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  1. Here https://gameguardian.net/forum/files/submit/?_new=1
  2. BadCase

    Day R Survival

    I am probably going to release it within the next week or so, a few things will be donor only functions like the Belaz and some items that are used as "online currencies" in trade, since this was originally going to be a Donor only script
  3. send the error and i might be able to _______________________________________________ added 0 minutes later because people went and decrypted and posted source code of my script so steps were needed to secure it in some way _______________________________________________ added 2 minutes later try deleting the version you have and then after deleting download the current version and see if it works for you
  4. BadCase

    PACYBITS FUT 19 v1.3.7 ToolBox By BadCase

    AS I said I need more details than that it works fine with 1.4 for others
  5. BadCase

    PACYBITS FUT 19 v1.3.7 ToolBox By BadCase

    What does not work? Does it give an error? if so please post the error, if not give a more detailed description of what happens or does not happen when
  6. BadCase

    PACYBITS FUT 19 v1.3.7 ToolBox By BadCase

    looks like a issue with the internet connection, if you are using a vpn try disabling it
  7. BadCase

    Debbug detected

    Oh you probably already figured out how but if you havent message me and ill send you my code for preventing noblack's method of circumventing your protection
  8. BadCase

    Debbug detected

    Ya its not a biggie, I put a message in the one I ended up writing from scratch the other say letting them know not to use the restart button.
  9. BadCase

    Debbug detected

    If you get this error make sure you press OK instead of restart, then when you launch the script again make sure the button under the file name says "More" and that you dont see any checkboxes there _______________________________________________ added 0 minutes later it bugs when a User presses the Restart button, other than that is works well
  10. BadCase

    PACYBITS FUT 19 v1.3.7 ToolBox By BadCase

    you need to update your script _______________________________________________ added 1 minute later you need to delete any copies of the script in your download folder and download the most recent version, do not let the filename change when you download it
  11. BadCase

    How to dupe itens on day r survival

    NoFear and I are finishing up a Day R Survival script right now, not sure if it is going to be donor only yet or not but if not you will see it posted in downloads in the next 2 or 3 weeks
  12. BadCase

    PACYBITS FUT 19 v1.3.7 ToolBox By BadCase

    Im going to send you a private message
  13. BadCase

    PACYBITS FUT 19 v1.3.7 ToolBox By BadCase

    that is a problem with your internet it failed to connect to the web server
  14. BadCase

    Can script ask for root rights?

    Access to the directories in the games /data/data/com.game.name/ directory in general would be best if you are considering adding this as some games use different sub-folders there to store game and save data