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  1. View File minnade hayaoshi quiz(みんなで早押しクイズ) Script Cheating EXAM V1.5 You can see the answer and gain an advantage over the player. Submitter dolphinorca Submitted 06/16/2022 Category LUA scripts  
  2. I'm still waiting for approval, but I've uploaded the script! minnade hayaoshi quiz(みんなで早押しクイズ) Script Cheating EXAM V1.5 (#dx8430vl) And the execution speed is obviously faster. Here is a script that can compare speeds. minhaya Scripts fix.lua
  3. Version 1.5.0


    You can see the answer and gain an advantage over the player.
  4. I will use the faster method that you have taught me. thank you very much!
  5. sorry. I'm confused if it's not my own code, and because of the 1024 byte limit(How to raise the limit, how to get one byte at a time, I don't know which is faster.), I use my own code. Thank you for the simplified code. I will refer to it. So, I was told the code, but I couldn't get it normally. (You can fix it by changing "local address = results[i].address + 12" to +11. I've noticed it in advance and I don't know why I subtract 1.)
  6. It worked as I expected and the result was as I expected! Thank you!!! I don't know how it works, but I don't care. Put the script that actually worked here. minhaya Scripts.lua So ... will it be solved automatically here?
  7. Hmm ... Sorry it seems different from what I had imagined. I searched using that code, but the result was a byte display instead of a letter. The reason why I am particular about UTF-8 is to get Japanese. I'll put the script I'm writing here. minhaya Scripts.lua
  8. thank you! I will try it at a later date! thank you! I will try it at a later date!
  9. I've finally come to understand the Lua language a bit. So I decided to make a Lua script as a trial, but my work situation got stuck. The GG reference does not have an API to get the utf-8 string from the address. So I got the bytes, but I didn't have lua to convert from hexadecimal to utf-8. (It really was, but I don't know how to use it, and probably not in Game Guardian) Do you know how to get utf-8 from an address or convert from hexadecimal to utf-8? (Use google translate)
  10. This will be helpful to me as well. I came up with a way to save the number of results and the order, add the number of other results until the specified order is reached, and skip it, but it's too annoying. I want to change the addresses in this order   ↓ 1,2,3,4,5 1+2+3 skip 4 Change for that purpose Record the number of addresses in order Record what is in 4 locations
  11. This worked easily. And there was a misspelling. Noob level failure gg.loadResults (gg.getListItems ()) mphck = gg.getResults (999999999999) Why did this need to be added?
  12. Thank you! I will test it immediately
  13. ็How to build script save address scan. After that, edit all the address records. (#j9xlo12) I created it using this script template, and although I succeeded in saving and modifying it, I can't undo it. I've used other languages, but LUA is a beginner this is among us script ::strt:: ch=gg.choice ({"noclip on", "noclip off"}) if ch==1 then gg.setRanges(gg.REGION_CODE_APP) gg.searchNumber('0.1', gg.TYPE_FLOAT) mphck=gg.getResults(999999999999) gg.editAll('-9', gg.TYPE_FLOAT) for i, v in ipairs(mphck) do if v.flags == gg.TYPE_FLOAT then v.value = "-9" v.freeze = false end end gg.addListItems(mphck) gg.clearResults () gg.toast("MAPHACK ACTIVE") end if ch==2 then for i, v in ipairs(mphck) do if v.flags == gg.TYPE_FLOAT then v.value = "0.10000000149" v.freeze = ture end end gg.addListItems(mphck) --gg.removeListItems(mphck) mphck=nil gg.toast("MAPHACK DISABLED") end gg.setVisible (false) while true do if gg.isVisible() then goto strt end gg.sleep(100) end
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