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  1. Try changing datatype or region and try coz u may be editing fake value
  2. Address are not stable I recommend you to use rxhacker's search code generator Game Guardian Search Code Generator (#3d21l22z) To add ur game hack in script
  3. Download :- https://www.mediafire.com/file/2dxczyw7pthlict/Sniper+3D+4.27.1+mod+menu.apk/file file size was more than limit so I can't able to send here Sniper 3d mod menu V4.27.1 11 features Note It is recommended to use menu hackz only in menu/Lobby not while mission And Everytime you enter mission/match please turn off and on --> One hit kill in order to make one hit kill perfectly work without bug Contact me at Telegram Chat :- https://t.me/DRAGONHACKZCHAT Channel :- https://t.me/DRAGONHACKZOFFICIAL
  4. That will be fixed when u revert the values So it may be cause of Fake value Or value related to some security system of game
  5. Hook using lgl mod menu Vector3 method hooking code :- Link Or try aadil offset tester from Telegram https://t.me/Gamer_Aadil/191003 U need vip to access full offset tester tab in the menu
  6. Try someother virtrual , X8sb or f1vm or vmos or vphonegiga These virtuals are inbuilt rooted virtuals
  7. U can do this with the help of game Il2cpp library
  8. Allow gg to access files from permissions
  9. You can try to disable game anticheat system by using Lib offsets What lib does your game has?
  10. Wdym by falid? If you face error with finding It then you may have wrote a wrong il2cpp dump version
  11. Check this it can be helpful for you https://gameguardian.net/forum/topic/38187-space-shooter-galaxy-attack/?do=findComment&comment=142060
  12. Try using gg fixer or try someother virtual like rooted x8sb or f1vm
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