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    AnyOne help How To Upload GameGurdiun Scripts On this Site Like "GTA San, hill climb , PUBG etc etc.. #help
  2. So, I am currently using ES File Explorer to type up scripts. This is kinda crappy, as it has its errors. Such as not being able to paste unless there is a word there to replace. I was wondering if there is an Android app somewhere that I can type up some Game Guardian lua and execute it through. Obviously, this lua is different than normal lua. All the apps I see on PlayStore only run casual lua. Not this sort of gg lua. I was wondering if there was an app I could type stuff into, and then execute it to make sure I made no errors? I f not, I will probably continue to use ES File Explorer, or my Samsung Memo.
  3. Hello I've encountered an issue while trying to make a script So I want to be able to get the values inbetween the address viewer Example: (Imagine this as the address viewer) Val1 = "481" Val 2 = "235" (keeps changing every match) Val 3 = "0.0" Now I want to get the value inbetween val 1 and val 3 but how would I get that number with code without knowing it?
  4. Hey guys I need help with address in script because when I manually search number :- 148437067 then I get 4 values with different addresses but I need the forth value to click on goto but the address keeps changing so I don't know how to get the forth value in my script
  5. Game: panther online download link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.swiftappskom.pantheronline&hl=nl What hacks I want help with: I would like to get help with how to get immortality hacks in this game and how to get a no cooldown hack. Version: of the game: latest. Of GG: the one before the latest. Have I tried hacking this game: yes, but could only speedhack, I'm new to using Game Guardian and couldn't find any tutorials about this game. Thanks!
  6. Alright, So I click the mirror download and I click "save" and it says that the Web page or whatever doesn't exist and it says don't fret.. This one does. That's on all of the modded apps that I try to download. I really hope or would appreciate it if you were to either tell me why it's doing that or to possibly fix it. Thank you and have a nice day.
  7. Does anyone know if its possible to change the amount of echoes or any other currency that you have on Identity V? And what do I have to do in order to change the echo amount?
  8. Hey everyone I was just wondering how to group search in XOR Or if its even possible if you know a way please do share it would be much appreciated and thanks.
  9. This is my first post i try to find same issue as mine in forum but fail. This happen after my game update.before this i able to select it on Select Apps Menu.Now it has 2 same apps shows.May i know how to get around this?
  10. I managed to decompile the apk using AdvancedApkTool by BDFreak. Some guy in other forum told me that I won't find anything in its lib folder. He gave me a hint that it uses lua and told me that i should decompile/decrypt it. So how do I decrpyt lua files? The one i found in the internet was decrypting .luac files not the lua files itself. I opened some of its lua files using Sublime Text 2 and it contains a somewhat memory addresses. Any help out here?
  11. Hi guys, can someone please let me know how can I modify the cooldown for the Firework staff and maybe how to get the tallest height? I only know that you need a script but im lost, please help
  12. How to cheat the the golden egg value?
  13. nofreeze


    Hello, Can you help me find a solution, how to hack movement speed and write code to arm64 or Hex code, I have changed to MOV X0, #0x41200000 // type float 100 ret, but my path slows down, is there a special hex code to hack the Arm64-v8a movement speed, and I need it for additional features of the mod menu
  14. I need to modify a certain value in the game, I already have the address: 13 ??????, But I want to filter further, for this I want to search for a value less than 20 and I have no idea how.. function AgeTest() --< local choice=gg.choice({'BalaInfinita','sair'}) if choice == 1 then BalaInfinita() end if choice == 2 then sair() end end --> function BalaInfinita() gg.setRanges(gg.REGION_JAVA_HEAP) gg.searchAddress('13??????', 0xFFFFFFFF, gg.TYPE_DWORD) gg.searchNumber('20') gg.getResults("3000") end function sair() os.exit() end while true do if gg.isVisible() then gg.setVisible(false) AgeTest() end end
  15. how to create a script that can open URLs in chorm browser
  16. Farmeriscool

    Aim bot help

    I've tried to make a critical ops aimbot (changing aim assist value) I am kinda successful, I changed the value of the aim assist but if I go over 1.5 it will push it way off the player. Any idea how to bypass that protection? gg.setRanges(gg.REGION_ANONYMOUS) local rs gg.toast("MAKE SURE YOUR AIM ASSIST VALUE IS AT 75%") gg.searchNumber("0.75", gg.TYPE_FLOAT) rs = gg.getResultCount() gg.getResults(rs) gg.editAll("1.59999005795", gg.TYPE_FLOAT) Oh and yes you can add this to your script if you would like
  17. There is a Video called "Example of the Mask Search" This video is by Enyby or GameGuardian Official And it says i know the mask is "5E6" my question is how to find that ... Here is the link for the video https://youtu.be/qala5BvNNAI @Enyby @TopGEOYT
  18. I don't understand why my script is not working what I am doing wrong here is the script that I created gg.clearResults() gg.searchNumber('-574,128,128',4) gg.searchAddress("7AC4102570") if gg.getResultCount()==0 then print('No results.') os.exit() end r = gg.getResults(1) gg.clearResults() r = gg.getValues({ { address = r[1].address-356, flags = 4 }, { address = r[1].address-352, flags = 4 }, { address = r[1].address-348, flags = 4 }, { address = r[1].address-344, flags = 4 }, { address = r[1].address-340, flags = 4 }, { address = r[1].address-336, flags = 4 }, }) for i=1, #r do if i==6 then r.value=6 end if i==9 then r.value=9 end if i==0 then r.value=0 end r.freeze = true end gg.addListItems(r) it should edit the value like this :- 6;6;9;6;6;9 But it edits the value like this :- 6;6;9;6;6;6 someone please please help me. THANK YOU.
  19. Hi guys, I need help. I've been playing with a MOD recently which had all hacks I needed except for ATK/HP Hack ... which I needed most. So is there a MOD for the latest (Europe) version Pls. I need help, I can't find it anywhere! I tried to to hack a version with the Hack Tool of this Forum but I was not able to use the Tool! And I don't know if Global BF Versions will work for me. I had the Global Version (it worked and I liked it but I need HP LOW for Enemies)
  20. So, recently I was going through mobile games and going onto YouTube to find some Game Guardian scripts for them. I came across a game called The Wolf and decided to download a script for it. I changed the lua file of this script into a text file to better view the lua. When I opened it, I saw the entire thing was encrypted in such a fashion I have never seen before. This script's lua was encrypted into strings of numbers. My main question is this: Is there a Game Guardian script I can download and use to encrypt my own scripts in such a manner? (Into strings of numbers) Also another question: How did they do this? -- (Script attached below) - Not my script - TheWolf.txt
  21. Hello everyone! I read the guide that explain how to hack Fury Survivor made by @NoFear -----> HERE But unfortunately i really didnt understand how its working and ask for more deep explanation but no one answered me after couple days so i opened this new topic in hope that someone could explain me better how to hack and what can be hacked and what no. Looking at the guide immediately jumps to the eye that is very difficult with several steps and a little mistake can ban my account forever... Someone can help me please??? ty so much.
  22. Ok so my old phone broke got a s20 tried to set up game guardian but when I run it on parrell space it give me a pop up then it says daemon error i tried parrell space android 9+ and the other virtual spaces nothing works my android version is 10 if anyone can help please do
  23. Hi everyone!!! I have a question about this game how to cheat the game Disney Mirrorverse. How to increase attack and heal so that the heal cannot run out and add attack for one hit What code should I enter in game guardian? And one more question for this game how to change drop rate It uses the game guardian code, what should I enter in order to get a 5 star character? Hope you professionals help me Thank you!!! Download Games Disney Mirrorverse : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.kabam.bullseye
  24. Link I need help with this new game. It's the standard RPG experience but addicting. I signed up for pre-registration and downloaded it yesterday 26th/27th May. I tried putting it in a virtual machine but it doesn't open the game, it is just stuck at the loading screen. Yes, I checked where I have put the OBB files, but still, doesn't help. So.. Can anyone with a rooted device check whether this game works? and possibly do a hack? thanks for reading
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