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Found 5 results

  1. anyoneMy guns of boom keep freezig at 11% in parallel space anyone got a solution for it? after some time after loading 11% it says connection error, please help
  2. Greetings,so I have encountered an issue whilst using GG in parralel space...Or more than one issue I shoud say? So the first time I used go multiple and it didn't work at all(following your official video) After that I tryed using Parallel Space but the first time nothing work, the second time Everything work as inteded(this time I installed the app in the virtual enviroment,which you don't reccomend). So I was all happy but only for a few days couse after that for some reason it started crashing and becamo very inconsistent with when does it find the app/when doesn't it find the app. Then I decided to uninstall Parralel and GG and reinstall them repeating the whole proces.Now installing in the virtual enviroment didn't work(but that is intendent I believe?),so I installed it out the enviroment and just made a copy.This just gave me the usual your firmware is not support thingy...GO Multiple didn't work also. I'm on a Samsung S8 on 8.0 which I know is new and all but then how did it work just fine for the first few days?! I have no intent on rooting since the process is very difficult on S8 8.0 especially for me(Odin is for some reason very glitchy and slow on my pc). Maybe you have an easy root method for S8 without pc. I didn't find anything on xda. Thanky you in advance just for reading this mess and my bad english.
  3. Greetings, I've tried using both the optimised parrallel space and lite versions. The only issue I'm running into is some of the apps I use have allow/deny popups when you first open them. Ie, allow use of camera, allow view location. Instead, the app just freezes when the popup should appear and the popup never appears and therefore i cannot proceed. Cannot seem to find any options to manually set permissions for the apps in pspace, nor any option to view these popups. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  4. Hi, After watching few tutorials about "how use GG without root", I have a bad issue. When I launch a game in Parallel Space and I try to select the process, I have only some Google play processes. Impossible to find the game process. I tried with Free fire but nothing. I'm using GG 8.53.2. Can someone can help me please ? Thanks
  5. I am downloading game guardian, creating another er version of it with a different name, delete the old version, copy the new one on parallel space, copy the game I want to hack. And GG say this : Error E/S Impossible to open the folder */proc/pid/maps*_ The game is protected Need a root to hack this game I can't root this phone so I need to use a virtual space, I've tried Xposed but it can't connect to Google play even when I'm downloading everything I need Ps : the game I want to hack is gladiator heroes, I've seen people using GG on it on YouTube so I guess it come from me Thanks a lot for the help
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