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  1. Kindly make a script which also works out of the parallel space and who's contents are in English. Please buddy!
  2. Device: SM-J700F COMBINATION OF SETTINGS( Provide me with a video link So, you're asking a normal GG user to do the developer stuffs??
  3. The game closes itself after loading screen, showing the message which I already told you guys. Although I selected the game and tried "hide GG from game" option at the loading screen BUT THEN TOO, IT'S NOT WORKING.
  4. So, I just downloaded a newly launched game and guess what, the title says it!! GAME : ARCHERO (link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.habby.archero ) It says that, "Hacking tool detected. Uninstall the hacking tool and run the game again" and closes. I uninstalled the gg, the game runs very well. I installed the gg again, and again the game says the same, "Hacking tool detected. Uninstall the hacking tool and run the game again" and closes. SO, MISTER "CATCH ME IF YOU CAN", you're caught. DO SOMETHING, Mr. ENYBY.
  5. Here you go, enjoy! This'll work for every version until now, can't comment on the upcoming versions of the game. AssassinsCreedRebellionBadCase1.0.1.lua
  6. How did you got that figure "143620"? Is this stable? Please tell me.
  7. Hey BadCase, I used the new feature of your updated script but the POWER requirement is still high in helix rift event even after lowering the HQ Level!
  8. Which feature are you talkin' about buddy?? I just downloaded v1.0.1 of your script, is that the latest update?
  9. Hey BadCase, I've used your script- it's great. And everything is going fine(it's been a week now). But i noticed that the rift event's POWER requirements for each chapter increases as per our HQ level. So, I now, want to lower the HQ level to a "particular" level. Can you PLEASE work on that buddy?
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