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  1. I mean yeah, but he asked for what it is used [added 0 minutes later] Bruh
  2. Example: why has your phone a screen lock
  3. View File UI Button Menu Template No Credits, Download and view the code in a Text/Code Editor Submitter YeetMeister Submitted 07/09/2021 Category Templates  
  4. I've tested this and it can have an effect on it if you're using > Android 10 and above seems to be different. Maybe because of Scoped storage and stuff, try searching the values in O: range
  5. Version 420


    No Credits, Download and view the code in a Text/Code Editor
  6. I dunno, I don't use LD Player, since MeMu is working try going into your UEFI settings and enable virtualization optimization or sum
  7. Try LD Player, MeMu works the best for me but LD Player is my Second Option since it gets recognized by Android Studio better
  8. How do you find something like remove ads or something
  9. Jus store the value in a table you dont need to save em in a list
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