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  1. NOTE: You should enable string representation (in the memory editor). You should also have atleast some basic knowledge of GG, otherwise you might not understand somethings that are discussed below. Ever wondered how you could get any pack that you wanted? Well now you can and for that follow the method given below. For this you must go to the VIP LOYALTY PACKS tab (as shown in the picture below) and search for the pack's loyalty points. I used Oviraptor's pack as an example so I searched for 50000 as DWORD. (For good reasons I chose this pack as to not complicate things). You will end up with 130 or more results. Then use increment by 1 and close and re-open the loyalty packs screen. See what your new value of your pack is and save it, then revert other values and delete them. Change your saved value to either 0 or 1, then, go to it's memory address and scroll 30 to 31 addresses above your value to find your pack id (as can be seen in the picture below). There will be six addresses that look something like the picture below, you can also see that we have the string .Ovirapt present here. You need to change these 6 addresses to the pack that you want, let's find out how we can do that. Now you will have to look for the pack that you want, I am going to go for Indominus Rex Gen 2 pack (for some strong reasons). So now you will need to search using the UTF-8 search. You need to search the string HIndom2 and you will end up with a lot of results. Check in these results if you find the string .HIndom2 and some values that look similar to the values as shown in the picture below in TYPE 1. If you find these values, then, select these 6 values and copy them, then, paste these values on your Oviraptor pack id that you found before (as shown in the picture above). Remember that pack id's should look exactly like how they are shown in the picture below in TYPE 1 and TYPE 2 (values could be different but the presentation should look exactly the same). TYPE 1 is Indominus Rex Gen 2 pack (with string .HIndom2) and TYPE 2 is a different pack. Once successfully done, then, close and re-open your VIP LOYALTY PACKS tab and you will see the change for yourself (as shown in the picture below), buy it and enjoy! IMPORTANT INFORMATION: There is no specific way to find all pack id's (since some pack id's do not have strings but have numbers instead of strings as can be seen in the first two addresses of TYPE 2 of the 3rd photo). The one easy way to find them is to first find the Indominus Rex Gen 2 id from string HIndom2 and then look above and below this id to find other pack id's. Hope this helps. Enjoy!
  2. Hi @pabloesmambo88 the code is working fine, just untick Hide gameguardian from game number 1 and number 4. In my GG number 4 was ticked due to which I was unable to edit the Xa code, also F1VM won't work on emulator as it does not support x86 systems, emulators.
  3. Thanks @MonkeySAN I will give it a shot in F1VM.
  4. Yes @MonkeySAN that is the one, we are not able to edit the Xa code, it looks like the code is locked and cannot be changed due to which we are unable to activate the Golden Ticket and do any purchases. Do let us know if it is working on your end and also if you are using Homescapes on a virtual space.
  5. Well @pabloesmambo88 it is happening with me as well, it looks like the code is somehow frozen and cannot be edited directly. @MonkeySAN can you check if in-app purchases are working on your device with the armv8a Xa code. If yes than are you using Homescapes and GG using a virtual space? And if you are using a virtual space then which virtual space are your using?
  6. cisco72563

    Subway surfers

    Well @EmzMH using a file manager or Root Explorer go to the folder Android/data/com.kiloo.subwaysurf/files/profile and open the top_run.json file and find the line \"currentScore\":(your score) and change it to whatever you want. Save the file and maybe a backup file would also be created as top_run.bak, delete that and open your game, then see your top run score.
  7. Then @pabloesmambo88 the only last thing that comes in my mind is that, your Playstore (in Nox) could be on a setting of Automatically Update Apps over Wifi, due to which it might have updated the game to the x86_64 variant (since your emulator being a 64 bit one). My suggestion would be to turn off that setting and delete your Homescapes from Nox, then again download your game from apkcombo.com (remember to check armv8a) and install it in Nox, then, before opening the game, check your data/apps/com.playrix.homescapes/lib for the folder arm64. After that open your game and test the code.
  8. Hello @pabloesmambo88 could be that your emulator is not rooted properly. Also check your data/app/com.playrix.homescapes/lib and check if the folder inside is arm64 (through Root Explorer). But I think that the problem could be that the emulator is not rooted properly. Try Bluestacks and root it through BSTweaker. Happened with me as well, when I updated my emulator and somehow did not root the emulator properly, the same thing happened.
  9. Yes @MonkeySAN you can post, I am just saying about things not related to this post like stars, boosters, coins hack etc. For other things you can directly DM me.
  10. There is something that I found about the 11 value (Amakusa's value). If you beat a character and change the CPU's character value to 11, you will always face the Evil Amakusa (and not the Normal one) in your next battle. I thought that if I changed the value to 11, then, I might be able to fight against the normal one and at the boss stage I might face the evil one, but that was not the case. If you freeze it to 11, then, you will keep facing the evil Amakusa. This means that there is some special code or instruction along with this value that allows the CPU to use the evil version and prevents the player from using the evil version, instead, gives the player the normal version, and, yet again the value remains the same i.e. 11. Need some really good member of the community to see how this character can be used to play.
  11. Well @Fencey actually you are using your File Manager to access these files through your Android folder. But, in reality you need an app like Root Explorer to access files that are present inside the system and are hidden. So, go download Root Explorer, grant root access to it, then, open data/data/com.playrix.homescapes folder and you will see the sharedvars.json file. Also you can DM me if you face any issues, no need to post here.
  12. cisco72563


    NO x86 LIBRARIES FOR EMULATORS Well @Dabudi speedhack won't work on Subway Surfers if you are using an emulator. Let's break this answer into simple steps. There are 4 variants of apks that devs upload on Play Store . Currently, Subway Surfers devs (and a lot of other games devs) are only providing 2 variants, the armv7 and armv8a (arm64) variant. The reason why GG fails to run speedhack (in such a situation) is that emulator's are x86 based architectures and GG and games detect what system is being used, GG loads library files according to the system being used (since emulator are x86 based so GG will try to load x86 lib files and will fail to find them because the game installed is arm based and has arm libraries). Although emulators do have a button that says you can make this emulator into an arm device (but that does not work). If you are using an arm smartphone (which is quite common nowadays) and you loaded speedhack on Subway Surfers, it will work 100% because your device architecture is arm based, GG detects that and your game is also arm based, so GG will load arm library files and speedhack, time jumps will work. If you want to know how you can find which variant of Subway Surfers (or any other game) you have installed on your emulator, you can simply download an app like Root Explorer and then open Root Explorer, then go to your data/app/(game folder)/lib and check what is the name of the folder inside the lib folder. It could be arm, arm64, x86 or x86_64. If a game has x86 or x86_64 folder, then, speedhack will work on your emulator, otherwise you would need an arm device for speedhack if you have an arm or arm64 folder. You can also look up your game on apkcombo.com and see if your game has any other variant's, so you could use speedhack on emulator. LINK FOR SUBWAY SURFER'S VARIANTS: https://apkcombo.com/subway-surfers/com.kiloo.subwaysurf/download/apk
  13. cisco72563


    Which game @Dabudi? also did you download a variant from apkcombo.com or directly from Playstore. Also did you check in your data/app/(game folder)/lib folder if you have a x86 folder? I use Bluestacks by the way.
  14. Well @SAGEPAPI I tried that earlier, it just changes the palette of the sprite. It can also turns Amakusa into a dark shadow if changed to negative numbers like -1, -2 etc. but thanks anyways for all your efforts.
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