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  1. Thought abt that too. I try to hack all sorts of games ( that i know how to hack) with scripts. But making those scripts as compact as possible.
  2. The game is tailed demon slayer. so as u can see in the first picture there are 12 values from the store. In the second picture u see the price in FLOAT and the amount in Dword one address under it.
  3. Idk how to? Do you have an example?
  4. I know how to do it for one result, but is there a way to do (like say) 20 results at once? Becuz i dont want my script to be too long for no reason

    Help with scipt.

    Im working on a script where i want to change the prices of all items in the shop (Which is ez). But i want to change the amount u get to which is one address under the price. I can change one at the time but that will take ages. My question is there a way to change all at the same time. Thx

    delete own post

    I dont think theres a way. They archive it so it stays for how long the gg websites is online.
  7. Idk either why it doesnt work but i have a alternative that works with some games. Its X8sandbox or VMOS ( VMOS doesnt work for me, but i heard other ppl using it and they were quite satisfied).
  8. Oh idk how long ago this was but u can search in your search history how you did it.


    Yh, i usually find the values in *other* maybe becuz im using x8 sandbox
  10. I have a challange for u( not too hard). If thats what you're looking for Game: - subway surfers Challange: Try to change the value of the shop. (See pictures)
  11. Oh ddnt try that method, maybe this helps its a question from a while back. https://gameguardian.net/forum/topic/28379-trouble-finding-in-game-coin-values/#comments
  12. Probably, they almost never update the game


    Maybe search in another region.
  14. Here a video: btw pls type in English so ppl can help u without going to google translate.
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