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  1. ItsSC

    Last Day On Earth

    Use older version of GG.
  2. ItsSC

    Archero Script

    Find Google, not me. I didn't make Google.
  3. ItsSC

    Last Day On Earth

    Delete the script if you don't trust. Very easy.
  4. ItsSC

    Last Day On Earth

    Scripting is always the tough part in changing Items Ids. It is more likely easier to do manually but for dumb it will be a disaster. (some of them cant even use script which is almost just one click compared to manually doing.)
  5. ItsSC

    Last Day On Earth

    Yes. But my script required to cost coins. It is possible to change ID of any item but will be incredibly hard to make that script.
  6. ItsSC

    Last Day On Earth

    Armor, guns are hackable even no coins.
  7. ItsSC

    Last Day On Earth

    Edit float for easier editing.
  8. Idk but that what i did to remove.
  9. Bind to an equipment, salvage the equipment.
  10. ItsSC

    Last Day On Earth

    I thought there are two methods in my script .
  11. I fixed that and going to add new feature. So, almost time to update. Please wait.
  12. Even you don't hack you cant open the game with virtual app.
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