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  1. Hello guys I've been trying to record my game play by several screen recording apps. But I failed to record clear audio. I searched for it in Google. Results said Google prohibit internal audio recording in Android. I realized that Google can't be believed I know my request will go through many brilliant brains.. please help me
  2. It is the number of gold coins in the game which is reaching up to 'q' 1q= one followed by 15 zeros
  3. Is it possible to have a value to be encoded by a group of values? For eg:the number of gold is '1036392' and it is coded 123D,373D,5372D,....??
  4. My English is very bad, plz adjust I was trying to find the value of gold in a game.but I am not getting the correct value... I tried encrypted value search and even unknown fuzzy search . The increased by level up to 'q'(I don't know what it is) after trillion(t) which is out of the possible dword range The most insane thing is that the game is offline.Its complete data is in my device If u didn't understand what is asked .. Then........
  5. Samex

    Pubg mobile

    Unlimited UC on pubg But that is not quiet possible .who need UC whne u have power LoL!
  6. I just wanna say that you wasted some precious years of your And, hacking is not child's play It need skills :::Honest Gamer
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