i dont think a script is really save enough to be making this since there is litteral telegram groups for decrypting scripts
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