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  1. Well i will waiting patiently ty so much!!!
  2. Finaly after couple months of waiting Pokemon Unite goes live to Android too And im looking for any kind of cheat that are possible to do!!! @NoFear Only u can do something about it https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=jp.pokemon.pokemonunite&hl=it&gl=US
  3. Lol...U need to hide the game trought magisk hide end etoilà u are able to play this game! Also u can hide GG from game and tic all 4 square.
  4. Well if u can check some hacks for us @NoFear i will apprecitate ty!
  5. If i well remember most thing were patched so idk if is possible to cheat yet... maybe @NoFear can anwer us more better then me anyway im interested too!!!
  6. Kimastar


    Well its weird because i take that screenshot from google play and it was updated on 20 september like u can see an the last version is 1.5.9 anyway where did u download it?
  7. Kimastar


    Im looking around for that APK but i didnt find it or it was broken....(on google play it cost like 9 euros) where did u download it? I need the last version 1.5.9 ty
  8. Well u need to use lucky patcher for emulate inapp purchases Method 1 with modded google play - Method 2 with proxy server - (click on guarda su youtube) Method 3 with support Patch for InApp and LVL emulation - This 3 method need to have ROOT access good luck.
  9. hmmm...maybe this its just a bug? dont play anymore the DLC and u will fine think...
  10. Its happened to me too... i got this problem when i tryed to play the DLC on up right or if u use proxy server with lucky patcher for free buy... or maybe they just detected u cheated....anyway i think u lost your progress... I think u can try to save your progress with an file manager and backup your progress on /data/data/com.HuaYigame.DeliveryFromThePain/ and go to shared pref and see if u can restore your progresss.... tell me if worked!!!
  11. Ya im instead moved the item from container to bag till i find exact value then replace it! the durability is inside the address?
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