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  1. @KUMADEIT Its safe or high chance to get banned???
  2. Its already inside this script electric part and copper ore.
  3. @ItsSC I want to say ty so much for your effort because its alot of years i was waiting for this script!!! This working on smartphone too right???
  4. Ty so much bro u very nice guy^^
  5. Yhea my phone is rooted and i have magisk, but dont want to use VMOS ty anyway for your effort!
  6. WOW how did u got this? didnt know "Hide GameGuardian from the game" not working! How about NO skill cooldown? did u find other hacks like gem etc? ty so much for your help!!! EDIT: Did like u telled me: turn on the "Autopause" and turn off the "Search helper" but the game keep crashing...maybe because im on android 12?
  7. Ok ty take your time^^
  8. Yhea like i said in the first post im hided all 4 square but still crash. can u make a video please? also its possible to hack other things? ty so much!
  9. WOW TY!!! Can you explain how u hacked "mana, health, skill cooldown"??? I dont know why my game grash...maybe because u are on emulator? ty so much^^
  10. Google Play Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.chillyroom.soulknightprequel&hl=it&gl=US Looking for any cheat its possible. Tried to hack but when im search the game crash so i tryed to hide GG and bypass Ptrace on freeze but nothing work...any help please???
  11. I think he its just leap forward in time
  12. The Pokemon game like this are 100% side server because they are p2w like u said. So im pretty sure they cant be cheated. If u want to play with cheat the ONLY way is to find an game with private server like this. Pokemon private server
  13. Its come out new version 1.2.7!!! Did u know how to update to last version? @nok1a did u hacked yet the crystal???
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