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  1. blocx

    utf-8 search

    thanks a lot @WhoKnowsWho
  2. blocx

    utf-8 search

    bcz when i search something it come in first sometimes it come in second it for that if it possible to group search utf8
  3. blocx

    utf-8 search

    string = txt search ?
  4. can u tell more about value u need to find ?
  5. blocx

    utf-8 search

    no pointer ( i have no found chain in this way ) i do not know this search string and convert
  6. blocx

    utf-8 search

    there the good earned five adress below the good earned
  7. blocx

    utf-8 search

    no manor matter
  8. blocx

    utf-8 search

    im not sure to know when i use this searc results are in bytes
  9. blocx

    utf-8 search

    hi all i would know if its possible to make group search with utf-8 search ( i try to locate a value but just with single search result comes with 20 results and offset work not perfectly ) thanks in case i search earnedStars ( but appear twice in results )
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