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  1. blocx

    virtual apps on recents os

    i try geek edition but game crash
  2. blocx

    virtual apps on recents os

    thank s what rom u use ? @LaToM
  3. blocx

    virtual apps on recents os

    thanks do u have lunk ?
  4. hi please someone have virtual app runing on android 13 ? thanks
  5. blocx

    8 ball pool

    hi all hope good i want know if someone have long line for lastest 8 ball pool please ? thanks
  6. in the past i try two times to root my phone but both no sucess so i havent try with the actual and also havent pc
  7. hi im here bro but since phone update to android 13 i havent any descent virtual so hacking is in stand by
  8. if you try to dump from playstore the game is splited so it can cause error
  9. blocx

    f1 vm

    thx i will try i have try with fdroid version is same
  10. blocx

    f1 vm

    vphone not run in android 13 but thx
  11. blocx

    f1 vm

    hi all i need help with termux in f1 vm it cant work i have error signal 31 and when it can be used cant take su no idea ? thx im in androud 13
  12. blocx


    i wish to all an merry christmas 20221224_190457.mp4
  13. debug wirelles is under developement setting u need to enable this memu u need to tap munber build till u have pop up
  14. thanks bro i like your reply you r too technic for me i not realy understand (gbd)
  15. how can we do to do that pleade ?
  16. hi all i have question its not gg but i use an app retroarch it is emulator inside there tool to search cheat my question is if someone have sucess to useb?
  17. depend of version of firmware in android 13 value is in other
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