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  1. hi Berinjela yes it help me your method is very fast ( i find dword value 95.999 set to zero for stop car ) thanks a lot thanks mario too im limited to personal message a big thanks for you 2
  2. hi happy to see u again can you take a screenshot i am realy lost i make exactly than mario say but maybe its me( i am just good to execute script ) or maybe i run in f1 player i do that i search 10101h i save the result in witch tab i modify in tab of search or tab of save ? beaucause im changed all value on the save but issue is never the same one time nothing change or game crashe thx bro
  3. i need to remake an search value ?when i run the script my search will be to 0 and i try to restore value in save page but the game crased
  4. lol its again me i think i will wait for update because a lot of resultat ( more than 3000 ) hard for me
  5. sorry but how to search this value please ?
  6. hi all need a.little help with S version someone know how to manualy stop the script its for andurance thanks all
  7. hi im sorry yes work but i lose to say you to activate compatibility
  8. its for rr3 for the autodrive s version i have zero notion in gameguardian i dont know value im not coding or searching hack im noob bro but thank you
  9. hi still work for me i have upgrade the new car ( bugatti divo )
  10. hi all someone know if its possible to stop the script ( s version ) there are no option to desactivate thanks
  11. blocx

    real racing 3

    the only solution i have for that its a little long take a car with low accelarion (4/5 second) and run an andurance race like melbourne and use the script auto drive and gg with hack speed x5 in two hours u can run 1000km this killometers will be aded to your stats ( the script andurance dont add kilometers in stat)
  12. hi im confused but untill morming gg not launch daemon i f1 player someone have idea ?
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