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  1. I hope by this week, everything will be done. Next update preview. I might remove pickup feature, since those resources are limited. received_446328862940030.mp4
  2. Premium account and Max level are not comes together. You can have a premium account but level 1. I can do it too.
  3. Yes Successfully. You can ask @PwinceYui.
  4. Fyi, I'm not using the method of switching id or IAP . Thanks man !
  5. https://ko-fi.com/itssc0241 so I can check your transaction.
  6. Well gonna sell this. If anyone want full level + premium. PM me (but coins cannot be collected..)
  7. Don't know. Why work so hard to get cheater hat?
  8. I mean I also use UTF16 to search, but there is another way instead of trial and error to check correct address.
  9. Good that you have your own way doing this. But it's quite more work in your style. I have a faster way to recognize correct address.
  10. deja vu. Looks like storing cheater hat as in christmas 2017.
  11. Welp, ranking doesn't benefit us much. We can hack any item if we want to. Why risk to get top 5%?
  12. No, no idea why dev make packs that cannot be open.
  13. ItsSC


    Use search to search !
  14. Even 1 to 2 pages or even on top. People keep asking same question that already has solution. Is that so hard to find new code? Helmet to boots just change these phrase, always work in same way Helmet : Helmet Armor: Shirt Pant :Pant Boots: Boots Plain as hell, can't even search for that.
  15. antirad_shirt_fortified CBRN Combat Armor
  16. ;christmas_tree_toy_single_(1to 17)
  17. bikeskin_snowwhite bikeskin_icecream bikeskin_cookie
  18. No, I didn't intend to get top. These decorations are hacked just now.
  19. GG is a free app, and the creator intend to create in android only. If you think that is stupid idea, then you should sponsor/invest @Enyby. Way 2: Throw your iOS device, buy an Android device. Way 3: Don't cheat.
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