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  1. 600+ comments. Hunderds of tutorial on youtube, gameguardian site. And yet you still dont know how to start. Steps to follow: 1. Google search. 2. Trial and error for thousand times. 3. Gain knowledge.
  2. I'm tired of replying one by one in inbox. Try switching anything you have in your inbox to the id I gave if gasoline method failed for you. It's not hard, just think out of box, the method we used since 2017 can be apply to every item, not just gasoline.
  3. get this ;premium_battle_pass_x20
  4. I can unlock premium battle pass for survival guide.
  5. I was researching how to hack dog skill. Then maybe end up editing global id.
  6. yeah I did all I can and failed.So I decided to make new progress, in order not to slow down scripting progress.
  7. Hahaha I got stuck at loading screen now. Damn gonna restart my 2 years work.
  8. BlueStacks_Recording_2019.12.06_22.39.15.34.mp4 This maybe added as pay version. ( took me so long to look for correct address)
  9. What a coincidence, I just made it into the script. (Haven't release)
  10. why xp hack doesn't working anymore? It is still easy to hack xp
  11. There are three ways to solve. First two required you to create a table. First method : local num = { {value = 1, number = "10"}, {value = 2, number = "20"}, {value = 3, number = "30"}, {value = 4, number = "40"}, {value = 5, number = "50"}} With this table, you can do checking and do number searching. for _, v in ipairs(num) do if v.value == r[1] then gg.searchNumber(r[1]..';100;'..v.number..';1000:', 4) end end Second method: local num = { [1] = "10", [2] = "20", [3] = "30", [4] = "40", [5] = "50"} gg.searchNumber(r[1]..';100;'..num[r[1]]..';1000:', 4) Third method : Since you have a sequence of x * 10. then simply do this. gg.searchNumber(r[1]..';100;'..(r[1]*10)..';1000:', 4)
  12. I guess it is cumulative_box
  13. Since you have the savings pack, why dont you find the ID yourself. We don't have, it is more hard for us to find.
  14. 999;1;1 999;1;20 1 in between 999 and 1/20 doesn't take any meaning. 999 means maximum shown number , so every time you see items exceed amount of 999, it shows only 999+. 1 and 20 is more easy to explain. It is amount that you take the item. There will be two 20 when you search this group search. Each 20 means for different category. If you pay attention every time you take item from inventory, you will found there are some item -1 when take once, some -20 when take once. 20 has 2 categories, 1 has another few categories. So for example you want to take 5 copper ore at once instead of 20. Change 999;1;20 to 999;1;5. 3 And the reason that "Infinite item" work is because you set taken amount as negative. Simple math. You take 20 stuff from inventory, your backpack +20, inventory -20. You take -999999 item from inventory, your backpack -999999 (but you don't store it to your backpack, so no deduction.), inventory +999999.
  15. 50;130;200 double change all to 1
  16. Package ID are dota_gacha_(name). I didn't store any of them. I use script to find them.
  17. I found a way to "produce" package for those who don't have packages at first. >> Use 1 coin to buy gasoline. >> Change gasoline ID to package ID. >> Restart and it will turn into a package.
  18. Debugging. Making sure everything work before update. Maybe one or two weeks.
  19. I made two types. 1. Convert dword to string. 2. Convert string to dword. It's lua script that i use myself. Also inside my ldoe script to convert every stored string to dword when searching.
  20. I make my own calculator. Convert a utf16 string into dword.
  21. Burley: 12;6881382;6815859;7209065;6226023;6357090;7602281::25
  22. BlueStacks_Recording_2019.12.02_12.32.33.66.mp4 Progress so far. - Anything that can be pick up on floor, are changeable. (But fiber cant) -Utf converted to group search , so no more 100000address in search. (Rewritten function, hopefully work for any devices.)
  23. What? Corgi get you 1 coins per day? Thanks for that information. Male Corgi: 28;7274596;6226023;7274594;6226040;6815859;7340143;7929967::57 Female Corgi: 29;7274596;6226023;7274594;6226040;6815859;7340143;108::61
  24. Premium code = purchase Bear in mind, everything that need purchase cannot be hack. You can only hack the items when you have it's item code not purchase code.
  25. It is server sided like coins and rations.
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