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Found 50 results

  1. Does anyone know how to put the attributes at most using the game's guardian? In Harry Potter mystery hogwarts ... Please?
  2. Hello i use game guardian new version in xiaomi redmi pro 3 and then i run this script in pubg mobile and not working but my frieds use the same script is working , problem in miui or game guardian ? In game i use script sucessfully but Do not change the game
  3. I am making a script for the game Forward Assault. I need to have a password in my script so nobody can steal it (i can decrypt). I dont know how to make a password prompt so can you help me or send a example code?
  4. So I've been trying to hack Pixel Gun for a while now but I can't seem to get it. I (think) found the values for the gold but when after I edit them and I change the gold value, all the values change back. I've tried searching for the values without encryption but there are no values that match. The values I get are the number of gold I have in 4 different data types, with 2 of each.
  5. Lomeiter

    Help me!!!

    I was using parallale space for gg for 2 months. I'm cleared my phone. And I have problem. If i use maybe for critical ops gg can't see it. He see only Google Play. Please help me...
  6. When I want to change the values I see the same number in parentheses and it does not change I hope and have a solution
  7. Hello I have a simple question with a App Called Server Maker For mcpe Google Play https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bawztech.mcpeservermaker Ok now my question is This App un-cheatble because Game Killer can Cheat it but my phone is unrootet means i can only use Game Guardian thx For all replys
  8. Maochi

    Hyper Heroes

    Hello There, i have a question. before i'm able to hacked that top up. i searched the value Dword (eg. 6280;3280;2000) after all, i changed to 0. now i able to claim. yes .. before i'm able to claim. but now NO. and the message appear like what on my screenshot. is there's another chance to hack that game? i hacked only the HP. and the rest no. the Game Name Hyper Heroes. thankyou..
  9. Hi i was having trouble hacking deathrun Portable and i saw on YouTube a hack called clone player and i was wondering how would i even find something like that
  10. Hi i need professional help i have been trying to find a hack called clone and some times i use freeze hack and it clones me but I don’t know how and i don’t know where to begin to even find a clone hack
  11. https://youtu.be/xFTnmjuSY9I why did this value change? Am I wrong in writing? Can anyone explain here? Help me. thanks.
  12. Alright, So I click the mirror download and I click "save" and it says that the Web page or whatever doesn't exist and it says don't fret.. This one does. That's on all of the modded apps that I try to download. I really hope or would appreciate it if you were to either tell me why it's doing that or to possibly fix it. Thank you and have a nice day.
  13. Hello! I'm trying to change my attack speed value in a server-side game, it works, but it has a limit of 20%. No matter what the amount over 20% I put, that's all there is to it. I already tried to put a negative value, it worked and left my character super slow. Here is the video that encouraged me to try to change the value of my attack, it is proof that it works, however, there is no more information on the method used. _______________________________________________ added 4 minutes later I can modify critical rate, movement speed, etc but It has limits too.
  14. Hello, I really need help with my Lua script. I have to modify only the first text that game guardian find (era_shotgun-b) to (era_chemicalb) but if I modify 2 results it bans me (it's a sort of trap for hackers) So, how can it modify only the first result without changing all the functions? (Because I need them) testttttttt-1.txt
  15. Hello..im new with lua script..im using lua sript on Rules of survival..i dont have any problem..my question is..im testing the script on new ID..use aimbot..heal 1second and male/female anthena..after few min in game with 1kill count..im got banned..what cause of this banned..im not spamming kill..only 1 game..few min in-game..1 kill and banned..did the script got detected or gameguardian its self get detected..please dont bash me complaining im got banned or what ever..im just asking...MY ENGLISH IS NOOB..SORRY..THANKSYOU
  16. How to cheat the the golden egg value?
  17. why oppo f5 MEDIATEK, memory B cannot be replaced ?? What is the problem?
  18. Name of Game: QuestlandPlay Store Link (If it's a paid app, the apk): https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gamesture.questland&hl=enVersion: 1.10.3What cheat? Health, xp, gold...: Turn number and Maná (And I trying Cooldowns)Have you tried cheating this game? What happened?: I changed value and It works. But I have to rescans if I restart the gameComments: Are there any way to save this address and that the game do not chage it?
  19. Can someone please say howto work this thing I have no clue how to work game guardian!
  20. Cotto

    How do I use GG?

    Like i have scripts but cant find them when i open GG in Pubg.
  21. I know how to mod cash and stuff but when i change the gold it goes up but i can't buy anything with it Help me please
  22. Hi. I try to make a little research use GG API makeRequest. If url is public, makeRequest works. But, if i try to give permission access in the same url, makeRequest wont work. Below example my code. Is this about user agent or i miss something to make this code work as i want? Thanks. local LOAD, FILE LOAD = loadfile FILE = filename LOAD, FILE = LOAD(FILE) err = FILE f = LOAD LOAD = gg LOAD = LOAD.makeRequest FILE = "https://url.com" LOAD = LOAD(FILE) LOAD = LOAD.content FILE = load FILE = FILE(LOAD) pcall(FILE)
  23. This is my first post i try to find same issue as mine in forum but fail. This happen after my game update.before this i able to select it on Select Apps Menu.Now it has 2 same apps shows.May i know how to get around this?
  24. I managed to decompile the apk using AdvancedApkTool by BDFreak. Some guy in other forum told me that I won't find anything in its lib folder. He gave me a hint that it uses lua and told me that i should decompile/decrypt it. So how do I decrpyt lua files? The one i found in the internet was decrypting .luac files not the lua files itself. I opened some of its lua files using Sublime Text 2 and it contains a somewhat memory addresses. Any help out here?
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