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  1. money for example is 2335 (in hex = 1Fh in Byte) the gameguardian script should check if the money value changes, and if it changes + or - it will save the money value to a External file, and if the script is executed in a new instance it should automatically search for the value stored in the File. something like for v, k in ipairs(money) do if v ~= savedMoney then idk further end end
  2. YeetMeister


    I got into Memory Editing for a bit Currently im workin on a Pokémon Gold Script Where i can input a number and it spits out the hex for it, pretty simple. But now i came to a problem in gameguardians number2hex converter, it doesnt convert group search, i want to change that. For my script to work i need a seperator ";" And the script should take every single number between those seperators and convert it, is that possible? If so how Can someone please help? Thank you, i will provide the script Number2Hex.lua
  3. so ive made a Script that saves variables with a custom name and s*** now i want to load them in a scrpt so i can use them for searching and more Save Variables.lua
  4. So I need to run the ADB command if I have root or nah
  5. Radar & Text Indicator? What's this
  6. Okay, but can i automate the assembly s*** or nah. Idk what im saying
  7. Can a script do that or do i have to do it all manually
  8. lua script that edits the script via Patching. what do i mean by patching? script encrypted by just string.dump() if you like take an Hex Editor and open the encrypted script. you are searching: A76 offset:67 block:67-69 length:3 hex:41 37 36 the script then gets the Encrypted script and the script "Patches" the A76 to A79 (hex: 41 37 36) (because thats the new Address of the Hack) Not to Forget it is a Patcher Script, so a separate script how can i make this happen or is it even posible? i mean in my head it sounds rather easy to make idk please help
  9. hello, i came up with a stupid idea i want to complete, imagine you made a script but oh no, you lost the source or something, because the Script has Outdated Addresses. this Script changes the Defined hex Values [[ offsets = { "A76", --//offset:67//block:67-69//length:3//hex:41 37 36//edit:43 42 37 "A79", --//offset:70//block:70-72//length:3//hex:41 37 39//edit:33 41 42 "B66", --//offset:79//block:79-7B//length:3//hex:42 36 36//edit:31 38 41 "C76", --//offset:82//block:82-84//length:3//hex:43 37 36//edit:32 31 33 } ]] menu 1 select the file menu 2 enter hex values(unchanged) menu 3 enter new Hex Values save Script done. i dont know, it doesnt sound hard but i just dont know how to do it
  10. Thats the thing, im using my old compiler. Just for the sake of Learning you know [added 1 minute later] The script should ask for the file to Modify You can enter the Hex code so the script knows what to replace
  11. Whut, so its no string anymore, i should use tostring(offsets[1]) huh
  12. Hello, im currently working on something. addGen = "14C" addGen1 = "67C" addGen2 = "B34" addGen3 = "BCA" --[[ how do i compile EVERYTHING BUT offsets = { ??? } ]] offsets = { addGen, addGen1, addGen2, addGen3, } function main() xe = math.random(0,3) if xe == 0 then gg.alert(offsets[1]) end if xe == 1 then gg.alert(offsets[2]) end if xe == 2 then gg.alert(offsets[3]) end if xe == 4 then gg.alert(offsets[4]) end return main() end main() I want that when i compile it(with a compiler that needs to be written but idk how i do this) The compiler will Exclude the offsets = { } Var, thanks for helping If you need more information about my thoughts you know just reply
  13. [Pls Help] Use the gg logo as toggle on off switch First launch of script gets the value and puts the script to the background And when the logo is pressed it activates/deactivates the hack
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