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  1. Thanks so much, All credit goes to @NoFear And if patched then all credit goes to the Dev
  2. Because last week when I put this post the version was 4.3.2 and within few days the dev put an update, I updated it I thought maybe you worked on the previous version (I am a noob man do not have experience about these things).
  3. Already did that, closed the game completely, then took the libgame.so file and as you gave the offsets searched for it in HxD replaced the code with the edits (values you gave) and deleted the libgame.so and placed this on it's place and ran the game. Showed nothing, then closed the game and started again, there was still nothing, closed and restarted again. Still nothing. [added 2 minutes later] Is your game version 4.3.2?
  4. Any suggestions? I do not have a smartphone?
  5. Well @NoFear it is the arm64 version in the data/app/lib folder, since, I am using the Bluestacks 64 bit version and for proof I will also share the screenshot (if you want). The folder name is x86_64. I also have the 32 bit version of Bluestacks, but, for testing your method I installed the 64 bit version of Bluestacks. Well, anyways I am not a pro in modding (just have some cue's as how some things maybe done). So, thanks again for your efforts, I think maybe if you can mod the apk, or maybe in the new season I might use the swap item method (while replacing all 11 addressing values).
  6. Hello @NoFear I tried the GG search in Xa (Dword) but no results found, also tried to edit the libgame.so file found in data/app/lib folder with HxD, searched the offsets and replaced with the edits but then nothing happened. Also closed and opened the game twice. Maybe it's the version issue my game version is 4.3.7. Please do guide if I did something wrong if not then I think mod apk is the final option. All credit goes to @NoFear And if patched then the credit will go to the Dev
  7. @NoFear man, found any way to release the method?
  8. No worries @NoFear just type your method in English, convert it to binary (with an online binary converter), then, post some parts of it on the previous comments you did on this topic (edit) and finally when you are done, just reply DONE in capital and I will delete this comment.
  9. @NoFear that is awesome, do not worry about patch, just install and play it offline it won't update, secondly I wanted to ask can this be done on GG or this can only be done by modding? Because there is a new season every month and the Golden Ticket resets for every month (It is not a permanent purchase, but, only for the season which one has purchased and then he/she would have to purchase the ticket again when the new season starts). Man, I do not want to bother you again and again for every season so if modding is the case, so, which tutorial do you think I need to follow?
  10. @NoFear will you share the trick with us or are you making a script?
  11. Thanks @NoFear some additional info, here are some screenshots as to what a youtuber does in his videos. He takes the first reward and once he proceeds with his hack, he then resets the previous (taken reward).
  12. @NoFear let's see what happens. Man did you find any trick?
  13. @NoFear you are missing the point, there are special rewards in the Golden Ticket that are not available otherwise (like the Piglet on @HamidKhan22 screenshot). @HamidKhan22 man I tried it myself, the thing is that first you find the value of some coins in the free items line doing a group search, then you can narrow down by using the refine feature just putting the coins value (you will get 14 - 60 addresses), then you can use increment by 1 and you will then get the value of the coins from that line. After this you can go to the address of the coins value as in offset calculator put 48 as offset (48 is the offset these items are apart from each other). Do the same thing with the Golden Ticket Items, then you have to copy the values (in DWORD) above the value of the item you just are on (like the value of coins) and paste it on the Free items addresses above that value (there are 11 addresses linked to that value). Then, go back and press the Farm Season event button again and you can see the change. [added 4 minutes later] But the problem here is that once I did this with the Piglet, it showed that I got the Piglet as reward but then nothing happened, when I previewed the piglet with it's costume and pressed the back button then the piglet appeared, which means that there is something that I was still missing. Now the piglet disappears and reappears only when I preview it with the costume and press the back button (also I did not change all the 11 addresses from the Free item line with the Golden Ticket item just changed the 5 address above the address holding the value of the item).
  14. Hello guys, items in the Golden Ticket events can be swapped as seen in the attached picture (a Youtuber has done that in many videos). My guess is a lua script that can swap Free items with the Golden ticket items, but, since I do not know lua therefore I ask can anyone create a script. If there is any other way you can just tell and I will follow your guide. Thanks in advance.
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