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Community Answers

  1. Headshot is a Boolean meaning it returns true or false, setting R0 to 1 makes it return true, setting it to 0 makes it return false, BX LR ends the function and returns to the code that called it.
  2. Anyone know if you can still change items to pets with swapping pointers? It is still working for everything else
  3. What method are you using to dump it?
  4. BadCase


    Excellent script, I wanted to let you know that in these versions there are two Offsets different than the standard v24 2018.3.0f2 - 2018.3.7f1 | v24.1 2018.3.8f1 - 2018.4.36f1 | v24.1 ClassApiCountMethods ARM8 = 0x118 ARM7 = 0xA8 ClassApiCountFields ARM8 = 0x11C ARM7 = 0xAC
  5. Also make sure to download the second link, GG for Nox Bluestacks.
  6. Oops, CmP just let me know for X0 ~A8 MOV X0, XZR or ~A8 MOV W0, WZR depends on the type of register X or W
  7. You can try using this Unicode Font Factory By BadCase (#38ng726n) There were incompatibilities with many devices for several of the "fonts" but the Monospace one should be compatible with most devices, if it is not compatible the user will see a bunch of X's
  8. Do you have a static value that you search for to get your starting location?
  9. gg.searchAddress(onaddress,0xFFFFFFFF,gg.TYPE_DWORD)
  10. BadCase

    BadCase's Toolbox

    Ok, if you do not see it fixed in the next few days remind me
  11. BadCase

    BadCase's Toolbox

    Search dump.cs first, then you can see results here
  12. It may be using tagged pointers, you will have to research them but there is an extra part that is put at the beginning of the address for them.
  13. BadCase

    hack purchasse

    A quick example is a game menu that has owned and unowned items and also allows you to purchase the items from that menu, like many car racing games have. If it is a unity game look for Booleans with Car and other relevant keywords, things like isIAP (set to false) or with something like canPurchase and currency names like Coin Gold Gem Diamond or Currency (set to true) you may or may not need to set prices as described below Also for prices you can look for integers, floats, doubles and longs with Car and currency names like Coin Gold Gem Diamond or Currency as well as Cost or Price (set to 1) sometimes this is all it takes to make a button to purchase with in game currency appear but you may also need to set some booleans
  14. BadCase

    aimin master

    I do not think I would even install that on my device, pretty evident from reviews it is a scam and half the 5 star reviews are a bunch of gibberish and xxxx's obviously made by the same person
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