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  1. Well @souklar I have no idea why it is showing unavailable on the virtual space, did you try to delete the folder inside data/data/playrix.... and the data/app/playrix... Also after deleting the playrix folder (download and test the arm64 version) then, why not directly install the game inside the phone, or use another phone. I use an emulator on my laptop (Bluestacks). Hope this helps! Well @Kronfeld you can have progress on both accounts, if you disconnect one from the settings icon in the game and connect the new facebook account (since the save data is also stored on your device), and if you want to remove your progress from one account, you might want to install homescapes on a new device, then, play the first level of the game, spend your 1st star on the rug (a popup will show up) and it will tell you if you want to connect your account with facebook and restore your previous game, you can simply cancel that and connect your account and your previous progress on that account is removed.
  2. Hello @souklar did you revert your values, before closing your game? are you doing this online or offline? why not install the x86_x64 version and see if you see the unavailable is removed, else save your progress on facebook and delete the whole app from your system along with files located in your data/data/playrix..... folder. Then install the new version and test to see if the unavailable is gone or not. Try downloading from the apkcombo.com site, this game has 4 version (pictured below) but finally for the purchases you would need the arm64 version.
  3. Not sure about the sledgehammer, why not use Wisteria's script that I gave the link of. Secondly working on the reward points of the Golden Ticket.
  4. Here @Daren12 the new trick https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PSXrA8NC-oE
  5. Well watch this video, this method of Market works successfully for coin hack in township. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QoXAVVQI6NA
  6. Sorry I had gone to do some work so did not reply, did you collect the sledgehammer as to whatever quantity you wanted?
  7. No problem man it's good that now even you can get all the collections of the Golden Ticket.
  8. I haven't edited the boosters yet, I just got them by using the arm64 code by @NoFear in Xa range and doing purchases, got the sledgehammer by increasing it's amount in the golden ticket. I will try to find an easy way of getting boosters. Also there is a script for boosters on this forum by @Wisteria Here is the link Homescapes V3.7.4.lua (#27jqjhyb) I haven't tested it out but you can give it a shot [added 4 minutes later] Were you able to hack the Puppet Season with @NoFear code?
  9. Freeze the coin value to whatever it is right now and then spend it, I think if you can edit the golden ticket coins and collect it then you might not be banned (but not 100% sure give it a try (I explained that to Shadowgunner), and also hide GG from game.
  10. No problem man glad to help you out, well game will ban you if you change the value of coins above 1000, coins are easy to edit just search for the value of the coins shown at your main screen, play a level and complete it, then refine your search, you would be left with 2 - 5 results change the value to your desired amount and your are done. If it does not display the change the press the level button and then close the level and see. If still no change, then, close and restart game. [added 2 minutes later] I suggest you to freeze the coins value at 500 and then spend it or just keep it till 500. Also let me know what is your game type by going to your data/app/lib folder. Since there are 4 types (depending on your device) x86, x86_x64, arm and arm64.
  11. Thanks for upvoting @Kronfeld did it work?
  12. That is because in some phones the memory is stored in Ca range while some store it in A range. You can use the A (Anonymous) as well. [added 0 minutes later] But make sure to untick other ranges. [added 1 minute later] You would also note that all the other ranges have memory in Kbs while Anonymous (A range) would be in like 136 Mb or so.
  13. Hi @Kronfeld let's say that your main screen shows the level number as 89, so you would search for 88 (DWORD) then play and complete level 89. After that the screen will display level 90, now you refine 89 and you would be left with three results in your search, change and freeze these to your desired number, let's say that you want level 6001, so you would edit and freeze the results to 6000. Once done exit and restart the game and look at your main screen level. My guess is that you might have a lot of memory range selected, just select Ca in memory range and then search. [added 1 minute later] I have used this method effectively today and it works, but I think that it would be the memory issue. Select Ca as memory and untick all others.
  14. Hello @NoFear and @ItsSC any update on the script that allows to get items of the old events? I might try to download the old versions, then I might install it and (while offline) change the date as to when the event started, and see if it shows the old event. Might not work but worth a try.
  15. Hello @Kronfeld after you freeze the value of the level, just restart your game and you will see the change. Sometimes when you edit values in homescapes you can see the change but sometimes you just need to restart the game.
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