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  1. Info = gg.prompt({"How old are you?", "What are you doing?"}, {[1]="99", [2]="Nothing" }}, {"number", "string" ) gg.searchNumber(Info[1],4) 4=dword first {} in gg.prompt() is the text shown to user. second {} is text shown on input. third {} is the type of text.
  2. Instead of this gg.searchNumber('65.536;-65.535;101:13',gg.TYPE_DWORD) Try this gg.searchNumber('65536;-65535;101:13',gg.TYPE_DWORD)
  3. Picture with details is way more understandable than plain text. Finally can understand.
  4. ItsSC

    Archero Script

    This is the main problem
  5. ItsSC

    Archero Script

    NoxPlayer 8_21_2019 12_21_46 AM.mp4 [added 0 minutes later] Well, actually I don't see any not working in my script..
  6. ItsSC

    Last Day On Earth

    I improving my script , will add them later. I'm still busy with my school thing, give me some time. Thanks for cooperation.
  7. ItsSC

    Last Day On Earth

    Well, no idea. I never used any kind of custom rom on my phone and never meet that problem. Maybe remove the custom rom? Or use a virtual space to run the game? If running on virtual space does not work and you don't want to remove custom rom, then maybe give up..?
  8. ItsSC

    Last Day On Earth

    Then use the purchase with coins method first. Since you can find gasoline Id with that method means it works. Just you're very unlucky with your first choice to crashed id. I have no time to check out which Id had crashed, so there might have some item can cause your script to crash.
  9. ItsSC

    Last Day On Earth

    BlueStacks_Recording_2019.08.14_21.11.42.43.mp4 Here, I show you how you failed and what you should do.
  10. ItsSC

    Last Day On Earth

    The reason i build the user system is for maybe donation in future? I hope that I can earn some little money from donation ha!
  11. ItsSC

    Last Day On Earth

    Bro, click on that 50, open up and search again. It must be work.
  12. Yes but that works fine for me, so just try out if not work then bad luck.
  13. Last Day On Earth (#293vhke7) Try out my script?
  14. ItsSC

    Last Day On Earth

    Well I know fixing problem is a must. But you said my script is 0%workingwhich is contrary to me 100% working. I don't see any problem in my script and you didn't point out any crash but just saying not working. HOW CAN I HELP IF YOU DON'T SAY CLEARLY? Also, I just here to help and didn't get any paid, I have the right not to listen to anyone's order. Or just send me a video if you cant describe clearly
  15. ItsSC

    Last Day On Earth

    Whatever at least that works for myself
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