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  1. @GGEZ2020 no worries here is the method for the video (and channel) that got taken down. GOLDEN TICKET MEDALS (POINTS) Open your data/data/com.playrix.homescapes folder and you will find a shared_vars.json file (open this file). Then find this part SeasonPass9Points:(value: ??; version: ??), just note the value down and search for it in your game as DWORD, then play levels and try to complete one task (also note the amount you will get after completion of the task). Let's say that your value on the json file is 16, so you will search for 16 (DWORD) and you complete a task that is providing you with 20 points, so then, (16 + 20 = 36) so you would refine 36. After you refine your search once you will be left with 2 results change them to 6000 and you will reach your last tier. Next, Season would be the one which gives you points by completing levels, so same method will work.
  2. @Isgan @Amany try using an emulator, I use Bluestacks or ask someone who uses a virtual space like @MonkeySAN or @Crystal_Mods100x
  3. Hello @Amany you need to download the arm64 version from apkcombo (the armv7 code is not working) after that go to page 2 of this topic and use the armv8 (or arm64) Xa code provided by @NoFear (and give him thanks and credit, he deserves that) remember to revert the values before closing the game and then restart the game and see for yourself. Not sure how it is done visit page 4 of this topic first video by @NoFear is a demo how the code works. Do not thank me thank @NoFear Also after you edit the 2 addresses, go to your Golden Ticket and click on the buy button, the game will freeze and then you need to revert the values and restart your game.
  4. @ac3vn1St well, that is not my youtube channel, also just have a look at the picture below, the star value is the one with a 0 and a 2 above it like as seen in the picture below, if you are still having problem finding it, then, you can find your coins value and from your coins value (in memory editor) scroll down until you see the first earnedStar written and that below that you will see something exactly like the picture below (only the star value would be different rest all the values will be exactly like the image below).
  5. @sonnguyenbl1993 well could you provide the link of the game in playstore, since there are a lot of Jackpot casino games. The one that I found (with a diamond as an icon by SpinX Games) does not have an x86 version due to which speed hack is not possible in this game (since it only has armv7 and arm64 version and no x86 version).
  6. Here guys an easy way to get the Golden Ticket medals, you can also keep track of how many you have collected. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MBKJOCgbKmA
  7. For everyone viewing this topic here is a video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rJNebYGU4rQ
  8. @n3kitOzz @Pinglen @Sjsjbdbwj here try the UTF-8 search, search for :earnedStar without spaces and S should be capital you will get some results find the one pictured (could be the first address), the value circled is the star value. Remember all values will be the same as in the picture below except for the circled star value. Also there are a lot of results for :earnedStar find the one pictured below, where there will be 3 zeros a 2 and another zero and below that zero is your star value.
  9. @Isgan @GGEZ2020 and all viewers (with due respect) this is a Homescapes item swap topic, if you want to know about another games (or things), create a topic about that, do not write here as this then changes the nature of the topic and new viewers are unable to find the true purpose or post they were looking for, thank you!
  10. @GGEZ2020 visit page 12 of this topic where I have posted a method with a heading GOLDEN TICKET SEASON POINTS [added 1 minute later] @JinXprO which architecture is your homescape? You can check architecture from data/app/lib. Homescapes has 4 architectures x86, x86_x64, arm and arm64 [added 4 minutes later] Also @JinXprO there are more results with :earnedStar ,so, see if you can find the values as shown in the picture, only the circled number would be different, rest above it would be a zero, a 2 and above that 3 more zeros.
  11. @Isgan visit page 2 of this topic, view @NoFear code (you need arm64 architecture of Homescapes use apkcombo.com for that). Do the Xa DWORD search and edit. If you do not know how to do it then visit page 4 of this topic which has a video of how you can do it (Also posted by Nofear). Also credit @NoFear for his code.
  12. Your welcome @sammax71 well there are a lot of other videos as well on youtube using same method.
  13. @sammax71 well values are stored in Double (not DWORD), here watch this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aq6l-XulFmE
  14. Nope @MonkeySAN that is not the one the zero is 8118 for arm64, search for whatever your value is + 8118 in DWORD, if that does not work, then, use the UTF-8 method, the UTF-8 is the easiest method.
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