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Community Answers

  1. If you know what you want to edit values to but just not how to do it in lua send more details on exactly what value you want to edit using lua
  2. You can hack prices instead, of notebooks
  3. FIFA does not have either, it is not a Unity engine game
  4. If GG ever gets updated I can pretty much guarantee that they will not be enabled, Enyby has been pretty clear about this in the past.
  5. Try using my toolbox instead it has a more up to date version of this as a plugin BadCase's Toolbox (#9ptv7xz2)
  6. try recentvalue[1].value
  7. I don't use thumb often, I may recognize it because it was from a script I worked on at some point
  8. I think everyone has been wondering, last I check Enyby logged in one time this year after not logging in for several months
  9. BadCase

    How to fix this?

    Try uninstalling and reinstalling
  10. That looks like it might be a arm7 opcode
  11. It will be different from game to game, some will have some text strings in method names most will simply be numbered
  12. Nearly every person I speak to that has issues running GG is on Android 12 or 13, my recommendation is that if you want to continue using GG stop updating your android and possibly roll it back
  13. Basically a Void is doing things instead of returning a value, editing it to return a value will not have the desired effect and most times it will just behave as though the void method was not even called instead you will want to find the lines in it were the values it is handling are loaded and modify their LDR Also you can easily hook one void method and call another using the B arm instruction
  14. Setting a float using this method will only allow you to set it to a limited number of values, here are reverse hex edits for some valid values ["ARM8"] = {{ ["hex_edits"] = "0000A852r", ["float_value"] = 2 }, { ["hex_edits"] = "0020A852r", ["float_value"] = 8 }, { ["hex_edits"] = "0040A852r", ["float_value"] = 32 }, { ["hex_edits"] = "0060A852r", ["float_value"] = 128 }, { ["hex_edits"] = "0080A852r", ["float_value"] = 512 }, { ["hex_edits"] = "00A0A852r", ["float_value"] = 2048 }, { ["hex_edits"] = "00C0A852r", ["float_value"] = 8192 }, { ["hex_edits"] = "00E0A852r", ["float_value"] = 32768 }, { ["hex_edits"] = "0000A952r", ["float_value"] = 131072 }, { ["hex_edits"] = "0020A952r", ["float_value"] = 524288 }}
  15. Most emulators have an option to enable root so there is no need to install a virtual space in them.
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