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  1. BadCase

    Memory regoin

  2. BadCase


    If it made you slow down it sounds like you have the correct offset but need to use a higher value you were setting it to 10.0 try 100.0
  3. gg.clearResults() gg.clearList() gg.setRanges(32) gg.searchNumber("10",4) F= gg.getResultsCount() if F <= 0 then gg.alert("No found") else r = gg.getResults(F) --I want edit all this value with condition is a value at different address (offset1 = 0x8, offset2 = 0x18) for i,v in pairs(r) do -- I can't do it from here. I try to learn from other help: local A = {[1]={ address = v.address + 0x8, flags=4}} local B = {[1]={ address = v.address + 0x18, flags=4}} A = gg.getValues(A) B = gg.getValues(B) if A[1].value == 20 and B[1].value == 4 then v.value = 100 gg.setValues(r) end end end I think that will do it didnt test and about to fall asleep though lol
  4. It works in ranked as well, not as many bots there but you can see a few spamming specials and heals
  5. save_list_table = {} save_list_table[1] = {} save_list_table[1].address = 0xffffffff save_list_table[1].flags = gg.TYPE_DWORD save_list_table[1].name = "your name here" gg.addListItems(save_list_table)
  6. BadCase

    Saving list

    You can use lib offsets, where get the base address of the lib.so in memory and add the offset to it to get your edit address but for pointers you will still need a search that brings you to the first pointer you are following
  7. Need a bit more detail, it will be saved in memory as the variable "Table" until you exit the script or set it to nil, but you might mean something else.
  8. function get_url(target_url) ::reload:: local url_content = gg.makeRequest(target_url).content gg.sleep(3000) if url_content == nil or string.find(url_content,"HTTP ERROR [0-9][0-9][0-9]") then goto reload end return load(url_content)() end get_url("https://yoururl.com") This will make the request, pause for 3 seconds then check if content is nil or if server delivered error page and makes request again if either is true until the page loads properly
  9. BadCase

    Saving list

    Addresses will change each time you run the game, with this game possibly each time the game loses focus
  10. So I have done all Cooldowns with lib edits and it is working but I figured out in the process that the multiplayer might be entirely fake as the edits also effect the Cooldowns of the bots....
  11. Here ya go com.igg.android.mythicheroes.zip
  12. View File Let's Survive Script by BadCase Works for ARM7 and ARM8 Submitter BadCase Submitted 10/14/2021 Category LUA scripts  
  13. Version 1.0.0


    Works for ARM7 and ARM8
  14. Your cloud save data is corrupted.
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