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  1. Here you go, enjoy! This'll work for every version until now, can't comment on the upcoming versions of the game. AssassinsCreedRebellionBadCase1.0.1.lua
  2. Already knew it buddy. I think I'm here just because I'm not a real hacker. Huh. [added 0 minutes later] Ok. Thank you. [added 3 minutes later] Topic closed now, I believe.
  3. I didn't mentioned about any game on this topic. BTW, what do you mean by Administrators Gmail?
  4. Thank you, you let me know something new. BTW I'M NEW HERE. Kind apologies. Here's the link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.babeltimeus.legendstd If you feel like working on this will make your skills better, only then work on this game else, no need.(I don't want to waste your time.) But do let me know whether you're giving it a yes or a no.
  5. Hey GGians, How to edit values stored in servers with gg?
  6. I'm curently playing "Realm Defence." I aready hacked gems and energy(from youtube videos) but there are many other stuffs whose value can't be modified by general "search, refine, edit" method. PLEASE HELP.
  7. So I typed the value selcting D-Word and slected the value then changed the type to Byte but nothing happened. Can you upload screenshots involving steps, PLEASE?
  8. Actually the problem is that in game it shows the value in D-Word but in database it's stored in Byte! Now how can I convert a D-word value into an equivalent Byte value?
  9. Hey GGians, I was wondering how to edit VALUES(like coins, energy, exectra) STORED IN "BYTE" type (some games use that, like Realm defence, instead of direct "D-Word" type) using GG? A Full explanation PLEASE, I don't have any idea about byte.
  10. How did you got that figure "143620"? Is this stable? Please tell me.
  11. Hey BadCase, I used the new feature of your updated script but the POWER requirement is still high in helix rift event even after lowering the HQ Level!
  12. Which feature are you talkin' about buddy?? I just downloaded v1.0.1 of your script, is that the latest update?
  13. Hey BadCase, I've used your script- it's great. And everything is going fine(it's been a week now). But i noticed that the rift event's POWER requirements for each chapter increases as per our HQ level. So, I now, want to lower the HQ level to a "particular" level. Can you PLEASE work on that buddy?
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