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    samsung S20+ 5g
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  1. blocx

    8 ball pool

    hi all up please
  2. blocx

    virtual apps on recents os

    i try geek edition but game crash
  3. blocx

    virtual apps on recents os

    thank s what rom u use ? @LaToM
  4. blocx

    virtual apps on recents os

    thanks do u have lunk ?
  5. hi please someone have virtual app runing on android 13 ? thanks
  6. blocx

    8 ball pool

    hi all hope good i want know if someone have long line for lastest 8 ball pool please ? thanks
  7. debug wirelles is under developement setting u need to enable this memu u need to tap munber build till u have pop up
  8. oups sorry i minded its from dump sorry
  9. normal script is from dump 64 bit
  10. he never tell version adroid maybe version is update and error come for another reason maybe it requier this setting data in ram check if u have data in ram
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