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  1. Kimastar

    8 ball pool

    Im looking for that too!
  2. 2 years later there is someone still playing yet? Its come out new version 1065 and im asking if its there is some cheat that still working yet without get banned? im looking for script too if its possible ty.
  3. Supercell its the same that made Clash Of Clans...I highly doubt that anything can be done about it...
  5. Kimastar


    This are the "IV" like Pokemon Also i suggest to dont hack the bonus stat because u can get banned....maybe not now because its ealy access but when full game will be released. For bonus stat i mean this:
  6. Kimastar


    Yes this are bonus stat that u gain after couple exp that make your coromon more stronger!!! I dont know if its possible to bypass the limit.
  7. Heyla!!! I have to buy new phone and i was wondering if GG its compatible with Adroid 11+???
  8. Kimastar


    Bro im talking about change the nature to perfect...i dont like hack things like attack or something like that because its ruin completely the game it self...maybe @NoFear and @Platonic can help pls?
  9. Kimastar


    Hi bro!!! Im tryed to hack coromon after new update and i cant hack anymore the perfect nature...maybe they fixed.... @NoFear @Platonic can u help us maybe there is another method? Ty so much!!!
  10. Np take your time^^
  11. Did u find something that can be hacked? I think its fully side server or need someone that are very skilled like @NoFear
  12. Hi! Why when i try to load your script its tell me to connect to internet? if i dont accept i cannot use your script.
  13. There’s nothing we can do atm... Certain anti cheats like this in the screenshot can see via permissions if we have ROOT in our phones and dont letting you play...the only way its to UNROOT your phone.
  14. Well tbh i was unable to hack it yet...did u find something that u can share with us pls?
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