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  1. @blocx I have android 9 can i use it? because its write like Android 7.1? in confused
  2. so its better f1? In my phone i can make from default a second space like parallel space and install from there all app but idk how i can root it... below explain u what is exatly second space https://www.timesnownews.com/technology-science/article/how-to-use-second-space-feature-on-your-xiaomi-smartphone-step-by-step-guide-xiaomi-redmi-note-5-pro-xiaomi-redmi-y2-redmi-6-redmi-6a-mi-mix-2s/313825
  3. How about second space? cant be rooted? also witch is the best from f1 or x8 sandbox and where i can download them?
  4. Hello! I want to know if its possible to root virtual space. Also on my Redmi Note 8 PRO with A9 EEA i have an default option to make an "second space" i wonder to know if i can root it or GG work without root too?
  5. Someone telled me that if u hack the special TAB u will get banned....is that true?
  6. Most thing if not all are side server in that game.
  7. I discovered cool thing.... If u get BANNED while u are connected to WIFI and try to make new account u will unable to make new character because u still BANNED even u uninstall the game....BUT if u switch to 4G connection or reset your router connection et-voilà your are able to make new account!!! so i think the BAN its related to your IP. (u cant unban your old character with this method) EDIT Did u know how to hack master sigil? im try with x4 and x8 without success....
  8. 1 - U can just hide with option 2 and 3 because to me its working 2 - Also i have another question... I was able to hack in gladiator tab to buy the equip but not the item master sigil....because there some item that hask for gladiator and master sigil....its possible to hack master sigil? 3 - Last question... Im tryed to backup the save inside a data but didnt worked....the save is stored inside OBB???
  9. Guys im reach to torment 3 so i want to talk with someone in private about stragy and other thing like gear, power up etc etc that im not understand yet so if someone with experience in that game want to PM me maybe we can talk in discord or in private chat ty. @vishal_0610 i dont know but im looking too because i need those hack too...but if i remember well those was server side.
  10. can u do a test pls? idk if working.... how about GEXP? i dont see those item...wotch is the max i can hack to be safe?
  11. Well i dont understand that languages....wich languages is lol?
  12. Ok i confirm with x4 after 3 try u recive 1 result then edit to 0x4 then close and open again and u will back to 0^^ If u recive problem with your save just simple uninstall the game then install again and u will able to backup your old save!!! tested with me working 100%!!!
  13. If u want to change phone yes but if u uninstall then install again in the same phone u wont lost yoour progress.
  14. Well can u explain how to do 0 CD? im asked multiple time but i never received any answer...
  15. I understand..... well the save is stored in your phone so even u delete the game when u reinstall the game u can backup your account! u will lost ONLY if u format your phone! also everytime u download back the game u have 2 option: 1 - backup your account 2 - new save but if u start new save the previous save will be lost! Also im try o play on MEMU emulator but i recive APP GUARD ALERT....how to hide???? there i dont have magisk... so what i need to do??? @sammax71
  16. nope... i dont link because im cheat....also where is stored the save? so i can backup next time. EDIT well after im download back the game i was able to restore my save.... @sammax71
  17. wtf i had created an guild too and now my account still there as leader...if i make new account i can enter inside and wait till leader its come to me? EDIT also the save is stored where? @sammax71?
  18. Well guys after the new update come out my save is broken even today i didnt cheat....WTF....i lost all my progress..... There is a way to backup your save without link with play game??? @sammax71 EDIT idk if its possible to hack gladiator seal... how about hack GEXP?
  19. New update come out!!! v.1332 later i will test if all cheat are working. (well i cant remove this quote bar...)
  20. ok ty so much can u explain pls? also even i hacked all my hunter when im fight with local boss he shot me even a cheat...
  21. oh ok because in your previous screenshot all stat was changed...anyway do u believe me at tormen 3 S20 it take couple time to shot on mob lol even the cheat
  22. WTF.....i understand what was the problem..... the problem was the DOT....i put the COMMA and now it give me the result but when i change the result appart the 5 to 999 my heroes stat dosnt change...why? @sammax71
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