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  1. hello someone who has armeabi-v7a veresion 4.7.2 please share
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MBKJOCgbKmA his youtube channel has been deleted, is there any way to contact Luxgame?
  3. Can anyone share how to buy Gardenscapes free golden tickets, thanks
  4. hmm, do we have a way to hack the golden tickets in this game?
  5. can i upload a video i always fail
  6. does anyone have a guide to hack gold ticket points, it doesn't seem to work
  7. what page is it on, sorry my english is not good
  8. hmm is there any trick to get the points of the golden ticket instead of having to play?
  9. I wish someone would share how to crack the golden ticket
  10. do we get banned from hacking levels bro?
  11. please guide how to edit hammer amount to buy it for free
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