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  1. hi all i try to install wreckfest ( paid app ) i find apk &obd in phone i can install and run but in f1 there are an error when i try to install ( install failled older sdk ) what i need to set in apk for make it installable ? thanks
  2. i know its not u want but may be this help u use dump and toolbox.lua Screen_Recording_20221125_111058_F1 VM.mp4
  3. values stored in anonymous region for me ( android 13 )
  4. xa goes sometimes with dump
  5. yes it for that to prevent crash arm edit it better and authoryze big number
  6. value u atrempt to edit is in wich region if u try to edit value in xa with dword it crash for edit in xa need to edit with opcode and edit next adress value or if value isnt xa it possible protected value so u need to edit x4 or/and edit also another value
  7. i will check oups splited apk i cant install do u have link in apk ( no xapk )
  8. android 11 or 12 use this vphone is better Vphone gaga - Vmos (#15lb6gto) warning if u up to android 13 these will no longer work ( android 13 only f1 or x8 will work )
  9. blocx

    Fruit ninja 2

    u can hack timer too is in anonymous float turn big number or freeze it
  10. hi find this in dump idk if this can be bypass detection and if yes idw how to edit ( like 0 false 1 true ? ) i will edit all to 0 hack something and wait till tomorow and see what happen
  11. blocx

    mortal kombat

    thanks for tips i havent yet played this game so at this i dont know if im able to hack something i will try to run it if i found something i come back here and share with you
  12. blocx

    mortal kombat

    android 13 broke for me vmos and vphone i just f1 workin
  13. blocx

    mortal kombat

    hi someone here is able to run mortal kombat in f1 ? thanks i try playstore and apkcombo apk but same error
  14. you welcome we are are much people here when startin with gg and script we dont know so much but each people help other
  15. hello from france i try to help welcome
  16. or tell @Sysadmin and tell him about reaction and ask him to disable for u reaction when is night in ur country
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