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  1. Can I use off-set calc for script? If can, give me script pls
  2. Go to telegram 'Mr.Groot official YT and join group and type 'virtual'
  3. gg.searchNumber(F[9];1;F[1];2;F[3];3;F[7];4;F[5];5;F[10];6;F[2];7;F[4];8;F[8];9;F[6];10;F[14];11;F[11];12;F[12];13;F[13]::105,gg.TYPE_DWORD) give me right command
  4. Qos

    This command is right?

    gg.searchNumber('9;0;10;0;11;0;12;0::29',gg.TYPE_DWORD) This command is right??????????
  5. Qos

    Need your script

    Did anyone have decompiler for luaR Maybe Enyby have.....? Or great hacker have? Give pls... And script password cracker
  6. Qos

    Need help:)

    @Enyby, then what is command for Freeze can bigger
  7. Qos

    Need help:)

    Need your help What is command for freeze values, go to the address for results Need your help Enyby or great hacker
  8. Lua scripting What is command go to the address of the value
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