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  1. U can just search the utf-8 for example: gg.searchNumber(":(text here)", gg.TYPE_BYTE, false, gg.SIGN_EQUAL, 0, -1, 0) gg.clearResults() If you're not sure you can use the "record script" function in GG. Which you can find it here:
  2. Good to hear. About the other seasons..... its still in working progress. I tried the method on gardenscapes but it ddnt work. Probably the same method but other values are used. And i cant bother searching for them. hope this helped.
  3. Edit: just realized Nofear made a video just watch that. Homescapes Golden Ticket (Item Swap) (#1aqss6hp) @Christine89i can confirm that it still works. maybe you did something wrong. Follow these steps if you have armv8: Set your region to XA: search the following in Dword: If everything worked correctly, you will see 2 addresses with the following: change them to(dont forget the ";" between the 2 values): Now open the golden ticket pass and buy it. It will freeze (sometimes) just restart the game and youre done. Again this method is by @NoFear. So thank him instead of me Homescapes Golden Ticket (Item Swap) (#89t6nwcs) armv7 is kinda the same^
  4. @cisco72563made this list with the old season items. Yes, a dog Corgi and a dog house (Season 1 First Season of Wonders) , 4 rabbits and a rabbit house (Season 2 Cottontail season), a robot (Ellie) and it's upgrades (Season 3 Tech Season), a grand piano, it's upgrades and a phantom costume for Austin (Season 4 Spooky Season), an ice rink and it's upgrades (Season 5 Icy Season), dumbbells and other exercise equipment (Season 6 Workout Season), a piglet and it's costume and house (Season 7 Farm Season), magician furniture and magician dress for Austin (Season 8 Magic Season), a puppet theater and puppets (Season 9 Puppet Theater Season), a labrador and it's playground with upgrades (Season 10 Tail-Wagging Season), dance floor and upgrades for Austin parents (Season 11 Dance Season), pirate ship and upgrades (Season 12 Pirate Season), toy ghost and some decor for it like town and performance (Season 13 Creepy Season), a carousel and it's upgrades (Season 14 Holiday Season), a flying drone robot and it's upgrades with charger (Season 15 Technological Season) and swans, couple and family (Season 16 Swan Season).
  5. I recently downloaded Homescapes, to hack the Gold ticket rewards. Which worked with the method of @NoFear( https://gameguardian.net/forum/topic/31504-homescapes-golden-ticket-item-swap/?do=findComment&comment=115909 ) I tried to hack the old season rewards by changing the id of the swan( id of current item) to an older item like Dance floor. I did this by first searching for the swans value: - (Dword) group search the values of the coins and boosters. - refine the coins. Increment by 1 to get the right address. - use goto, scroll until you see :SwanStage1, 2 or 3. After that i changed that value with the older id which i found by searching :DanceFloor( its probably a dumb method). But it ddnt work. So i thought maybe there is a way to enable/activate the items? But after searcht through 1000s of results i gave up. So is there someone who can help.
  6. @Fenceyim using x8sandbox and it worked for me. The first time i tried it, it ddnt work. But after i went offline and restarted my game it worked.


    In my old script i let the players reach level 14 first and groupsearched the zoom value of that level and a static near (the zoom value's) address. So the script runs faster. I hope this helped. And btw can you find the value what @GoldenAgewas talking about. So you can see much further without being limited by a "invicible box" that doesnt load other plyers.


    After playing the game again for a long time. I see what u mean u cant see other players if you zoom out.


    I lost my script so i cant send it so here is a video. (@sodaface) https://youtu.be/v8OpWtwtNLI Read the comments for explanation of the video.

    Help with scipt.

    Thought abt that too. I try to hack all sorts of games ( that i know how to hack) with scripts. But making those scripts as compact as possible.

    Help with scipt.

    The game is tailed demon slayer. so as u can see in the first picture there are 12 values from the store. In the second picture u see the price in FLOAT and the amount in Dword one address under it.

    Help with scipt.

    Idk how to? Do you have an example?

    Help with scipt.

    I know how to do it for one result, but is there a way to do (like say) 20 results at once? Becuz i dont want my script to be too long for no reason
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