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  1. I don' I don't see any info on how that file was created in that video. It just seems like a showcase of the cheat being used. And the links just have the video as you said. Anyway thanks for the help, no point continuing this as you did not make the video.
  2. OK, thanks. Will you add the file, or is this not your hack?
  3. Isn't GameGuardian only used to speed up/slow down the game? You are also using a HiroMacro script (not provided here) to apply the hack or am I misunderstanding something.
  4. Hello! since the last update, it seems game guardian no longer work... it keep crashing and the stats/gold/gems never change... ...
  5. Does not work with current version. I can follow all the steps and reproduce everything in the video until 1:48. The button successfully displays -5000000 but clicking it does nothing. Any ideas on what to try next? Using BlueStacks with latest version of Realm Defense.
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