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  1. use prompt for help and do the same as the iterate, just v.value = prompt[1]
  2. Aight, this refreshed my knowledge of how the loop actually works. Thanks
  3. So basically, it runs checking for all results at once, while my method is checking one by one?
  4. Didn't notice that gg.setRanges(gg.REGION_ANONYMOUS) gg.searchNumber('1014350479;1012202996;1083179008;1050253722;1031127695;1065353216;1065353216;1067282596:61', 4) -- search local t1 = gg.getResults(5000) for i = 1 ,#t1 do if(t1[i].value==1014350479)then t1[i].value = 1011011011 elseif(t1[i].value==1050253722 or t1[i].value ==1031127695)then t1[i].value = 1 end end gg.setValues(t1)
  5. As a noob, here is my solution. gg.setRanges(gg.REGION_ANONYMOUS) gg.searchNumber('1014350479;1012202996;1083179008;1050253722;1031127695;1065353216;1065353216;1067282596:61', 4) -- search gg.getResults(5000) gg.searchNumber("1014350479;1050253722;1031127695",4)-- refine the three values that you want to edit gg.editAll("1011011011;1;1",4) -- edit all of them individually
  6. For me, it depends on how the game look like, some games looks not easy to hack, so straight use UTF hack, if it look easy, sure goes to DWORD search and memory hack.
  7. Sure, you taught me this method. So I always use this method for the first try.
  8. It's okay to try everything slowly. But since this guy told us what not work, so we need to think some ways that he didn't make.
  9. It took like 3 minutes to found out... As easy as abc.
  10. 20200217214644.mp4 Very easy, just use UTF-8 to search your gold amount, edit to 9.
  11. Money can be direct hack. I will post tutorial soon.
  12. I will send login code after any transaction done. But I didn't receive yours money, how I give you? Please send me a screenshot or invoice.
  13. https://ko-fi.com/itssc0241 You can simply use credit card to pay without using PayPal.
  14. ItsSC

    Prompt search

    ask = gg.prompt({"Input 1"},nil,{"number"}) gg.searchNumber(ask[1])
  15. 1. Send $15 to https://ko-fi.com/itssc0241. 2 Pm me your device id.
  16. Then don't use any social media, they all ask for access to all your data also. It's just depends on you trust the application or not. If not, just leave.
  17. Sector 7 are fully server-sided. Cannot be hack. My script will choose memory range for you automatically. There are instruction in my discord server. Season hack only with one click, no instruction needed, just click the button and premium season will unlocked. There are instructions in the script.
  18. just write your device id.
  19. I only have these two payment method .... I don't have others..
  20. If you don't have card.. How you pay online?
  21. 1. Paypal. 2. Debit / Credit card.
  22. Yes. It support x64 and x86.
  23. Recently my website down and every database deleted. Previous launcher no longer work anymore, today I just upload a new version. Those who had bought the script and did not get my message, please send me your device code to get activation code and register again to use .
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