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  1. oh I didn't know that without commas it could work, thanks for helping
  2. function SPD() if _bsd_8 == "ue0" then gg.alert("1") end if _bsd_8 == "ue1" then gg.alert("2") end if _bsd_8 == "ue2" then gg.alert("3") end end local DO = gg.alert("Select:","a","b","c") if DO == 1 then _bsd_8 = "ue0", SPD() end if DO == 2 then _bsd_8 = "ue1", SPD() end if DO == 3 then _bsd_8 = "ue2", SPD() end so it doesn't respond (==) as I wrote above, can anyone help
  3. so when I edit the text string utf-16le in the new version of the game, it crashes after editing it, but in the old version this can be changed, maybe some kind of anti-cheat/protection? Does anyone know how to solve this? (I've edited them one by one but still)
  4. local menu = gg.multiChoice(val,nil,"") if menu == nil then os.exit() -- user clicked 'cancel' end local index = 0 while menu[index] ~= true do index = index + 1 if index > #menu then os.exit() -- no checkboxes selected end end for i,v in pairs(menu) do print(val[index]) --test with print end I have changed this, it works but there is still an error when selecting the selected value only responds to the above and the rest the values do not match but follow the top one selected first, can you change this which I have changed a bit?
  5. @HorridModz pretty good no error but this only works for 1 option (like gg.choice), for example using gg.alert and select 2-4 values but gg.alert only responds to 1 value above it and does not respond to other values that are selected, can it be improved again? because I want to try to put the selected value more than 1 into the list item
  6. Thanks
  7. @HorridModz This is the video I meant, it took a long time to load sorry if the video quality is not good
  8. local SK = gg.prompt({"Text"},nil,{"text"}) if SK == nil then return end gg.alert(SK[1]) for example, write 00000 = 5 texts, how can gg be able to count the written text, is there a way? please help
  9. XkPP

    how to do it on the left?

    @CmP Thank you for helping, now it's working
  10. --as an example: gg.alert(string.format("abcdefg"):sub(7)) this section(:sub) goes to the right, how to do it to the left? Please help
  11. after I tried it with one of the values the loading took a long time, can you fixed it again?
  12. tar = gg.getResults(gg.getResultCount()) val = {} for i, v in ipairs(tar) do table.insert(val,v.value) end local menu = gg.multiChoice(val,nil,"") if not menu then os.exit() end if menu[val] == true then gg.refineNumber(menu[val],4) end when I try it doesn't respond to refine please help
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