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  1. To group search you need to use " ; " for example 449;3999
  2. Maybe you ddnt enable float in the settings of this app.
  3. I tried that many times but it ddnt work for me. But im happy it works for u
  4. I made a new topic in cheats but it has a exclamation mark next to it. What does it mean and how to get rid of it??
  5. I have a new game that u can hack the f out of it. Its a "server sided" game. U can hack literally everything in the game. The amount of cards(dword), money gems(dword), trophies(dword) and the energy in a match( float). No need for fuzzy and or encrypted search. Have fun.... Edit: oh one thing if u want to hack the energy in the game u need to have a higher amount then 10 like 999 and freeze it. Thats all

    Clash of Clans

    No one can hack the game with game gaurdian, CoC is well protected and its a server sided game so..... no
  7. I think i know the problem u mean but im not sure. Can you explain ur problem pls?
  8. @Frost_Fangz i know how to fix it. Idk if u want to use it tho. U need to factory reset ur phone. And it works.
  9. Go to guides the forum below help. Thats where i learned it, you can also search on youtube how to learn the basics.
  10. Every time i want to log in on google play a "error" pops up and it says google play services doesnt work with out google play services thats currently updating (Picture is in dutch). I tried to search if someone had a solution in the forum, but ddnt find one. So is there anyone who can help me now? Thx
  11. Gg comes with two apps (2 SW and 2 HW) if u install it. One has a random generated app name and the other is called game gaurdian. Uninstall the game gaurdian one becuz u dont need it.
  12. Maybe its the game that wont let you log in. Wivh game/app are you talking about?
  13. Did u download parallel space on playstore. Cuz that one doesnt work only the version on gg works.
  14. Play link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sega.low Can anyone help me hack this game. I know its server sided but u can alwas try.
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