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  1. i cannot let this guide work on V its not ppossible hack this game???
  2. Yhea this is the problem...i need some try to find the correct value... im tryed to change with 2k+ but the game crash...i think too much result... and yes im already noticed your thread in sbenny.com but honestly im like this game but not enough to spend all this money for each injection! Thx anyway for answer my question @NoFear u are great!!!
  3. After some try i find it how to hack limited item in the shop!!! The BIG problem is for that item i have just 3 try and cannot filter enought the correct result.... so now i have 2/3 before the item disappeare... can u tell me please some approach??? Ty so much for your answer @NoFear.
  4. Ty for your answer @NoFear!!! If u know what game Is did u know if is possible to hack that value??? If yes can u help me or explain how to do please???
  5. ty but it give me like 600k of chance with Dword serch... The real problem is a low number and i cannot change because is static and also it crash... maybe is side server or is encrypted value?? Maybe @NoFear or @Enyby can suggest somethings??
  6. Ty for your answer but dosent fit for what im looking for!!! Like u can see in the images i have uploaded on the left side there is 16 days to wait for reset the shop and on the right side the time u can buy this item before it disappeare!!! My question is how i can find that 3 and increase to example 999??? more16 days exchanged 1/3
  7. Ty for your answer!!! I need to increase the limit of the item i can buy in a shop im explain better.. There is a certain item that u can buy only 3 time then u need to wait some days! So for answer your question the number im looking for is 3!!!!
  8. Like the description said i need to find a static value any help pls???
  9. Kimastar


    wow bro u are adding a cheat without any explanation??
  10. Hello!!! Im tryed your script with last update of The Last Day On Earth and no one of your script its working...can u update pls???
  11. Its possible to hack nos duration like 30/40% more duration and not get banned??
  12. Well is not very helpfull anyway can u share the new car code list??? u have outdate one. and there is something of new that can be hacked "safe"??? all thread here is very outdate too ty.
  13. Hi!!! I have found an error on your car ID txt.... like u can see with your eye there is 2 ID for one car!!!! at number 29 there is Ferrari 458 Italia but also at number 141 there is Ferrari 458 Italia!!! so now im scared because i went online and i want to know What number does ID 141 correspond to? because i dont think so there is 2 ID for one car....pls help ASAP >,<
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